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November’s 0 degrees Gemini full Moon is a real night at the circus. It’s friendly and sociable, ideal for meeting up with friends and finding out the latest gossip now, and over the next couple of weeks.

Travelling any distance could be tiresome though. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is retrograde in travelling Sagittarius. And all the usual Mercury retrograde confusion is heightened by a discombobulating link with nebulous Neptune. So gossip could be unreliable, trains may not run on time, flights are delayed, and cars break down.

However, jolly Jupiter joins the Sun in upbeat Sagittarius – boosting humour and restlessness, while stimulating big talk and ideas that may not have much substance. There’s a focus on large numbers of people travelling (perhaps migrants), or dealing with law and justice in some way.
Mars in Pisces adds energy to the full Moon mix, bringing lively discussions where strong opinions, beliefs, and philosophies are bubbling up.

And then there are the misty Pleiades, known as the Seven Sisters, adding a stellar message for us all to think about over the next couple of weeks. The Pleiades are said to bring rain, and sometimes tears.

Fixed star Alcyone sits at 0 Gemini, aligned with the full Moon. She’s the brightest of the Pleiades, which isn’t saying much. This is a dim cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus. At this time of year the Pleiades are rising at sunset, marking the end of the growing season and coinciding with shorter days, longer nights, and thoughts of death and endings. We still celebrate Samhain or Halloween –  a feast of the spirits and the dead – during the sunset season of the Pleiades.

From Mexico to ancient Egypt, Greece, Babylonia and India the rising and setting Seven Sisters were venerated and treated with respect, bordering on fear. Seven is a magic number indeed. In many cultures, these stars marked the start of the year when they rose with the Sun in the spring

Alcyone herself symbolises intense inner vision and insight. There’s a ruthless, critical quality too – for these are the stars that represent the judgement of the souls of the dead. The surge of news and gossip at this full Moon will meet with criticism and heated debate. People may want to bring something to a head, perhaps related to media and social media. A well-known person could leave social media in a very public way, for instance.

Enjoy the spirited energy of this chatty Gemini full Moon. But we must all make an effort to be tactful, and try to resist spreading rumours or unsubstantiated gossip about others. It is, after all, peak party season……

Image: ‘Circus’ by Charles Demuth (1917) via Wikipedia






Moon Diary: Mystery and Imagination -Scorpio New Moon, 7th November, 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Still waters run deep. Our witchy new Moon in Scorpio conjures up strong emotions, psychic experiences, and vivid dreams. There is mystery and imagination shimmering behind the scenes in November. There are secrets.


This is a new Moon of unearthly music and many magical layers. Sun and Moon in determined Scorpio (15 degrees) flow with Neptune, god of the sea and planet of altered states, in Pisces. Powerful psychic experiences, spiritual longings, or deep feelings can be one manifestation. A desire for hallucinogenic drugs, tantric sexual bliss, or some other kind of boundary-less oblivion is another. Either way, we’re in the realms of the fantastical, and travelling through a fairy-tale landscape where nothing is real. Or is it?

Boundaries of every kind (emotional, psychological, legal, national) will be breached in November – possibly by watery flooding, by human beings, or in our own intimate relationships. There may be November news about oil, drugs, and chemicals or Neptune’s creative industries – film, music, and fashion.

If you want to begin a creative project, explore the mysterious, or use your energy, cash and imagination to help others in some way – this bewitching new Moon favours beginnings.

An important fixed star aligns with the Sun and new Moon. Zuben Elgenubi is now at 15 degrees Scorpio in the constellation of Libra. The scales of Libra were once the symbolic claws of the Scorpion constellation. These ‘claws’ eventually became known as Libra’s scales by the time of the ancient Greek and Roman astrologer-astronomers.

Zuben Elgenubi represents the Libran message of justice, and judgment. But its meaning also brings Scorpio’s themes of reform and transformation – another kind of death-and-rebirth message. Something will be judged, but the kind of justice represented here must benefit many people, not simply gratify individual egos.

Neptune’s connection with the idea of sacrifice for the greater good chimes in well with this message. Religious, philanthropic, and charitable organisations are highlighted. We may feel huge emotional sympathy for strangers around this time.

Out on the edge, Pluto in Capricorn also aspects Sun, Moon, and Neptune. So, yes, there’s more shadowy secret sorcery, perhaps with a financial, scandalous, or underworld twist. Scorpio and Capricorn can be about power, global finances, and personal finances shared with others in a company, family, or partnership.

Elsewhere in the zodiac, the planets are promising a change of atmosphere as the Moon’s north nodes entered Cancer yesterday. More water, more emotion, more intuition and more dynamism – all emphasised until May 2020. And there’s more about that in November’s Cosmic Weather.

If you’re not a particularly emotional, intuitive person, you might want to tune into that side of yourself a little more. This new Moon is a helpful place to begin.

If you’re already sensitive, you may feel all at sea or experience some confusion. So remember those old-fashioned basics – good food, sleep, and fresh air help everyone cope with all the phantasmagoria that’s floating around us now.

“There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun”

Pablo Picasso, Scorpio, born 25th October, 1881

Image: ‘The Swan Princess’ by Mikhail Vrubel (1900)







Moon Diary: Hunter’s Moon - Full Moon in Taurus, 24th October 2018

Stubborn, innovative, yet sensuous, October’s full Moon astrology promises an unconventional atmosphere. This Hunter’s Moon rises at 1 degree of fixed, earthy Taurus, and sets the tone for the next two weeks. People will surprise us, but they’ll be almost impossible to persuade or cajole.

The heart of this Moon is in security-minded Taurus. Across the zodiac is the Sun in possessive Scorpio. Both signs value loyalty, love, and financial security. Neither likes to compromise, let go, or offer wiggle room. So situations involving love, sex, money or promises of security could be intense. Few are in the mood to back down.

Electric, erratic Uranus in Taurus joins the Moon – there’s a rise in emotional impulses and spontaneous actions that signals break-ups, love at first sight, and unusual tales of love, art, and music emerging. It’s about couples, but also families and people we think of as ‘family’. We question the way things have always been, or what society seems to expect. There’s the potential for reshuffles, fresh points of view, experimental ways of being in a relationship, family group, or working with others.

Many of us will feel like creating new traditions and rituals, or we’ll look to the past for inspiration and revive forgotten ceremonies and celebrations. Older, established artists and musicians could surprise people with their ideas, beliefs, or love stories.

Venus in Scorpio is still reviewing what we’ve already experienced in love and other alliances. Venus, ruler of the full Moon, works with old-school Saturn in Capricorn to say that if we work hard and are patient, we can build lasting changes. Budgets and restrictions now can seem very disappointing, but eventually something valuable can be created so try not to waste energy being resentful.

There’s more than a whiff of karma and the forces of destiny around too. Those energy portals, the Moon’s nodes, create a solid fixed pattern with the Sun and Moon – all our associations and links with other people are vitally important. Notice who you meet, or who crosses your mind or pops up in your dreams. Certain people will be catalysts for emotional release, or can help you with contacts, advice, or even by challenging your ideas. If you’ve got planets and points at around 1 – 4 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius in your own horoscope, you’ll certainly notice Lady Luna’s magic this October.

This powerful, uncompromising full Moon and her aspects shine on various national horoscopes. Places worth watching include:

Mexico – Moon at 1 degree Taurus

Quebec, Canada – Pluto at 1 degree Taurus

UK House of Commons – Jupiter at 2 degrees Taurus

Vatican City – Venus at 2 degrees Taurus

The United Nations – Sun at 1 degree Scorpio

Image: ‘The lassie and her godmother’ by Kay Nielsen, ‘East of the Sun and West of the Moon’ (1914) via Wikipedia






Moon Diary: Weights and Measures - New Moon in Libra the Scales, 9th October, 2018 by Jane Lyle.

October’s new Moon rises at 15 degrees of balanced Libra, sign of the Scales. In an ideal world we can think about how our relationships and alliances can be renewed or rebalanced. We can ask ‘what’s fair?’, or ‘what works for both of us?’.

