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Hello Spring: Celebrating the Spring Equniox

 By Renowed Astrologer Jane Lyle


The Spring Equinox marks the official start of springtime in the northern hemisphere. Day and night are of equal length all over the world now, and soon there’ll be more daylight than darkness – a wonderful, natural moment for celebration and joy. 


In 2019 the Spring Equinox arrives on Wednesday, 20th March at 21.58 UTC (and GMT). Just a few hours later, in the very early hours of 21st March, the full Moon rises in Libra, sign of balance. It’s the third, and final, full supermoon of 2019 – this spring full Moon will look much bigger and brighter than usual because the Moon is closer to us here on Earth. Expect high tides in our oceans, and in our hearts and minds – this is a particularly powerful Spring Equinox, and the days around it will likely bring much to a head for many of us.

At the moment of the Spring Equinox the Sun “stands still” right above the equator as it crosses from the southern to the northern hemisphere on its annual journey. If you live in the southern hemisphere, then this is your Autumn Equinox, marking the end of summer. That’s the astronomy, which was inextricably linked with astrology for centuries.

In western astrology, the Sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries the Ram, at exactly this same magical moment. Aries is an energetic, enthusiastic fire sign, represented by the lively spring ram, and ruled by Mars, the planet that symbolises action and desire. Aries is like a young child in many ways – a place where new souls begin their journey of discovery and learning through the twelve signs of the zodiac.


It’s a new season, and it feels like a new year really is beginning as light, life and nature wake up all around us. For thousands of years people all over the world have marked the four vital turning points of our solar year – the equinoxes and solstices. There are amazing places where structures were positioned precisely to align with the Sun’s place in the sky at these important seasonal turning points every year. Some of the most famous locations lit up by the Spring Equinox Sun are:

*Mysterious Megalithic sites - Stonehenge in Wiltshire; Mnajdra in Malta; Loughcrew, Ireland

*The beautiful, ruined temples at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

*Chichen Itza, the astonishing Mayan temples in Mexico

*The ancient Egyptian Sphinx, placed to face sunrise at the Spring Equinox

A vibrant global crowd of gods and goddesses, festivals, rituals and ceremonies accompany this special season now, and on through the magical spring months. It’s a potent time, and everyone can tune into it, connect with nature, and seek a sense of balance and renewal.

 So how can you resist celebrating the Spring Equinox by creating some kind of ritual of your own? It’s a potent moment. This year, because we have such a dramatic full Moon, many things are reaching a peak. We want new season beginnings, but we’ll have to look carefully at what’s happened already this year too before we rush into anything. Equal day and night, plus a Libran full Moon, all say ‘balance’.

Are you wondering what’s out of balance in your life? What small steps can you take to change that? Any kind of mindfulness or meditation is helpful – and if you can connect with the natural world at the same time by just walking in the park, sitting in a garden, or buying a bunch of daffodils, you’re celebrating spring in a beautiful way.

Another of the simplest routes to creating harmony is decluttering and organising your space, your apps, your make-up, or even your personal life. Yes, spring cleaning!


Spring cleaning and tidying doesn’t sound very mystical or magical. But actually, it can be. It brings harmony, and a sense of calm control in a chaotic world. As you edit your wardrobe, give away unwanted stuff to charity, or delete endless emails, you’re making space for what’s to come and taking better care of what you already own.

Sorting things out in this way is a key part of ancient practices such as Feng Shui, designed to get energy and positivity flowing in your world and your life. As Marie Kondo, the famous Japanese decluttering expert and author, says: “Tidying dramatically changes one’s life. This is true for everyone, 100 per cent. The impact of this effect, which I have dubbed ‘the magic of tidying’ is phenomenal.” At this time of year, the Sun in fiery Aries favours getting things done too – this is a great time to start something new. Of course you can do it at any time of year, but why not take advantage of the season and surf those waves of life force eddying around our planet?

The actual deep cleaning part of a spring clean is also a little bit magical, and can be a part of sacred space-clearing rituals and spiritual routines in many cultures. Author and teacher Karen Kingston is a leading authority on space clearing, which aims to revitalise subtle energies in homes and other buildings. Energy can get ‘stuck’, preventing the free flow of life, love, and mental clarity – space clearing is powerful, and goes way beyond clutter busting though, so if you’re intrigued, do learn how to do it on a course or from one of Karen’s books.

As she says, “what’s on the outside is always on the inside, but what’s on the inside is not always on the outside” – everything around us reflects our inner world, yet hidden talents and dreams can be waiting to manifest once the path ahead is clear.

May your Spring Equinox rituals and celebrations bring you joy, whatever you choose to do. For advice on how you could celebrate the Spring Equinox or on how to declutter have a live Astrology Reading


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