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Moon Diary 2013


Moon Diary:

Full Moon at 25 degrees Gemini, 17th December, 2013
by Jane Lyle

Starlight Express
Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight


Traditional Nursery Rhyme

Lively, flirty, and communicative, December’s Gemini full Moon shines on parties, gatherings, short trips, gossip and good news. Full Moons always signify the end of phase – this one presides over our end-of-year celebrations. And, remarkably, it makes no major aspects.

This winter Moon does make some beguiling links with the fixed stars though. It rises amidst the stars of Orion’s Belt – those three bright stars that most of us can pick out in the night sky. These stars are called Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. They are sometimes known as the Three Kings, Three Wise Men, or the Magi, those exotic astrologers who followed a star in search of enlightenment. While we may not be receiving gold, frankincense, and myrrh from our stellar kings, the influence of Orion’s Belt is said to give some excellent gifts - a sharp mind, energy, strength, and a good memory.

Another fixed star that lies close to this full Moon is Wazn, located at 26 degrees of Gemini. This star is found in the constellation of Columba, the Dove – a bird that brings a message of peace. This constellation’s traditional meaning is one of spiritual strength, innocence, kindness and good news. To the astrologers and astronomers of ancient China, these stars were known as The Child.

Of course, you can say that this could all be a coincidence. But I can’t help thinking how lovely it is to see these traditional seasonal symbols represented here like this. Yes, the Magi, the Child of Wonder, and the Dove of Peace are part of the Christian Christmas story. Yet they are also very ancient symbols found in other religions, and other timeless myths too.  In turbulent times, it might be good to remember that, rise above what divides us, and in the true spirit of the season celebrate what joins us all together.








Moon Diary

New Moon in Sagittarius, 3rd December 2013

by Jane Lyle

The Firebird Moon

December’s new Moon in Sagittarius rises on fiery wings at 11 degrees in the sign of the archer, the centaur, and the adventurer. If we tune in to this Moon, we’ll find things of wonder and new horizons. Like a glowing feather from the fairytale Firebird herself, this new Moon can light up your imagination in unexpected ways.

And with courage and daring, we can set out on a magical quest in search of intuition, or seek to free ourselves from negative thinking or stifling expectations.

This new Moon makes a flowing link with electrifying Uranus in Aries, a triple dose of fire for us all since the Sun and Moon are always conjunct at a new Moon. The Moon rules our emotions, imagination, the mass of humanity, and our inner world. It’s about nurture and nourishment too. Along comes the eccentric wizard, Uranus, to challenge us with unconventional notions and new ways of looking at our emotional lives. For many of us, questions and possibilities have been milling about in our minds since early October’s powerful Libran new Moon. Here’s what I wrote then:

‘If you’re stuck in a rut, then here is dangerous moonlight indeed. There’s great pressure for change over the coming month, and with unpredictable Uranus and subversive Pluto challenging the emotional Moon feelings run deep – and often they are uncomfortable. What really matters most to us? And are those values and hopes shared by our partners, longstanding friends and family? If we work in a closely-knit team we may wonder if everyone is singing from the same song-sheet. Do we really agree about what we’re trying to achieve? The silver sickle of this dynamic new Moon cuts to the chase, prunes away delusions, and rearranges the furniture in our heads.’

And now, dwarf planet Ceres in Libra has reached the exact place where that Moon rose (11 Libra), and blows gently on the shimmering fires of this new Moon in Sagittarius. The great mother goddess is here to remind us of seeds planted back in the autumn. What thoughts and feelings arose then? Maybe if things seemed desperately difficult at that time we’ve arrived at a place where we can find a solution, or begin working towards one at least? Fresh inspiration is available now. Unusual, original or inventive women can be brilliant catalysts for progress this month. If this sparkling new Moon coincides with your birthday, then it sets an important theme for your year ahead. But I think the Firebird has an exhilarating message for all of us, if we care to accept her invitation.

‘So Tsarevitch Ivan took his place in the garden, and sat down to watch under the apple tree that bore the golden apples. He watched an hour, he watched two hours, he watched three hours. When midnight drew near sleep al most overcame him, but he drew his dagger and pricked his thigh with its point till the pain aroused him. And suddenly, an hour after midnight, the garden became bright as if with the light of many fires, and the Fire Bird came flying on its golden wings to alight on the lowest bough of the apple tree.

Tsarevitch Ivan crept nearer, and as it was about to pluck a golden apple in its beak he sprang toward it and seized its tail. The bird, however, beating with its golden wings, tore itself loose and flew away, leaving in his hand a single long feather. He wrapped this in a handkerchief, lay down on the ground and went to sleep.’

From: ‘The Firebird’, www.Surlalunefairytales.com








Moon Diary: Full Moon at 26 degrees Taurus, 17th November 2013
by Jane Lyle

Medusa’s Moon

Our November full Moon rises in the earthy, practical sign of Taurus on Sunday, 17th November. It’s stubborn and fixed – so the endings associated with every full Moon will be clear, immovable, and definite.

If you need to complete practical tasks, this would be a good day to choose. Tasks linked to your home, financial affairs, garden, cookery or security might be excellent ones to finish up.

On another level, the full Moon is conjunct a dramatic, intense fixed star, Algol. Here is the head of the Medusa, that snake-haired demon who is also known as the Gorgon. In Greek myth, one glance from the Gorgon would turn you to stone. She was beheaded by Perseus, who only managed to kill her by looking at her reflection in his shield. Meeting her eyes would have been a fatal mistake. So part of Algol’s fearsome reputation for signifying terrible, violent events includes accidents to the head, or literally ‘losing your head’.

While there’s no end to Algol’s dark, destructive legend, this star is also a powerhouse of creativity, energy, and intensity. It is found in a prominent place in the natal horoscopes of many remarkable people, including Einstein and Picasso. Algol’s energy is female, sexual, and powerful. The Medusa was once a beautiful woman before she was turned into a monster. When this creative force is suppressed or ignored, an overwhelmingly primal rage bubbles up, hissing. But when this amazing energy is channelled constructively, extraordinary achievements can be born.

As with all astrology’s patterns, not everyone will tune in on a personal level to Medusa’s intensity. Such things can be projected onto other people, or seen in shocking news events, fiction, or watching a film with Gorgon-like themes. In our world, the Medusa can operate on many levels, for as writer Ray Bradbury once said:

‘The television, that insidious beast, that Medusa which freezes a billion people to stone every night, staring fixedly, that siren which talked and sang and promised so much and gave, after all, so little.’

Mercury, planet of communication, reminds us of April’s thoughts and events now too. It is knocking on the door of that Scorpio eclipse back in the spring. We’re dealing with similar themes now, and maybe some unfinished business too. Here’s a taste of what I wrote then:

‘The Sun in Taurus highlights our resources, values, money and property.  The Moon in Scorpio also highlights resources, this time other people’s money, the help they can offer, and what we share with them – such as intimate connections, sexual love, property and cash. These are the fundamental themes of this eclipse, stirring up our relationships with each other, and inviting us to take a close look at what we own, what we share, and what we really value. What can we keep, and what can we leave behind or give away?’

As the year marches on towards its end, this November full Moon is the perfect time to ask those questions again.








Moon Diary: New Moon and Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, 3rd November 2013

by Jane Lyle

Fight Club: The final eclipse of 2013 packs a proper Scorpio punch.



