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Will it end well?

Dear Astrology Room


I am a Taurus, (born May 17, 1988 at 12:11 p.m. in NY), the guy that I think I may have a long term relationship with is an Aries (born March 26, 1990 in FL).



I am very interested in how astrology and the astrological aspects of our births influence our lives therefore I attempted to match our birth charts. Every time I have done so, I've come up with the same results.


The charts say that we will have a strong connection but it may end in a horrible way. I am very attached to this guy (more so than any other guy that I have previously been with), however, if this relationship will not end well, I want nothing to do with him. Please help me decide whether or not this relationship was meant to be.





Dear Nani


Without the complete details of this man's chart I can't give you a definite answer. Quite honestly, even if I did have all the birth data, I don't think anyone, not even a trained astrologer of nearly forty years experience (myself) can predict how a relationship will 'end' as they don't end as such, they just change, evolve, some remain static, others get lost, move on, fight off invaders or wander aimlessly through life without caring about the two people involved. Relationships are entities unto themselves, with their own birth charts, often known as the composite chart.


I think you may be projecting into the charts your own feelings of uncertainty. To be constantly matching up your charts and saying it will end in a horrible way, what horror are you seeing? What are you projecting into his chart that makes it look so impossible a relationship?  Yes, an Aries (with possibly an Aries moon as I don't know his birth time or place) is a difficult one to live with. Yes, he isn't exactly the easiest, laid back guy around, but he's exciting, dynamic, active. He might even rule the world one day or build a castle, and he might not be looking for a permanent partner either, and if he isn't, well then that's fair and you must accept it.


Every chart put alongside any other chart will reveal affinities and differences. It's what you're scrabbling around for in that chart that matters. If you feel this guy isn't for you (in your heart), then don't follow it through. If you feel this guy is for you (in your heart, not in the birth chart) then go and have some fun. He's only young, so are you, don't plot your life according to the stars - only watch them reflect things that happen in your life as you go along.


The transits of the planets throughout our lives stir up our potentials, are missing bits, our imagination, our hopes, fears and so on. They bring people into our lives who will have an enormous influence on us, mostly to help us grow and accept ourselves for who we and who they are.


But life isn't all set in stone, yes, there is something we can't control, and we often call it fate. But our character is also our 'fate', and our character is also our 'free-will' to choose and make decisions. The paradoxical nature of the universe is something we have to live with, and take a gamble on too. If you turn away from someone because you have decided it will all turn out to be a great big mess, then that's a way out of taking responsibility for it. "Well, I saw in our charts it would be a disaster, so I didn't go down that road, clever of me wasn't it?" No, not really.


But if you decide it could be a beautiful experience, and even if it doesn't last forever - what does 'forever' mean anyway - isn't it worth travelling down the road and having a look, isn't it worth then being able to say, 'Well, I did go down that road, and faced my fear of the outcome? (Whatever the outcome is.)  This relationship is 'meant to be' as all relationships are meant to be, for good or not so good. But what you do with it is your choice, not determined by the planets. The planets only reflect our state, our potentials, our relationships, our selves; they are there to navigate by, not to love by.


Blessings and best wishes



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