Libra’s scales can be the scales of justice. And at this new Moon, this is a big theme.

Libra may have a sweet reputation, ruled by lovely Venus. Yet Libra is dynamic, often ambitious, and a master or mistress of strategy. This new Moon urges us to think about how to get what we want, make plans, and analyse what’s going on. The next two weeks are a good time to make a start, creating a win-win situation when and where we can.

Ceres, the minor planet named for one of the powerful grain goddesses of the ancient Mediterranean, aligns with our new Moon. There may be important news about harvests, food production, agriculture, or orchards this month. Ceres can highlight issues about our diets, or ask how we are nourishing ourselves on many levels.

In Roman mythology, Ceres was also known as Ceres the Lawgiver. Here in Libra, Ceres must surely be focused on the legal system. The question ‘what’s fair?’ or the complaint ‘it’s not fair!’ is all around us this month. Again, we’ll have to seek balance, weigh things up, negotiate for a peaceful outcome.

A balanced diet is important, as most of us surely know. But it’s not all about food – love, friendship, and taking care of our wellbeing can easily be neglected. People die from loneliness - we are not machines.

So if something vital is lacking, this new Moon offers clues and asks questions. Neptune’s link to the new Moon increases our feelings about those needs, enhances our sensitivity, and underlines the need to take care of ourselves and others. Fantasies or delusions can undermine this goal.

Ceres is a great mother goddess too. She is Mother Earth, ruling over the earth’s fertility and the cycles of the seasons. When Pluto abducted her daughter, Proserpine, Ceres brought the dark, cold season of winter to express her grief and rage. Warmth and light were only restored when Proserpine was safely returned from the underworld.

This story could relate to our environment too – where we’re way out of balance in so many ways, and appear to need more laws and agreements to prevent us from creating our very own endless, sterile winter.

Our Ceres new Moon connects with Pluto – so I think this myth will be symbolically re-enacted in innumerable ways this October. Something is lost or stolen, but can be returned or restored after much effort. Pluto’s in Capricorn, deep in the earth. Ceres and the Moon are in Libra’s airy realms. There are instincts, sentiment, and ideals, and then there’s stark reality, practicality, and hunger. Perhaps there’s also obsession, or the need to transform and cleanse everything – from your surroundings, to your emotional situation.

Balance is the key. Happy new Moon!

Image: ‘Woman Weighing Gold’ by Jan Sanders van Hemessen (1530) via Tumblr







Moon Diary: Warrior Moon - full Moon in Aries 24th-25th September 2018

Our Aries full Moon is a fierce cocktail of energy, shaken and stirred for good measure.

A full Moon always represents culmination, and symbolises the tension between Sun and Moon at this time. What comes to a head now may seem reckless, headstrong, or out of balance in some way. We set off at a fast gallop, without much sense of where we’re heading or the consequences of our actions.

The astrology maps out a bit of a battle, with the fiery warrior Moon keen to get involved. Yet we’re also held back and challenged by circumstances. Tradition and the law, represented by Saturn in Capricorn, stand in the way as Saturn squares off with Sun and Moon, anchoring some of us with caution, fear, or an unwillingness to act as swiftly as an Aries Moon would like. There’s likely to be stand-offs in our lives, as people refuse to compromise or become aggressive.

Mars in intellectual Aquarius offers some balance. Channelling turbulent emotions, anger, or frustration by thinking things through or discussing events will help everyone this week. What’s bubbling up has deep roots and a history. Both Saturn and Chiron, aligned with the Moon, point to a sore spot, a bruise somewhere that’s still tender and needs some care, compassion, and attention.

Groups of people are arguing now – with Mars and the Moon’s South Node representing situations where past history, karma, and even military sabre-rattling are involved. When people can find ways of working out their differences, this Moon will eventually clear the air.

Mars, ruler of the Aries Moon, is also triggering July’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius this week. So some technological arguments, events, and news are likely – as is more remarkably stormy weather, high winds, and other natural upheavals.

If you have planets or points between 0 and 5 degrees in your own horoscope, this full Moon and her complex nest of aspects is likely to trigger strong feelings now, and during the next two weeks. It’s quite a turning point, following on from the September Equinox on 23rd September. And whatever’s been on your mind since July may also come up for review, healing, or confrontation too.

Image: ‘Good Hunter, a Warrior’ by George Catlin (1831) via Smithsonian American Art Museum/Wikimedia Commons






Moon Diary: Maiden Voyage - New Moon in Virgo, Maiden Goddess, 9th September, 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Here’s a stunning new Moon for weaving some practical magic.

This Virgo new Moon brings heightened dreams and sensitivities. Many of us will feel a strong need to tune in to our imaginations, or be able to gain deeper insights into our own, and other people’s emotions. Neptune in Pisces enhances and enchants, we’re receptive to higher love, music, and spiritual adventures.

But before this becomes too fantastical and day-dreamy, our Sun and new Moon are neatly anchored by the powerful forces of Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. There’s confidence and energy – journeys of many kinds can be plotted, autumn intentions and desires can be clarified.

Our new Moon is in meticulous Virgo, favouring careful thought and planning. Yes, Neptune can signify daydreams, disappointments and delusions, yet I think there’s enough focused, powerful energy around to keep our feet on the ground, and heads out of the clouds for most of the month ahead.

Acknowledging the earthy side of life is wise – and spending time out of doors is vital, as is valuing Virgo’s role as ruler of health, wellbeing, and enjoyable daily rituals.

The big, powerful dreams and opportunities of Jupiter and Pluto begin with small steps and tiny seeds. The next few weeks are full of down-to-earth practical energy, so why not use this vibrant new Moon to make a fresh start?

If you have planets and points at around 15 - 18 degrees in your own personal horoscope, then this new Moon offers you a special cosmic energy boost this September. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces work particularly well with this lovely Moon.

Image: ‘Insurance girl’ (hoken musume), illustration from Bugei Kurabu (Literary Club), Tomioka Eisen, Meiji period (1868–1912) via PD






Moon Diary: Dream Catcher -Full Moon in Pisces, 26th August 2018 by Jane Lyle.

August ends with a potent, beautiful full Moon at 3 degrees of Pisces.

This full Moon brings emotions to the surface, where perhaps we can deal with them in new ways.

Or we could find ourselves dreaming of the past, yet finding something different there. Perhaps we’re ready to release something, or someone? Or maybe we feel like creating something new from our memories, histories, or the stories of our families and ancestors.

If we’ve had struggles or challenges, this can be a healing and inspiring full Moon. It aligns with one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia, Fomalhaut, in the constellation of Piscis Australis, the Southern Fish. This important star was called the Watcher of the South, and has symbolic links to the Archangel Gabriel.

Ancient Greeks aligned temples to the great mother goddess, Demeter, with the rising of Fomalhaut. Its meaning contains strands of magic, mysticism, and enchantment – together with a need to resist being bewitched by illusions, but to struggle to make visions and ideals manifest. This is a very Piscean message indeed – the two fishes can risk swimming too deeply, adrift in the world of imagination, or mind-altering substances, and are then unable to grasp reality. With all the purposeful energy around, it would be a shame to let things slip through your fingers.

Fortunately, we have some earthy energy around to ground us – Sun in Virgo opposite the Pisces full Moon is working harmoniously with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. If you’ve got planets or points between 2-4 degrees in your personal horoscope you can, if you choose, benefit now - and during September.

Saturn represents tradition and structure, while Uranus in Taurus is an innovative builder, gardener, and re-inventor (or disruptor) of financial systems. This constructive blend of old and new is around throughout September. Our full Moon brings it to our attention now and during the next two weeks. Those Pisces ideals and visions are supported and encouraged by Saturn and Uranus – mix things up, make something real, avoid sacrificing yourself for some crazy dream of “the One” or “fame”.

The full Moon’s second fixed starry companion is Sadalmelek in the constellation of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. This very fortunate star favours life, creativity, and emphasises the skill and effort needed to make dreams come true. It’s a variation on the Moon’s main message.

So sweet full Moon dreams…. And why not write them down? They may carry a vital message for you from under the sea.

