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Career Horoscopes (week beginning 23rd November)


Your Careers Forecast for the week commencing Monday 23 November, 2009


ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20

As you think about a deal, contract or arrangement between yourself and people with whom you produce or create something profitable and worthwhile, you have a huge advantage this week in that Venus is collaborating with Uranus, the planet of invention.  So there’s no point in worrying that you’ll suddenly run out of inspiration at the point at which you’ve got to come up with a design or framework that others are going to respect.   You’ll have all the imagination you need to leave everyone in awe of the way in which you’re able to pull something magical out of the bag.   But you need to let Venus keep reminding you that the numbers have to add up and the costs mustn’t exceed the potential profit of the exercise.   Keep doing the sums.


TAURUS  Apr 21 - May 21

It might seem that an ambitious scheme would stand a greater chance of success if you were given the encouragement of somebody who knows you, your work and your abilities extremely well.   And because Venus is at odds with Neptune you may even go so far as to confront this person and say that you feel let down by the lack of interest shown in your endeavours.   Of course we have to take on board the fact that Neptune can confuse the issue at times like this.  And you may be judging this individual much too harshly because you’re simply being left alone to do what you need to do as that seems best for you.   If that’s not the case, you must say as much.  This is a good time to start.


GEMINI  May 22 - Jun 21

With Uranus hovering over the most decisive point in your chart competitors might be given a glimpse of how inventive you can be when new initiatives are called for.   And the fact that Uranus is collaborating with Venus only adds to your power because it suggests that you’ll have a way of seeing the true worth of ventures which others might be writing off as a waste of time.  How exciting to think you’ll be in a position to add your creative flair to a situation which might otherwise remain functional but not very exciting.  The only danger is that others might be frightened off if they think they’re not up to your standard.   The sooner you make it clear that their contribution is more than welcome, the better off everybody will be. 

CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23

Be glad Mercury’s colluding with Mars at a point at which it’s important to prove you’ve a wealth of talents at your fingertips - and that you’re confident that people around you also have a great deal that they can offer to whatever projects are being developed.  Just make sure you don’t become so keen to get things done that other people gradually step to one side and let you handle all the hard work single-handedly.    Yes, you may be more gifted, energetic and inspired than they are but you don’t want to end up feeling you’re being taken for a ride.  If on the other hand, you decide that it’s best if you do handle the majority of the work yourself, then everyone has to understand that you’ll want to be rewarded appropriately.


LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23

The area in which you might have to be careful about avoiding unnecessary spending is the one revolving around your working life or business or financial involvements.  You’re feeling the build-up to Mercury’s run-in with Uranus.  And it could be that you’ll want to initiate all sorts of plans and ideas that seem capable of bringing profit, acknowledgement or praise from people whose opinions count for a lot.     But do remember that Uranus can be responsible for springing surprises on you.  And there is a chance that one or two people are going to be dead set against what you imagine to be a wonderful endeavour.   Please look at your plans very carefully.   They may appear to be fine on paper but they need a tremendous amount of research.


VIRGO  Aug 24 - Sep 23

When it comes to your everyday work and responsibilities you’ll explore ideas that seem certain to lead you to quick-fire solutions and fast-tracking that will take away the mundane factors involved with much of what you have to do.   But you have to make sure that you’re not being led astray by Neptune’s set-to with Venus which occurs this week.  Under the influence of this powerful cosmic connection there’s a chance that you’ll find yourself reassuring a number of people that everything’s going to be as easy as falling off a log when that really isn’t the case.   Don’t under-estimate the complexity of much of what you’re meant to do and what’s expected of you.   And certainly don’t put into operation any ideas that you haven’t checked out very thoroughly indeed.


LIBRA  Sep 24 - Oct 23

Don’t be surprised if colleagues or associates suddenly come running to you and insist on being given your ideas on how a professional or financial set-up could be made to work against all the odds.  With Venus allied to Uranus that you’ll suddenly become aware of how many more strengths and resources you have when compared to many of the people around you.   And because you’ll be in such a charitable mood you’ll very happily give these people the help and advice they need.  But it is important that they have enough respect for you to give you credit for whatever you’ve contributed.  In other words, you won’t be happy if you provide what other people want and then they take the credit - and they perhaps even forget to say thank you! 


SCORPIO  Oct 24 - Nov 22

Never forget that when it comes to your work, career or means of earning your living, you are blessed this week because of the way in which Mars at the most visible point in your chart is allied to Mercury.   You won’t have to do very much at all to attract the attention of influential people who see your work as a worthwhile investment.  Or they simply choose to spread the word about you and what you’re doing and give you a tremendous amount of moral support.   At the time you might think that that’s not enough.  But wait and see how a boost to your confidence makes an enormous difference to your performance and your approach to a very ambitious idea that you’ll soon be taking extremely seriously.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 - Dec 21

Try not to worry that certain people aren’t making you feel you’re very much in demand.  With Pluto in Capricorn you have gradually been getting used to being one of those people who’s quite well-known for having a lot of power and a number of skills at your disposal.  And it’s easy to get used to that feeling.  Don’t think that this week when the attention of important individuals is targeted elsewhere you’re no longer influential.  You are.   And you mustn’t feel unnerved when it seems that your skills are no longer as marketable as they were a short while ago.  These things occur in cycles.  You’ll impress everybody by showing how patient you can be while you’re waiting for your turn to be numero uno to come round again - which it very soon will.


CAPRICORN  Dec 22 - Jan 20

Choices must be made with regard to your work, profession or means of making money. Tell yourself you’re every bit as talented and capable as the next person.  And do not allow Neptune’s run-in with Venus to persuade you that lines of communication are so unclear or other people’s intentions are so hard to interpret that you’ll never be able to pursue one particular project or piece of work that could help put you on the map.  Please don’t let Neptune muddy the waters to such a degree that you lose sight of how good you are and how much other people get out of working with you or for you.   This is a week during which you can achieve a tremendous amount provided you don’t allow self-doubts to come into play. 


AQUARIUS  Jan 21 - Feb 19

Venus is at the highest point of your chart collaborating with Uranus, so you’ll be in a position to use talents that many of your colleagues or associates cannot boast.  You’re being urged to be more daring and to place a higher value on the way in which you operate and the means by which you can often transform something ordinary into something fairly extraordinary.  Just remember that you do also have to be wary of appearing to tread on other people’s toes.  You’ll know that you’re not being ruthlessly competitive but one or two others are so insecure that they’ll think you are trying to get the better of them.   Make it clear that that’s not the case.  And if you do happen to overtake these people then that’s just the way it is. 


PISCES  Feb 20 - Mar 20

Whatever you’re doing work-wise there is likely to be an opportunity for you to show how quickly you can turn your hand to issues that nobody else seems able to mastermind.   With Mercury at the most dynamic point of your chart this week as it colludes with Mars you’ll think that one particular opportunity is such a gift that it’s almost too good to be true.  And once you start to show that you can be extremely proactive, high-energy and determined, certain people will be thrilled to find that there’s much more to you than the rather dreamy, poetic character they’ve always considered you to be. Their sense of enlightenment when they catch a glimpse of the person you really are will show all over their faces.  You won’t be able to miss it.





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