Jun 16, 2019 Last Updated 12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2019

I miss my dad; will we ever be close again?

Many people can have a strained relationship with a family member but what do you do if you have been embarrassed like the Duchess of Sussex? Claire Petuengro looks at this issue.


My father and I have a strained relationship and haven’t really spoken for nearly a year. We used to be close and I would love to be daddy's little girl again but I don't think it's possible. I have just given birth to my first child and I would like my son; Archie Harrison  Mountbatten-Windsor, to know his grandfather, but he has embarrassed me publically on more than one occasion, how can I ever trust or forgive him?


Meghan has always broken barriers, but can she build up the break with her father and does she really want to. Not from the chart I cast for her, in fact the door is now firmly closed, and she has her eyes on the future with the family who have never faltered by her side. Did you know that the Royal flag has the sign of Leo on it, and this is due to the huge influence of the Leo monarchy we have had over the years, so it is no surprise to learn that Meghan is also a Leo?

This is the sign of a born leader and achiever and that she is indeed proving she is. It is no wonder the Queen gave her Royal seal of approval. Queen Elizabeth knew exactly what she was doing when she let Leo Meghan into the fold. Look at other famous Leos, Barack Obama, Kylie Jenner, Madonna, why even the world’s first test tube baby Louise Brown, was born under the sign. All born innovators. So, what to do about a father who has betrayed your trust so publicly?

Unfortunately, there is nothing she can do, for try as she might, Leo Meghan will not be able to forgive what her father has done to her for years, in fact she may not be able to forgive him at all, as when a Leos family begins to grow, they put their time and effort into their own partners and children, it’s all part of the cycle of life their sign has such a great affiliation with. Meghan, we know you tried, your father even had the letters printed to prove you did, in the press! Time to move on with your husband and your new baby. There are too many important changes waiting for you to make in the world and with Virgo husband Harry by your side, he will give you the grounding your father never could. Eyes forward. Your future is waiting.



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