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Should I stay with my childhood sweetheart?

What do you do if you have been with your childhood sweetheart for a long time but things seem to have gone awry a little like Coleen and Wayne Rooney?

Astrologer Claire Petulengro takes a look. 


My husband and I are childhood sweethearts and have 4 beautiful sons together. He has cheated on me in the past very publicly and I have forgiven him, but I still feel he isn’t taking family life seriously. Do you see any future for us or should I give up?

Coleen Rooney - 03/04/86 Aries

Wayne Rooney 24/10/85 Scorpio

Cheating is never easy to forgive, but this is a pair who seem to be friends as well as lovers. A break, on their own, away from the media is needed, to talk about where their life needs to be headed as Wayne’s chart shows he needs more excitement from work but has been trying to blow off steam in his personal life, which as he’s learnt more than once, is a recipe for disaster. It is work changes which seem to be pushing him to extreme personal actions, but Scorpios like Wayne, can’t help but putting their fingers too closer to the flame.

Aries, Colleen needs to make clearer boundary lines, and they also need to build a new chapter, rather than Wayne feeling as if he still needs to seek the thrills of his past high life’s and this may mean counselling if he is to keep Colleen and his boys. Joint charity links at the end of the year, offer the olive branch they need with an exciting project which brings several countries together. The benefit of Colleens sign is that she can keep him on his toes behind closed doors, and the chats they have away from media attention are sure to prove that she’s the one who wears the trousers and that Scorpio Wayne secretly loves it this way.

I don’t see a divorce, but I do see a major life change and a change of countries again. Could it be that footballs Rooney’s are coming home to England again? They will be if Wayne, wants to stay in her good books and this is one woman he should be more afraid of then any manager he has had, as she holds the real riches and strings to his heart whatever it costs him to get out of contracts and commitments early. It’s time for Wayne to show he’s sorry with actions and not words. This will include putting his whole family and where they now live first, so Colleen can find the trust she needs to continue. Compromise is the key for both of these plus understanding and living in today and not the past. This could be Wayne’s last chance, so he needs to put his Scorpio passion into the five most important people in his life or he could end up paying his penalty yet.

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