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Will I find love?


Dear Astrology Room

I was born on 22/09/87 and I just want to know if anything is gonna happen in my love life, this year? I  have been single all my life and I don't attract the right guys. I seem to attract weird guys. I am interested in a guy who was born on 13/7/88 who shows interest but I am not sure if it's genuine, can you help?


Dear Friend,

With your Sun in Virgo, you will be looking for Mr Perfect, and as no one is perfect, yours has been a stressful journey to date. Virgo's often play the 'Florence Nightingale' role. Let nature take its course, and look after yourself!

July is a key time for romance, so start to flirt with your Cancerian romantic interest. He's a guy who will need a green light before he lays his heart on the line. I think you have to get your feet wet and a Cancerian will help you get in touch with your emotions. If not love it is a positive building block to the future, not the past as I see has previously been the case. Virgo and Cancer are both home making signs, so if you're looking for a good match, then he has all the traits of someone who would make a great husband and father. He's showing interest, you just need to show him he can progress to a date! Let me know how it goes!

Your sign has many good points, you are a natural care giver and bring colour into the life of all who know you. You also have a dry wit, which is sure to prove a turn on to the men who cross your path. Just remember to stay you, as your sign has a tendency to try to change to suit the person they are with. It will be you they fall for, and so it should be you, that you remain to be.

It is not uncommon for your sign to meet their future spouses, through work. Many of your sign have had a really tough time professionally this year. Why not think about a change of career? Any change is good, as it offers you the chance to ignite new passions. Study is also strong in the stars in September, so why not think about re training? If you can up your finances, then you open up your options.

Travel is well starred for you, so think of an adventure. For your sign, a charity trek, such as The Great Wall of China, or The Inca Train, in Peru. You never know who you might meet, while sitting and watching the great sunrises, such an adventure can offer you.

Most of all be you and stay you.

Good luck!
Love Claire 

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