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Career Horoscopes (week beginning 30th November)


Your Careers Forecast for the week commencing November 30, 2009



ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20
Monitor yourself as you begin to feel that it’s expected of you to take control of a professional, financial or petty political situation in which others haven’t been behaving very well.   The fact that Mercury is allied to Pluto might persuade you that it’s perfectly okay to throw your weight around, bark orders here, there and everywhere and generally rule the roost.   But actually you need to gain the respect of the people with whom you’ll  be working or collaborating.  So you certainly shouldn’t show them a side of you that is quite aggressive, pushy or unpleasant.  Yes, Aries, there is a call for you to be proactive and decisive.  But deep down you must know that you’ve got to combine that with intelligence and self-discipline.   At times like this, less can be more.

TAURUS  Apr 21 - May 21
As you negotiate complex facts, figures or information with colleagues, employers or associates, you might at first feel that you are at a distinct disadvantage.  But hold on to the fact that Neptune at the highest point of your chart is closely allied to Mercury. You should have the wit and the wisdom with which to get a clear picture of areas that others find impossible to get to grips with.   Neptune can at times make everything seem too good to be true.  But on this occasion Mercury is going to compensate by making you so clear-thinking that you’ll know immediately the best way to convince even the most uncooperative individuals that you and they need to pool resources and to see things from the same point of view. Remain positive. 

GEMINI  May 22 - Jun 21
It might suddenly occur to you that you and certain others could become a pretty impressive team.  And by pooling your resources you should be able to design, produce or create something from which you will all benefit enormously in the long term.  You will however need to capitalise on the fact that your ruler Mercury is making its way into Capricorn.  This should enable you to be more articulate than usual about areas which have in the past been extremely difficult to negotiate - and questions that have been nigh-on impossible to answer.   Just don’t think you’ve got to try to do everything single-handedly.  You want people shoulder to shoulder with you, not following behind and feeling resentful of the way you’re pushing yourself forwards.   A joint effort cannot be beaten right now.

CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23
No matter how important it is to meet your obligations and deal with commitments and responsibilities, you mustn’t feel you’ve no right to do things at your own pace or in your own way.  As Venus makes its way into the most conscientious section of your chart you’re being encouraged to think seriously about whether or not you might sometimes put your health and well-being at risk by driving yourself too hard.  Why not try to differentiate between what must be done and what can be left until another time?   With help from Venus you should be able to rationalise any decisions you make about putting off today what can be left until tomorrow.  It means that in those areas in which you do need to produce or create something, you’ll be in tip-top form.

LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23  
Somebody hinting at the possibility of a project being vulnerable might not be as accommodating as you’d like.   Without asking too many questions, you should try to discover why they are casting a shadow of doubt over whatever’s going on.    You must also capitalise on the way in which Mercury is allied to Pluto because it will enable you to dig deep in a subtle way and let your instincts lead you to whatever information certain others have been withholding.   Rather than think in terms of anybody being manipulative or unnecessarily secretive, show that you’re willing to continue to collude with these people as though everything is normal.  This is a tactic that will get you what you want and it will also show you off as somebody who’s resourceful, respectful and well-worth knowing.

VIRGO  Aug 24 - Sep 23
When it comes to your work or career, bear in mind that this week’s Full Moon is passing over the most influential point in your chart.   Make sure you don’t become over-emotional or possessive with regard to territory in which other people are suddenly showing a lot of interest..  It might seem that colleagues or associates are being encouraged to try their hand in areas of responsibility that you regard as being your own.  This is one of those occasions on which you must not make assumptions.  You certainly mustn’t imagine you’re being ousted just because someone else is showing an interest in the way you work or whatever it is you produce or create.   Wait and see how things transpire before you ask too many questions.   You could be in for a pleasant surprise.

LIBRA  Sep 24 - Oct 23
Turn your attention to an area of work or responsibility.  There’s fire-fighting to be done or a situation to be rescued because, as you’ll see, there’s a potential disaster looming.   Other people have ignored warning signs.   And as Uranus changes direction and comes to the end of its latest retrograde phase, it will be all too easy for you to over-react to what needs doing and how little is being done by others.   Don’t take over entirely and certainly don’t start shouting the odds at those you think should have been more attentive.  It will be hard to know, for a little while at least, how much of an emergency you actually have on your hands.  Be sensible and do what has to be done but without creating an unnecessary drama. 

SCORPIO  Oct 24 - Nov 22
With a Full Moon in Gemini you should be encouraged to disclose your true feelings with regard to a financial or professional set-up that others have assumed to be perfectly okay with you.  You’ll resent the fact that they’ve never checked to ensure that you’re happy to go along with what they are proposing.  But perhaps it’s the amount of time, energy or money you’re meant to contribute to whatever they had in mind that’s the problem.  Choose your moment and be discerning with the words you use because you don’t want your objections to sound so belligerent that you start a fight. A Full Moon can make you over-emotional and sometimes even irritable and tetchy.  Sound reasonable, even when dealing with things that are a major cause of concern.   Anger will get you nowhere.

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 - Dec 21
Mercury’s moving into Capricorn and you’ll find yourself admitting that you must confront a financial or work-related situation which has become something of an elephant in the room in that neither you nor anybody else has wanted to talk about it.   Let Mercury give you the confidence and the articulacy with which to broach the subject, present the facts and negotiate a successful outcome.  No-one’s suggesting you have a magic wand with which to make the situation perfect.  But talking frankly and sensibly will take you a long way towards the solution that you and others are looking for.   Yours is a sign that’s associated with leadership and daring.  You have an opportunity to show how clever you can be at transforming a fairly non-descript set-up into something that can produce a healthy profit.
CAPRICORN  Dec 22 - Jan 20
There’s a Full Moon in Gemini which suggests that day-to-day responsibilities or areas of work might wind you up to such a degree that you feel like running away from it all.   You won’t do that of course.  You’re too aware of the consequences.  But you should instead harness your emotions which will be very apparent due to the impact of the Full Moon. Also insist on your right to object to things that aren’t being properly managed and suggest ways in which improvements could be made.  Certainly don’t try to repress fairly strong feelings you have about mundane duties and responsibilities which really should not be allowed to be a burden to people such as yourself.   Debating issues such as this could make this a week you’ll remember for a long while to come.

AQUARIUS  Jan 21 - Feb 19
You’ve grown used to being able to pick your way through complicated areas in which you have to enter into negotiations with colleagues, employers or associates who are never really on your wavelength.  With Venus changing signs you might decide you’ve been too accommodating and too diplomatic.  You’ll feel it would be best for all concerned if you were to tell it how it really is and not pretend to agree with ways of working which you don’t hold in high regard.  You know you can only pretend for so long.   You’re about to experience a great sense of relief that you can now begin to disclose in an authentic voice your real feelings about the way things should be done.  People will soon see you’re unwilling to compromise - and they’ll respect you for it.

PISCES  Feb 20 - Mar 20
You might well have felt recently that you’ve been overlooked when it comes to work, finances or your career.   And as Venus is moving to an extremely visible point in your chart this week, you’ll have the chance to make yourself more visible.  In other words you can attract the attention of  some influential people - but of course you must first make sure that what they see is going to be impressive.  So do brush up on any topics that might be raised as a means of these people establishing whether or not you should work with them or for them.  And remember that being well-prepared is more than half the battle if you are hoping to be invited to collaborate or collude with certain individuals.  Leave nothing to chance.





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