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Will things ever change

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I'm a Virgo, born approx. 6pm on August 27th 1986 in Peterborough. For the past four years I have been let down by every man I've known - they have all lied to me, most out of cowardice and some out of lack of conscience, and hurt me - each one despite knowing how I have been treated previously.



I have pretty much given all hope of ever finding anyone who cares about me. I work really hard to change things in my life, but I have also yet to find a fulfilling and satisfying career where I can actually see a way of moving forward and developing skills and qualifications.

I have had years of disappointment and I'm not sure I can maintain any resilience anymore. I suppose I haven't found a niche in life - whether with people, relationships (not that I can remember the last time I could call something that) or careers.

I'd like to know whether I can look forward to a period of time which is positively stable and anything good isn't immediately followed by disappointment or being let down?



Dear Steph

You know something? You sound so much older than you are. When I first read your letter, I didn't pay that much attention to your year of birth, as I first want to hear the 'voice' that is speaking to me.  And you say you have had years of disappointment, and every man you've met over the past four years has lied to you (how many men is that, sounds like a lot?) and you can't make headway with a career, and you feel stuck and life's treating you bad -  and do you know I really thought you would be about 50. Yet there you are just a young, twenty-something year old slip of a girl!

So let's put some things straight. First, perhaps your expectations of 'men' are too high? Or perhaps you don't know what kind of man you really want and you attract the 'wrong' types. Perhaps your assumptions of love are not in keeping with what 'love' actually is? I could go on....and I may sound like I'm giving you a hard time, but if you are so negative about life and love, then you will get negativity back.

Like attracts like, what goes around, comes around, and so on.

Next, let's analyse you astrologically. You're a Virgo, but you have a Gemini moon. So Virgo or not, (with its search for order and codes of behaviour) there's a Gemini side of you which squashes orderly behaviour, it likes to flirt, to play, to seduce, to be chased, to be light-hearted, and make no promises, to just indulge in non-committed relationships. OR, you attract those kind of men into your life, because you're not acting out your Gemini potential yourself.

And then you have Capricorn rising. Capricorn rising people are born 'old' - which is why I guess you come across older than your years - you feel a big responsibility on your shoulders to grow up and be mature, to follow traditions, to follow parental expectations, to never indulge in the child side of your nature; Capricorn rising is where you see the worst in everything, where life is always going to give you a hard time, where mountains are only ever mountains to be climbed, not to be admired or as a marvellouss opportunity to get to the other side.

So it's a hard balancing act. The eternally youthful Gemini and the old goat Capricorn trapped at the bottom of the mountain (only because the goat prefers to moan about his chains, rather than break free from them). So perhaps you attract the Gemini tricksters (and they don't have to be Geminis per se, just that 'type') into your life, because you're not really letting yourself be who you really are?

Now that I've been hard on you, I shall be soft. You have great power to attract, you have life, soul, love to give, work to be done, and many, many years to do it in. You will live to an old age, and you will have family, and friends and love and life. But don't think it's too late. Don't sabotage your own esteem, check out the guys you fall for before you fall for them. but most importantly, if you want someone to care about you, you must care about yourself FIRST.

That means, think self-esteem, love yourself, stop searching for an ideal, stop searching for someone else to do your loving of you, for you. Then you will find love. It's never too late, and for you, at twenty-something, you have all your long life ahead to do so. Soul-mates and perfect partners don't just fall out of the woodwork, they have to be carved out of life.

But that can only happen by knowing who you are, and who you are attracting into your life, and that's the truth of all who seem to attract the 'wrong or unavailable types'.

All this isn't helped of course, by the antics of Jupiter transiting your moon right now. But Jupiter is changing course at the end of January, and it will by the end of Gemini have moved on into your love angle.

Of course, you may find more larger-than-life characters coming your way. But hey, isn't it better to greet, welcome and be fascinated by all who enter your life, to taste new ventures, ideas, people, causes, possibilities, challenges, opportunities and take the odd risk, than sit alone at home complaining bitterly about what has been, believing only that you're doomed forever?

Change your beliefs, particularly this one about yourself that things will never change, and then you will change your world to how you truly want it to be.

All the best to you for 2013



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