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This year, our fiery new Moon radiates extra wild centaur energy, courtesy of Jupiter. If you’re dreaming big dreams, or feeling powerful emotions, you can expect them to grow even bigger during the weeks ahead. If you tend to be extravagant, breathe in and out very slowly before you shop. It will be hard to keep to a budget while this Moon is in charge – particularly if it links with your natal chart, especially your Venus.

Travel plans, sport, legal matters, education, and making predictions are all favoured by this new Moon’s strength and forward-looking optimism. Further developments or even shake-ups to these plans emerge by March, 2016 when there’s a potent solar eclipse at 19 Pisces. Keeping things fluid, and keeping a door open somewhere in your thoughts is the way to make the best of this flexible phase. Sagittarius and Pisces are both highly intuitive signs, so tuning in to intuition now is one positive step towards travelling in the right direction – whether that’s a holiday, a course of study, or beginning a new relationship.

With Venus trine Neptune today as well, romance and shopping for beautiful things are emphasised. Art and music glow beneath this pairing too. Meanwhile, warrior Mars opposes eccentric, unpredictable Uranus – bringing surprises at best, shocks at worst. Certainly, instability is woven into the current atmosphere – another sign that we’d do well to centre ourselves before rushing around. Some Sagittarian sociability or Venusian gorgeousness could be just what we need to balance things out.

Finally, Sagittarius is a sporting sign – and I think this new Moon could mark yet another new chapter in the serpentine saga of corruption allegations surrounding FIFA.

FIFA’s ‘birthday’ is 21st May, 1904. Our lively new Moon shines brightly opposite Gemini Pluto, planet of relentless and slow transformations (and lord of the underworld) in FIFA’s chart. Hints of what’s yet to come should begin emerge in the next few weeks, for Sagittarius is also the sign of truthfulness. By the time of that powerful Pisces eclipse on 9th March, 2016, we’ll know even more than we know today. The eclipse at 19 degrees Pisces pairs up with this new Moon at 19 degrees of Sagittarius to keep on knocking at the door.

For anyone who enjoys synchronicity and coincidences – the very next day after the eclipse happens to be the birthday of Piscean Mr. Sepp Blatter, president of this beleaguered organisation. He was born on 10th March, 1936 and has his Sun at 19 degrees Pisces. Eclipses are said to be game-changers – what’s cooking up now promises just that. It should be a very interesting spring. 

Special Sun Sign birthdays for this important new Moon (and upcoming March eclipse) are:
Gemini: 8th – 10th June
Virgo: 10th – 12th September
Sagittarius: 9th – 11th December
Pisces: 8th – 10th March

If you have planets at 19 degrees of any of these signs, your own personal chart is activated now, and on into the spring of 2016.

Image: ‘Pallas and Centaur’ by Botticelli. via Wikiart.org. Public Domain.






Moon Diary - Let Me Entertain You: The Full Moon in Gemini, 25th November, 2015 by Jane Lyle

A chatty, entertaining Gemini full Moon lights up our nights every winter. It’s sociable, restless, and bursting with mental creativity.

This year, extra energy flows from Mars in airy Libra – bringing a volatile edge to conversations and social media shenanigans. Everyone’s in the mood to talk, but some of us could be a tad confrontational or tactless. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, is travelling through humorous Sagittarius, right opposite the full Moon. On the one hand this means playful fun and friendship, on the other – foot-in-mouth syndrome creates some ‘did I really say that?’ moments. Journeys may take you to unexpected places, or be disrupted in some way. It’s an interesting time to just wander about a bit and see what you can find. Gemini and Sagittarius enjoy spontaneous moments.

Saturn and Neptune have also been invited to this full Moon party. Old friends, memories, reunions, and older people in general are all in focus. It could be a positive time to talk to your parents, or think about what kind of routine emotional reactions and habits you’ve inherited from them. Are you turning into your Mum or Dad?  Is that a good thing or something you’d like to change? And while Saturn can be a bit restrictive, there’s an opportunity to embrace the ‘less is more’ philosophy of simplicity somewhere in your life. Financial markets may have to consider this philosophy too – now, and on into 2016. Neptune in Pisces longs to dissolve rigid structures, the Moon brings things to a head, and Saturn has the potential to help us get things in order over the next two weeks. Everything is possible if we just keep communicating – with others, and most importantly, with ourselves.

‘We write for the same reason that we walk, talk, climb mountains or swim the oceans - because we can. We have some impulse within us that makes us want to explain ourselves to other human beings. That's why we paint, that's why we dare to love someone - because we have the impulse to explain who we are.’
Maya Angelou

Image: Vintage circus performers, 1940’s-50’s. Public domain image via Retro-vintage-photography.blogspot.com







Moon Diary - Candlelight Moon: The New Moon in Scorpio, 11th November 2015 by Jane Lyle

This big-hearted new Moon rises at 19 degrees of emotional Scorpio. Scorpio sometimes seems to be all about secrets, sex, and vengeance – yet this intuitive sign is also stable, fixed, protective and mystical.

A new Moon here calls to our emotional depths, setting the tone for the November weeks ahead.

There’s a symphony of feelings – from raw emotion to gut feelings giving us guidance, and these qualities are boosted by a helpful link with expansive Jupiter in sensitive Virgo. So this new Moon favours quietly tuning in to your subconscious, your dreams, and any persistent gut feelings you may have noticed. It might also be useful to think about money, and our attitudes towards it. The house of Scorpio rules other people’s cash, resources, and support – do you need a new start in any of those areas? All sorts of possibilities can be revealed when you step off the whirling hamster wheel. Why not light a candle, relax, and discover what your mind is longing to tell you? 

Communications are similarly boosted, with chatty Mercury also in Scorpio. What’s written, sung, or spoken has power and intensity with added karmic bells on from the centaur Chiron. Maybe there’s something that’s needed saying for a long while, or information that’s been kept secret. What comes out into the open represents a fresh start for everyone involved. The combination of Moon, Jupiter and Mercury suggests a flood of information, communications, and emotions that have a powerful impact on the public – that’s us. It’ll be an irresistible time for some of us to open those flood-gates and let it all spill out.

This new Moon marks the annual Indian festival of Diwali, a festival of lights celebrating love and abundance. This year, the Moon favours happy family get-togethers, and strengthens our protective feelings towards those we love – relatives, lovers and friends. In the wider world it focuses on farming, agriculture, religion, the law, publishing, female leaders and women’s experiences in general. Traditionally, the combination of Moon and Jupiter suggests heavy rains and flooding – although this can work out in a more symbolic way as tides of emotion swell, seeking release and a new beginning this November. Happy Diwali!