It rises at 11 degrees of Scorpio, and is a hybrid eclipse. This means it’s seen as a partial eclipse in most locations, and a total eclipse in a small corridor crossing Africa in Gabon, R. Congo, D.R. Congo, and Uganda. But it can be viewed as a partial eclipse in America, Mexico, Columbia, Southern Europe, Israel and the Middle East.

Scorpio themes of sex, death and rebirth, resources, and money are strongly emphasised. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and the Moon’s nodes are all pulsing away in a tight little group in Scorpio. It’s looking karmic, deep, and intense. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but….. yes, you can be sure Scorpio will find it, and expose it. Any flaky, draining relationships, false friendships, or wildly imbalanced situations are up for review in our personal and professional lives. It’s clear they’re unsustainable, and it’s clear they must be transformed or ended. Of course, we can always choose to sit on the fence, but that might not be the wisest option.

Mars and Pluto, Scorpio’s rulers, connect with the eclipse and each other – bringing a flow of energy, transformative power, and street-fighting spirit to the party. The presence of Saturn offers us, at best, the chance to create stability and longevity, bringing structure and mature practicality to the fore. At worst, Saturn’s limitations can seem very tough and depressing, but they are purposeful and often timely. Admittedly, such benefits can often only be seen with hindsight – it’s a kind of ‘no pain, no gain’ kind of thing. Pluto’s regenerative power works slowly too, transforming things from the depths.

The energy of Mars gives this eclipse an impulsive, determined edge. Conflicts are brought out into the open, the desire to fight to protect others increases, and volatile or fluctuating emotions flow.  Mars combines with the fixed star, Zosma, a star symbolising prophecy, wisdom, and alert minds. This star is also said to signify periods of melancholy, which adds to the Moon-Mars theme of fluctuating impulses and changeable actions. Mercury is backtracking in Scorpio too, another sign of false starts or delays affecting travel, communications, trade and commerce. I can see how all this could lead to irritation, angry exchanges, or even serious conflict if these energies are suppressed. Channelling them constructively is a full-on challenge, but offers dynamic rewards in the end.  This is, after all, a new Moon and like every new Moon it marks new beginnings – how ever troublesome these may be, and how ever much we may have to review the past or face the results of former actions and decisions. Allow yourself new possibilities, reinventions, and enlightenment.

Out in the World
The affairs of the USA and Mexico are influenced by this powerful eclipse, as they were by the lunar eclipse of 18th October (see the Moon Diary).  President Obama’s natal horoscope is energised too, as the eclipse squares his natal Leo Sun, indicating challenges to his leadership.

News and developments concerning the search for oil, gas and minerals are denoted for Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Rwanda in particular. Each of these countries’ national horoscopes has Neptune in Scorpio, ruling oil and gas, at the degree of the eclipse. Trinidad and Tobago, on the other side of the planet (but with Neptune in Scorpio) can also expect important news about their gas and oil industry now, and in the coming months.

You can see astronomical information about the solar eclipse here:



Special Birthdays
This Scorpio eclipse is especially meaningful for you if you have the Sun, Moon, planets or angles in your horoscope at around 11 degrees of Scorpio or Taurus. The signs Leo and Aquarius are similarly stimulated. To discover more about the effects of this powerful eclipse, just ask an astrologer.

Scorpio celebrities who are likely to experience notable changes in the year ahead include Lulu (3rd November); Anna Wintour (3rd November); Sean Combs (4th November); and David Schwimmer (2nd November).  Taurean celebrities looking at a different kind of autumn and winter include David Beckham (2nd May); David Suchet (2nd May); Donatella Versace (2nd May) and Lily Allen (2nd May).







Moon Diary: Full Moon and lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Aries, 18th October

by Jane Lyle

The earth together with its surrounding waters must in fact have such a shape as its shadow reveals, for it eclipses the moon with the arc of a perfect circle.

Nicolaus Copernicus, astronomer and mathematician (1473-1543)


This is the final lunar eclipse of 2013. A penumbral eclipse isn’t quite as dramatic as a full eclipse, but we’re promised a deep shadow across the Moon’s face – visible all over Europe, Africa, most of Asia and in the Americas. The whole thing lasts almost four hours. According to traditional astrology, this means that its effects last for four months – one month for each hour of the eclipse. These effects can often begin to manifest as the date of the eclipse draws near. So what might those effects be?

A lunar eclipse stimulates our emotions, imagination, and restless feelings in the same way as a full Moon. It’s just super-charged with extra energy, often heralding significant changes and turning points in the months ahead. We can expect things to emerge into the light of consciousness – buried feelings, memories, or information can surface. Sometimes this means we can distance ourselves from a situation, leave a relationship, or become more objective.

Moon in Aries emphasises the self, the ego, and the inner child. The Sun, in the opposite sign, Libra, emphasises partnerships. Finding balance and harmony now is a challenge. Moon in Aries can be feisty and opinionated, while Sun in Libra says ‘anything for an easy life’. Some of us will just want to walk away, wipe the slate clean, and begin again. Others will strive to achieve some sort of workable compromise. Habits, routines and connections dating back to 2004-5 can be challenged now, or seen and understood in a new light.

Mars rules the sign of this eclipse, Aries, and has just entered Virgo. The action planet is entangled with deceptive Neptune, making direct action a bit hit-and-miss. Old delusions or mistaken beliefs can be challenged, and there’s a feeling that nothing is certain or that others have been lying to us. In the wider world, this may relate to healthcare, drugs, poisons, and hospital scandals. Military spies, plots, and upheavals linked to religious beliefs are also in the news. The assertive qualities of this eclipse may have to struggle through a fog of confusion to achieve its goals.


Out in the world

A lunar eclipse in Aries is, traditionally, said to highlight difficulties for women and sometimes heralds the death of a prominent, well-known woman.  This eclipse, and the one that follows in November, both activate the chart for the American presidency (April 30th, 1789)* in that area of the horoscope connected with foreign affairs, trade, religion, education, and the law (9th house).
It also activates Saturn in Aries (structure, boundaries, rules, history) and Neptune in Libra (ideals and confusion, also gas, oil, shipping and medicines) in the chart for the New York Stock Exchange (May 17th, 1792)* in the 3rd and 9th houses. It would seem as though foreign affairs and global trading are very much in the lunar spotlight for the USA this autumn. President Barack Obama’s own horoscope (4th August, 1961) is also triggered by both eclipses. This Aries eclipse squares his natal Capricorn Saturn, while the intense November solar eclipse squares his Leo Sun. This suggests tough, thought-provoking times of crisis and conflict at the heart of the US government during the months ahead.

Mexico’s national horoscope (28th September, 1821)* is stimulated by this lunar eclipse too. It links up with Saturn and Jupiter in Aries, emphasising important events connected with law, justice, structures, buildings, history, and dealing with limitations. November’s powerful solar eclipse will be visible from Mexico, and also activates Mexico’s horoscope. It is close to Venus, highlighting issues to do with women, finances, and social welfare.

Special Birthdays

Aries people born between the 14th – 16th April and Librans born between 17th – 19th October can expect to see important changes or revelations this winter. Libran celebrities born on this day include Zac Efron, Chuck Berry, Martina Navratilova, and Jean-Claude van Damme. Famous Aries people in the eclipse zone include Peter Capaldi (14th April), the retired Pope Benedict XVI (16th April), and actors Emma Watson and Emma Thompson (15th April).

