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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 2nd July)

Your career horoscope for the week beginning 2nd July by Peter Watson.


ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20
Enthusiasm and excitement could be coursing through your veins at the merest mention of a shared endeavour.  It’s just a pity that around the same time loved ones, friends or companions feel that you should have more time to spend with them.  And even when you describe just how exhilarated you feel about your latest project they won’t quite understand.  Remember that Jupiter is joining forces with the Sun in a way that means that you will become extremely excited about anything that’s likely to give you a sense of achievement as well as perhaps brining in some money.  Those who don’t quite understand this will probably need you to have a quiet word with them and let them know why they have so little access to you at the moment.

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21
Mars is still situated in a very potent sector of your chart where it’s moving in a backwards or retrograde direction.  This week, as this power-packed planet picks a fight with Mercury, you might not know quite where you’re expected to be or what people want you to do.  Before becoming frustrated or angry with the situation you should think seriously about who is the best person to put you right. And you mustn’t let this Mars-Mercury clash put you into a spin.  Not far away there is one particular person who should be able to discuss with you the various options open to you so there’s no real need for you to feel you’ve been deserted.  Ask questions and speak frankly to this individual who almost certainly has a great deal to offer you.

GEMINI May 22 - Jun 21
Perhaps you’ve been thinking recently that you would like more work or responsibilities, or you would welcome the chance to prove yourself in one or two different areas.  However, it just so happens that when, quite soon, you are singled out as someone who can take on board more tasks and duties you’ll start wondering whether you can actually do what’s required of you.  Any dip in your confidence needn’t impair you in quite the way you first imagine.  You have to remember that this week Jupiter’s at right angles to your ruler Mercury.  So even the slightest suspicion in your mind that you might fall short in some way could quickly become exaggerated to the point where you really do start to doubt yourself.  Tell yourself you’re simply not going to let it happen.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 23
Having spoken about the way you intend to handle one particular financial or work-related matter you would prefer not to be seen to back-track or change your mind.  However, as Mercury is opposed by Mars you might begin to realise that some other individuals feel quite strongly about the way you’re going about things.  They may even suggest that you re-think your strategy and come up with a new and different way to proceed.  But you won’t want to feel you’re being pushed around.  So your best bet is to listen to what they have to say and make sure they’re not coming up with anything which really is better or more effective than what you have in mind.  Then you must move ahead in exactly the way in which you always intended to do.

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23
Bear in mind that Pluto is retrograde or appearing to travel backwards as you contemplate work or areas of responsibility in which you’re expected to play a major role.  The problem is that, if and when you come up against one or two snags, you’ll begin to doubt yourself.  You won’t know whether to lash out at those responsible for whatever delays or confusion are affecting you, or should you pack up and walk away?  It’s important to remember that midweek Pluto is linking up with the Moon in a way that will almost certainly be making you somewhat touchy and oversensitive.  So promise yourself that you won’t make any rash moves.  And try to see any hitches or glitches as an opportunity for you to prove just how resilient you really are.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23
As the dynamic planet Mars is retrograde or appearing to travel backwards through Aquarius and the section of your chart that governs on-going work and responsibilities you might not always be in receipt of those important messages you need in order to be able to make a good job of whatever you’re expected to do. And this week as Mars is opposed by Mercury  there could come a point at which you become frustrated and you decide to tell certain individuals how disappointed you are with the fact that they haven’t given you much support.  This is not something you should say in a hurry.  Instead, let things settle down and see how it all unfolds within the next week or so when the cosmos has something different to offer you.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23
It may be tempting for you to take on too many responsibilities and commitments as you feel you’re doing rather well in one particular area.  There’s nothing wrong with congratulating yourself for your achievements of course.  But the fact that this week Jupiter is collaborating with the Sun does imply that you’ll want to push yourself even harder.  You’ll have a taste for success and you’ll crave even more of it.  But you must never lose sight of the fact that Jupiter is the planet of excess and exaggeration.  And there’s a strong chance that over the next few days this Jupiter-Sun link will encourage you to speak before you think and let people believe that you’re quite happy to take on absolutely anything they want to steer in your direction.  Be very careful.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22
There’s a part of you that sometimes wonders whether you’ve missed out in terms of an area in which peers, colleagues or friends have achieved quite a lot.  This is not because you would ever want to mimic those concerned or follow in their slipstream.  But there is that ambitious streak in you that means that you like to think that you can do as well as those around you.  And you can of course.  In fact, you very often do.  But this week, as Jupiter squares up to Mercury, you’ll overthink one particular situation and start asking yourself whether you’ve made the right choices, career-wise.  Refuse to let this cosmic clash leave you feeling confused and doubting decisions you’ve made and the roads you have travelled.  You’re doing fine, as you’re about to realise.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21
Keep reminding yourself that you still have the Sun making its way through Cancer which means it’s governing the section of your chart that’s linked to joint schemes and partnerships.  And that’s fine because you’re someone who does like to collaborate with other people when it’s appropriate.  And so, this week as the Sun forms a positive link with your ruler Jupiter, you may think it’s time to disclose to certain other people one or two ideas you’ve had for a while but which you’ve chosen to keep to yourself.  Do remember that Jupiter might persuade you to say rather too much.  If you’re absolutely sure about taking these people into your confidence perhaps you should share with them just the bare bones and not every little detail.  That can wait.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20
Financial undertakings are likely to take up your time.  And you certainly won’t want to be bothered with people who delight in making waves and asking a lot of questions quite unnecessarily.  This is why it’s so important that you bear in mind the fact that Mars is opposed by Mercury over the next few days.  So you need to be wary of one particular individual who does want to distract you, disrupt your thinking and possibly ask long-winded and awkward questions at the very point at which you need to be meeting deadlines or making crucial decisions.  Tell yourself you have to adopt a strategy with which you can deflect any awkward comments or enquiries in an assertive but polite way.  And don’t give in to any arm-twisting or double-talk.

AQUARIUS   Jan 21 - Feb 19
Ordinarily, you might find that with the Sun in Cancer, where it is now, it encourages you to be especially conscientious and not to wander into the realms of creativity and imagination.  However the Sun’s alliance with Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy, means you’ll inclined to add a touch of magic to ideas, plans or projects with which you are involved.  There’s nothing wrong with that of course, except that you may lose sight of certain practicalities such as budgets or deadlines.   There’s also the important matter of the way in which peers, employers and associates view whatever you’re doing because some of them may think you are taking far too many chances and you’re not being sufficiently serious about work or ongoing responsibilities. Make sure nothing they say or suggest holds water. 

PISCES   Feb 20 - Mar 20
Resist the urge to go charging into unfamiliar territory and assume you can do a wonderful job and impress everybody watching from the side-lines.  Yes, it’s nice to feel confident and buoyant.  But if you’re too full of yourself you might find that some people who regard themselves as old hands perceive you as a show-off.  Perhaps even worse.  And because Mercury is being opposed by Mars you need to remind yourself that it’s not enough to feel energetic, dynamic and full of get-up-and-go.  You also have to respect those alongside you who are probably used to going about things in a rather measured and sedate way.  Get them on side by paying due deference to their skills, experience and know-how.  Before long they’ll begin to trust and welcome you, once they know you better. 

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