Finally, here’s a drifty, happy song by Manu Chao for these last days of summer beneath a musical, visionary full Moon…..somehow it always reminds me of soft summer rain…..

Image: ‘Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom’ by Ilya Repin (1876) via Wikimedia Commons







Moon Diary Eclipse Special: Keeping It Royal - The Solar Eclipse in Leo, 11th August, 2018 by Jane Lyle

August’s flamboyant, gossipy new Moon and partial solar eclipse takes place at 18-19 degrees of royal Leo, the Lion and Lioness of the Zodiac.

Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo greet Jupiter – king, emperor, general, and all-round expander of dreams and waistlines. Yet this is a masked ball, when the light of the Sun is obscured. All manner of assignations and secret exchanges are hidden from view, at least for a while. Neptune, that most mysterious planet, has also been invited, bringing the gifts of glamour, illusions, and fiendishly fishy magic tricks from his kingdom under the sea. Pluto, lord of the underworld in every way, watches from the shadows of 19 degrees of Capricorn.

Our eclipse fairy tale warns of financial deception, investment bubbles, and complicated scandals now and in the next few months. Perhaps high-finance ‘royalty’ will be involved, or other celebrated and famous figures and their children – Mercury rules young people, Leo rules children. Mercury, aligned with the eclipse Sun and Moon, flags up gossip, media, and plenty of news stories (with missing bits) too.

We can think of ‘Hollywood Royalty’, family dynasties, family businesses with relationships at their heart - Versace, Missoni, and Dolce and Gabbana would be glamorous high fashion examples. And, of course, we have genuine royal families as well.

For the British Royal Family, the eclipse has a message that resonates with the more senior royals now, and over the next six months. Like many families, they share certain signs and degrees in common in their personal horoscopes.

Queen Elizabeth (21 April, 1926) has Mars at 20 Aquarius

Prince Philip (10 June, 1921) has Moon at 22 Leo, and Neptune at 11 Leo. Since he was born on a dining room table in Corfu, the birth time may not be exact, and so his Leo Moon may be more (or less) precisely aligned with this eclipse.

Prince Charles (14 November, 1946) has generational Pluto at 16 Leo

Princess Anne (15 August, 1950) has her Pluto at 17 Leo

Prince Andrew (19 February, 1960) has Uranus at 18 Leo

Prince Edward (10 March, 1964) has Neptune at 17 Scorpio

We could expect to see some meaningful shifts in power, family attitudes towards society, and personal family dynamics for the Royal Family during the next few months.

The offspring involved in our collective eclipse tales could also be ‘children’ of the mind and its creative impulses. We could see arguments about who really created a work of art, a big business, or a technological invention. There may be heated debates about someone’s paternity – who’s the daddy?

Leo’s zodiac house is also the house of playful romance and love affairs, while Jupiter in Scorpio emphasises a more intense sexual passion, cash, endings, gambling, and other people’s assets. These are eclipse themes too.

With Jupiter in secretive Scorpio, and deceptive Neptune muddying the waters, more than one eclipse crisis is likely – with further information surfacing in October, when Mars energises the eclipse degree again. Eclipses tend to affect our global weather, natural events such as wild fires, and geophysical upheavals such as notable earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In both life, and legal or financial matters, situations remain unclear in the days around this eclipse. There could be a widely publicised mysterious death, conflicting evidence in a big case, or reports about unreliable witnesses in the news.

These themes manifest in our own lives too – with issues and events linked to money, children and young people, and our own personal creations and ‘brain children’. A romantic love affair could take off, or come to an end – but whatever the love story, it isn’t straightforward and there will be more to think about or process later on this year.

Steer a steady course if at all possible. The Dragon’s Head or North Node of the Moon opens up a gateway for much energy. It aligns with this Leo eclipse, ramping up the action and creating a ‘let’s go’ feeling in many of us. But we can’t push the river at this point.

Your own personal horoscope is activated if you have planets or points at around 16 – 22 degrees of Leo and Aquarius. Taurus and Scorpio are also in the eclipse picture, but effects could be more subtle. Effects and themes will ripple along until January, 2019, when the next set of eclipses come along.

This deep partial eclipse is visible in northernmost Europe and Northeast Asia. To see a map, and astronomical information:

Happy solar eclipse! And if you’re longing to begin something, but find yourself struggling – take heart. Some fabulously solid, constructive astrological possibilities are all lined up for September.

Image: illustration from‘The Twelve Dancing Princesses’ by Errol Le Cain (1941-1989) via Pinterest








Moon Diary Eclipse Special: The Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, 27th July, 2018 by Jane Lyle

It’s potent and dramatic. And July’s total lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius is the longest lunar eclipse of the century.

The eclipse should be widely visible, weather permitting. The full Moon will appear rusty red – giving rise to the name ‘Blood Moon’, and plenty of doom-laden speculation all around the internet.

We’ll be able to see it in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Totality is a whopping 103 minutes. The whole show, from the first shadowy ‘bite’ out of the Moon’s silver disc, goes on much longer.

So how might it impact on us here on Earth?

This eclipse will have a real, lasting impact on our collective emotions. Since it’s visible in a wide range of locations, traditional astrology says its message will be widely felt around the planet. Wild weather, earthquakes, dramatic volcanic eruptions and so on are more likely than usual this summer.

It’s a volatile eclipse too. There’s an impulsive, tense – yet detached – atmosphere. If we act without considering others, or our own deepest feelings, we could inflict unnecessary hurt. This could manifest as harsh words, careless driving, or sudden aggression ranging from arguments to road rage.

The Aquarian Moon opposes the Sun in Leo, is aligned with warrior Mars in cool-headed Aquarius, and sparked off by revolutionary Uranus in stubborn Taurus. These are fixed signs, and suggest an obstinate atmosphere as people dig their heels in and refuse to budge.

As with every full Moon, emotions will be close to the surface. A full Moon represents the culmination of a cycle. It can be a positive time to let go of old patterns and ideas, or release blocked emotions. Just remember to take it easy, and be gentle with yourself – this intense eclipse is not the time for any kind of full-on purge.

“What goes around, comes around” is another important theme for this lunar eclipse. It’s radiating karma, for the Moon and Mars line up with the Dragon’s Tail, swishing away at the South Nodes of the Moon. This underlines the need to release old ideas, emotions, or points of view – and to think deeply about what we’ve learned or acquired in the past.

Eclipses can often mean that something is ‘eclipsed’. Astrologers traditionally advised us not to make big decisions at this time if possible – the days around an eclipse can be fraught with misunderstandings, ‘fake news’, and confusion.

Some relationships and friendships could feel weird now. There’s tension between the Sun in loving Leo – making things heartfelt and personal, while the Moon in the intellectual opposite sign, Aquarius, represents groups and is much less passionate. Does the head rule the heart, or vice versa? Balance is a challenge. A new cycle will eventually emerge, but we’ll have to give it time. Our leaders, bosses, and those in authority in general are in focus – we can expect to see some upheavals or resignations over the next few weeks.

The eclipse and its themes are re-energised towards the end of September, when Mars returns to 4 degrees of Aquarius, a degree that is now super-sensitive.

Aquarian themes illuminated by this energetic eclipse include technology, electricity, humanitarian organisations, unions, and groups, inventive epiphanies, rebellions and upheavals. There may be spectacular electrical storms or outages. People could be in the mood to call a strike or join a mass protest. Cyber warfare and hacking stories are likely to be prominent in our news.

The eclipse and its themes are re-energised towards the end of September, when Mars returns to this degree of Aquarius, a degree that is now super-sensitive.

If you have planets or points between 2 and 6 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio, your own personal horoscope is sending you an eclipse message. Something is culminating for you, and a new phase will open out by the autumn in the area of life suggested by your particular planets and their houses. An astrologer can tell you more.

Wishing you a peaceful lunar eclipse.

Image: Zodiac and Lunar Mansions from the Zubdat-al Tawarikh, 1583 via Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, Istanbul/Wikimedia Commons







Moon Diary Eclipse Special

Moonstruck: The New Supermoon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer, 13th July, 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Myriad Moon goddesses are whispering in our dreams.