Cancerians born between the 17th – 19th July, and Capricorns born between the 15th – 17th January will also feel this eclipse.  If you have any planets or angles in your horoscope at around 25 degrees of Aries or Libra, and to a lesser extent Cancer or Capricorn, your chart is activated too. To discover more, why not ask a professional astrologer?

*All national horoscope data is from ‘The Book of World Horoscopes’ by Nicholas Campion, Cinnabar Books (1995)







Moon Diary: New Moon in Libra

5th October 2013

by Jane Lyle

Square Moon Rising


A powerful, unsettling new Moon rises at 11 degrees of Libra at 0:36 am (UT) on Saturday, 5th October. It challenges us to sweep away tired old notions and assumptions, to ask awkward questions, and to review or renew our partnerships in love and at work.

Since Libra also rules the house of open enemies, this Moon may spark off shocking revelations about people who work against us, or oppose our wishes. A new Moon means new beginnings, but these may not be the ones you planned, and eventually that could be a very positive thing.

If you’re stuck in a rut, then here is dangerous moonlight indeed. There’s great pressure for change over the coming month, and with unpredictable Uranus and subversive Pluto challenging the emotional Moon feelings run deep – and often they are uncomfortable. What really matters most to us? And are those values and hopes shared by our partners, longstanding friends and family? If we work in a closely-knit team we may wonder if everyone is singing from the same song-sheet. Do we really agree about what we’re trying to achieve? The silver sickle of this dynamic new Moon cuts to the chase, prunes away delusions, and rearranges the furniture in our heads. Crikey!

The full Moons of September 2012 (Aries) and March 2013 (Libra) carried a similar message, but because they were full they spoke of endings and encouraged us to clear a path for what was to come. This is a new Moon. It’s time to be constructive, for if we’re honest with ourselves we can see what we need to do. All that remains is to stop dilly-dallying, and actually do it. It’s an understatement to say that’s not always easy - but Libra’s urge for harmony and co-operation isn’t always a sweet, pink marshmallow either. The desire for peace and beauty evoked by these cosmic energies is wild, fierce, hard-hitting and even dangerous.

Out there in the wider world this new Moon (and its aspects) signifies continuing unrest as the urge for change, and differences in values and aspirations provoke protests, demonstrations, and all kinds of disruptions and instability. The national charts for Turkey, Chechnya, Syria and Lebanon are amongst those activated. The charts for Venezuela, Bangladesh, Kenya and Iran are also triggered by this potent new Moon.

This new Moon is particularly important for you if you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn at around 10 – 12 degrees of those signs. Haven’t got a clue? Why not ask an astrologer?

“Maybe there's a whole other universe where a square moon rises in the sky, and the stars laugh in cold voices, and some of the triangles have four sides, and some have five, and some have five raised to the fifth power of sides. In this universe there might grow roses which sing. Everything leads to everything.” - Stephen King








Moon Diary: Full Moon in Pisces

19th September 2013
by Jane Lyle

Wild Swimming
‘Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.’
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

September’s watery full Moon rises at 26 degrees of Pisces, the Fishes at 11.14 am. Full Moons are about finishing things.  This Moon travels unaccompanied for the rest of the day (Universal Time), making no connections with other planets until evening. It’s an excellent time for bringing a phase to an end. We’re approaching the Equinox, a new season is about to begin – and between now and the December solstice looks dynamic, busy, and dramatic for many of us.

This fishy, foggy full Moon sails alone, with her ethereal cargo of dreams, intuitions and romantic longing. Of course, when the Moon is full it is opposite the Sun. In Virgo and Pisces, our well-being is highlighted. Emotional well-being can affect physical vitality – a message that was brought to us by the new Moon on 5th September too. Painful memories, emotions or relationships that have been in focus since then are illuminated once more, offering another opportunity for healing and clarity.

Passionate emotions swirl around this Moon’s chart, as watery planet patterns remind us of summer’s feelings, dreams and events. Our involvements with friends, lovers, or colleagues are tested and refined. Some connections come, inevitably, to an end now. And with all the passionate intensity in the world it may be difficult to make things work out the way you want them to – at least for the next two weeks. Venus, Saturn, and the Moon’s nodes in Scorpio bring all our ties to others into the picture. There could be irresistible attractions – the feeling you’ve met a true soul-mate, or that you were destined to be together could be overwhelming over the next two weeks. Just don’t make any big decisions yet. On the other hand, there could be an equally irresistible desires to distance ourselves from former friends, lovers, or colleagues. And if you’re a seriously creative person, this is a great time to look back at your work and complete or even abandon projects.

Pluto, god of the underworld, links up with Saturn, Venus, and the Moon’s nodes – and the message now, and during the weeks ahead, is one of discipline, power, restructuring, and organising our resources. But perhaps not today. We’ll be aware of these issues, but many of us will be temporarily distracted, confused, and away with the fairies. Not always such a terrible place to be – creative chaos can be fertile and abundant, eventually. Fancy a dip?








Moon Diary: New Moon in Virgo, 5th September 2013
by Jane Lyle
September’s new Moon rises in Virgo, sign of the virgin maiden, the untouched harvest, and the sixth sign of the zodiac. Everything is on the brink of change as we reach the half-way point of the astrological year.

As always, a new Moon is a good time to begin projects, and as the equinox approaches (22nd September) a sense of wanting to initiate change naturally rises up inside us. Virgo is a practical earth sign, fond of lists, order, and getting things done. Yet it has vision too. Focussing on vague ideas, hopes and wishes now brings them closer – and as we clarify and refine summer’s dreams they stand a good chance of becoming real.

Expansive Jupiter in Cancer expands everything the Moon represents – emotion, imagination, protective impulses and intuition. A positive link between the new Moon and Jupiter boosts loving feelings towards friends, family, and groups we belong to. It’s generous, fertile, and favours fortunate turns of events. The Moon opposes that wise old centaur, Chiron, too, signalling an opportunity to heal emotional wounds and disappointments that may be holding us back or limiting our joy in life. It’s hard to make a new start if you’re stuck in the muddy confusion of the past. And like that magical nanny, Mary Poppins, this new Moon combines a sense of orderliness with a bewitching opportunity to expand our lives and ourselves.

Out in the world, the new Moon shines on agriculture, land and property, and what we harvest from both land and sea. It highlights legal matters, religious impulses, women’s issues, and water. Leaks, floods, and concerns about clean water are in focus at this time.

I think this may be one of the best new Moons of the year for setting intentions. Ask yourself ‘What feels right?’ and dip into your expanded intuition to find out the right answer for you, personally. Summer’s dreams may have been wildly impractical, but it’s likely they contained the seeds of something that can actually flourish. Here’s a chance to find out what that might be and maybe, just maybe, make your wishes come true.


“That’s coral!” she cried in astonishment, “we must be down in the deep of the sea!”

“Well, wasn’t that what you wanted?” said the trout. “I thought you wished you could see the sea!”

“I did,” said Jane, looking very surprised. “But I never imagined the wish would come true.”

“Well, great oceans! Why bother to wish it then? I call that simply a waste of time. But come on! Mustn’t be late for the party!”

‘Mary Poppins’, P. L. Travers  







Moon Diary: Full Moon in Aquarius, 21st August 2013
by Jane Lyle
Once in a Blue Moon

Summer’s second full Moon in airy Aquarius rises at the end of the sign, at 28 degrees. It will be a Blue Moon, the third of four full Moons in one season.

