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Terrified of Saturn's return

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I am an Aquarius born 01/26/1988 in St. Louis, Missouri at 11:46am and I've noticed while Saturn has changed into Scorpio, all of my Scorpio friend's lives are falling apart!

My Saturn is in Sagittarius in my 8th House of "death", along with several other of my planets. I have some medical problems that have been put on the back burner for years, mostly because of finances.

Deep down I am absolutely terrified of my Saturn return, I feel like my life is on a ticking time clock now with Saturn and I may be trying to escape death or some terrible tragedy. What should I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




Dear Ashley


Thank you for your enquiry regarding your forthcoming Saturn return. First of all, let me say, please don't freak out about this really important turning point in your life, in fact, it is a positive and potentially life-changing for the better influence, and not to be feared!

I have had many Scorpio clients recently who's lives are very difficult, but I think that's the nature of being a Scorpio, not particularly anything to do with Saturn itself, although they will resist Saturn transiting their sun because Scorpios don't like being forced to change, only change when it suits them!

Now let me explain what a Saturn return actually is, and this I hope will put your mind at rest. I realise that you have Saturn and Uranus conjunct in the eighth house, (and I could write a book on all this if I had the time) - you also have the moon rising on your taurus ascendant - the latter the main influence regarding your high anxiety by the way, but I'll come to that later.

A Saturn return is like giving birth to a new you. The one you didn't really know about for the first thirty or so years of your life. Saturn is a bit like a midwife, telling you to push and push, and get that baby out! And anyone who has given birth to a baby, knows how painful the experience is, and how irritating the midwife can be! But once the birth is over, there is relief all round, great joy at the new offspring and the midwife gives you a nice cup of tea.  That's Saturn too.

Saturn forces you to push yourself, to discover a part of you that you didn't know was in you. And once you have gone through your Saturn return, you are given the prize of a nice cup of tea, or just a realisation of what you truly are able to achieve in life.  It may be a career turning point, a love relationship, a literal birth, or waking up to the fact that life is for living, not for fearing. And then when you're about sixty, Saturn will do this all over again.....

Your fears are natural, because you have the moon rising and are acutely sensitive to everyone else, acutely sensitive to the world, to your body, to every nuance of good, bad, fear, joy. The moon in Taurus rising is naturally defensive. This is not a curse, but a blessing, bu because you are also an Aquarian, you can't quite get your lunar self to fit with your logical, rational Aquarian analytical self.

That's uncomfortable and gives rise to your anxiety, also I think because of the current Jupiter transit opposing your Saturn/Uranus conjunction in the 8th.  As for the 8th house, it is not just about death per se. More about beginnings and endings, new cycles, the dark side of oneself, power struggles, sexual power, passion, joint finances, and many other Scorpionic themes.

Which theme you chose to focus on is very much determined by your relationship to your own Saturn there. But it is this return which will enable you to give birth to this bit of yourself, the brooding, passionate, sexually uncertain you, maybe?  Where we have Saturn in our chart, is eventually where we excel in that role, theme or career.

Start looking positively at Scorpionic/8th house themes and how you can use them in your life, perhaps as a change of vocation, then you can stop fearing Saturn and enjoy his influence instead.

Best wishes




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