This new Moon in her home sign, Cancer, is both a supermoon and partial solar eclipse – silvery, watery, emotional, and dynamic. The effects of this eclipse will resonate for at least six months.

Every eclipse shakes and stirs the collective – that’s all of us. Every supermoon (a Moon closest to Earth in its monthly lunar cycle) tends to intensify our feelings, our weather, and the likelihood of geophysical upheavals such as earthquakes, or notable volcanic eruptions. Link both together, and there’s a potent lunar atmosphere all around us.

Astrology advises us to postpone radical decisions at such times, since eclipses have a reputation for revealing and concealing. You never know what might be ‘eclipsed’ at this moment, or whether the information you’re seeing is full disclosure or not. Here, with both Sun and Moon in the dynamic Moon-ruled sign of Cancer, there are deep emotions, love, and gut feelings likely masked behind a deceptively calm shell.

Cancer’s eclipse stories will include a feminine theme – mothers, motherlands, Mother Church, and prominent women in public life. Our homes and ancestry are highlighted, from our own personal lives to the wider history of humanity. Stories involving water, floods, and fluctuating moods are also swimming into our consciousness.

Our Friday 13th solar eclipse is challenged by Pluto, lord of the underworld, currently travelling through Capricorn. So we can expect some of Pluto’s themes to emerge – secrecy, obsession, passion, crime, finance, buried treasure, regeneration, death and rebirth. Pluto can bring a focus on cleansing a situation – from our emotions to our environment, from corrupt power to rubbish disposal.

A global message is also being filtered through the fixed star, Castor, at 20 degrees of Cancer in the constellation of Gemini, the Twins.

Castor is one of the starry Twins, the shining-bright brother who was a skilled horse tamer. Pollux is his shadowy sibling, the one more likely to create mischief. Castor is associated with story telling, words, language, and humour. Castor aligned with Sun and Moon suggests that juggling and communications skills will be very much needed to negotiate whatever this eclipse may highlight. There could be significant struggles or rivalry between groups of people – stars in the Gemini constellation can highlight a ‘brother against brother’ situation.

This star sometimes goes by the slightly spooky title ‘A Ruler Yet To Come’.

Out in the World

The Sun is located at 20 Cancer in the national horoscopes for Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia. The eclipse brings up questions around leadership, bosses, and perhaps dealing with dramatic weather conditions in these locations.

The Moon is at 19 Cancer in the horoscope for the UK Union, 1801. This eclipse is a meaningful one for the UK.

Women, and prominent or famous women in particular – are very much in the eclipse spotlight. Events in the UK highlight a need for reform, regeneration, or signal an important, even chaotic, public event.

Mars is at 20 Capricorn in the national horoscope for New Zealand (1907). With Pluto there, the eclipse stirs up intense energies and suggests news about actions, young men, upheavals and possibly fires, a heatwave, or an earthquake in the region.

Another eclipse question New Zealand might ask is “what’s been learned from past actions, and where do we go next?”

Mars sits on the Dragon’s Tail or fateful, karmic South Node of the Moon. The Dragon’s Head, or North Node, aligns with the eclipse at 20 Cancer.

This partial solar eclipse is visible, in part, in Adelaide and Melbourne, South Australia. It’s visible over the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Traditional astrology says that these locations are more sensitive to the eclipse’s message.

This eclipse is important for you if you have natal planets or points at around 19- 21 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. People with those degrees of Aries or Libra in their personal horoscopes could notice some eclipse effects now and over the coming months too. Why not ask an astrologer if you’re wondering about this eclipse?

Image: ‘Sense of Sight’ by Anna Louisa Swynnerton (1844-1933), Walker Art Gallery via







Moon Diary: Serious Rebels - Full Moon in Capricorn, 28th June 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Rich, earthy, and deeply practical, June’s full Moon rises at 6 degrees of Capricorn, the Sea Goat. Serious business is coming to a head, and the voice of stern Saturn will be telling us all to persevere – if even the mountain path looks steep and rocky.

The atmosphere is sober. Saturn in Capricorn aligns with the full Moon – this combination emphasises realism, and favours a robustly down-to-earth approach. It’s also very keen on the rules, boundaries, and restrictions. This is why the Moon aspected by Saturn is sometimes associated with disappointment or loneliness. Yet this is a self-disciplined full Moon too.

Financial and other resources are an extra-important topic now. Events and debates may connect with what was brewing in December 2017, when Saturn aligned with the Winter Solstice Sun in dynamic, ambitious Capricorn. Karmic Saturn now challenges the Sun – what’s been niggling away for the last six months?

Our parents, ancestors, or other older people (particularly women) in our lives are highlighted by this Moon. A Capricorn Moon opposite a silvery Cancer Sun loves history. And with five planets now rewinding, the past matters - it can impact on the present in interesting ways. Some of us will be thinking about karma, others will see clearly how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Some will reap what they have sown.

So what have we absorbed from our history, backgrounds, and upbringing? Enter the rebel or outsider – for Saturn and the full Moon are livened up by eccentric Uranus in Taurus. Something old, something new…..blending tradition and innovation offers unexpected answers or original insights now, and during the next two weeks. Maybe your childhood was unusual in some way? Or maybe you longed for it to be less conventional? The past is co-operating with the present – and we realise that certain attitudes or habits of relating to others need to change, or be left behind.

This Capricorn full Moon is a meaningful one for you if you’re currently having a Saturn return, or Saturn transit to your natal horoscope.

Special Sun sign birthdays include:

Capricorn: 26th – 30th December
Aries: 26th – 29th March
Cancer: 26th – 29th June
Libra: 28th September – 1st October

Out in the World

Similarly, national horoscopes are activated too.

Hungary (23rd October, 1989) for example, has ambitious, conservative Capricorn rising (7 degrees), Saturn in Capricorn (8 degrees), and Neptune in Capricorn (9 degrees). Excitable Uranus is there too (2 degrees).

The news from Hungary this month could focus on boundaries and restrictions, people in authority and government, and perhaps some very stormy weather – emotionally, and in the form of real thunderstorms.

In the USA (4th July 1776) this full Moon emphasises Jupiter (5-6 degrees Cancer). Foreign interests, the law, religion, travel and education are topics for debate and perhaps some new legislation or restrictions too. This includes the current US migration crisis, and more revelations are likely since full Moons bring things to a head, and Saturn never gives up.

President Donald Trump is also personally sensitive to this full Moon and Saturn, for it illuminates his Mercury (8 Cancer) and Neptune (5-6 Libra).

What he has built, and what he has said in the past are being challenged by realistic Saturn in Capricorn this year.

It’s not a flamboyant full Moon, but when we look back we’ll see that for many of us it was a very illuminating one.

‘The feeling of the mountains was never far away: retired quarrymen sold bunches of herbs they had gathered there. In summer great baskets of bilberries and wild strawberries appeared. In autumn fresh cranberries, fungi and chestnuts were brought down from the Spanish chestnut woods. In this way a dialogue between town and country was maintained ... In those days it was still possible to feel that the Carraresi were definitely in touch with the ‘earthly paradise’.’

- Patience Gray, on rural Italy in the 1960’s in ‘Honey from a Weed’ (1986)

Image: Ana de Mendoza, Princess of Eboli, born 29th June, 1540.

Artist unknown, date of this representation unknown, via Wikimedia Commons, PD







Moon Diary: It Takes Two - New Moon in Gemini, 13th June, 2018.

A flirty gossip of a new Moon rises at 22 degrees of Gemini, against a backdrop of stars in one of the most twinkly regions of the night sky.

The Gemini new Moon is a whirligig of information, communication, social media, and the exchange of ideas. If you want to see more of your friends, showcase your work, or promote your ideas in some way, this could be a favourable moment to begin. Mixing up a cocktail of humour and romance works well too. With Gemini, it always takes two – or more.

Two asteroid goddesses accompany this Moon. Ceres, now classified as a dwarf planet, and Juno.