How many miles to Babylon?
Three score and ten.
Can I get there by candle-light?
Yes, and back again.
If your heels are nimble and light,
You may get there by candle-light.

Traditional nursery rhyme


Image: Indian women lighting lamps at Diwali. Vintage postcard, public domain. Via Indian-heritage-and-culture-blogspot.com





Moon Diary - Halloween SuperMoon in Taurus, 27th October 2015 by Jane Lyle

The final supermoon of 2015 rises at 3 degrees of earthy Taurus, the Bull, on 27th October. It’s Halloween season too, so this full Moon brings a little lunar magic to the celebrations – and although waning, should still be looking large and luminous by Saturday when it enters deeply emotional, psychic Cancer.


Ethereal and ghostly themes glow beneath this Moon, for both Sun in spooky Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus are linked with Neptune, planet of dreams and spirits. This haunting atmosphere continues to build up towards the weekend when the Sun makes an exact connection with misty Neptune. It’s a very fertile time for psychic experiences, vivid dreams, and supernatural tales of lost love and wandering spectres. These days are a beautiful time to listen to music, sing, or have a dreamy, candlelit bath.

Yet Moon in Taurus is also earthy, practical and protective. It favours established friendships and relationships, home and family, warmth, comfort, and delicious food. Every full Moon represents a point of culmination in a cycle, but here in Taurus the feeling is about protecting what we have, rather than going after something new. Both Scorpio, where the Sun is now, and Taurus are fixed signs. They like to protect and conserve, keeping things stable whenever possible. If you need to do something practical then this Moon favours physical clearing – cupboards, gardens, bookshelves or cellars.

As you probably know by now, any supermoon has a potent reputation for stirring up our weather, creating extra-high tides, and marking a week or so when dramatic earthquakes, eruptions and storms are more likely to occur. Emotional storms and eruptions are more likely too, particularly in situations where things have been simmering for a while. So it’d be a good idea to focus on this full Moon’s protective, stabilising qualities, and enjoy the imaginative, spiritual atmosphere it promotes. And Happy Halloween!





Moon Diary - New Moon in Libra, 13th October 2015 by Jane Lyle

This new Moon in Libra is about seeking balance in unconventional ways during the month ahead.

Relationships of every kind can fall into unhelpful patterns, or stagger beneath the burden of expectations and conventional thought.

But this new Moon encourages us to shake things up a bit, find new ways of relating, or learn how to travel lightly through the thorny thickets of human connections.

The thing is, we all need other people – and sometimes we have to find ways of working with annoying individuals, living next door to people we dislike, or being pleasant to our partner’s incredibly irritating old friend. And that’s before we negotiate romance, friendship, and the minefield of family relationships in our lives.

This new Moon, plus the Sun in Libra are shaken up by mad, eccentric Uranus. Uranus doesn’t care about convention. Uranus never watches Disney films, or believes in the perfect roses-round-the-door fairy-tales of human love we’re all supposed to live up to. Uranus knows that there are infinite ways to relate to each other, and endless possibilities for an honest, fulfilling emotional life that are far from stereotypical.

It’s time to cut loose, look at things in a new way, and find our own individual paths to happiness, family routines, friendship and teamwork. The new Moon is here to tell us that there’s more than one way to find that all-important Libran balance and fit that square peg into a round hole. Follow your heart.

Illustration by Pearson Scott Foresman, via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain





Moon Diary - Blood Moon Rising: The Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, 27-28th September, 2015 by Jane Lyle

Watch the skies! The total eclipse of a huge Supermoon doesn’t happen every year. The last one was over thirty years ago, in 1982. With clear skies, we’ll see the full Moon turning a rusty, blood red.

Image: Christopher Columbus ‘predicts’ a lunar eclipse, Jamaica, 1504. Image via Wikimedia Commons Public Domain.

It’s visible from Europe, North and South America, Africa, and West Asia. For many of us, it promises to be a spectacular sight.

Turbulent Supermoons and the Total Lunar Eclipse
So what is a Supermoon? Brilliant astrologer Richard Nolle coined this term more than thirty years ago. It describes the new or full Moon at perigee, or closest approach to the Earth in its monthly cycle. A big, bold Supermoon can appear to be 30% brighter and 14% larger than usual.

Nolle’s extensive research suggests that its effects on Earth extend for a few days either side. This month, that’s between 25th September and 4th October. Effects include storms, exceptional rainfall, high tides, volcanic activity and earthquakes. Sensitive animals and human beings can also experience the physical, mental, or emotional equivalent of these storms on Earth. Upheavals all round, basically.

On his website, Richard Nolle states:

‘September 2015 will be one of the geophysically most turbulent months in all of 2015.’


A lunar eclipse happens at full Moon, when the Earth, Sun, and Moon align with the Earth in between Sun and Moon. The encroaching darkness across the Moon’s bright face is the Earth’s shadow crossing the Moon, which is behind the Earth. Atmospheric dust causes the Moon to turn red or rusty brown or even dark yellow during an eclipse. This particular eclipse is the last in a series of four total lunar eclipses we’ve seen recently. Their more glamorous, spooky name is The Tetrad of Blood Moons. Werewolves, zombies, and vampires probably prefer this description. And while an eclipsed Supermoon is a rare, unsettling, and dramatic event it doesn’t portend the end of the world. These highly-charged eclipses also happened in 1910, 1928, 1946, 1964, and 1982. For more astronomical information:



What’s the astrological message?
This total lunar eclipse is in fiery Aries, the Ram. Aries is hot headed, passionate, impulsive and often child-like – the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries-ruled areas include the military, surgeons, sportsmen and women, fevers and sudden infections, angry flare-ups, and heroic deeds. Aries, ruled by Mars, says ‘action speaks louder than words’, and ‘put your money where your mouth is.’ That’s the kind of emotional energy this eclipse highlights out in our world, and in your personal chart if you have planets close to 4 degrees of Aries or Libra – and to a lesser extent, Cancer or Capricorn.

Sensible Saturn supports both the eclipse Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, symbolising the possibility of wise advice, realistic limitations, and practical boundaries – all of which will be needed (if not always heeded) at this intensely volatile time. A lunar eclipse is a full Moon, and represents culmination and sometimes the end of a whole chapter or era in life. It offers us the chance of releasing emotions, or letting go outworn routines or habits. This one is about tough love, fierce peace, sweaty saunas and the odd primal scream. Since this potent eclipse is also aligned with the Dragon’s Tail, or south nodes of the Moon, it brings situations involving cause and effect to our attention. In other words, karma – instant or otherwise – is knocking on the door. Alliances and friendships are highlighted – who helps you? What do you offer in return?