That particular season this year begins with the June Solstice, and goes through to the September Equinox. The astrology for this full Moon says that the chance for something unusual to occur is high. So we really might be saying ‘once in a blue Moon’ about an event or connection that happens under the rays of this August Moon. 

It’s a complex, interesting mix of full Moon emotion and detached, objective thinking – both head and heart are deeply involved. Full Moons tend to bring things to a head, mark the end of a chapter (however minor that might be), and invite reassessment of our progress in the days that follow. Aquarius is an intellectual sign, and is concerned with humanity as a whole – so it looks outwards, and sees the bigger picture. There’s much thinking to be done now, but we must take our time and make room for those illogical emotions too. Tricky. Mind-stretching, even.

This full Moon aligns with the fixed star Gienah, in the constellation of Cygnus, the beautiful Swan. It’s sometimes called ‘the swan’s wing’, and its message favours art and culture, flying upwards, and perhaps the potential for sudden downfall from dizzy heights. Again, some kind of balance is needed to make the most of this combination. But I think that may be in short supply, since volatile energy is this week’s theme. Expansive Jupiter and eccentric Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) are involved in a powerful stand-off on the very same day as this full Moon, stirring up more revolutionary unrest, strikes, and demonstrations while emphasising our need for change, freedom, and justice. At its best, this can promote amazing inventiveness, inspiration, and original thinking. At worst, change for the sake of it creates instability – whether that’s at work, in your relationships, or – more seriously – in the wider world. Surprising moments and unexpected twists and turns will need a calm response and a cool, Aquarian head.

If you’re a Leo with a birthday between the 19th – 22nd August, this is a meaningful Moon for you. Aquarian birthdays between the 15th – 18th February hear the call for change. Cancer birthdays from 3rd July – 7th July, and Aries birthdays from 31st March – 3rd April are also impacted by this full Moon and her charismatic companions.







Moon Diary: New Moon at 14 degrees Leo, 6th August 2013
by Jane Lyle
Light my Fire
Volatile and creative, this Leo new Moon crackles with energy like a summer storm. It conjures up a strongly imaginative theme for the coming month, sparkling with unusual ideas and unconventional solutions and emotional responses.


There’s much fiery passion, combined with emotional detachment, courtesy of eccentric Uranus making a flowing link to Sun and Moon.

The deeper you look, the more interesting and complex this Moon becomes. Leo Sun and Moon are conjunct asteroid goddess Vesta. Vesta was the ancient goddess of the hearth, heart of the home. The Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome were, for 600 years, keepers of the sacred flame in the temple of Vesta. This sacred flame signified the burning heart of the great Roman Empire. So, more heartfelt fire then, something that can energise projects or relationships begun now. Sitting opposite this trio is the partnership goddess Juno in Aquarius. Unconventional partnerships and marriages are again highlighted – I’d expect more news on the gay marriage debate, and other arrangements which challenge our ideas and make us think about the true nature of love, and how we perceive it.

Elsewhere in the chart for this fire-cracker Moon is the awesome energy of Jupiter and Pluto, linking in with Uranus and bringing out current issues of power, wealth, compulsion and resources. Leaders in politics and business come up with unexpected plans or inventive, revolutionary schemes and there’s yet more news about money, money, money. Jupiter and Pluto signify extremes of almost anything too, particularly weather events and geo-physical upheavals. But Jupiter sits with clear-sighted asteroid goddess Pallas Athene, symbolising strategy, self-defense, and intelligence – and perhaps bringing a much-needed dash of cool-headed clarity into this scalding mix.

This can be an excellent new Moon for new beginnings, despite its quirky edges. The house in your natal chart where it rises shows you where a new start might be most beneficial. Individuality and self-expression can be channelled in almost any direction you choose, so if you want to begin something new, now might be the right time.

"South," said the captain.

"But," said his crew, "there simply aren't any directions out here in space."

"When you travel on down toward the sun," replied the captain, "and everything gets yellow and warm and lazy, then you're going in one direction only." He shut his eyes and thought about the smouldering, warm, faraway land, his breath moving gently in his mouth. "South." He nodded slowly to himself. "South."

“The Golden Apples of the Sun” by Ray Bradbury (1953)







Moon Diary: Full Moon 0 degrees Aquarius

22nd July 2013

by Jane Lyle

Emotional Intelligence
A super-dynamic Super Moon rises at 0 degrees Aquarius on the 22nd July, but we’ll feel its approach three or four days beforehand – and three days afterwards too.


It’s a potent, stormy phase, magnetising emotions and bringing things out into the open. There will be a second full Moon in Aquarius in August.

The Sun enters Leo today, and Venus enters Virgo – heralding new beginnings and a change of emphasis for all of us. And although full Moons are about the end of a phase, that closing of a cycle also opens the way for us to explore new territory.

Aquarius favours humanitarian thinking, and the Moon also connects with intelligent, philosophical Pallas Athene, asteroid goddess of wisdom, strategy, courage and self-defense. Venus links up with Pallas and the Moon, signalling a very strong feminine energy at work, one that’s concerned with education, rights, and fighting for opportunities for women around the world – already a very hot topic this summer.

If you’ve things to think about personally, this full Moon urges you to begin. However, this would not be the ideal time to finalise big decisions that affect your life – emotions are running very high, and the head and the heart will be inclined to fight one another. Either way, there’s much negotiating to be done by those with cool heads – everyone else may be far too feisty to listen to sweet reason.

Yet more dynamic, sharp-minded energy is symbolised by the fixed stars Altair and Sham, both close to the Moon.  Altair sits in the constellation of Aquila, the Eagle. It’s associated with intelligent minds, imagination and passion. The eagle soars above into the airy realms of thought, and is linked with the electrifying thunderbolts and lightning of the god Jupiter. The Eagle is an important symbol for the United States, and although America is always in the news, this could be a particularly meaningful phase.

Fixed star Sham is in the constellation Sagitta, the Arrow. Sagitta’s arrow flies through the air, slicing through our minds with clean, clear intelligence. Certainly, this is a full Moon alive with mental energy and the potential for bolts of lightning to shake up our thinking, or illuminate the night sky with crackling electrical storms. This full Moon takes place against the background of July’s grand trine in water, June and July’s dreamy, idealistic, and emotional summer theme.  A cooling breeze blows, helping us to make sense of any mad tangles we’ve been caught up in, and boost courage and the strength to see things through.  Step through the looking-glass….

“If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's Logic.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking-Glass







Moon Diary: New Moon at 16 degrees of Cancer, the Crab

8th July 2013
by Jane Lyle
Sailing By

July’s new Moon in Cancer rises up from the ocean of watery energies surrounding us this summer.

Emotions, intuition, memories and imagination are demanding our attention as patterns of the past appear and invite us to re-examine them. And with so much emphasis on planets in Cancer, our need for a security blanket (love, money, CCTV) of some kind is likely to be stronger than usual.

Swift-footed Mercury is close to the Moon. Talking about emotions, motherhood, and nurturing is one key meaning of this link. The planet of travel and communications is also retrograde, underlining the message that wisdom, inspiration and healing can be found by reviewing the past. There’s also a restless, moody feeling around, affecting large numbers of people, perhaps even stirring up crowds, demonstrations, or strikes. Travel, and the import and export of goods, may be disrupted more than usual over the next two weeks too. The provocative presence of erratic Uranus adds to the feeling that we must expect the unexpected – sudden or unusual events mean changing our ideas and plans between now and the 21st.