Ceres in Leo highlights ideas about nature, and the cycles of time and destiny. Juno in Aries is astrology’s partnership asteroid, symbolising marriage and other serious unions. So any light-hearted flirtations or temporary creative alliances we indulge in this month might just develop into something more lasting. This blend of Juno and Ceres in fiery signs with an effervescent, airy Gemini Moon gives imagination, wit, with a pinch of destiny for flavour.

As for the Moon’s necklace of fixed stars – bright Capella, in the constellation Auriga, and El Nath, in the constellation Taurus, seem to be most prominent.

Capella is a fortunate star, associated with the wild Greek goddess Artemis, and Diana, her Roman equivalent. Free spirits with independent minds are symbolised here – resonating very nicely with Gemini’s nimble mind and quick movements.

El Nath is another matter, for it is found on the tip of the bull’s horns in Taurus. El Nath is described as a weapon, and represents energetic force.

The energy of El Nath can be expressed positively or negatively. This duality is similarly symbolised by Gemini, the sign of the Twins, one bright and one more concealed and shadowy. Here is the potential for a fight or conflict of some kind – perhaps a battle of wills, or a clash of ideas blows up all over our news. People could be fighting for a good cause, or for all the wrong reasons. Definitely, with this new Moon, we must pick our battles with care.

Balancing our love of gossip (or flirtation) with its sometimes damaging effects or unintended consequences is also an important theme for our Gemini new Moon. The lord of the underworld, Pluto, makes an awkward appearance – suggesting that compromise is vital, and advising us to handle secret or sensitive information with great delicacy.

Finally, June’s new Moon could be an interesting one for the USA. President Donald Trump’s birthday is 14th June, so his Gemini birthday Sun (the self) is vitalised, and the Moon’s themes come strongly into play in his life. Plus, lively Mars in the USA’s founding national horoscope is at 21 degrees Gemini, aligning with the new Moon and all its aspects. The Moon and Mars together can mean ‘angry women’, or fluctuating, passionate emotions. This new Moon’s astrology also highlights issues around land, farming, mining, recycling, information wars, and secret information or organisations.

There are many cosmic messages, and much information to sift through or process over the next four weeks. Take it easy, and remember not everything you hear is reliable, for we are in transition and approaching a powerful eclipse season in July and August.

Image: ‘The Kiss’ by Auguste Toulmouche (c1870) via Wikimedia Italia






Moon Diary: Horse Sense - Full Moon in Sagittarius, 29th May 2018 by Jane Lyle

A bold and extra-fiery full Moon rises at 8 degrees of Sagittarius on 29th May, 2018.

Plenty of nimble energy bubbles up now. The Sun’s in multi-tasking Gemini, emphasising communications, media, and thinking on your feet.

The Moon in outspoken Sagittarius is also quick-witted, restless, philosophical and warm-hearted. Together, they underline our need to travel, communicate, and ask questions – bringing certain situations to a head. We can expect lots of questions, and much debate around the time of this full Moon.

What’s brewing is serious. The Sun opposite the full Moon highlights an important pair of fixed stars, two of the most important stars in our night skies. These two beauties are Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion, and Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull. They are known as the Watcher of the West (Antares) and the Watcher of the East (Aldebaran). East, West, home’s best? There’s a see-saw here, we need balance.

It’s a Moon with a global message, as well as a more personal one. The USA, for example, has disruptive Uranus at 8 degrees of Gemini in its founding national horoscope. So this full Moon and its starry companions energise that planet, suggesting that something disruptive – perhaps information – is surfacing, or erupting in the Gemini-ruled media now, and during the next two weeks.

Antares, now at 9 degrees Sagittarius, represents great, passionate power, and offers the potential for success but only as a result of some kind of transition or profoundly transformative process. There may also be something ruthless or intense to deal with. Antares is also linked in astrology to nuclear energy.

Aldebaran, now at about 10 degrees of Gemini, also denotes success – but demands honesty and firm principles. There can be no cutting corners, shifting the blame, or using underhand tactics. These will backfire.

What comes to the surface at this full Moon needs our full attention, plus our desire to be authentic and true to ourselves. But if you want to clear something up, or clear something out, there’s more than enough energy around to help you succeed.

Image:‘Blue Horse 1’ by Franz Marc (1911) via Wikimedia Commons







Moon Diary: Scents and Sensibilities - New Moon in Taurus, 15th May 2018 by Jane Lyle.

May’s New Moon radiates life and beauty – a fertile moment for earthy new beginnings. It rises at 24 degrees of sensuous Taurus, the Bull.

In astrology, the Moon is said to be ‘exalted’ in Taurus, magnifying the Moon’s loving, imaginative, and instinctive qualities. Doing something deliciously creative with food, music, gardening or fashion could be a lovely way to tune in to this new Moon’s essence.

Sowing seeds, or dreaming of love spells, is in tune with the fresh Taurus energy that’s sprouting all over the place now. Talkative, musical Mercury has just entered Taurus, while electrifying Uranus, planet of revolution and awakening, begins a seven-year journey through Taurus today. It’s time to think about what we value. Although that includes money, of course, it also includes our spiritual values – and what we treasure in our lives.

Extra-potent energy is all around us now. Our new Moon is flanked by two powerful fixed stars – Capulus at 24 Taurus, and Algol, the Medusa’s Head, at 26 Taurus. There’s no messing about with these stars, and their presence adds another rich layer of meaning to May’s new Moon atmosphere.

Capulus, in the constellation of Perseus, represents masculine force and sometimes struggles, battles, and action. It can suggest sexual energy too.

Algol has a dire, even demonic, reputation as a star of terrible mass events, catastrophes, or dramatic natural upheavals. The Medusa’s Head, as this star is sometimes called, can indeed turn things to stone. However, Algol is found in the natal horoscopes of many highly creative and forceful individuals. Its energy is not simply dark and deadly – there’s an incredible, feminine, passionate life force that may be used for good or ill.

Certainly, there’s a feeling of intensity around – the Moon is also linking with underworld Pluto – denoting passionate emotions at the very least.

So this is no ordinary new Moon in Taurus, and could signal dramatic moments in our world. Yet by tuning into love, kindness, and the pleasures of nature we can, I think, benefit from its life-affirming, positive vibrations now, and in the month ahead.

Image: ‘The Enchanted Garden’ (detail) by John William Waterhouse (1916-7) via






Moon Diary: Sorcerer’s Apprentice - The Walpurgis Night Full Moon in Scorpio by Jane Lyle.

A spooky and serious full Moon rises at 9 degrees of Scorpio on Walpurgis Night, 30th April.

The Sun is in security-minded Taurus, pulling against the bewitching full Moon in Scorpio, the sign of rebirth. Letting go of something, or even clearing out a cupboard, can help to balance out the inevitable tension.


Our witchy Moon has strong ties to the past. It opens up history and memories of our own pasts, while highlighting the back-stories all around us. There’s a karmic atmosphere, and meaningful links to older women in our lives. The Moon’s constructive link with Saturn adds themes of stability, longevity, and financial prudence.

Scorpio’s ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are currently close together in Capricorn. This adds to the potential for a brooding, dramatic phase. They don’t connect directly with this full Moon’s astrology, but their presence is intensely powerful. It underlines Scorpio’s message of regeneration, and favours in-depth research, science, the occult, and secret negotiations. Things could be pretty edgy for a few days.

Events and feelings triggered by January’s Leo lunar eclipse are also coming to the surface, opening up the recent past on another level. At the time of that eclipse, planets at 8-12 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius were vitalised, and remain super-sensitive now.

Once again, the dwarf planet Ceres is involved, as it was at the eclipse. Ceres is currently in royal Leo, where you can imagine her as something of a matriarch or queen. At this time Ceres will be emphasising women’s issues, and the lives of famous women. On another level, Ceres calls attention to the cycles of birth and death – in our lives, and in our natural environment.

Ceres and the Moon’s North Nodes in Leo flag up popular trends, and open a gateway for the zeitgeist. If your natal chart is activated it’s a time when you can come up with ideas, or make fortunate contacts that will bring luck and success.

