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Career Horoscopes (week beginning 15th February)


Your Careers Forecast for the week commencing Monday 15 February, 2010



ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20

You’re about to tap into the thoughts and feelings of colleagues or associates and you’ll realise you’re in a stronger position than they are.   And with the pressure mounting, with regard to certain work-related developments, you must be guided by your sixth sense as it helps you decide where your main priorities truly lie.  Capitalise on the fact that with the Sun moving into Pisces, you’ll instinctively know which are the areas in which you can score most points and impress most people.   As you’re realising, it is time to  allow the world to see just how clever you are.   Does that have to mean that you’re perceived as arrogant and conceited?  Not at all.  It just depends on how you handle it.   And you of all people should know exactly the line to take.


TAURUS  Apr 21 - May 21

Rather than put up barriers between yourself and people who would like to be part of what you’re doing, why not invite them in?  You could benefit from their ideas and support because you’ll be embarking on something capable of enhancing your standing within an area of your profession.  The fact that Mercury is clashing with Uranus does suggest that you’ll be forced to defend yourself against some negative individuals.  But it’s unlikely they’ll get anywhere because you’re fast gaining in confidence when it comes to all you can do and how well you can do it.   How fortunate that close by there are more people who want to be on your side than there are those working against you.   With a bit of extra effort your success seems to be on the cards. 


GEMINI  May 22 - Jun 21

Although you’ll be happy to consider some challenging new work or responsibilities you won’t want to put your head above the parapet too soon.  The fact that the Sun moves to the most visible point in your chart this week mustn’t encourage you to volunteer for duties for which you need additional skills and training.   The mere fact that you show willing means that the people in charge will know how keen you are to contribute something worthwhile.  But they won’t expect you to be ready instantly.  Take your time and enjoy the fact that you gain a little bit more knowledge and expertise every day until the point at which you can confidently confront even the most tricky tasks.   Accuracy and precision are far more important than getting things done in record time. 

CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23

Bear in mind that certain plans or projects being discussed might be met with derision or a lot of critical comments because some people don’t really understand what’s being proposed.  This is not helped by the fact that Mercury is forming a sharp link with Uranus and this is encouraging some others to act out of character.  Instead of asking you for help, advice or an explanation, they will seem to be attempting to derail something that’s meant to be going full-steam ahead.   Continue to have total confidence in what you’re doing.  And certainly don’t lose your temper with critics or rivals.   Calm, reassuring words will be far more powerful than any amount of shouting or door slamming.   Just be glad that communications are very well-starred in your chart this week. 


LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23  

When it comes to your working life or career matters, you might have to sharpen up with regard to a plan that requires substantial amounts of money to change hands.  The fact that Jupiter is involved is a clue to the fact that we’re not talking pennies, we’re talking pounds - and quite a lot of them.   It seems likely that you have underestimated your own value in respect of some fairly major negotiations that have been taking place recently.  Let Jupiter’s tie-up with Venus remind you that you are a positive, dynamic individual and that you really do know how to handle complicated situations.  You’ll have no trouble in stepping up to the mark and proving yourself in front of everybody else.  So please don’t, for one moment, have any doubts about your performance.


VIRGO  Aug 24 - Sep 23

The reason you may feel you’re under pressure to perform is linked to the fact that on Thursday 18 February the Sun moves out of the most industrious and conscientious section of your chart.  This will provide you with a strict deadline by which you ought to bring complicated situations to a satisfactory conclusion.  And you won’t want others to try to talk you into playing instead of working.   Of course you’re right to want to keep striving to create or complete whatever it is that’s within your remit because you do like to be seen as reliable and hard-working.    Don’t trip over yourself by being in so much of a hurry that you fail to see where you’re meant to be going.   Efficiency counts for much more than speed, even when the heat’s on. 


LIBRA  Sep 24 - Oct 23

Be a little bit careful about the petty-politics of a situation in which some of your colleagues or associates sometimes behave rather badly.  The fact that Mercury is clashing with Uranus does suggest that if you are seen to be over-friendly towards a certain person, some others will feel displaced.   And that’s going to waste a lot of your time and energy.   It’s therefore important that you remain above any bickering or bad-mouthing.  Remember yours is a sign that is all about coming across as fair, balanced and even-handed.   And those qualities have never been more important than they are at the moment.  One person in particular needs to see that you absolutely will not be manipulated, especially when it comes to your work or career. 


SCORPIO  Oct 24 - Nov 22

Work-related or financial issues must be attended to over the next few days.  But having become a little bit obsessed with your responsibilities recently, you need to keep them in perspective.   And you mustn’t let Mars, at the most potent point in your chart, persuade you to drive yourself so hard that you risk burn-out.   Yes you want to impress influential people.  But you also want to feel that you can remain in touch with the pleasanter things in life while proving yourself in the wider world.  And that of course requires you to be extremely balanced and logical about what you do, the order in which you do it and the way in which you use your resources to bring things to completion.   It’s a time for reflection as well as action.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 - Dec 21

As the Moon enters Taurus it will start making its way through a hard-working, level-headed section of your chart.   This suggests that your instinctive reaction when others are hanging on to you too tightly is to break away from them.  You’re about to sense that you have been too conscientious and too accommodating.  And no matter how ambitious you are you’re about to realise that in order to continue to do well you must take better care of yourself.  Please don’t assume that a period in which you down tools and take a few deep breaths will prove damaging in terms of your career.   Someone influential is likely to be impressed with your awareness of the importance of self-care and how fit and able you are when you pick up your tools and start again.


CAPRICORN  Dec 22 - Jan 20

Make the most of energy being created in your chart at the point at which you need to produce something impressive or bring certain work to a successful conclusion.   This week as the Sun makes its way into Pisces you should make a last-ditch attempt to use your skills and strengths in a way that you perhaps should have done some while ago.  Don’t give yourself a hard time for having failed to get the job done before now.  Instead, put all your dynamism into packing into a few short days an enormous amount of activity that is guaranteed to bring the results you hope for.   Not only will you feel quite wonderful for having dealt with the backlog and cleared the decks but you’ll like the feedback that’s almost certain to come your way.  


AQUARIUS  Jan 21 - Feb 19

You are at the beginning of a period of a month or so during which you would be advised to tap into resources with which you can enhance your day-to-day existence significantly.  With the Sun moving into Pisces you can the same time make some extra money or, even better, carve out for yourself a place within a set-up likely to prove challenging but extremely rewarding.   You do seem to have underestimated your own skills, assets and experience recently.  So when one or two people suggest you put them to good use that really is what you should do.  You have a natural ability to deal with complicated situations that no-one else can handle.   Be proud of that ability.   And let some influential people see you using it in the best possible way.  


PISCES  Feb 20 - Mar 20

With the Sun in Pisces for the next month or so, there’s little doubt that those born under your sign are going to feel that they’re capable of taking charge of situations that colleagues or associates would never be able to handle.   This is not to say that you’ll be ridiculously over-confident but there’s every chance that you will find that your self-esteem is sufficiently high to launch yourself into an area in which the competition is pretty fierce.  And it shouldn’t occur to you for one moment that competitors or rivals will outstrip you.  Surely you realise that you have talents that have been under-used and energy that others envy enormously.  What’s to prevent you from masterminding a situation capable of putting your name up in lights? 





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