But every new Moon symbolises an opportunity to begin a new phase. This one might be a particularly potent time to give birth to a creative project, particularly one you’ve been thinking about for a while. The powerful fixed star, Canopus – once known as the ‘Star of Egypt’ – is one degree away from the new Moon. This was the star of Osiris, god of death and rebirth, and a number of temples in ancient Egypt were oriented towards Canopus. It is said to signify travel and prosperity. On the darker side, it is associated with drowning – but I think this can also mean drowning in emotions too. Brilliant Sirius, the Dog Star – also venerated in ancient Egypt – is close by. It denotes fiery passions, ambition, success and strong feelings that can quickly turn to anger. So there’s plenty of cosmic rocket fuel for anything you might want to begin. The sign of Cancer, the Moon’s home sign, is quietly ambitious and tenacious too, so why not set your intentions over the weekend of the 6th-7th ready for the special new Moon moment on Monday morning.

‘As if I’d slept a thousand years underwater I wake into a new season. I am the blue lotus rising. I am the cup of dreams and memory opening – I, the thousand-petalled flower. At dawn the sun rises naked and new as a babe; I open myself and am entered by light. This is the joy, the slow awakening into fire as one by one the petals open, as the fingers that held tight the secret unfurl. I let go of the past and release the fragrance of flowers.’

‘Becoming the Lotus’ from the Papyrus of Ani, The Egyptian Book of the Dead. ‘Awakening Osiris, The Egyptian Book of the Dead’, translated by Normandi Ellis.








Moon Diary: Midsummer Super Moon, 2 Capricorn, 22nd-23rd June
by Jane Lyle

Rose Moon Rising

June’s stunning full Rose Moon rises on 23rd June at 11.33 (ET). But it will be visible in all its enormous magnificence on the night of the 22nd.

This Moon is the largest full Moon of 2013, closest to our Earth, and one of three Super Moons this year – one was in May, and the next one is on 22nd July. This one is the most powerful of the three. Such Moons coincide with very high tides, owing to the alignment of the Moon, Earth and Sun – the Earth is in between the luminaries at the time of a full Moon.

The term ‘SuperMoon’ was coined by famous astrologer Richard Nolle back in 1979, and is now being used by some astronomers, as well as astrologers. Of course, once upon a time astrology and astronomy were one and the same thing. A SuperMoon is a Moon at perigee, meaning it is at its closest to Earth. There are several each year. Its impact extends for three days on either side of the exact date – so this one’s range is 20th June – 26th June. Nolle’s extensive observations show that such Moons bring ‘strong storms with high winds and heavy precipitation (big flood potential)…earthquakes, volcanic eruptions…tidal extremes…’. 

Inevitably, we are all affected by extreme weather and geo-cosmic upheavals here on Earth even if we are thousands of miles away from the storms or volcanic eruptions. Our emotions tend to be more volatile, maybe we’re not thinking too clearly, and we may be restless, bad-tempered or uncomfortable. So, it’s wise to factor that into your decisions and reactions at this time - you, and those around you, aren’t quite ‘yourself’. This Rose Moon has a few thorns.

This Capricorn full Moon is energised by both Saturn in Scorpio (its ruler) and Neptune in watery Pisces, part of summer 2013’s big mystical theme. But we will need real focus, since the Moon is extra-volatile now and it will be all too easy to waste time, or find ourselves longing to escape via sleep, drugs, or other illusions and delusions. This Moon could also signal a high tide for fraud and deceptive practices – take extra care of your credit cards and personal information.

Yet this is a Midsummer Moon, with those lovely, poetic names – Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon and Honey Moon. Certainly, old-fashioned romantic gestures bring pleasure now. And it is a positive influence if you’re creating beautiful illusions  – perhaps through photography, film, music or theatre, or just by blowing a stream of bubbles or sending a candlelit sky lantern up into the moonlit heavens.

The Cat and the Moon

The cat went here and there
And the moon spun round like a top,
And the nearest kin of the moon,
The creeping cat, looked up.
Black Minnaloushe stared at the moon,
For, wander and wail as he would,
The pure cold light in the sky
Troubled his animal blood.
Minnaloushe runs in the grass
Lifting his delicate feet.
Do you dance, Minnaloushe, do you dance?
When two close kindred meet,
What better than call a dance?
Maybe the moon may learn,
Tired of that courtly fashion,
A new dance turn.
Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
From moonlit place to place,
The sacred moon overhead
Has taken a new phase.
Does Minnaloushe know that his pupils
Will pass from change to change,
And that from round to crescent,
From crescent to round they range?
Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
Alone, important and wise,
And lifts to the changing moon
His changing eyes.”

W. B. Yeats








Moon Diary: New Moon at 18 Gemini, June 8th 2013

by Jane Lyle
"When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”
Kahil Gibran

June’s Gemini new Moon is a riveting speaker, seeding ideas, stimulating thoughts, and favouring fresh starts for projects involving communications of every kind. It stands apart – light and cool – and invites us to talk about our feelings, ideas, and dreams. And to think and write about them too. Over the next four weeks, this will prove to be an invaluable skill. It is a great time to begin a journal, a blog, a short course, or even therapy.

Two weeks ago we experienced the final spring-time eclipse, the last in a row of three that pushed and prodded us to acknowledge what we’ve gone through, and what that meant for various areas of our lives and personal development. For many people this has been a confusing, or even a distressing and disappointing time, and it may have been hard to see what to do next. This new Moon offers opportunities to think about things in new ways, or listen carefully to other points of view over the next month. I think its also about emotional intelligence, with the Gemini Moon symbolising our thought processes pure and simple, and the build-up of planets in the emotional water signs bringing strong feelings out of their hiding places.

Connecting feelings (the Moon) with objective thinking (Mercury) can be a tricky balancing act, but it enhances intuition and makes listening to inner guidance easier. It’s very easy for our thought processes to dismiss intuitive, creative impulses, or for feelings to overwhelm rational decisions. Pull them together to get thoughts and feelings working as a team and you’ve got something very special.

We’re on the brink of a powerfully emotional summer. If you’re psychic, intuitive, creative and sensitive you’ll welcome a little calm logic. If you’re often detached from your emotions, or find them hard to express, you’ll find that opening up brings increased energy and unexpected rewards. Either way, it’s time for fresh ideas and conversations. The houses of Gemini and Cancer in your horoscope indicate areas where you’ll benefit from talking, listening, and communicating your thoughts. 








Moon Diary: Full Moon and penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, 25th May, 2013 
by Jane Lyle
“You know that place between sleeping and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always think of you.”
J. M. Barrie

Every lunar eclipse stirs our emotions a little more widely and deeply than a regular full Moon. This one, in philosophical Sagittarius, also stirs up our dreams until we don’t know whether we’re awake, or asleep. It’s the last of the three spring eclipses, and the first in a new family of eclipses, known as Saros series 150. It is also the last in the recent chain of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius. Dreams of being first and last – and everything in between - will shimmer across our mental movie screens now, and during the summer months to come.