Warrior planet Mars rules this eclipse. Currently, feisty Mars is squaring up to cautious Saturn – meaning frustrations over restrictions, limitations and rules could boil over. Traditionally, this is an accident-prone aspect because of the blocked or frustrated energy pattern it symbolises. Overcome the angry feelings, though, and Saturn and Mars can achieve a great deal of hard work together. Our angry feelings will, I believe, seek an outlet during the days leading up to and following this eclipse. Release, not repression, is the answer – but challenging to achieve. Yes indeed.


The Lunar Eclipse and You
This eclipse is especially important if your birthday falls between September 27th – 29th, or March 24th –26th in any year. Planets in your personal horoscope at around 4 degrees of Aries or Libra are energised. If this is you, clues may be found in events, and inner or outer turning points that occurred around September 27th, 1996 and September 27th, 1977. Obviously, they’d have to be massively important for you to recall them after all this time. Or maybe you were born then. Eclipses at 4 degrees of Aries happened on those dates anyway.

Famous Librans whose horoscopes – and birthdays - are vitalised by this eclipse include:
Gwyneth Paltrow, April Lavigne (27th); Mira Sorvino, Brigitte Bardot (28th); and Silvio Berlusconi (29th).
Famous Aries whose horoscopes – and year ahead – is energised by this eclipse include:
Elton John and Aretha Franklin (25th), and Keira Knightley (26th).

Once again, the foundation horoscope for the European Union is activated, as it was this spring by the Pisces eclipse. This time, the eclipse sensitises the Aries Sun – representing leaders, power, identity, and the vitality of the Union itself. In this chart (Treaty of Rome, 25th March, 1957), the Sun rules the 11th house of shared projects and endeavours. Something needs to be released or let go, according to the meaning of this eclipse. It looks like it will be something shared – something fundamental to the European Union’s idea of itself and its aims - but there will be further upheavals before this change can be achieved. 







Moon Diary - Juggler’s Moon: New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo, 13th September 2015 by Jane Lyle

With a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, a juggler of a new Moon rises at 20 degrees of earthy Virgo, the harvest maiden goddess.

It’s a partial solar eclipse, visible from Antarctica, parts of South Africa, and Madagascar.

A solar eclipse is an extra-potent new Moon. Seed time, beginnings, and thinking about fresh starts in general are favoured. In Virgo, making lists of tasks and goals could be irresistible, but where to begin? That’s where the juggling comes in, for a mixture of influences and messages prevails beneath this eclipse. It would be wise to avoid hard-and-fast decisions between 10th and 16th September, since circumstances are liable to change. A project may be ‘eclipsed’, and not develop in the way you want it to. Communications and information could also be confusing, or not fully revealed around this time, so that plans have to be adjusted or scrapped later on. Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are all currently rewinding, meaning that past events and decisions underpin current situations, but we may not yet know all the details or exactly how the past is affecting the present and future. Intuition may feel stronger than usual, yet slippery and uncertain. Clarity comes later, we must all take baby steps for now.

Mercury rules Virgo, and is the ruler of this eclipse. Mercury in Virgo favours focusing on orderly systems, calm spaces, healthy routines, and precise information in precise language. Any new starts in those areas – clearing out junk – from junk food, to shabby old coats for instance, are positively energised this month. A link with asteroid Chiron, teacher and healer, strengthens that message too – it’s a catalyst for anything to do with helping others, and remembering to make time for ourselves too. Service to others must not be turned into damaging sacrifice. The potential for tension between order and swirling chaos is very high now, and during the months ahead.

This eclipse aligns with a potent fixed star, Denebola, in the constellation of Leo. Denebola’s meanings are complicated, for it promises success yet warns of regret, separations, and disgrace. Perhaps it is really warning us against rampant ego-mania and narcissism – the harder they come, the harder they fall. Certainly, Denebola underlines the need for wiggle room, subtlety, and those Virgoan virtues of modesty and discrimination at this time, and on into the months that follow. Quiet, self-effacing heroes win; big, shouty king-of-the-castle types fall flat on their faces.

In traditional astrology Denebola is also associated with natural disasters, wild storms, and accidents at sea. Many astrologers also associate eclipses with dramatic changes in weather, and with upheavals caused by storms, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions.

This eclipse is particularly meaningful for you if you have the Sun, Moon, ascendant or midheaven at 19- 20 degrees Virgo or Pisces.

Special birthdays are: 13th – 14th September, and 10th – 11th March.

If there are planets in your horoscope at these degrees of Virgo and Pisces, they are also activated. The meaning of this eclipse for you can be explored in detail by a professional astrologer.

Celebrity birthdays vitalised by this eclipse include Virgos Stella McCartney and Shane Warne (both 13th September), and Pisceans Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, Sharon Stone (both 10th March), and Rupert Murdoch (11th March).

Image: ‘Juggler of Universes’, J. J. Grandville, from ‘Un Autre Monde’(1844). Image via Wikimedia Commons






Moon Diary - Wild Swimming: Full Moon in Pisces, 29th August 2015 by Jane Lyle

An emotional high tide rises with the full Moon at 6 degrees of watery Pisces.

Each full Moon represents a peak, a point of culmination and release. In Pisces, this means powerful feelings and spiritual yearnings seek an outlet – through helping others, or helping yourself by resting, meditating, or allowing yourself to feel sad if you’re grieving for something or someone who’s gone.

The intuitive, dreamy themes of Pisces are magnified by Neptune in his home sign, Pisces, and Jupiter, now in Virgo. This swirling gas bubble of elusive energy makes boundaries appear to dissolve in a sea of love, or alternatively, a sea of absolute confusion.

Both mystical Neptune and expansive Jupiter rule the sign Pisces, and both now aspect the Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, and each other. Themes of sacrifice and service to others are prominent, but these will be hard to define as the sea mist rolls in and nothing is quite what it seems. Who is the victim? Who is the saviour? Misplaced helpfulness or a tendency to be hoodwinked by someone playing with our emotions can lead to disappointment.

Celebrating something fantastical, musical, or magical is one pleasurable way to flow with this full Moon’s iridescent energies. Neptune rules the world of illusion – including photography, film, and fabulous fakery, such as costume jewellery. Anchoring ourselves in Virgo’s love of detail, routine, and working behind the scenes in the theatre of dreams is another possibility, using practicality and order to offset the creative chaos. Artificially blurring boundaries or numbing emotions with alcohol, drugs, lies or deceptions will be tempting for some of us – but, obviously, not a good plan. There’s enough pixie dust around as it is.