Walpurgis Night is May Eve, a magical time when we sense what lies beneath and beyond ourselves. The astrology for this full Moon is complex and subtle, suggesting that our spring-time rituals should be simple, and aim to clear a space for stability and harmony as May begins.

Image: ‘Spanish Dancer’ A. Vargas, 1928 via Pinterest






Moon Diary: The Body Electric - New Moon in Aries, 15th – 16th April 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Abracadabra! A harum-scarum new Moon rises in impetuous Aries at 26 degrees on 15th or 16th April, depending on your time zone. It’s radiating energy, eager to begin.

This new Moon crackles with the added oomph of an alignment with Uranus, planet of electricity, surprises, and upsets. We can expect restless, even rebellious, crowds to speak out forcefully now, and on into the merry month of May. Some of this will be very positive, some of it is likely to disturb many of us. Uranus doesn’t care. It represents change, and that’s not always a comfortable or peaceful thing.

This is also an inventive phase, when original insights and innovations can foster new ways of thinking about current dilemmas. There’s a certain amount of emotional detachment, encouraging us to review our ideas about relationships, parenting, or making social connections. Uranus has a reputation for eccentricity – which mostly means not always agreeing with what ‘everyone’ does, says, or thinks. Mercury turns direct on 15th April too, adding another layer of urgency to make a start or speak out. Delayed news or information is now free to emerge, potentially changing our decisions. Certain things we’ve discussed may turn out to need a lot of fine-tuning.

Much has been bubbling away in astrology’s cauldron since last summer, when Uranus added some snap, crackle and pop to August’s Leo eclipse – the Great American Eclipse. Since then, each new Moon has aligned with Uranus in some way or another. Anyone with planets at around 26 degrees in their natal horoscope may have noticed at least an undercurrent of restlessness, unusual thoughts, or odd events. This might include Donald Trump, whose natal action planet, Mars, is at 26 degrees of dramatic Leo.

Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are currently boosting confidence, and focusing on the meaning of power, knowledge, and money in our world, and in our own lives. They connect with our high-energy new Moon, adding to a strong feeling that this spring is a turning point or pivotal moment. What kind of changes are we initiating now?

A significant number of national horoscopes around the world are switched on by this new Moon and its planet patterns. France and Germany, Denmark, Spain, the UK and Eire are among them. In the USA, the Moon triggers much talk of historical events, widely-held beliefs, and famous individuals. These spark an upsurge of questions about where America is heading.

This new Moon certainly favours new beginnings. But taking some time to think about these carefully would be wise. Aries tends to rush in where angels fear to tread, so it’s important to be aware of this whenever possible. Keeping a note of wild and wondrous ideas could help too. We’re on a cosmic helter-skelter ride – fasten your safety belts!

Image: Vintage poster for Harry Kellar, magician, c. 1894 via






Moon Diary: Balancing Trick - Blue Moon in Libra, The Scales. 31st March 2018 by Jane Lyle

A Libran full Moon favours notions of balance and diplomacy. Yet peace and harmony could be in short supply around the time of this Blue Moon, our second full Moon in March.

It rises at 10 degrees of Libra on Easter Saturday, and its meanings are in strong focus until the new Moon on 16th April.

There’s some challenging astrology here – and while every full Moon marks a time of high tides in our world, and in our personal lives, this one is a bit beleaguered.

Sun and Mercury in fiery Aries are upfront and eager to speak, tweet, or shout truth to power. Tension forms between the ‘I Am’ energy of Aries, and the ‘We Are’ essence of Libra. It’s a time of activism, arguments, and reconsidering many of our alliances and relationships. Mercury is retrograde, bringing some confusion or the urge to revisit the past in some way and perhaps revise former decisions, or reignite old grievances.

People are inclined to dig their heels in. Libran strategic diplomacy is beautiful to behold, but mediators will have a tough time of it now, and in the weeks ahead. Mars and Saturn are aligned in ambitious Capricorn, challenging the Sun, Moon and Mercury like a pair of belligerent, bad-tempered old curmudgeons.

Emotions are damped down or restricted – we could feel lonely, angry, or trapped in some way. Since this is all playing out in dynamic signs, there’s a strong desire to act, to do something right now. Caution, maturity, and restraint are needed, says Saturn, but few want to listen to the voice of reason. If we can somehow find some balance, we’ll benefit from tremendous determination and patience. A great deal of self-discipline and stamina will be needed however.

Out in the World

This is a pivotal full Moon for numerous locations and organisations, and a tense time out there in the world. Both the European Union (31st December, 1957, Brussels) and the Euro (1st January, 1999) are under pressure – as is the UK Union (1st January, 1801), Russia, and many of the former Soviet states. Events and developments in France, Belgium, Germany and Spain could be particularly attention-grabbing.

I also noticed that charts for end of the Cold War in Europe, marked by the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989, and two subsequent official declarations in July, 1990 and November, 1990, are currently all at a sensitive turning point phase this spring. All have planets between 7 – 12 degrees Capricorn – all are challenged by this full Moon and its very serious, planetary aspects. There’s increasing pressure, for this is a year of reassessment and some kind of restructuring too. The full Moon brings things to a head, calls for our attention.

If you have planets or points at around 7 - 12 degrees in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, your own horoscope is activated and you’ll be dealing with change – most likely at work, or in your home and family routines. Seek balance, weigh things up, and remember that extremely irritating little saying, ‘patience is its own reward’……

Image: Fairbanks Morse Scales Co. 1912, PD






Moon Diary: Sea Change - New Moon in Pisces, 17th March by Jane Lyle

It’s almost Spring, and here’s a new Moon to conjure with.

It rises at 26 degrees of fishy, intuitive Pisces, just ahead of the Vernal Equinox on March 20th. We can expect waves of emotion and restlessness, as hasty impulses vie with blissed-out moods now, and over the next few weeks. There’s plenty of vitality, and endless mysterious questions.

Our new Moon’s heartfelt, loving energy is boosted by Jupiter in watery Scorpio. Emotions are running high, sensitivity to beauty and music is enhanced. Since the new Moon aligns with Chiron, there’s the possibility of healing or soothing ourselves with sound – music, singing, Tibetan singing bowls….whatever takes your fancy.

But Chiron is also a catalyst, a weird comet-like body named for a mythic Greek centaur, the wise teacher Chiron. Since the myths say Chiron was wounded, astrology often says he represents a ‘wounded healer’. Yet healing comes in many forms, as indeed do wounds. So Chiron’s alignment with the new Moon can bring events, thoughts, or realisations that serve to set us on a new path, or see certain difficult experiences with fresh understanding.

Mars, in the very last degrees of Sagittarius, adds some feisty, awkward corners here as he squares up to this Moon. We fight for ourselves, we fight to protect whom and what we love, and maybe we make sacrifices too. It could get very argumentative at times.

Chunky asteroid, Vesta, currently at 25 degrees of Sagittarius, is also involved with the Moon and Mars. Astrological Vesta denotes the hearth, the centre, and can be about how we take care of ourselves – a strong theme with this new Moon. What fuel do you need? What keeps your fires burning?

The goddess Vesta herself is thought to be extremely ancient, older than the Roman culture that venerated her and her sacred flame. Her priestesses, the Vestal Virgins, tended that flame night and day – if it went out, the Romans believed, then Rome would fall. The celibate Vestals’ lives were restricted, yet they had some independence and power too. So this new Moon can raise questions about our own power, and the influence of any groups we belong to – family, work, friends, or colleagues. Perhaps groups of women in our lives, and in the news, will feature more prominently than others at this time.

Our complex new Moon is aligned with the fixed star, Scheat, in the constellation of beautiful Pegasus, the fabled winged horse of Greek myth. Pegasus soars above, symbolising big dreams and aspirations. Within the meaning of this star there’s a warning not to over-reach, not to fly too high. Scheat can signal falls from grace if we push ahead too far, too fast. Scheat similarly denotes actual falls, and accidents involving falls from above – such as plane crashes, in the worst instance.