The Sun and Moon square up to that watery planet of dreams, glamour and illusions, Neptune. Heightened sensitivity means that we are more likely to react strongly to allergens, drugs, alcohol and atmospheres. It also activates psychic antennae, intuitive feelings, and longings for boundary-less bliss. Just tread with utmost caution, and remember confusion is the order of the day. This is particularly true if you’re a Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo individual, or have your Moon or pivotal angles of your horoscope at around 4-5 degrees of those signs. Making a total idiot of yourself is more than possible, and you won’t even see it coming if you’ve drunk one too many.

At its best, this is a very thoughtful, spiritual eclipse. Making the most of it requires the stability, self-discipline, and determination symbolised by Saturn in Scorpio, fortunately supporting Neptune with some worldly-wise common sense. Everything is fluid, everything is in transition in that house of your chart where this difficult, yet magical, eclipse falls. Steer clear of those who enjoy the victims and martyrs game, and of anyone you think might be telling lies or even deluding themselves. Gurus and religious leaders are in the eclipse spotlight too – hypocrites, liars and abusers amongst those we trust with our spiritual welfare will fall from grace. Yes, this eclipse certainly has some shadowy places. But it has higher vibrations too. So tune in to the ever-changing beauty of the sea, shining silver beneath the Moon. And give things time and plenty of space to unfold.  What emerges over the summer months may be very different from what you currently imagine.

This eclipse is more or less invisible to us, although the Moon will be visible over the Americas and West Africa during the event. The shadow will be very faint. Somehow I think this reflects the eclipse meaning with all those hints of dreams and shadows.

The eclipse activates many national horoscopes, including various charts for the UK as a whole, and Scotland as a separate entity. Charts for Sri Lanka, Tonga, and Jordan are also activated. 








Moon Diary: Solar eclipse in Taurus, 10th May 2013

by Jane Lyle
To Have and To Hold


May’s solar eclipse in Taurus stirs up new beginnings, and yet these have their roots dug deep in the past.

A solar eclipse is like a very potent new Moon, bringing (in this case) its energy to the house of Taurus in your chart. At heart, this eclipse is about resources – money, property, and possessions of course, but also talents, skills, and inner strengths. It highlights what we value, and what our own values might be. Events and circumstances will bring changes to these areas of life over the next four weeks, and on into the rest of the summer.

A strong, feminine energy here means the eclipse may bring up news, issues, and complicated discussions about women - around the world, and in our personal lives. The eclipse is ruled by Venus, goddess of love, beauty, art and fruitful lands.  Yet she is currently travelling amongst the stars of rainy, tearful Pleiades and so brings stories of suffering to our attention. Taurus, sign of this eclipse, is an earthy, material sign. So, for instance, we may have to consider what can be done about women working in the garment trade (Venus) for pitiful wages (Taurus). Cheap clothes and instant fashion have a high price.

Asteroid Pallas Athene is also involved. Pallas rules the intellect, strategy, and education. It is conjunct the eclipse, bringing up issues around education for women, employment rights, and the different ways men and women think about things. Thoughts and communications are further ramped up by Mercury, planet of the mind, sitting with the Sun and Moon, eager to spread information and ideas around far and wide. Women in our own private world – partners, daughters, mothers, sisters and friends – could play an especially important part in our lives this summer. Some relationships end or change, while new ones begin to form too. Certainly, there’s a lot to think about, and much to talk about over the coming months. Pace yourself though, in the days around an eclipse it can be hard to think straight.

And what about the past? The Dragon’s Tail – otherwise known as the South Node of the Moon - lies beside the Sun and Moon, pointing back towards past deeds, existing talents, and our own history. As you may imagine, this can be good – bringing (often unexpected) rewards, invitations and opportunities from past contacts, old ideas, or even old lovers.  Or it can be bad – as fate catches up with some, and former mistakes or negative actions prove to have consequences. A great influence for solving old crimes, but less welcome if you happen to have caused harm and thought you’d got away with it. This applies on an emotional level too. If we need to make things right with someone from the past, this summer would be the time.

Figuring out how the eclipse will affect you is complex. It has the most impact on Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius Sun signs and Moon signs. Those with planets in those signs at around 19 degrees will certainly feel its effects, as will those with any of those fixed signs rising, or on other angles of their birth horoscope. If you can recall the events of 1994-5, and 2003-4 you may be able to see how this lunar pattern works out in your own life. The last solar eclipse in this cycle was on 10th May 1994. If change is needed, then the eclipse is likely to trigger those changes, or bring important news, as it shakes up and speeds up our lives.

This eclipse will be visible in Australia, and across parts of the Pacific Ocean and its islands. It looks like a significant eclipse for South Africa, coming as it does on the 19th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s formal inauguration on 10th May, 1994. It therefore activates the horoscope for this important event, which took place on the date of the previous eclipse at 19 Taurus.

Finally, here’s a map of the eclipse path from Fred Espanak at the NASA eclipse website:









Moon Diary: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 25th April, 2013

by Jane Lyle
Karma Chameleon


This Scorpio lunar eclipse conjures up some tense magic, and crackles with karma.

It’s a partial eclipse at 5 degrees Scorpio, visible for a rather short time in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Traditionally, these are the locations where its message carries the most weight. Eclipse themes tend to build up for about two months before the event, and linger on depending upon the length of the event, and what comes along to trigger the eclipse degree later. A lunar eclipse is about culmination, just like a full Moon – a cycle is closing here and if the eclipse activates your horoscope you may notice things coming to a head in your own life this spring. 

So what are we looking at?  The Sun in Taurus highlights our resources, values, money and property.  The Moon in Scorpio also highlights resources, this time other people’s money, the help they can offer, and what we share with them – such as intimate connections, sexual love, property and cash. These are the fundamental themes of this eclipse, stirring up our relationships with each other, and inviting us to take a close look at what we own, what we share, and what we really value. What can we keep, and what can we leave behind or give away?

Mars aligns with the Sun, boosting energy and impulsive desires. It’s a volatile cocktail when mixed in with the fluctuating emotions around at every full Moon. Mars challenges the Moon, wanting to break free, to move forwards, to slice through restrictions. And then there’s the anger. But with sober Saturn in Scorpio close to the Moon there’s a firm lid on the furious pressure cooker. Will it explode? Possibly.

A positive way to use this energy is to prune back, streamline, or otherwise organise your time, and how you use your resources – including your skills and talents. Saturn brings responsibility and the need for commitment. It is currently in retrograde, reminding everyone of past obligations, old sins, and past events. These influence the present – hence the karmic theme. Cause and effect – or, if you prefer – what goes around comes around. Repressed anger could be a problem, and is something to be aware of now, and in coming weeks.

But there’s a little bit of healing magic around too. This passionate Moon links up with the god of the sea, Neptune in Pisces, and with Ceres, dwarf planet ruling nourishment, currently travelling through Cancer. The dreamy, dissolving and even womb-like qualities of this watery trio offer us intuitive guidance if we are willing and able to hear it.

The bigger picture

Out in the wider world, this eclipse signifies extreme weather events, and some thunderbolts and lightning in our atmosphere. The Sun aligns with a stormy fixed star, Sheratan. Its traditional influence is said to include whirlwinds, typhoons and twisters.

Saturn close to the Moon symbolises parents, home and family – so in a bigger sense that’s governments and other organisations that like to tell us what to do. Agriculture and land development could also be in the news, and all forms of banking and commerce – the theme of resources is central to this eclipse’s message. The charts of many nations are activated by this eclipse, suggesting a time of important and thought-provoking events. They include South Africa, North Korea, India, the UK, Brazil, Portugal and Greece.