Everything seems to swell up beneath this full Moon. Events involving and affecting masses of people are highlighted, with collective emotions demanding an outlet or release. News could feature floods, high tides, drugs, oil, and legal or medical scandals. It’s a time of heightened intuition, and a longing for something beyond the material world – whether that’s love, mystical experiences, or shared ideals. These themes resonate throughout September, as Jupiter and Neptune continue to oppose each other.


‘Thus shall you think of all this fleeting world:

A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream;

A flash of lightening in a summer cloud,

A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.’

Gautama Buddha, The Diamond Sutra


Image: “The Crown Returns to the Queen of the Fishes” by H. J. Ford, from Andrew Lang’s The Orange Fairy Book (1906). Image via Wikimedia Commons public domain.






Moon Diary - Heart and Soul: New Moon in Leo, 14th August, 2015 by Jane Lyle

The August new Moon rises at 21 degrees of Leo, the Lion. It symbolises the heart-felt energies of love, individuality, and creativity – and would be a positive time to begin artistic projects or romantic adventures.

Added excitement and panache flow, thanks to the Moon’s link with electrifying Uranus. This brings unusual emotions, experiences, and inspiration to the fore.  And with Uranus currently rewinding in Aries, these spring from the past, so may include buried memories, long-lost friends, or signal surprises about family history, parents, and ancestors.

With Venus, also in Leo, backtracking as well the chances of strange coincidences and meetings connected to our past are heightened now, and during the month ahead. Unearthing treasures in unusual locations, or discovering a new way to earn money are also highlighted.

It’s not a stable time, but it is an exciting one filled with creative potential and the loving energy of fiery Leo. Open your heart.

A Birthday, by Christina Rossetti
My heart is like a singing bird
Whose nest is in a water'd shoot;
My heart is like an apple-tree
Whose boughs are bent with thickset fruit;
My heart is like a rainbow shell
That paddles in a halcyon sea;
My heart is gladder than all these
Because my love is come to me.
Raise me a dais of silk and down;
Hang it with vair and purple dyes;
Carve it in doves and pomegranates,
And peacocks with a hundred eyes;
Work it in gold and silver grapes,
In leaves and silver fleurs-de-lys;
Because the birthday of my life
Is come, my love is come to me.





Moon Diary - Blue Moon: Full Moon in Aquarius, 31st July 2015 by Jane Lyle

July’s Blue Moon rises in airy Aquarius, fixed sign of rational thought, innovation, and humanitarian actions.

Aquarius is about the whole of humanity – a sense that we’re all linked together, and that we share a vast pool of unconscious awareness. When the Moon is full in Aquarius the Sun is in Leo, sign of the heart, and of the individual spirit. When Leo’s warmth and energy is combined with those brilliant Aquarian ideas and ideals something wonderful can be achieved. It’s something to strive for.

This full Moon makes no major aspects with any of the traditional planets. It is free and clear, making it a useful time for mental house-cleaning, meditation, psychic development exercises, and creative thinking. Asteroid Diana, the wild woodland Moon goddess of Roman myth, opposes the Moon. She strengthens the idea of independence that both Leo and Aquarius value so highly, and adds an elusive twist to the atmosphere. Diana is a huntress, protector of creatures, and goddess of forests and wild mountainsides. Sometimes she is a goddess of witches too. Diana prizes her freedom, Aquarius believes – at the highest level – in freedom for all mankind. Some of our thoughts and half-remembered dreams will be well worth hunting down beneath the light of this thoughtful Moon, and during the next two weeks that follow it.  After all, the most amazing inspirations tend to come along only ‘once in a blue Moon’. 

Diana, Moon goddess. Image via Wikimedia Public Domain





Moon Diary - Water World: New Moon in Cancer, 16th July 2015 by Jane Lyle

Every new Moon represents a fresh start. In watery Cancer, we’re focused on our security and our roots – so what might that mean to you?


It’s an eccentric, unconventional new Moon this July, inviting us to mull over what home, family, and safety really mean to us now. Feelings rule this lunar month, they are strong and sometimes well up from somewhere deep and mysterious. The result is likely to be unsettling at first, yet ultimately creative and fertile. There’s a difficult atmosphere around this week, as warrior Mars in Cancer challenges the lord of the underworld, Pluto – secret forces do battle, strong passions erupt, and what happened in the spring can’t be ignored. I hope this new Moon can help us find creative ways to channel tension and use instinct and intuition in a positive way.

Cancer is a dynamic sign, so a new Moon in Cancer can stimulate our ambitions and desire to make our dreams come true. Wild ideas and unlikely projects swim into focus now, so if you’re creative in any way your imagination could surprise you.  Questioning conventional wisdom about relationships, family life, and home offers some startling insights, thanks to a gritty aspect to electrifying Uranus. With this new Moon we can see that there are all sorts of possibilities – all sorts of families, and all sorts of places people can call home. A ‘nuclear family’ in a home built of bricks and mortar is not the only option.

A tussle between the desire for security and the urge to run away with the circus is never going to be comfortable. But discovering something new can be very healing, or act as a catalyst for fresh new developments over the next four weeks. A lovely, flowing link with asteroid Chiron in Pisces offers calm after the inevitable storm, while another to Saturn in Scorpio favours emotional stability, and the courage to face up to the past and understand how it has shaped the present day. And with all three water signs involved, how we really feel about that.

‘We thought we were running away from the grownups, and now we are the grownups.’ – Margaret Atwood


Image via freevintageposters.com






Moon Diary - The power of dreams: Full Moon in Capricorn, 2nd July, 2015 by Jane Lyle

The first full Moon of July rises at 9 degrees of Capricorn, the fish-tailed goat. Traditionally this is a money moon, focussing on cash, security, and practicality.

It highlights both our ambitions, and our ancestors – the Sun is in silvery Cancer, sign of home, mothers and motherlands, roots firmly anchored in the deep mud of the pond. Capricorn, sign of this full Moon, leaves the pool, and climbs up the mountain, heading for the top.

This full Moon links with mystical Neptune – it’s a swirling picture showing us magical ideals all mixed up with bewitching illusions or even self-sacrifice. At it’s best, this partnership brings intuitive insights and spiritual grace. Lurking in the shadows is the possibility of scandal, scams, and misplaced ideals. With that down-to-earth Capricorn vibration, this would be a good time to review your aims and ambitions, finances, and maybe the year so far. How’s it going for you? A mix of intuition and practicality could really vitalise any planning you need to do. Plus, as every full Moon tends to bring things to a head, it could be a positive time to decide what you need to keep, and what you need to shed on your journey up that symbolic Capricorn rock-face.

