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Career Horoscopes (week beginning 11th January)



Your Careers Forecast for the week commencing Monday 11 January, 2010


ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20

Until recently you've perhaps thought that those trying to steer you towards new work or challenges have over-estimated your abilities.   But with a Solar Eclipse occurring in the most crucial section of your chart, you should start to ask yourself whether you've been the one at fault because you have underestimated at least one particular aspect of what you can do and how well you do it.   It's a great pity that you seem to imagine you're trailing behind certain of your colleagues or associates when it wouldn't be at all difficult for you to go streaking ahead of them.  That’s why this week's Eclipse could be so useful to you in that it will encourage you to take yourself far more seriously and to stop seeing yourself as an also-ran. You're anything but.


TAURUS  Apr 21 - May 21

Remaining impartial when colleagues, employers or associates are arguing over work or professional issues can be difficult.  However, as Venus reaches the most decisive point in your chart, you'll realise you're capable of empathy and understanding as well as a degree of balance and fair-mindedness that's quite foreign to the other people involved.   Don't be surprised if you’re suddenly making statements and issuing orders to those getting things wrong.   It's good to think you'll be able to mastermind something in a strong, determined way but without coming across as a bully or tyrant.  And don't be afraid to put in a bill for work or some other contribution you make to a set-up which can easily afford to pay you what you’re worth.  You can’t afford to be naïve when it comes to money.


GEMINI  May 22 - Jun 21

You've probably found it difficult to communicate or collaborate with those with whom you should have been producing or creating something profitable and worthwhile.   Instead of trying to work out how much you were to blame, it's more useful to move on and capitalise on Mercury’s retrograde phase coming to an end.   This suggests that you and the other people involved will find yourselves on the same wavelength once more. And you'll even be able to forgive the odd, irritating remark or social slip-up which would have got under your skin a short while ago.    This means you're able to come up with ways in which you and certain of these individuals are able to move onwards and upwards in your particular field.   Sharing rewards as well as responsibilities is an important part of the process.


CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23

Someone with whom you haven't always seen eye-to-eye seems keen to collude with you in a particular area.   Rather than be put off by recent differences of opinion, tell yourself it's worth giving it a try.  After all, with Venus changing signs you should find you're quite  tolerant and forgiving.   You can come up with plans which the two of you can work on together.  And there'll be no question as to who takes the credit, because you'll insist on everything being handled in a fair and honest way and you'll stand for no nonsense.   You'll also discover how good it feels to be able to paper over the cracks of a relationship which you know deep down is well worth preserving.  It could also prove lucrative as well as deeply satisfying on a personal level.


LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23  

When it comes to your career, you've got Jupiter moving into the 8th house of your chart.   This means that at the point at which a partner, colleague or employer begins to doubt the wisdom of decisions recently made or plans put into action, yours will be the voice of optimism.  And without providing blue-sky thinking or being unrealistic about what may or may not work, you should be able to bolster the spirits of this person who does, at times like this, need to lean on you.   Just make sure that when the time is right, you are rewarded in a way that's appropriate and you're not taken for granted.  Also be sure to do your sums and promise yourself that there will always be more money coming in than there is going out. 


VIRGO  Aug 24 - Sep 23

Try not to let your conscientious streak force you to work harder or longer than is good for you.  With Venus changing signs you're about to realise that you've allowed your work-life balance to go slightly askew and you need to put it right.   Also look out for someone with whom you work or collaborate and make sure that whatever you do together isn't  too much of a strain.   You're stronger and more robust than this other individual who might be too embarrassed to ask for a break.   It may have to come from you.  In much the same way you probably will have to be the one to calculate the financial aspects of whatever you're doing and ensure that you're paid fairly and equally.   Any discrepancies in this area could cause long-term problems.


LIBRA  Sep 24 - Oct 23

Capitalise on being given an enormous boost in terms of energy and commitment.  Jupiter is changing signs and entering Pisces and it will inspire you to take on issues which a short while ago you might have tried to avoid.   What's so good about this is the fact that the right people will notice what you're doing.  So your efforts won't go to waste.   Not only that but you'll also find you have a great sense of satisfaction once you have turned your mind to some rather laborious matters which colleagues or associates would think beneath them.  But you know that to prove that you can be a Jack or Jill of all trades and that you're not afraid of hard work is a great asset. 


SCORPIO  Oct 24 - Nov 22

Difficult discussions will be helped enormously by Mercury coming to the end of its latest retrograde phase as it begins to move forwards again on Friday 15 January.  This might help explain why you’ll suddenly lose any fears you might have had about confronting a professional or work-related matter which you've assumed would be the cause of conflict between yourself and someone you work with or you work for.   Suddenly things will become much clearer and you'll be able to state your views, ask relevant questions and feel confident that you’re handling things well and that you deserve a respectful and useful response. And it seems likely that that's what you'll get.  And if you don't, then you should have no trouble in negotiating the kind of arrangement that suits you. 


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 - Dec 21

Be flexible when it comes to talents that have gone to waste or been under-used because you’ve imagined they weren't relevant to the job in hand.  The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is waking you up to the fact that you're dealing with people or you're part of a set-up calling for the skills you have but which you've been underestimating.   Enjoy the fact that others respond positively to your hidden talents.  And please don't think you're going to be accused of being arrogant or conceited when you do put whatever you have on show.   You might be surprised at how impressed some VIPs, employers or colleagues are when they realise exactly what you have to contribute to a professional or work-related set-up that can only benefit from what you do so well. 

CAPRICORN  Dec 22 - Jan 20

Venus leaves your sign and makes its way into Aquarius this week, so you’re in a position to make fairly accurate calculations regarding money, resources or assets which could become part of something you want to explore and experiment with.  And with Venus on your side, you should be able to prepare estimates that will help you decide once and for all whether a particular risk is worth taking.  It's quite likely that someone else will have a strong opinion on this.  And he or she will want to influence your decision.  Do by all means consider whatever information is provided.  But accept that in the end, when it comes to making a decision, it’s down to you to do what your instincts tell you.  And that's how it should be, isn't it?


AQUARIUS  Jan 21 - Feb 19

As you become more confident about your work, profession or capacity to earn money, you'll over-estimate what you've got and under-estimate the investment you need to make in terms of your career or on-going responsibilities.   And you may overlook the fact that someone with whom you're working will expect you to contribute more to a shared endeavour than you get out of it.   With Jupiter changing signs any such problems are likely to become exaggerated to the point where you feel quite hostile.  Promise yourself that you'll talk in a logical and respectful way about differences of opinion and what you regard as the way forward when it comes to your job or means of making a living.   There has to be a peaceful solution to even the most complex argument. Find it. 


PISCES  Feb 20 - Mar 20

Some aspect of your work is calling for you to be on show.   This might leave you feeling a little bit intimidated but you'll quickly realise that it's all part of the job.  And you with Jupiter entering your sign on Monday 18th January, you're at the beginning of a phase during which you can rise to your full height, push back your shoulders and let everyone see that you're a force to be reckoned with.  What you must also do is to accept that you've gained new confidence in terms of a certain skill or expertise.  Prove that to the wider world.   And even though you won’t want to come across as a big-head or show-off there are subtle ways of letting everyone see how clever you are.   And you're about to prove it.





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