If your birthday falls on these dates (below), your horoscope is activated by this lunar eclipse and its themes. If you have planets in Scorpio or Taurus (to a lesser extent Leo and Aquarius) at around 5 degrees in your natal chart, you too will feel this eclipse energy as it travels through your chart. An astrologer can tell you more.

Birthdates activated by the eclipse are:

Taurus:  24th – 26th April

Scorpio: 26th –  31st October

And these birthdates might feel it too:

Leo:  26th – 29th July

Aquarius: 25th – 28th January







Moon Diary: New Moon in Aries, 10th April 2013

by Jane Lyle
Seize the Day

This Aries new Moon is perfect for making a new beginning.

It’s symbolism is simple, direct, and bursting with energy. So if you’ve been hesitating about something, here’s a vibrant window of opportunity.

Venus and Mars join the Sun and Moon today, making a fiery group wherever they find themselves in your natal horoscope. And with Venus and Mars there, relationships are obviously highlighted now. Mars is in his home sign of Aries, and so the action principle is strong and straightforward. Even if your relationships are just fine and dandy, you can use this energy to channel imagination into new, creative projects. In particular, Venus and Mars favour music, art, sculpture and gardening.

If your relationships have been troublesome then now’s the time to give your love life some thought. It’s fiery out there, so some spats are to be expected. But Venus softens the edge of any angry exchanges, and you may be able to kiss and make up. If not, and if you’ve really thought deeply about it, then this could be the right time to make a break and start afresh. Single people could find the courage to look for a partner.  So, whatever’s on your list, why not make a start on something? You couldn’t wish for a more motivational new Moon than this springtime firecracker.

It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.’ – Seneca, Roman philosopher, 4BC – AD65  








Moon Diary: Full Moon in Libra, 27th March 2013

by Jane Lyle
We Can Work It Out

Libra is supposed to be about harmony and balance.

But this full Libran Moon (at 6-7 degrees) presides over a wildly imbalanced set of scales, and plugs us into a dynamic, powerful and dramatic phase for relationships, political alliances, friendships and even professional partnerships. Full Moons are about culmination, so expect all sorts of things to boil up and bubble over the next two weeks. Things that have been dragging on since last December can be resolved or thrown out now too.

A strong line-up of planets in Aries (Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus) oppose the Libran Moon. This group says ‘I am’ loud and clear, and promotes individual needs and desires. Since Venus is involved, charm softens these demands – but make no mistake. Demands is precisely what they are. If you’ve been finding it hard to stand up for yourself, now’s the time to put your foot down. If you’re naturally assertive you could go way too far, so try not to jump in feet first.

The rest of the cosmic picture is exceptionally complicated and volatile - not just for the days around this full Moon, but for the whole punchy early spring time period. There are two Fingers of Fate, otherwise known as the Finger of God, or a Yod. This aspect pattern looks like a sharp, Jack Frost-style finger and it brings together things, people, and situations that don’t naturally get along with each other. And yet, circumstances mean that they must make an effort to resolve differences and move forward.

There will be many discussions, rows, awkward conversations and infuriating written material around. Social media buzzes, internet stalkers and trolls get busy (both fateful fingers involve Jupiter in talkative Gemini). We know we need boundaries and rules, but we also know we need to make changes, transform old structures, and discover new ways of doing things. There are no simple answers, for this is an ongoing process – whether that means your relationships, your working life, or your country’s current situation. Harmony is the ideal, but there’s some way to go before it can be achieved.

Countries whose national charts are activated include a number of African nations, including South Africa, and several Eastern European countries. Both Venezuela and the Vatican City are energised by this full Moon’s important message.

If your birthday falls on the following dates, you’re at a crossroads and it’s time to work towards change:

ARIES: March 25th – April 1st

CANCER: June 27th – July 3rd

LIBRA: 29th September – 5th October

CAPRICORN: 28th December – 2nd January






Moon Diary:  New Moon in Pisces, 11th March 2013

by Jane Lyle
Mermaid Moon
A mysterious mermaid of a new Moon rises at 21 degrees of Pisces on 11th March. Like water, its subtle influence seeps into our consciousness, our hearts, and our dreams. There are no boundaries.

The Moon is close to Venus, highlighting feelings of love and compassion. At it’s most beautiful, this Moon symbolises universal love and bliss – the idea that we are all one, that arbitrary divisions, such as race or creed, simply dissolve at the level of the soul. Such a state of grace is beyond most of us, but we can at least pause to think about it. And there’s no better time than now. With a remarkable grouping of seven planets in Pisces, we’re flooded with soulful energies.

At a personal level, the Moon and Venus signify pleasure from caring for others, from art, music, and the beauties of the natural world. Since new Moons are a time to set intentions for the coming month, we can decide to find time to appreciate those we love, and look more closely at the world that surrounds us.



Intuitive feelings are strong today, and set an underlying theme for the next few weeks. Making time to listen to those feelings can be difficult, but you really don’t need to spend hours in meditation to discover what’s going on inside yourself. A regular short walk could be all it takes.


And while the focus of this Moon is on loving and caring for others, it’s important to remember to care for yourself too. The dark side of Pisces is that of the victim, the manipulative martyr, the mermaid who drowns her human lover in a deadly watery embrace.

If we can open up to this new Moon, it offers opportunities to connect with ourselves and others on many levels. Being in the right place, at the right time brings encounters with helpful people, new friends, or appreciative audiences. Tuning in to intuitive messages can help us move towards a more fulfilling way of life.

‘Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast, in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.’

Ovid, Roman poet (20th March, 43BC – AD17)







Moon Diary:  Full Moon in Virgo, 25th February 2013
By Jane Lyle

Snow Moon Rising
February’s full Moon, traditionally known as the Snow Moon, highlights healing and protective feelings towards those we love.

The Sun is in mystical Pisces, the Moon is at 7 degrees of practical Virgo and – in an ideal world at least – we can focus on each other’s needs, and on what boosts our own feelings of health, security, and well-being.

Needless to say, there are a few things to watch out for. Jupiter squares up to the Sun and Moon, bringing drama queens flouncing out of their hiding places and expanding any nagging inner insecurities. So on the one hand we become over-protective, and on the other we just can’t make up our minds – let alone make an emotional commitment, or decide what to have for lunch. Mercury backtracking to battle with Mars in Pisces doesn’t help much here either as old arguments return to haunt us. But Jupiter in Gemini is nothing if not witty and humorous – seeing the funny side might be one way to diffuse emotionally volatile situations. This should be a brilliant Moon for wits and wordsmiths too – a good time to impress people with a clever tweet, a thoughtful email or a classy speech. Just be aware that the truth may be a little bit bent out of shape - think twice before spreading gossip.

Chiron, the wise old centaur and mythical teacher and healer, sits with the Sun in Pisces. This double dose of healing energy will need focus, and could be uncomfortable for some of us – particularly if your natal horoscope is energised by this full Moon. Achingly sensitive feelings and memories can arise, as if from nowhere. With Jupiter around, this could manifest as allergies, problems with digestion, or fluid retention. The next couple of weeks could be a tough time to be on a diet. What we learn now is useful though, and can help us face up to what’s undermining us – whether that’s dodgy emotions or food sensitivities.