The new Moon will rise in emotional Cancer on the 16th, marking a moment for new beginnings. So the next two weeks are a time to prepare for those fresh starts, particularly if you’re looking for a home, a job, or more security in your life.


‘Oh,, desert wind and swirling sand, mirage of trees in summer! Let me know what is real and not real. Let me see what it is that I have made. Let me see in the mud upon the banks the bricks that will become the houses of cities. Do not let me become stupid and forget the first time I saw a white ram by the river, drinking. He was the substance of my own thirsty soul. I drank and my mind was made fresh.’

‘Awakening Osiris : The Egyptian Book of the Dead’ –  translation by Normandi Ellis (1988)

Image: 'Capricorn' street art, via Wikimedia Commons public domain.






Moon Diary: New Moon in Gemini, 18th June, 2015 by Jane Lyle

The universe is transformation; our life is what our thoughts make it.


‘Meditations’, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180)

Crackerjack energies burst forth at this new Moon. They find their way into lively arguments, protests, and hot emotional words. The Moon lines up with both Sun and Mars, suggesting conflict between men and women or inner battles between intuition and the urge to get things said or done quickly. With all this chattering away in Gemini, there could be a focus on social media, demonstrations, or even a riotous war of words capturing our attention in the next four weeks.

Certainly, if you have something to communicate then it will be hard not to talk, write, tweet, or shout out your opinions. Travel and education are also highlighted by this shot of Gemini power – debates and arguments about these topics are just waiting to erupt. What’s been festering away since April could also take a new turn during the month ahead – something ends, a journey is finished, and something new must be discussed with care and finesse.

The Moon rises amidst the mystical stars of Orion. To the Greeks, Orion was a mighty hunter, to the ancient Egyptians these stars signified Osiris, the great god who died, and was reborn thanks to all-powerful goddess of life, Isis, his sister and his wife. Positive, life-affirming Betelgeuse is close to this new Moon, suggesting that some of the upheavals it represents may improve our lives eventually. However, I would still advise taking care with what we write and what we say to each other during the coming weeks.

The Kessler Twins. Image via Wikimedia Commons





Moon Diary: Full Moon in Sagittarius, 2nd June 2015 by Jane Lyle

June’s fiery full Moon rises at 11 degrees of philosophical Sagittarius, the Archer. It shines on education, travel, spiritual matters and sport – bringing things out of the shadows, or pushing for the end of a phase in one or other of these areas.


Sagittarius is a truth-seeker, and both an optimist and a pessimist. This full Moon wants us to think and communicate, but allowing our thoughts to shift and change will work better than trying to nail anything down just yet. The Moon links with misty Neptune and impulsive Mars, so intuition and instincts will have a strong influence over what we say and what we do during the next two weeks.

Imagination and ideals can be used positively now to dream up changes, visualise possibilities, and find creative ways to channel sensitivity. Tender emotions blossom with the Moon and Neptune in two very caring, empathetic signs – so being kind to others, and to yourself, is one very helpful way to work with this full Moon. Mars in Gemini, meanwhile, is all about actions and desires expressed through words.

Watch out for emotional tirades, heated arguments, and allowing feelings to blur the facts. It could be hard to think straight, and easy to play ‘blame the victim’, particularly if that ‘victim’ is a woman. Yet this supple and even visionary full Moon also energises our imaginations, so this can be a most fertile, creative time too. Although, it must be said, not a particularly practical one.

We are the music-makers
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world forever, it seems.

-Arthur O’Shaughnessy (1844-1881)





Moon Diary Medusa’s Moon: New Moon in Taurus, 18th May 2015 by Jane Lyle

May’s new Moon in Taurus, the Bull, rises at 26 degrees of this earthy sign.

It must be marked ‘handle with care’ since it aligns with the intense fixed star Algol, in the constellation of Perseus. Algol represents the severed head of snake-haired Medusa, the Gorgon who was beheaded by Perseus. Her malevolent gaze could turn human beings into stone. Yet when drops of her blood splashed into the ocean below, Medusa became the mother of beautiful Pegasus, the winged white horse of myth.

So somewhere in the legend of this baleful star there’s some fierce creativity to be found. Maybe that’s why Italian designer Versace chose her as a symbol for his couture label.
The dark side of Algol, however, has the inkiest and most terrifying reputation of all the fixed stars. Algol is actually a binary star, meaning that there are two stars – one eclipses the other every 2.86 days. To ancient astronomer-astrologers, this looked as if Algol was blinking – and when she went dark, her reputation for symbolising poisonous deeds and disasters was thought to be particularly intense, vengeful and destructive.

Chinese astrologers named the star ‘Piled up Corpses’. Arabic astrologers named it Ras-al-Ghul, the Head of the Demon. Jewish astrologers linked the star with Lilith, first wife of Adam, first man of biblical legend whose second wife, Eve, would also turn out to have her own ideas.  Lilith refused to submit to Adam’s demands (especially in bed), and was banished, becoming a furious, powerful female demon who symbolises the raw power of female sexuality. Yes, really there’s no escaping the potency of this star’s rather extreme reputation.

The new Moon vitalises Algol, for good or ill. Passion rises – and if that passion can find a positive, creative outlet then great things can be achieved or begun in the coming weeks. If that passion is blocked or thwarted, then we will see the frightening face of Medusa, a stone-cold killer.

As I’ve written in the Cosmic Weather for May:
"This is a strong new Moon in Taurus, for the fixed star Algol has a complex, sometimes very sinister, violent reputation. On the positive side, Algol represents intense creative power, feminine passion, and the unstoppable, dramatic forces of life, and nature herself. Natural energies can, of course, be destructive too – volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes and extreme weather for example. Tread carefully."

In her book ‘Star and Planet Combinations’ astrologer Bernadette Brady associates Algol with the following world cities:
Ankara, Turkey; Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; Beijing, China; Naples and Rome, Italy; Sofia, Bulgaria and latitudes between 39 to 43 degrees north. Algol passes directly over these locations every day.’

Image: ’The Moon on Water’, from The Wildwood Tarot, Eddison Sadd Editions.






The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Full Moon in Scorpio, 4th May, 2015 by Jane Lyle

There’s always something smouldering about a Scorpio full Moon...

