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Sagittarius or Gemini?

Dear Astrology Room


I was born 25/4/92 ( 06.00) and my previous boyfriend was born 5/6/93. When I got in this relationship we were 17 and 18 and head over heels in love with each other, and like any young couple we wanted to move out of the country, live life and spend the rest of our lives together.



Along the way things got difficult. He bagan to get jealous of other male friends I spoke to, and was so stubborn after arguments and wouldn't speak to me for days over minor things. I would try and try to make him feel comfortable and reassure him. Overall he had flaws but was the most caring, loving boy ever.


After 2 years we broke up in january 2013 because of differences. I was so exhausted with compromising, and trying to make him feel comfortable in our relationship to the point where his problems were about things I couldn't change about myself. After the first month of being single I began talking to another guy, a Sagittarius male at work (14/12/91). Of all the signs, a Sagittarian was the last one I expected to end up with, but what's weird is how we gel so well.


He is so different, so sure of who he is and what he wants in life that it's made me realise what I want in a man. I'm in limbo: I really like this Sagittarian male but I am still in love with my Gemini ex. I wanted to know who am I most compatible with? I love my ex-Gemini and don't know whether to see what happens in the future or move on.


My new Sagittarian male excites me, it's new and different. i just need guidance as to who I'm compatible with and why things have turned out the way they have.





Dear Tayla


Thank you for your letter. I think it's interesting that as a Taurus you have such an affinity with both Gemini and Sagittarius. But, looking at your chart there is more going on that just a sun-sign Taurus. You also have planets in Aries and Aquarius, Aries being Fire and Aquarius being Air. So there will be a compatibility with both Air signs such as Gemini and fire such as Sagittarius.


Of course, you're going to find the Sagittarian more exciting than the Gemini, not just because of him being a Sagittarius, but also because of other things going on his chart which are concerned with earth values (Taurus has high principles and neat values).


Gemini men never really grow up, so do you want a grown up, or a playful friend and lover? Your Sagittarian man also has quite a few planets in earth signs, so that's probably why you 'gel' and your Aries planets compliment his Sagittarian ones. But the most interesting thing is that your Gemini man has the moon in Sagittarius too!


However, without a detailed analysis I can't tell you who you are most compatible with, only that you have affinities with both. If it's long-term commitment and loyalty you are looking for, then neither are really 'right' and may need more freedom than they, or you realize. You're all still very young. Don't fall into the trap of thinking any one person is the 'right one,' or one is more compatible than the other.


Trust in who makes you feel good to be alive, and take it from there.


Blessings and best wishes



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