So expect a little chaos to reign, and remember to question your intuitive feelings too. They may not be as reliable as usual. And if you’re pushing your partner for a commitment, why not back off for a while? The inescapably romantic new Moon on 11th March might be a better time to try. Or, if you can bear it, wait for early May’s pleasing Taurean mix of sensuality and practicality. It may be wise to admit, even briefly, that love’s dream would benefit from a little testing. You know, just to see if it can go the distance.

Out in the wider world, this Moon highlights women’s role in spiritual matters, the legal profession, publishing, and agriculture. Floods and heavy rainfall are likely in the days around this date. 

‘If you want to be truly understood, you need to say everything three times, in three different ways. Once for each ear…. and once for the heart.’

Paula Underwood Spencer







Moon Diary:  New Moon in Aquarius, 10th February 2013
by Jane Lyle
F-R-I-E-N-D-S, Do you really need them? Yes

Powerful and contrary, this brand-new Aquarian Moon highlights what’s fresh, innovative, and challenging.

It also brings a kooky, restless and impulsive atmosphere that’s been building up for the past couple of weeks. It opens the Chinese Year of the Water Snake – said to be an excellent time for creativity and spiritual development.

As you probably know, a new Moon offers us the chance for beginnings each month. In Aquarius, this means that friendships, groups we belong to, and the bigger idea of humanity as a whole are all in focus. So at one level, this would be a great time for making plans to improve your social life, or to get more involved with innovative group projects either in your spare time, or at work. If you feel strongly about something, the energy of the new Moon invites you to do something about that – social injustice, ecological issues, neighbourhood campaigns or raising money for a charity could all become more important parts of life over the weeks ahead. And with the Sun and Moon linking with dwarf planet Ceres, the desire to nurture both the earth and our connections with others is strengthened. Toxic, draining friendships could flare up and come to an end now, or we take the decision to cut those ties and move on.

Take it easy though. This new Moon has an impulsive, reckless side. This is because it’s squaring up to the Moon’s nodes, and that means this is the peak of a Moon Wobble. Dynamic, true. But it’s also a phase when people are accident-prone, short-tempered, and likely to make hasty, ill-considered decisions. It’s time to think things through, and not rush into anything – looking at both sides of an argument is a tough trick to pull off, but Aquarius favours mental gymnastics.

The Moon Wobble effect has been building up since January, peaks now, and lingers until around the 22nd of February. If someone pushes your buttons, try your hardest to breathe deeply and count to ten. This advice may not work so well when it comes to large crowds – social unrest and even revolution is in the Aquarian air.

Events and thoughts that cropped up around the time of last November’s Scorpio eclipse could be important now too. The Moon activates 21 degrees of the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  If you have natal planets between 19 and 23 degrees of any of these signs, you can expect some interesting developments in your life. And if your birthday falls on any of the dates below, you’ll also be looking at changes – probably triggered by friends, or new connections you meet this year:

Taurus: 10th-14th May

Leo: 12th-16th August

Scorpio: 12th-16th November

Aquarius: 8th-12th February

Out in the wider world, we can expect wild weather and natural upheavals to grab headlines and attention this month. There is a focus on trade and the distribution of goods, services and humanitarian aid too. Countries whose national horoscopes are activated include Russia, Eire, the UK, USA, Czechoslovakia and the Ukraine.






Moon Diary: Full Moon in Leo, 27th January

by Jane Lyle

Spirit of the Beehive
Feisty and fabulous, the Leo full Moon rises at 7 degrees of Leo on 27th January. It closes a week of effervescent mental gymnastics, and lights up our thoughts about ourselves - and about the vast family of human beings to which we all belong.

Each full Moon symbolises a kind of completion, a moment when things may come to a head or a conclusion. Yet the Moon’s fluctuating nature means that any apparent endings must be seen in the light of a larger pattern. Much is written on water, rather than set in stone.

This Leo Moon symbolises our feelings about ourselves as individuals. It is opposite the Sun in Aquarius, which symbolises humanity as a whole. It’s time to think about how we relate to ourselves, and how we connect with, and contribute to, the big, bad world we live in. With the Moon making a flowing link with revolutionary Uranus I’d expect some of those thoughts to be quirky, unconventional, and original. Do we always have to do things the same way? Is conventional wisdom always right, or might we find new ways of relating to each other or creating fulfilling relationships and families? Current issues such as gay marriage, women’s role in the Christian Church, and the best way to help populations who are struggling with the effects of war and poverty are in focus beneath this Moon.

Jupiter, in talkative Gemini, links up with the Sun, Moon, and Uranus too. This expands everything from emotions to unexpected intuitions about more or less anything. Yes, the feeling is probably quite bonkers. For some of us, there’s sudden luck, coincidences, and welcome breakthroughs wrapped up inside this lovely lunar package too. If you have natal planets between 6 and 8 degrees of Aquarius, Gemini, Aries or Leo then why not open up and see what happens? Those with planets at the same degrees of Libra and Sagittarius could find that other people deliver surprises around now. 

The Moon rises amidst a beautiful star cluster in the constellation of Cancer. It is conjunct the star Praesepe, meaning ‘hive’, ‘manger’, or ‘crib’. The star cluster numbering more than forty stars, is generally called The Hive for it is a swarm of stars resembling celestial bees. In ancient times, this part of the sky was also known as The Gate of Man, and said to be the place where human souls descended into incarnation on Earth. The Chinese astrologers said these stars represented the spirits of the ancestors, and when the Moon was there, as it is now, it heralded strange psychic experiences. Perhaps, for sensitive souls, this could be a particularly good time to communicate with the spiritual realms. 






Moon Diary: New Moon, 21 degrees Capricorn, 11th January 2013
by Jane Lyle

Little by Little
January’s new Moon signals a time of beginnings for the new calendar year.

But to be effective, those beginnings need careful thought. Rushing into anything under this sensible, yet feisty new Moon, is unlikely to bring what you desire.

This, the first new Moon of 2013, says read the seed catalogue and look at the recipe book before you get out there and try to create something new. It links up with circumstances and decisions made in 2012, and asks us to look at the results of those decisions. Perhaps we weren’t even sure we were making a decision back then? Sometimes sitting on the fence is a decision, but it still has consequences.

Capricorn is a practical sign, hard-working and ambitious. It is also highly security-conscious. Currently, there are five planets in Capricorn – pushing security to the top of the current cosmic agenda. The Sun and new Moon link up with talkative Mercury, encouraging discussions about finances, job security, and commitments in relationships – both love, and working connections. These discussions are likely to be difficult and challenging. It’s important to make room for them though, because somewhere in there lie the seeds of new beginnings that will develop later on this year.

Restlessness and frustration surface with this new Moon too. Mainly, I suspect, these feelings link up with events and encounters last year. Eris, dwarf planet named for the goddess of discord, squares up to the Moon and invites us to question ourselves and our actions. Perhaps we chose a path that doesn’t seem to be leading towards what we expected or what we wanted? It’s time to dig a little deeper, and prepare to see what’s there. Communication is the key, beginning with the delicate links between emotions, intuition, and logical thought. It’s a good time to find out what you really think and feel, or see how you’ve limited yourself through fear, anxiety, or lack of focus. You’re not alone. This is also a positive time to talk with others, share experiences, and see things from different perspectives. Eventually, solid and inspiring long-term goals will emerge.

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