Intuitive, passionate and intense, May’s full Moon rises at 13 degrees of Scorpio. This year both emotions and psychic senses are heightened by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, and expanded in a push-me-pull-you way by Jupiter. It’s a powerful, gothic romance of a full Moon, bringing out deep feelings – from erotic ecstasy, to insistent gut feelings that c lead to inner revelations.

This full Moon favours detectives of every kind. It brings things to a head if you’re hunting for something, engaged in research, or simply trying to figure out your own subconscious motivations. The link with Pluto intensifies everything, and can also indicate a strong desire to purify or transform your home, your body, or your emotional life. Every full Moon represents a helpful time to clear things out, but this particular one is especially potent if you want to free yourself from things that are holding you back emotionally and creatively.

Relationships with women are also highlighted now. These include your mother, or other important women in your world. You may be able to see such a relationship in a new light, or express feelings that have been suppressed. This works even if the woman in question is no longer in your life, but remains a powerful figure in your inner world. Could she still be influencing your beliefs, motivations, or ability to act in your own best interests?

Remember this is a Scorpio Moon, and watch out for extremes of anything – if you go too far, or become too obsessive, you won’t get the results you desire. So stand back from the bubbling cauldron, and focus on harmony, peace, and the pink candles of love instead. Traditionally, magic spells worked beneath a Scorpio full Moon are destined to backfire. The same warnings apply to emotional manipulations, revenge fantasies, and losing your cool. Respect the magical beauty of this full Moon, and tread lightly. 


Image: 16th century woodcut by Hendrik Goltzius 



Warrior of Love: New Moon in Aries, 18th April 2015 by Jane Lyle

‘Emotion is the chief source of all becoming-conscious. There can be no transforming of light and of apathy into movement without emotion.’


Carl Jung, ‘Psychological Aspects of the Modern Archetype’

A new Aries Moon is an energetic activity centre. It favours action, beginnings, bold plans and everything that’s fresh and new. This one rises at 28 degrees of Aries, so just a couple of hours later the Moon enters earthy Taurus. There’s a bridge between spontaneous action and bubbling optimism, and the practicality – and patience – needed to move things along in the direction you most desire.

It’s a good time to clear away the previous season, one way or another. Whether this means spring-cleaning, or something more subtle and emotional, you can free yourself from what’s passed its sell-by date and see what might come to flourish in the space you’ve made. With focus and attention, a brand-new atmosphere in your home, and in your heart, can be successfully created now.

The Moon makes no classical aspects, but flows in a trine with the asteroid goddess Pallas Athene. Pallas represents strategy, wisdom, intellect and emotional intelligence. She’s a warrior and a thinker, combining beautifully with a feisty, determined Aries Moon, and supporting the baby Taurus Moon that arrives two hours later. Spontaneous outbursts can be filtered through the more measured perceptions of Pallas. Well, we can always hope so anyway. If you need to fight for your rights, your ideas, or your emotional well-being, then this would be a positive influence for your campaign.

Image: Minerva/Pallas Athene via Wikimedia Commons Public Domain





Sweet and Sour: Total lunar eclipse in Libra, 4th April, 2015 by Jane Lyle

It’s the shortest lunar eclipse of the century, and the penultimate ‘Blood Moon’ of a rare series of four total lunar eclipses that began last year.


This eclipse in Libra will be visible across the Pacific, in East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and North and South America. Traditionally, these locations are likely to be more sensitive. Wild weather and natural upheavals are more likely. So, what might it mean for us down here on earth?

A full Moon in Libra highlights our relationships, partnerships, and connections with rivals, adversaries, and enemies. The power of an eclipse super-charges this theme – and opens us up to the idea of change in those areas. With an eclipse, changes sometimes appear out of the blue – but if you look carefully, you’ll probably be able to see how tension has been building underneath the surface. This eclipse is real shot of espresso, strong and bitter, yet sweet and intense. For some of us it links back to decisions and events around the time of the October 2014 lunar eclipse in Aries. Things come to a head, or a chapter comes to a close this April and May.

More specifically, the eclipse energises the revolutionary energies of electrical Uranus, and the darker, more power-hungry yet transformative energies of underworld Pluto. Themes familiar over the past three or four years are vitalised – the power struggles, moves for freedom of self-expression, moves to squash or destroy self-expression, serious questions about our resources, secret agendas, and riots. This potent pattern can revitalise too – a storm rages, but the air is fresh and clear once the rains stop.

If changes emerge over the next couple of months, don’t resist them. Trying to hold on tight to something now is futile, it’s better to be flexible and adopt a wait-and-see approach. Somewhere, Libra always strives for balance – but those scales will be bouncing around all over the place before harmony can be found. There are bound to be some eruptions, floods, purges and extreme cleaning episodes first. Watch out for dangerous combinations of water and electricity – literally, or symbolically in the form of powerful emotions and obsessive ideas. Ultimately, Pluto promises buried treasure as a reward for all these trials – perhaps this is good news for researchers and archaeologists?

Jupiter in Leo offers a way to release some of this tension. It makes a helpful link with both the Sun and Moon – suggesting that positive outlets include education and knowledge, a broad mind, a sense of connection with the whole world, and above all a sense of wonder and adventure. The fixed star, Alpheratz, aligns with the Sun at this eclipse – another symbolic message of freedom and breaking free. This star is now said to be part of Andromeda, the Chained Princess, but was once part of the constellation Pegasus, the Winged Horse. Either way, the imprisoned woman is freed in the legend, and the winged horse soars above us to the stars.

Eclipse Effects

This eclipse signals a meaningful turning point for you and your professional and personal relationships if you have planets (particularly the Sun and Moon) at 14 - 17 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn in your natal chart. Don’t forget your rivals, those awful neighbours, or enemies.

Special birthdays are:
Aries: 3 – 7 April
Cancer: 4 – 9 July
Libra: 7 – 10 October
Capricorn: 4 – 8 January

This is a significant eclipse for the USA – 4th July, 1776, sensitising it’s Sun in Cancer, and Saturn in Libra. Questions and issues about law, government, leadership, and founding principles are highlighted. For Libran China (1st October, 1949) the eclipse falls on Neptune – suggesting a focus on boundaries, gas, oil, medicine and drugs, and perhaps a scandal. Events involving masses of people are also indicated – the Moon’s nodes are at 16 Aries and Libra.

It’s also another important eclipse for the UK, for Prime Minister David Cameron with his Libran birthday on 9th October 1966, and for the British Royal Family whose natal horoscopes are rich in planets in the currently sensitive mid-degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Other famous names at an inner or outer turning point are cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Simon Cowell, and Vladimir Putin.





