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Is there light?

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I´ve written to you before ("Is the drought over?"). I wonder if things will ever get better?

My cancerian male friend is married since many years ago and wants to continue being married. I explained, shortly and very gently, about my feelings for him at the beginning of June.


He then took me out for a long lunch and told me that he is "too married". He and his wife have been married for eight years now and are moving to another house, they will be fully settled in the end of august. However, he still wants to see me as often as possible and I feel vibrations and signals which I cannot interpret other than coming from desire.


Unfortunately, I still don't know his DOB. My mother is seriously sick (my father passed away 12 years ago and I have no siblings). Also, I don't want to continue working at my new job (new since September 2011). It is not at all what I thought it would be like. My superiors are demanding and critical. I have not been able making any new friends there. I travel a long way every day (3-3.5 hours) getting there. It makes me feel so insecure being so far from home. I miss my sick mum and my son (born 1995).


Every day I deeply regret that I quitted my old job which is near where I live (20 min by bike). I felt secure there, it was comfortable and the colleagues were very nice. Also, my cancerian male friend works there. I do miss it so very much and I don't know what I was thinking when I quit in September 2011.


It seems to me that I have made so many bad choices through life, I have never had any guidance but always have had to struggle myself. The first real guidance I have ever received comes from my cancerian male friend. I'm dying for someone to touch my soul and body. I have been and lived alone for the past 15 years, which is killing me. I have completely forgotten how it would feel like being kissed not to mention making love to somebody. I just know that I and my body miss it so much, even if I have become scared of it too after all these lonesome years. I don't feel any joy at all since I began my new job. Most of the time I do feel like a living dead, just wanting to sleep.


I am without faith and losing hope. Will things ever improve and get better?


Kind regards




Dear Lena

I am not sure if I have already spoken or written to you, but your letter strikes a chord and fills me with admiration for your strength and determination when all about you seems to be a struggle.


Yes, we all make 'bad' choices in life, and we all regret many things and wish, 'if only.' The more we wish if only, and the more we regret what we have done or not done, then the more this build-up of lost regrets and impossibility grows into a mountain of despair, which is what you're looking at right now.


I know it's easy to say, let go of those regrets, let go of the guilt, and the if onlys, but that is exactly what you must do. With the hope and desire you have still within you, build this up strongly in your mind. Keep those strong thoughts of what you desire in your mind, and push away the regrets. They will try to keep controlling you because that kind of mountain of despair does that too us. But you are stronger than that, so please see the mountain of pride and love and the mountains of strength and self-respect as wider than the Alps and bigger than Everest, and see the mountain of despair as some little hillock that will soon be only a molehill.


Now, astrologically, the good news is that Saturn is moving away from your sun and ascendant, and the blockages, the sense of having no friendship, no love, no-one to love, will begin to clear away. Work issues will improve, your relationship with the Cancerian man will probably always be as it is, but you will learn to trust in that friendship as valuable in itself. And with the changing planetary emphasis in your chart, and with a changing perception to life, you will meet someone new or maybe even find a new job nearer home where you will be able to spend more time with your mother and your son.  It won't happen over night, but if you firmly believe in the power of desire, of thought, or belief and the mountains of love you can create in your life, they will all be there for you soon. Please do give me a call if you would like more in-depth advice.


With very best wishes




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