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Career Horoscopes (week beginning 18th January)


Your Careers Forecast for the week commencing Monday 18 January 2010



ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20

Try not to feel too uncomfortable about the fact that you don’t seem to have as much energy and enthusiasm as usual when it comes to work or on-going commitments.  This is partly because the Sun is leaving the most powerful point in your chart.   And rather than see this from a negative point of view, you should try to see it as a plus in that it should enable you to reflect on what you’ve done well while also deciding why some other plans or ideas haven’t been so successful.  We all need a breathing space during which we can think about where we’ve been and what we’ve done before moving on to new and different challenges.   You’ve more time than you realise to decide where your priorities should lie in the near future.


TAURUS  Apr 21 - May 21

Be careful not to give anyone the impression that you can take care of any situation that they find daunting.   The Sun’s entering the most decisive area of your chart which suggests that you’re going to be involved with people who want to do well.  But they are unlikely to have whatever it takes to bring about the outcomes they want.  And unfortunately, they’ll see you in a positive light and expect you to provide whatever they are lacking.  The fact that the Sun goes on to join forces with Saturn should help enormously because it means you should be able to maintain a sensible, logical attitude even if others are trying to use emotional blackmail to get you to do what they want.  Tell yourself you won’t fall for it -  and don’t waiver.


GEMINI  May 22 - Jun 21

Having fought shy of a set-up requiring you to take on more responsibilities, you’re about to re-think your position.  You’re getting used to having Jupiter hovering over the highest point in your chart which helps explain why you’re feeling more at ease when  faced with being put to the test.   The only danger is that you might make other people feel you’re willing to push them to one side in order to achieve or acquire what you feel is rightfully yours.   You perhaps need to have one or two heart-to-heart discussions with those who feel threatened by you when they should in fact be confident that working or being associated with you will be a plus, rather than a minus.   Speaking from the heart and coming across as authentic will make all the difference.


CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23

Although you won’t want to involve loved ones with the finer points of your work or career, it might be useful to inform them that you have a lot going on.  And make a virtue of the fact that, with Venus linking up with Saturn, you can expect to feel the benefits attached to a project that promises to reward you handsomely.  A great deal of what you gain can be shared with those you love and care for as well as enhancing some facet of your home and family life.  Once again, you’re about to realise that you’re good at taking on challenges that others shy away from but you do need to know that you’ll be repaid appropriately.   This is certainly not a time to wonder whether you’re being taken for a ride.


LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23  

You’ve dedicated yourself to some laborious tasks which at first sight appeared to offer little in return and you’re about to feel pleased with the outcome.   Having masterminded something which you’ve avoided for some while is going to prove rewarding.   And without being aware of it, you’ve impressed others who’ll be keen to collaborate with you in the future.   Rest assured that with the Sun changing signs you can enjoy a period of rest and respite and perhaps make a fuss of someone who has felt sidelined.   The two of you can enjoy and indulge yourselves in a way that hasn’t been possible for some while. This will remind you of how a spate of good old-fashioned hard work really can make the beer taste better at the end of the day.


VIRGO  Aug 24 - Sep 23

Once again people will expect you to do more than your fair share of the hard work.  But in this instance you’ll feel you’re at a distinct advantage because you have the appropriate resources close at hand while everybody else is sadly lacking. The Sun’s tie-up with Saturn should enable you to deal with a tricky area in half the time that anyone else would take and with results that are twice as good.  Yes, you might make it all appear easy but in truth you’ll be conscientious and single-minded.   Just make sure that one particular person isn’t tempted to make light of your achievements which will in fact come at a high price.   Letting it be known that rewards and recognition you get are no more than you deserve is a wise move.


LIBRA  Sep 24 - Oct 23

Everyday tasks and duties seem to overwhelm you from time to time and you wonder why you can’t get to grips with them and rid yourself of the backlog that’s constantly building up.   Remember that recently Jupiter made its way into the most conscientious section of your chart so you probably are suffering from an overdeveloped sense of responsibility.   Sit down and analyse exactly what should fall within your remit and what genuinely does not.  You don’t want Jupiter to persuade you to take on everybody else’s work for them so that they’re given an easy ride while you’re worn to a frazzle.  Stop, breathe and look around and you’ll see that even when you’re working more slowly and carefully you’re still way ahead of most people. 


SCORPIO  Oct 24 - Nov 22

You obviously have work and commitments as well as bills to pay.   But a Venus-Saturn link  also suggests you can get a balanced view of which are the areas of responsibility that can benefit you in the long term.   You’ll find a way to jettison out of your routine anything that will take up energy and aspects of your busy day you can’t afford to waste.   Yes, you may have yourself to blame in that you’ve no doubt encouraged others to come running to you for help in the past.  And that was no doubt at a point at which they genuinely needed to do just that.   It’s a habit that they and you now need to break.  Look forward to feeling liberated from a set-up to which you’ve become a bit of a martyr.  


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 - Dec 21

Make the most of an opportunity to use certain of your skills and talents in a way that will help you secure your future.  The reason it is important to strike while the iron is hot is that the Sun is changing signs, which brings to an end a phase during which you’ve had the luxury of knowing that you have strengths that other people lack but without having to use them in a proactive way.  But you mustn’t let this go on any longer because certain influential people need to see just how much you have to offer them and whatever they’re involved in.  And you need to start negotiating terms and conditions.  There’s no need to rush, but do just start turning thoughts into actions at the first available opportunity.

CAPRICORN  Dec 22 - Jan 20

As the Sun is allied to Saturn let colleagues, employers or associates see that you’re willing to offer support to an idea that might use up a lot of the available resources.  Or you should at least make it clear that you’re not opposed to whatever is being put forward.  Remaining open-minded is essential because Saturn could make you look rather set in your ways or unadventurous.   If that happens, there’s a danger you’ll be left out of something which could prove very beneficial as well as providing a lot of stimulation for somebody like you.  So make it obvious that you’re open to all sorts of schemes, dreams and ideas.  And you’re certainly not someone who can’t think outside the box.  You most certainly can.


AQUARIUS  Jan 21 - Feb 19

People are aware that you sometimes deny just how resourceful you can be when it comes to taking on new work or challenging ideas.  This is only because you don’t want to set yourself up as being this wonderful creature who is rarely, if ever, defeated.   You’ve worked out that you’d feel embarrassed if you were to fail at something which everybody else expects you to conquer.   But actually, you need to be more relaxed about this sort of thing and to admit that you do have skills you’ve kept quiet about.   Now that you’re getting used to having Jupiter in Pisces it’s time to be much more up-front about one particular area in which you’re virtually guaranteed to become a major hit.  Go for it.


PISCES  Feb 20 - Mar 20

With Venus allied to Saturn your sixth sense will be pin-sharp with regard to an arrangement which requires you to become heavily involved with somebody who is a little too rigid and regimented.  This will be linked to insecurities which you can help alleviate.  But Saturn, which is the planet of time,  will remind you to use every minute responsibly and not to rush into things.   It’s therefore important to appear relaxed about steering colleagues or associates through areas in which they feel pressurised to perform at breakneck speed.  You’re about to see just how much impact you can have on a joint endeavour which might be jeopardised by the other people involved thinking they’ve got to meet false deadlines.  How lucky they are to have you around, offering the voice of reason and commonsense.





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