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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 25th June)

Your career horoscope for the week beginning 25th June by Peter Watson

ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20
For quite some while you might have wondered whether you need to work a bit harder or take on more responsibility.  This might not be how you, yourself, feel about your current commitments.  It’s more a case of other people hinting that you have the capacity for increased productivity.  And this week’s Full Moon is likely to bring out that streak in you that wants to tell them to mind their own business.  Even if you’re not quite as blunt as that, you should let these individuals know how you really feel about their attitude towards you. And if anyone insists that you justify the way in which you are rejecting their suggestions you should make it clear that as far as you’re concerned it’s your right to do exactly what pleases you.

TAURUS  Apr 21 – May 21
Initially you’ll feel like approaching business or financial negotiations with great vigour.  Part of the reason for your gung-ho mood is the fact that Mars is still making its way across a proactive and potent area of your chart.  But you do need to be rather cautious because Mars is changing its direction and beginning to move backwards through the heavens and through the unpredictable sign of Aquarius.  In other words, your energy levels will rise and fall when you least expect it.  And you might reach a point where you wonder whether you have taken on too much.  Your challenge will be to sustain steady progress so that you can bring about the kind of outcomes that impress the appropriate people without making headlines.  You don’t want to be perceived as a hit-and-miss merchant.

GEMINI   May 22 - Jun 21
As soon as you decide how to approach a money-related or professional matter you’ll be aware that others want to intervene and tell you how they think you should go about it.  And you’ve probably grown tired of listening to these individuals who think they know best.  So perhaps you need to assert yourself – firmly but politely – and point out that you do know what you’re doing.  The Sun opposing Saturn this week does mean that when you do challenge those who are stepping out of line you manage to put them right.  Yes, there could be a little bit of resentment on their part but any anger or irritation that is expressed can soon be quelled by the way in which you let it be known that you’re not standing for any nonsense.

CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23
People seem to have been walking on eggshells when some serious business has come up in conversation.  And as you reflect on this situation you won’t feel absolutely sure why this subject is capable of creating such a lot of anxiety among the people around you.  However, once you feel the impact of Mercury the planet of clear thinking moving into Leo this week you’ll become far more analytical regarding anything of a financial or business nature.  In fact, it shouldn’t take you very long at all to see how to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and certainty between the various parties involved.  And when in the end some very impressive results are achieved you shouldn’t be surprised if you are shown enormous gratitude for the part you’ve played.

LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23 
Those of your workmates, friends or associates who have been hinting that they’d like more help from you might have been a source of irritation recently.  While you probably can sympathise with them and the heavy load they’re having to carry you’ll resent the fact that you always seem to be the one from whom they expect back-up.  And with a Full Moon in a very caring section of your chart you’re likely to be a little more touchy than usual about the contribution you’re expected to make in the lives of others.  Don’t feel guilty about wondering whether too much is being expected of you.  Just leave it for a few days and then find a way to initiate a conversation on this matter which does need to be thrashed out sooner or later.

VIRGO   Aug 24 - Sep 23
When you reflect on one of your ongoing commitments you might wonder whether you’ve been putting enough into it.  And with Mars changing direction as it begins its latest retrograde phase, you’ll have a slightly skewed view of whether you have been doing too much or too little in this particular area.   You need to get used to the fact that Mars is appearing to travel backwards so it won’t always be easy for you to gauge exactly where you need to put yourself under more pressure or less.  It shouldn’t take long for you to get used to being impacted by Mars in this way.  So promise yourself that within the next week or two you will gain a more realistic view of where greater effort should or should not be made.

LIBRA   Sep 24 - Oct 23
Quite a number of people will feel entitled to comment on some sort of partnership or a team effort with which you are intending to make some money or enhance your reputation.  And certainly with Uranus squaring up to Mercury you’ll be on the receiving end of comments that take you aback because they will seem to you to be quite out of place.  What you mustn’t do is take them to heart and let yourself be seen as oversensitive.  It’s far more important to show that you can handle the tougher side of whatever you’re having to deal with and you certainly won’t be cowed by people speaking out of turn.  Provided you can continue to appear dignified and level-headed, you will be the one who comes out on top, in the end.

SCORPIO   Oct 24 - Nov 22
With so many people becoming desperate to learn more about your latest move, promotion or change of direction, you might wonder whether to keep them in the dark for as long as you can.  You’ll realise, however, that you have far better things to do than to generate a lot of intrigue about what’s going on in your professional life or your financial affairs.  So you may as well let Mercury, moving into Leo, encourage you to communicate, in a clear, concise way, the details of the direction your life is going to take.  The changes you’re about to make might not be remarkable.  But you will still find that certain friends, colleagues and associates expect to be kept informed of whatever is going on for you.  Feel free to speak up.

SAGITTARIUS   Nov 23 - Dec 21
Once you realise that certain business, property or professional matters have been handled in a rather sloppy way, you’ll insist on adopting a more structured approach to whatever you’re doing.  You’ll also decide that one or two people with whom you’re closely involved need to be encouraged to operate in a more organised way.  But of course once you try to convince them of this fact you can expect to meet some resistance.  Certainly with Saturn being opposed by the Sun you have a very good chance of getting your point across provided you have at your fingertips whatever evidence you need to prove that new strategies absolutely must be adopted from this point on. Make quite sure that you prepare whatever might be required if someone challenges your way of thinking.

CAPRICORN   Dec 22 - Jan 20
Being ruled by Saturn as you are it might sometimes seem to you that it’s unwise to take any chances when it comes to work or money.  Of course every now and again you have to do something a little more daring or adventurous than usual.  And this week is a case in point because dynamic Mars will be encouraging you to turn your attention to a project or investment that suddenly holds great appeal for you.  Do remember that over the next few days you’ll feel the impact of Mars appearing to shudder to a halt, change direction and begin to travel backwards through your chart, as it were.  So not everything will be as simple and straightforward as you might hope.  Be prepared to re-think and revise the situation, possibly more than once. 

AQUARIUS   Jan 21 - Feb 19
Your sixth sense is about to tell you that a very attractive venture, deal or proposition is well worth pursuing.  But almost as soon as you swing into action you’ll discover one or two flaws or inconsistencies that cause you some concern.  Rather than be disappointed that the situation isn’t as simple as it first appeared to be, you should be glad that you are detecting those irregularities which some other people might never, ever notice.   Part of the reason you are able to be so vigilant and pernickety is the fact that the Sun is being opposed by Saturn which means that it’s insisting that you are at your most conscientious and dedicated to whatever you’re doing.  The gratifying outcomes you achieve will make all the extra effort worthwhile.

PISCES   Feb 20 - Mar 20
Perhaps you’ll be disappointed at the lack of support shown by certain workmates or friends when one particular person is unable to succeed within a demanding area.  You’ll realise that you would have expected more from these individuals so you should capitalise on Mercury moving into the dynamic sign of Leo and urging you to not only say what you think but also to ask deep and soul-searching questions as to why the people concerned have acted in a way that you perceive as being out of character.  Consider carefully the response you’re given and tell yourself that this episode could be one of great learning provided you can convince everyone concerned just how crucial it is that everyone is willing to be honest about their motives for having behaved in a particular way.



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