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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 16th July)

Your career horoscope for the week beginning 16th July by Peter Watson.

ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20
All sorts of enthusiastic comments will be made about the way in which you and certain others could, by means of team-effort, produce something beneficial and perhaps very profitable.  But somewhere in the back of your mind will be lurking doubts and confusion as to whether this is all going to turn out as well as people think.  Your apprehension stems from the build-up to Jupiter’s connection with Venus which is giving everything an over-optimistic, unrealistic flavour.  Be glad that you are the wise one who will be suggesting that it’s time to slam on the brakes and look seriously at what really is possible and what’s not. No-one’s suggesting that nothing good can come of the arrangement but you will need to manage everyone else’s expectations as well as your own.

TAURUS  Apr 21 – May 21
Any day now you’ll find yourself in the mood to initiate new work or re-think existing projects which are in need of improvement.  And that’s fine except that you mustn’t drain yourself of all your available energy simply because Mars is occupying the most potent and effective sector of your chart.  Added to that is the fact that midweek the Moon links with Mars which will hopefully warn you exactly when to slow down the pace, and when it’s safe to go full speed ahead.  At times like this it’s crucial that you take notice of your sixth sense as it enables you to analyse very accurately any situation about which you and others disagree when it comes to whether or not you should be investing in them.  Your instincts are likely to be spot-on.

GEMINI   May 22 - Jun 21
Every now and again you might wonder why a number of your friends, loved ones and those people  close to home feel obliged to tell you how they think you should handle your work, profession or finances.  On one level you probably don’t mind too much.  But you probably do find that on quite another level it’s irritating to think that these individuals assume they know best.  Just make sure that you are not guilty of over-reacting to comments made towards the weekend when you will be impacted by Jupiter collaborating with Venus.  It would be a pity if you were to think that yours is the only opinion that’s worth listening to when two or three other people close by also have comments of significant value to offer you.

CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23
Once again you’re likely to mourn the fact that your financial situation or certain business affairs can still leave you wondering whether you’re perceived as inadequate.  For some reason you’ve become very self-critical when faced with decisions or any complex situations that leave you feeling you’re out of your depth. You need to capitalise on the Sun entering fiery Leo this week.  This should mean that your confidence will be given a bit of a boost and you’ll realise that you can manage two or three fairly baffling areas even though at times you’ll be tempted to give up the struggle.  Don’t.  It’s important that you see these things through to the end at which point you can pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you’re ready for even more challenges to come your way.

LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23 
A number of people who know you well might assume the right to discuss your long-term future and make it sound as though they know exactly what you should be doing.  This is a pity because you’ll be in the mood to make your own decisions about certain professional or financial developments and you’ll be buoyed up by the way in which Jupiter is allied to Venus at the weekend.  As a result you might become somewhat over-confident and a little too optimistic about handling a complicated deal or situation on your own.  You mustn’t let Jupiter convince you that you know everything there is to know about the situation involved.  You don’t and you would do well to listen to at least some of the advice being offered to you by those close by.

VIRGO   Aug 24 - Sep 23
Those talking of all the assets, talents and experience they have at their fingertips could be a source of great irritation to you.  Promise yourself that these displays of egotism won’t bring out the worst in you.  You’re likely to be a little bit more intolerant than usual with such people because the Moon’s entering Libra early in the week.  This should help explain why those people wanting to take centre stage with regard to business, property, investments or bank accounts will rattle and rile you.  You’re simply not to let it show.  So at the first indication that you’re running out of patience you should withdraw from the situation, count to ten, take deep breaths and do whatever else is necessary to calm you down and get you back on an even keel.

LIBRA   Sep 24 - Oct 23
The fact that Jupiter the planet of extremes is dominating one of the money-related and business sections of your chart suggests that you’ll adopt a supremely confident stance in a bid to convince colleagues, employers or associates that they can trust you to bring an ambitious deal to fruition.  One or two of them might think you’re being over-optimistic – and they may have a point, especially as Jupiter is of course the planet of excess and exaggeration.  You, however, will gain strength from the fact that Venus is allied to Jupiter in a very beneficial way.  And this cosmic connection is enabling you to evaluate exactly what can and cannot be done within the framework in which you are operating.  So you must refuse to be discouraged by naysayers and negative thinking.

SCORPIO   Oct 24 - Nov 22
It might seem to you that you have waited rather too long for rewards and recognition due to you because of your recent achievements.  True, you probably have made a concerted effort in the area in which is you really should have been given some acclaim.  But for some reason colleagues and companions have made very little fuss about all that you’ve achieved.  Be that as it may, you should now feel free to celebrate the way in which you are about to be applauded for your latest accomplishments. And with the Sun entering Leo you are at last being paid a lot of attention because of the impact of the glorious Sun in the most visible and powerful sector of your chart.  Indulge in everything that comes your way, even though it’s long overdue.

SAGITTARIUS   Nov 23 - Dec 21
Allow yourself to daydream or fantasise about the way in which a certain challenge or piece of work might pan out, bringing you the kind of acknowledgement you deserve.  But don’t be surprised if, actually, it does all becomes a reality in the next few days as you feel the build-up to Jupiter’s positive connection with Venus.  You may have taken a few chances recently and not all of them have paid off.  But Venus is now making sure, with a little help from Jupiter, that one particular project or piece of work for which you’re responsible seems to be well-worth all the effort you’ve put into it.  Perhaps you’ve become so used to being criticised rather than praised recently that you’ve forgotten how it feels to enjoy success. Hopefully that’s all about to change.

CAPRICORN   Dec 22 - Jan 20
Try to remain patient and tolerant with colleagues, allies or team members who haven’t really capitalised on an opportunity to show themselves off at their best.  You might resent their lackadaisical attitude because it’s cost them – and possibly you – quite a lot in terms of profit, rewards and recognition.  You mustn’t despair however because the planets are very much on your side, especially as the Sun is entering Leo and steering you towards a position from which you can manage these individuals who really do need to be making more effort.  You obviously mustn’t come across as bullying, overbearing or too controlling.  But you must make best use of your organisational abilities and be sure that those with whom you’re meant to be working and creating something worthwhile do come up with the goods.

AQUARIUS   Jan 21 - Feb 19
Ordinarily you would feel heartened by the enthusiasm of other people for an arrangement that you might be taking on so that you benefit rather generously.  But you will be struck by the way in which a certain person communicates with you and this will put you on your guard.  It is linked to the fact that you will begin to suspect that this particular individual isn’t being authentic when telling you that you’re likely to do well.  The fact that Jupiter is allied to Venus might be part of your problem because this cosmic connection could cause you to expect far too much of those around you.  Remember that Jupiter does tend to embellish and exaggerate and you are dealing in an area where facts, figures and common-sense are what really count.

PISCES   Feb 20 - Mar 20
By now you are probably tiring of the way in which some of your colleagues, friends or companions are constantly complaining about having to handle certain on-going chores or commitments.  You might think they are being rather pathetic  or lazy.  But what can you do about it?  With the Sun making its way into dynamic Leo you are likely to seize the matter in both hands and show these people how to get things done.  It won’t be a perfect solution of course because you won’t really have time to do their work for them.  But the purpose of your actions should be two-fold; first it will get the work done and second it will hopefully shame the people concerned into being more proactive and cooperative than they’ve been recently.



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