Wild Horses: Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces, 20th March, 2015 by Jane Lyle

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, ‘The Little Prince’

The first solar eclipse of 2015 takes place at the magical, fateful degree of 29 Pisces, just hours before the Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries and the zodiac year begins.

Both the Aries Sun and the new Moon mark new beginnings – it’s a doubly potent time indeed. The eclipse will be partially visible in Europe, north and east Asia, and north and west Africa. Traditional astrology says that these locations will feel the effects of the eclipse more intensely than other places on Earth. These effects begin to kick in about two weeks beforehand, during the first week of March. The dramatic, backlit black Sun total eclipse can be seen from the beautiful Faroe Islands, near Iceland. All at Sea? What might this eclipse bring?

I think this eclipse will have far-reaching effects, as it’s vibrations roll out through 2015. On an emotional level, it’s a game-changer – like all eclipses. In Pisces, it’s about soulful love, boundary-less romance, fantasy and sacrifice. Damaging choices in love, friendship, or even spiritual delusions are made clear too, for this eclipse is at the final degree of Pisces – a place where we can look back, see patterns, and find clarity before moving forwards. So-called ‘Twin Flames’ can burn you in less than blissful ways, while ‘soul mates’ can initiate some spiky learning curves. At the final degree of Pisces, it’s a good time to wrap things up and prepare for the glorious rites of spring and a love that’s about joy, not drenched in inappropriate sacrifice, loss, and delusion. And releasing old patterns is similarly emphasised by the Dragon’s Tail, or south nodes of the Moon – any eclipse, including this one, linking with this point speaks of cause and effect, karma, and the past.

A complicated fixed star called Scheat (I know) aligns with the eclipse. It’s in the constellation of Pegasus, exquisite winged horse of Greek myth. Pegasus was born from a gruesome union between Medusa’s blood, which dripped into the ocean, joining with Poseidon (Neptune), lord of the seas. Scheat is associated with chaos, accidents and disasters at sea, and those associated with falls from a great height – such as plane crashes. For example, Scheat was aligned with the Moon when the Titanic sank in 1912, while the chart for the doomed ship’s launch showed Scheat aligned with Mars. It was also prominent in the astrology for the Fukushima disaster in March, 2011. Yet, when positive, it signifies original thinking, creative ways of rising above difficulties, and unusual talent.

The eclipse energises the midpoint of warrior Mars and dreamy, mystical Neptune – another sea god - too. Astrological Neptune rules Pisces, sign of this eclipse, while Mars is currently in Aries, sign of the imminent Spring Equinox.  It’s an interesting combination, suggesting feisty spirits, poltergeists, those who fight for their faith or ideals, and those who create magical illusions, sizzling scandals, and misty deceptions. Any of these could appear in our lives, in the news, or in our dreams. Again, we’re warned about falling for tricksters, or the silky wiles of conmen and women. And with all this magical symbolism around, if we can resist the fairies’ tricks or solve their fiendish riddles we’ll be on the way to gaining fabulous treasure of the enchanted kind.

Out in the World : The Eclipse and the Eurozone

It’s really no surprise that this eclipse marks a pivotal moment for both the European Union, and the Euro currency itself. If the Euro were a human being, it would be asking ‘how do people see me?’, and wondering about its partnerships and longstanding associations. Similarly, the European Union itself would be questioning it’s own health and well-being, it’s secrets, and wondering about love, money, sacrifice and loss. These are ongoing, critical issues affecting all of us, and stirring up mass responses – particularly in late June, and from September through to November when the eclipse point is stimulated again by both assertive Mars, and the Moon’s nodes – symbolising a focus on working with others, shared benefits, and shared tensions and concerns.

The eclipse energises Venus (29 Pisces) in the chart for the Treaty of Rome (25th March, 1957) – and Venus rules money, along with art, luxury goods and trades, beauty, orchards and market gardens. In the chart for the EEC (1st January, 1958) it stirs the ascendant and descendant – how it sees itself, and how the partners relate to one another. Finally, the chart for the Euro as a real, physical currency (1st January, 2002) shares the same ascendant of 29 Virgo, and descendant of 29 Pisces as its ‘parent’, the EEC. Saturn, the old school responsible banker and timekeeper, is also very active in all these charts from now, and on through the next two years. Looks like a time for grindingly hard work, definite endings, and new beginnings as Saturn calls for restructuring, and some kind of serious overhaul of rules and regulations.

And Finally

This eclipse is a meaningful one for you if you have planets or angles at 29 Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius. Special birthdays are:

Pisces: 19th – 21st March
Gemini: 19th – 22nd June
Virgo: 20th – 23rd September
Sagittarius: 19th – 22nd December

Prominent people whose horoscopes are stimulated include Scorpio Prince Charles, with Jupiter at 29 Sagittarius and revolutionary Uranus at 29 Gemini; Pisces Prince Andrew also has Jupiter in Sagittarius, at 28 degrees. Events connected to the law, spiritual values, publishing and travel may concern both brothers this year. The lunar eclipse on 4th April vitalises their natal charts too, along with those of Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince William. It looks like an important, meaningful year for the Royal Family.





Maiden Voyage: Full Moon in Virgo, 5th March, 2015 by Jane Lyle

"But can’t you just wave your hand and make all the dirt fly away, then?" [...]

"That works, but only if you wave them about on the floor with a scrubbing brush."

- Terry Pratchett, ‘Wintersmith’

It’s time to return from winter’s Underworld, and the perfect time to spring-clean whatever takes your fancy – does your love life need a makeover? Would your career benefit from a big bucket of soapy water? Some kind of clutter-busting activity would be an ideal way to use those spick-and-span Virgo vibes of this full Moon. Every full Moon symbolises a high point in the cycle, bringing things to a head. And for a couple of weeks afterwards, the lunar tides favour clearing, cleansing, or mulling things over and making preparations. Since the next new Moon is a potent solar eclipse in Pisces, preparation would be wise.

Depth charges are attached to this full Moon, courtesy of Pluto in Capricorn. Deep emotions are the least of it – intensity, passion, and intuition peak at this time, and those feelings need a channel. Which is where spring-cleaning comes in. For as you - and the producers of countless tv shows about cleaning and hoarding know – domestic order and harmony have powerful psychological aspects. From extreme examples, such as the obsessive-compulsive cleaner who can’t stop hovering, to the isolated hoarder, who can’t walk down their hallway – the links between our minds and our homes reflect much more than our taste in furnishings.