So, it’s a beguiling new Moon for our imaginations and our hearts. It’s less favourable for forging ahead in a hurry – particularly as Mercury is poised to backtrack on 23rd March until 15th April. Things that begin now will have to be reconsidered, or redone. Better to allow the mystical waters of Pisces to bathe us in a little early spring magic and inspiration as things shift and change.

Glendower: ‘I can call spirits from the vasty deep.’

Hotspur: Why, so can I, or so can any man. But will they come when you do call for them?’

Shakespeare, Henry 1V Part 1, Act 3, Scene 1

Image: ‘Amzinybe’ (Eternity) by Mikalojus Ciurlionus (1907) via Wikimedia Commons PD






Moon Diary: The goddess and the lion.

Full Moon in Virgo, 1st – 2nd March, 2018 by Jane Lyle

March begins with a full Moon in Virgo, the Maiden Goddess. It rises at 11 degrees of this mutable sign, falling on the 1st March in the USA, and the 2nd in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Virgo favours order, while the Sun and Neptune in Pisces are boundary-less, empathetic, and intuitive.

Both signs, in different ways, are about charity, service to others, and what you might call the victim-saviour motif. Helping others, and helping or healing our own selves requires strength and self-awareness – something to ponder at this full Moon.

Psychic tides are high, for the Moon opposes dreamy, deceptive Neptune. Strange experiences or emotional reactions ebb and flow – some of us will feel too open to all manner of weird sensations or melancholy emotions.

Solid old Saturn will provide an anchor here, although I still think we’ll be bobbing about on the sea of chaos from time to time. But Saturn trines the full Moon, so one remedy can be found in Saturn’s sense of structure, history and tradition. It could even be an interesting time for historical discoveries, old remedies, or traditional healing techniques. Older artists, celebrities, and musicians are in the full Moon’s spotlight now, and during the next two weeks.

The fixed star, Zosma aligns with our full Moon. This star – at 11 degrees Virgo - is in the constellation of Leo, the Lion, which the Romans linked with the constellation of Virgo, the Virgin. So the starry Lion’s companion is always the goddess, as the Tarot card Fortitude, or Strength, usually reveals. Zosma is the star of victims, and is about helping victims or powerless people. This resonates perfectly with this full Moon’s astrological theme of helping oneself and others. Victim mentality and ‘victim culture’ are also highlighted in our news and media.

If it all gets a bit too wild and woolly for you, just call on Saturn’s earthy good sense and do something practical. This could be just the right time for some traditional, and therapeutic, spring cleaning.

Image: the Tarot card ‘Fortitude’, from ‘Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery’ by Robert Place





Moon Diary Eclipse Special: Spirit of the Beehive

The New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, 15th February, 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Buzzing with edgy, eccentric energy, February’s partial solar eclipse rises at 27 degrees of Aquarius on 15th February, 2018. On many levels its message is ‘express yourself’.

An Aquarian eclipse will always bring a focus on groups of people, or even huge crowds of people. Aquarius is about humanity and community.

So this eclipse brings friendships, alliances, shared projects and teamwork to our attention. How do we connect with each other? What can we create together? What can we learn together? Political parties, unions, and every kind of group and team have much to learn now, and in the months ahead.

Of course, it’s wise to heed traditional astrology’s advice on eclipses too. The days around an eclipse – including Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year - aren’t a good time to take big, or final, decisions. It’s a time to hold off on pushing for a result, or making your mind up. There’ll likely be some wild and windy weather around this time - both in the world, and in our hearts and minds. Wait for those gusts to die down…….

Aquarius and its electrifying ruler, Uranus, are about technology too. New ideas and inventions push forward, discussions about freedom, revolution, and reform capture attention. Travel, transport, education, and learning are likely fields for invention and disruption now, and over the coming months, for Mercury is in Aquarius, adding it’s chatty, media spin to the meaning of the eclipse.

A Social Media Eclipse

“A million zeros joined together do not, unfortunately, add up to one.
Ultimately everything depends on the quality of the individual, but our fatally short-sighted age thinks only in terms of large numbers and mass organizations, though one would think that the world had seen more than enough of what a well-disciplined mob can do in the hands of a single madman. Unfortunately, this realization does not seem to have penetrated very far - and our blindness is extremely dangerous.”

- C. G. Jung, ‘The Essential Jung: Selected Writings’ (1983)

This is very much a social media eclipse. The Aquarian Sun and Moon align with communications planet Mercury, and connect to disruptive, techie Uranus in the first zodiac sign of ‘selfies’, Aries. Surprising news and a volatile atmosphere are forecast.

Here, in social media world, are endless thoughts, inspirations, ideas, comments, offers of deals, alliances, and, of course, the insanity of cats. Social media is a kind of global hive, vibrating with the buzz of endless information and opinions spinning around our world. It connects, but at the same time, it isolates and distracts many people from real life, real connections.

This vibrant eclipse means that research and debates about social media, and its effects on our lives and minds, have an increasingly important role to play this year. Jupiter in Scorpio is involved too, squaring up to the eclipse and expanding our passion for debate. Some people will fight hard for deeply held beliefs (whether right or wrong) this eclipse season.

Since eclipses toss wild cards onto the table, much will be both hidden (for a while) and revealed on social media around the time of this energetic eclipse – and during the next six months. There are links back to August 2017, when the potent Leo solar eclipse travelled right across the United States. What was ‘eclipsed’ then may come to light now, or very soon.

The US has an Aquarian Moon. There are several ‘birth’ times for America, so although we’re sure of the 4th July date we can’t be 100 per cent certain of the time, and therefore certain of the degree of the fast-moving Moon. This eclipse, depending on ‘birth time’, could sit right on the US Moon, stirring up a great deal of public debate, probably via the media and social media. Yes, I know.

Quirky Connections

“We think you’ll enjoy looking up from your gadgets for a little while and experience music and our shared love of it IN PERSON”

- Jack White, musician, on banning mobile phones from his forthcoming live shows this year.

Juno, the asteroid that symbolically presides over commitments and major relationships, also aligns exactly with this solar eclipse. Some remarkable news about a famous marriage could finally emerge, with more fascinating pieces of the puzzle surfacing in autumn 2018.

Juno is currently in Aquarius, a sign that prizes independence and freedom but loves company and the exchange of ideas. Juno’s partnership themes can be expressed in Aquarius by the marriage of minds, mental compatibility, and unconventional, yet meaningful, liaisons. Our solar eclipse heralds unusual relationship developments, and important friendships, for many of us whose personal horoscopes are energised by it.

And what about that mysterious portal called the Dragon’s Tail? The South Node of the Moon has its own message for us, as the Dragon’s Tail (or South Node) swishes fatefully in Aquarius. Release, karma, and our links with others are represented by this point in astrological charts.

When a solar eclipse occurs at the South Node we’re reminded of what we’ve learned in the past. We may need to let something, or somebody, go now. With a social sign like Aquarius, people we’ve known may return from the past – either to take up where the relationship left off, or to release blocked emotions and sort out some unfinished business.

If you’ve got planets or points at 24 – 29 degrees in Leo or Aquarius, a blast from the past is blowing your way, or some very intriguing news about an old friend at the very least. It could even be electrifying!

This eclipse energises Aquarian planets in your natal chart. It will also strongly activate Leo planets and points, and to a lesser extent those in Taurus and Scorpio. Look for 24 – 29 degrees of these signs, or simply ask an astrologer. Events and issues highlighted by an eclipse tend to unfold over about six months, until the subsequent eclipse season. In 2018, the next set of eclipses are in July and August.

Six Famous Aquarians with birthdays (and turning points) around this lively eclipse:

Jerry Springer (13th February)

Robbie Williams (13th February)

Christopher Eccleston (16th February)

John McEnroe (16th February)

Paris Hilton (17th February)

Ed Sheeran (17th February)

And Out in the World

February’s Aquarian solar eclipse crackles around our world, sensitising so many national horoscopes – suggesting an international groundswell of reactions from the public, and visible changes in attitudes or assumptions over the coming months.

