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Career Horoscopes (week beginning 4th January)


Your Careers Forecast for the week commencing Monday 4 January, 2010



ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20

Thinking of anything else but your profession or reputation may be hard for you at certain points this week.  You see, with masses of energy surrounding the most exposed section of your chart, you’ll naturally want to be seen at your very best.  And you’ll have to be a little bit careful because Mercury is high up there aligning itself with Venus.  But with Mercury being retrograde or moving backwards until mid-January, it could just be that you misinterpret what some other people seem to expect from you.  It could be that they are assuming you’ll pull out all the stops and that there is no end to your energy, time and dedication.  But there might be, mightn’t there Aries?  This is something you need to think about more carefully.


TAURUS  Apr 21 - May 21

It might be hard for you to decide exactly where your priorities lie for the next few days.  You see, there will be unclear messages coming through from people with whom you work or pool your resources.  And it would seem to you that they want one thing one minute and another thing the next.  This has a lot to do with the fact that Mercury is forming a sharp link with both Jupiter and Neptune.  So it will be hard for you to decide whether you’re trying to do too much or too little.  And whether or not the outcome is going to have much relevance to the other people involved anyway.  Please don’t panic.  Just quietly insist that you’re given clearer instructions and that everyone agrees on what the goals should actually be.


GEMINI  May 22 - Jun 21

Perhaps it would feel quite nice for you to be able to confide in somebody about certain business, financial or formal matters about which you do have one or two misgivings.  And you should feel free to do that except you have to remember that with Mercury retrograde until mid-January you might not always be heard entirely accurately.  Yes, Mercury is allied to Venus so you almost certainly will be shown care, consideration and respect.  But sometimes those things aren’t enough.  And on this occasion you probably do need a more hard-nosed approach, perhaps provided by the kind of person who can look at a row of figures and know instinctively whether or not they add up.  Please don’t feel too shy to ask for exactly that.  Struggling on your own makes no sense whatsoever.


CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23

There will be times when you might wonder whether some kind of partnership project is worth all the effort.   But do bear in mind that any despair or disappointment is likely to be exaggerated because Mercury is retrograde.  Little hitches and glitches might seem like major issues.   And the wrong word here or there could sound like the voice of doom.   Please don’t fall foul of any of this.   The fact that Mercury is forming a sharp link with Jupiter is a virtual guarantee that nothing is as bad as it might sound when it comes to work or money over the next few days.  Look for those good, positive bits about which you have no doubts and cling to them until the whole picture becomes lighter and brighter, which it very soon will.


LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23 

Every now and again it must seem unfair that you’re working hard and others aren’t pulling their weight.   However, it’s important that you bite your tongue and you don’t lash out at those who almost certainly aren’t as driven or productive as you.   This is not the time for a major falling out or confrontation, especially as Mercury is retrograde or appearing to travel backwards until mid-January.  It’s stirring things up in the most conscientious section of your chart. That’s why you might be a little bit too keen to get everything done in the most efficient and squeaky-clean way possible.   True, not everyone works to your high standards.  But it could just be that you can afford to lower your sights a bit and still be known for your excellent results.  Think about it.


VIRGO  Aug 24 - Sep 23

You’ll want to do your work in a more innovative way this week.  And with Mercury forming a sharp link to Neptune you’ll decide that challenges will be more fun to take on if you allow yourself a bit of freedom and express yourself in the way that says a lot about you.   Remember, however, that as Mercury is retrograde it is possible that you’ll underestimate the effort and cost it takes for you to complete one particular project within the appropriate time-frame and in the right way.  You don’t want to go off at a tangent and come up with something that lifts your heart but which isn’t actually what’s wanted by peers, employers, colleagues or associates. Sometimes we have to provide what’s wanted and not what we think is best.


LIBRA  Sep 24 - Oct 23

It’s likely that you’ll be facing some kind of re-think when it comes to your work or profession.   You have to avoid overreacting to something that’s likely to be changing, being reformed or slimmed down.   Please don’t see this as a reason for a lot of doom and gloom.  Almost certainly the cosmos is alerting you to the reality of the situation but also, given time, will reveal what lies behind whatever is going on and where other new areas of growth and development are present.   And please don’t jump to any conclusions about your long-term future - or anybody else’s for that matter.  Wait and see what unfolds - it shouldn’t take long at all and you’re likely to be more pleased with the outcome than you might expect.


SCORPIO  Oct 24 - Nov 22

As you turn your mind to getting back to business as usual, you need to prove to at least one influential person that you have more than enough energy to take on a challenge which everybody recognises as being fairly formidable.  This doesn’t mean you have to make a lot of noise about what you can do. But you can quietly capitalise on having Mars at the most crucial point in your chart.  So, whenever you do something especially energetic, inspired or innovative, it will be almost as though you’re on the world’s stage being watched by a vast audience.   Don’t over-react and  try to give them more than you can comfortably manage.  Instead you should quietly meet the requirements of the job in hand feeling fully competent that it will be exactly what’s wanted.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 - Dec 21

When it comes to your career or day-to-day work, you cannot overlook Mercury’s alliance with Venus.  Talk to somebody with whom you may be able to pool your resources and embark on a pattern of working which may be new or revolutionary but which should promise greater progress, fulfilment and hopefully profits too.   You cannot expect instant results and overnight success.   And before you even get a glimpse of what the outcomes might be, you’ll have to get used to the cosmos showing up very clearly what you might have to lose or sacrifice in the process.   When you weigh up whether or not it’s worth it, you’re virtually guaranteed to decide that it is.   But you cannot rush such decisions if you want great results in the end.

CAPRICORN  Dec 22 - Jan 20

Focus on the way you sometimes over-react to instructions given by a boss or colleague.  You can, on occasions, resent the fact that you’ve got to do what you’re told when you feel you should be the one issuing orders.  The reason this might rear its head this week is the fact that Mercury in your sign is at loggerheads with Jupiter and  Neptune. So keep telling yourself that the value you put on a certain set-up is sometimes too high.  And with Jupiter and Neptune occupying positions in an extremely practical part of your chart you’re being urged to be much more realistic about what probably will work and what definitely won’t work!   No more blue sky thinking when it comes to your profession, finances and reputation this week.  Be real and stay real.


AQUARIUS  Jan 21 - Feb 10

Anything to do with your profession or day-to-day work will call for you to accept that sometimes you have to tackle mundane-sounding, dull tasks and duties.  And you’ll feel duty-bound to take them on.   But as you do so, you will sense the power of Neptune at odds with Mercury energising the most intuitive section of your chart. Consequently it will suddenly occur to you that there’s at least one other able-bodied individual who could be making a contribution.   It wouldn’t be good for you to bite your tongue and stop yourself from voicing your opinion.  The minute you begin to speak you’ll be glad you found the courage and the voice with which to do it.  The response and support you get will convince you that you’re doing the right thing.


PISCES  Feb 20 - Mar 20

Somebody with whom you are able to work very successfully might be wondering whether you’ve been trying to gain the upper hand.   So equality and fairness will be very much in the air.  You’ll feel the impact of Jupiter’s run-in with Mercury,  which is why it might seem that in spite of doing everything you can for this particular individual it doesn’t seem that you’re being repaid or rewarded very generously.  The planets will be encouraging you to look closely at facts and figures and work out whether the satisfaction you’re getting out of a particular project is worth the effort.  You will certainly need to assess whether or not you over-value an aspect of your work or on-going responsibilities which might well need down-sizing.





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