Finding lost or hidden objects by using intuition is another meaning of the Moon with Pluto. I think this could range from buried treasure to your house keys. Long-lost relatives or lovers could also turn up during the next couple of weeks. Either way, detectorists and detectives should dig and delve for pleasing results.  

Asteroid Persephone, Queen of Souls, aligns with the intuitive Pisces Sun, standing opposite her mythic partner Pluto or Hades, ruler of the Underworld and intensifying the message of transformation this full Moon brings. At this time of year, the myth tells us that Persephone returns to the world, bringing the life and light of the spring. Rebirth, return, renewal – we’re in transition now, and during the weeks ahead. A new season awaits. 


Moon Diary - Going for Gold Full Moon in Leo, 3rd February 2015 by Jane Lyle

Anarchic and expansive, February’s full Moon rises at 14 degrees of Leo the Lion.

We have a Leo full Moon every year, but this one radiates powerful energy thanks to its link with generous Jupiter, also in the sign of the big-hearted Lion. Our feelings are magnified, hearts and minds overflow with strong emotions and imaginative flights of fancy. Romance and extravagance bubble up, and can be channelled into love, art, or acts of creative beauty. Every full Moon represents a peak, a culmination – this one is like the big finale in a show – all singing, all dancing.

The glittering climax also surprises us with unexpected twists and turns of fate. The Moon and Jupiter link with Uranus, planet of eccentric electricity, revolution, and inventive breakthroughs. This romantic Moon has a bohemian edge. It highlights unusual relationships, unconventional choices, different ways of organising family life. It favours inventive solutions, designs, and ways of showcasing your work. And it hints at the possibility of significant breakthroughs. These could relate to something as personal as changing one’s appearance, public profile or website. Or they may denote some fabulous lightning bolt flash of inspiration, leading to bold adventures in science, art, love or travel.

The exciting, unsettling connection between Jupiter and Uranus flavours all of February, but this full Moon vitalises that link and sets it in motion. For some of us, particularly those who have already prepared and been working towards a goal, lucky breaks and extra helpings of good fortune are on their way.

Such boisterous extravagance does have a downside – the Moon aligned with Jupiter can signify floods or other excessive natural events and upheavals.

Well-known people whose year ahead carries the energy of this rumbustious Moon include actor Warwick Davis (3rd), best-selling author Henning Mankell (3rd), and flamboyant musician, Alice Cooper (4th).

‘Exuberance is beauty’ – William Blake





Moon Diary - Learning Curve. New Moon at 0 degrees Aquarius, 20th January, 2015 by Jane Lyle

Sociable, yet serious, January’s new Moon rises in the intellectual, curious and friendly sign of Aquarius just as the Sun enters this sign.

Every new Moon signifies a time for beginnings, and this one opens up a fresh, new page.

Generally speaking, an Aquarian new Moon favours sociability, group projects, humanitarian movements, and sharing ideas with others. This one has some constructive, serious potential too, for it makes a helpful link with Saturn, the great teacher of the zodiac. Hard-working Saturn has just entered Sagittarius, a sign associated with teaching, philosophy, travel, and freedom. What can we learn about these things now? With another new Moon in Aquarius in February, this early spring period would be a productive time for study, meditation, or for joining a class or group.

Venus and Mercury are also currently in Aquarius, encouraging us to take pleasure in our friendships and sparky mental connections online, and in the real world. What connects us all, and what we share, is always vitally important – and never more so than now.

“It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tired into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly.” 

Martin Luther King Jnr.

Today’s celebrity birthdays with new paths to explore this year include Gary Barlow, Will Young, and Buzz Aldrin.





Moon Diary - Full Moon 14 degrees Cancer, 5th January, 2015 by Jane Lyle 

Howling at the Moon

An emotional, volatile Wolf Moon rises on 5th January, 2015, in the sign of Cancer the Crab. Every year the full Moon in Cancer draws strong feelings to the surface as we look back at the year just gone, and forward to what lies ahead.

This year, it’s all extra-strength lunar vibes, with the added stellar power of blazing Sirius – the bright and beautiful Dog Star. If you’re an Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn person – or have planets at around 14 degrees of any of these signs – you and your emotions will certainly notice this full Moon building up over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th January.

Cancer is a self-protective, dynamic sign. So this full Moon will energise our New Year desires and dreams. Your bucket list, personal goals, and whatever (or whoever) it is that you’ve decided to leave behind in 2014 are all candidates for attention. Unusual ideas or new ways of organising home and family matters could occur to you too, since the Moon aligns with revolutionary Uranus. It’s connection with enigmatic Pluto brings a darker edge, opening up personal secrets or buried feelings and strong passions. And away from the strictly private and personal, this Moon emphasises our friendships, relationships, neighbours and even our connections with the greater family of fellow human beings on our planet. The Moon’s nodes are all about our links with one another, and this full Moon neatly squares up to them as they travel through Aries (the individual) and Libra (relationships).

Out in the wider world, this potent full Moon stirs up things that surfaced back in October 2014 when a lunar eclipse sensitised 15 degrees of Aries. We can see things from a new point of view now, or see that it’s better to include other people in our plans or share our anxieties with a trustworthy person. This is likely to be a time of power struggles, secrets spilled or investigated, revolution, and breakthroughs – now, and during the rest of January and February. Areas for disruption or sudden events include travel, trade, and transport in general. Other events involving water (rain, stormy seas, floods) and electricity (from lightning strikes to machinery) are likely to take us by surprise too. The Libran lunar eclipse in April, 2015 brings yet another perspective for us to think about in this long-running cosmic pattern. Cardinal signs certainly have work to do, and a lot of it will be as much about the inner world as the outer world.

Countries that were vitalised by October’s eclipse are prodded once again, and invited to think about last autumn’s events. These include Canada, the UK, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Sikkim and the USA. China and Singapore are also in a transitional phase, with more to come for everyone as we move towards the spring of 2015. The presence of brilliant Sirius also suggests success and breakthroughs in some of these locations – alongside the dramas and dislocations there’s remarkable news and outstanding achievements are announced.

A Native American Wolf Prayer

Spirit of the Wolf,
You who wanders the wild lands,
You who stalks in silent shadows,
You who runs and leaps
Between the moss-covered trees,
Lend me your primal strength
And the wisdom of your glowing eyes.
Teach me to relentlessly track my desires
And to stand in defence of those I love.
Show me the hidden paths and moonlit fields.
Fierce spirit,
Walk with me in my solitude
Howl with me in my joy, and
Guard me as I move through this world.




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