One particular area worth watching is much of Eastern Europe, and nations that were once part of the Soviet Union. A sizeable chunk of them have planets in Aquarius, even more have planets opposite in leadership Leo – all coming in for some eclipse energy. Let’s see! Here’s a list:

In the Aquarian corner:

Georgia – revolutionary Uranus
Armenia – Uranus
Azerbaijan – Uranus
Ukraine – Venus, Uranus (1918)
Slovakia – Pluto
Czech Republic - Pluto
Poland – Moon’s nodes
Latvia – Moon’s nodes

And here’s an impressive cluster of fourteen countries with Leo planets activated by the eclipse:

Estonia – Jupiter, Mercury
Belarus – Mercury, Jupiter
Latvia – Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury
Ukraine – Mercury, Venus, Jupiter (1991)
Moldova – Jupiter
Bulgaria – Venus, Uranus
Azerbaijan – Jupiter
Estonia – Sun
Kyrgysztan – Jupiter
Montenegro, Romania, Serbia – Uranus
Belarus – Venus
Hungary – Saturn



Image: Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn, ‘Siamese Ballet’ 1918, PD






Moon Diary Eclipse Special: The Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, January 31st, 2018 by Jane Lyle.

January’s total lunar eclipse in Leo is quite something. It’s our second full Moon this month – making it a rare Blue Moon.

Plus it’s the second supermoon in a month, meaning it’s a full Moon at a point closest to us here on Earth, or perigee.

Stormy weather, geo-physical upheavals, and high tides accompany such powerful Moons. More turbulence rises as human emotions peak, and we’re generally not in a good position to make sensible decisions. That’s because not only are we more impulsive and emotional than usual, but also the information we need to make decisions can be unstable, hidden, or even surprising. Eclipses reveal and conceal, so it’s wise to wait at least a few days, if at all possible, before doing anything final.

The astrology of this total Leo lunar eclipse emphasises the tension between our own individual needs and concerns (Leo), and the needs, opinions, and desires of the wider population (Aquarius). It’s an ongoing theme that began in 2017, with eclipses falling in Leo and Aquarius this year too.

Leo eclipses tend to highlight events around famous people, leaders, royalty, and matters connected with children, creativity, romance, and entertainment. This eclipse has a strong, female edge to it, for the Moon is exactly aligned with Ceres and the Aquarian Sun is close to Venus. Female scientists, social campaigners, and humanitarians could be in the eclipse spotlight.

Ceres is a dwarf planet, named for one of the ancient grain goddesses of the Mediterranean. So, in astrology, she rules over crops, grains, and the seasonal cycles of nature. Ceres aligned with this eclipse asks us to think about how we take care of our environment, or fail to take care of it – and the consequences of that. Wild weather around this time may help to focus global attention on our often-overlooked symbiotic relationship with nature.

Ceres says ‘to everything there is a season’ – you can extend that idea to include love, and the cycles of our relationships – romantically, and amongst our families, children, and friends.

Ceres in Leo has a very queenly vibe – who’s ‘queen’ of your own social circle, workplace, or extended family? That person could be the focus of attention or changes over the next few months. Ceres is also a ‘mother goddess’, although her power in this role goes beyond any sweetly mystical ‘yummy mummy’ persona. She rules over death and decay, alongside fertility and birth. So this full Moon brings certain emotional relationships to a head – there’s generous potential for growth, endings, or chaos.

Neptune’s awkward aspect to the Leo eclipse offers further confusion. Watch out for news about big pharmaceutical companies, plus other drugs-related issues such as legal marijuana, or the use of psychedelic drugs to treat mental health conditions. Neptune always promises glamour, gossip, and scandal too – in Pisces, this includes news about the film, music, and fashion industries, as well as medical organisations and those who work in them. A Leo eclipse puts our bosses, leaders, and prominent people in the spotlight – more than usual, that is.

This Leo lunar eclipse is most likely to trigger your own horoscope if you have planets or points at around 8 -12 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio.

The generation of people, like Donald Trump, who all have Pluto at this degree of Leo, are affected – some more than others, depending on their personal horoscope. When Pluto is triggered, powerful experiences are flagged up – either in deeply emotional, personal ways, or in stunning outer events that shape an individual’s future path.

Other famous people whose horoscopes are energised include Barack Obama and Meghan Markle, with their natal Suns at 12 Leo; Queen Elizabeth II, with her Moon at 12 Leo; Madonna, with Uranus at 12 Leo; and Sharon Stone – another Uranus in Leo generation individual - with Uranus at 8 Leo. Uranus was in Leo from August 1955 – November 1961.

And what’s worth watching out for in the world? Horoscopes for Iran, Qatar, and the UK House of Commons are all stimulated by the Aquarian side of this eclipse - groups of people may find themselves opposing a leader, or losing a leader or figurehead.

Israel, India, Pakistan, and the United Nations represent a small number – amongst many - of world horoscopes whose Leo planets – and leaders - are affected.

This eclipse will be visible in North America, Eastern Asia, across the Pacific Ocean, and in Australia. Regions where an eclipse is visible are, according to traditional astrology, more likely to see obvious manifestations of the eclipse’s meaning.

Events linked with this eclipse will unfold over the next six months, until summer 2018’s eclipses appear in July and August.

Image: ‘Phases of the Moon’ from ‘Harmonia Macrocosmica’ by Andreas Cellarius (1661) via Wikimedia Commons





Moon Diary

The Music of Time: New Moon in Capricorn, 17th January 2018 by Jane Lyle.

The first new Moon of 2018 rises at 26-27 degrees of Capricorn on 17th January. It’s highlighting the Season of the Sea Goat - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all gathered in this dynamic, earthy sign. So if you want to make some practical new beginnings, now would be a particularly good time. All astrology’s planets are currently moving forwards, so we should be able to make progress between now and early March.

Capricorn has a serious reputation for cautious determination. It’s realms include money, property, land, farming, administration, and government. Yet it’s also a musical sign, and one associated with literature. Famous Capricorn musicians and singers include David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Annie Lennox, and Dolly Parton, for instance. So as artistic Venus aligns with this Moon, let’s not forget Capricorn’s love of music, books, and fondness for some well-earned luxuries too. This sign isn’t just all about rigidity, arthritis and frugality! With both Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn for the next few years the Capricorn areas of life (and our own horoscopes) require proper, grown-up attention.

Less conventional Capricorn themes flourish with this new Moon too. Disruptive Uranus in Aries brings an electric atmosphere, highlighting volatile emotions, unusual friendships, and relationships - both in our personal lives, and out in the big, bad world. This is an ongoing theme with recent new Moons – what do we really feel about family life, women’s roles, and our relationships? What can the power of the masses (ruled by the Moon) really achieve? Each new Moon aspected by Uranus has been posing these questions since last August’s powerful Leo eclipse. Their themes may reach a peak in April, when our Aries new Moon aligns exactly with restless Uranus - it’s a flashy phase of upheaval and emotional ‘light-bulb’ moments.

The strategy and wisdom of asteroid goddess Pallas in impulsive Aries counsels us to think carefully, and not rush to judgment. Pallas challenges both Moon and Venus, representing a focus on women with opposing views, women and the law, and women’s issues in general. You may find these themes are particularly strong in your own life, or strongly affecting the world around you this month.

The new Moon’s impact is boosted by Mars in Scorpio too. Our finances demand attention this month. Prepare for some juggling or adjustments as Mars and Uranus are not exactly comfortable with one another at this lunar moment. Still, there’s energy here, and some passion to get things moving along.

This is a meaningful new Moon for all the Capricorns out there. And if you’ve got planets or points in any sign at around 24 – 29 degrees in your own horoscope, you’ll pick up on its themes more than most.

Out in the world, the US horoscope has powerful plutocratic Pluto at 27 Capricorn, so this could be a notable turning point Moon for the United States. Yes, yet more stories and events concerning power, money, secrets, spies, and lies are all stirred up there this January as the planets trigger the ongoing upheavals signified by the current Uranus transit to the US national horoscope.

Image: Miniature with female dancers and musicians, anonymous artist, 18th century Iran, via Wikimedia Commons/National Museum of Warsaw

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