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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 9th April)

Your career horoscope for the week beginning 9th April by Peter Watson.

ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20
Talk of a new responsibility, piece of work or intriguing project will obviously demand your attention.  But you won’t want to commit to it too hurriedly because you’ll wonder whether people will expect you to make a contribution without being paid adequately for it.   Although you would hate to come across as entirely materialistic you certainly wouldn’t wish to be taken for granted.  So you must use this week’s Mars-Venus connection in the most productive way possible.  This means allowing Venus to help you appear reasonable and affable while also reminding you that at times like this you must value yourself and what you do.   Meanwhile, Mars should help you remain strong and determined at any point at which you feel like giving in and letting other people take advantage of your good nature. 

TAURUS  Apr 21 – May 21
It would be all too easy for you to go along with a number of people when they suggest that you handle a practical, financial or professional matter in a rather casual way.  But deep down you’ll feel you want to show how diligent, effective and conscientious you can be when you’re expected to bring about certain outcomes.  It’s essential that you go by what an inner voice is telling you rather than allowing others to persuade you not to try too hard.  The build-up to the New Moon in the most sensitive and intuitive section in your chart in the next few days will make your instincts pin-sharp.  And it’s highly likely that you’ll feel compelled to do your very best, no matter what it costs you. And that’s exactly what you should do.

GEMINI   May 22 - Jun 21
Take care as you embark on a project or piece of work that will mean combining your talents with those of somebody else.  The reason it could all go wrong is that you’ll take a gung-ho approach and end up doing more than your fair share of the heavy lifting.  And with Jupiter collaborating with power-packed Pluto at the weekend it might be quite hard for you to prevent yourself from racing ahead of whoever else is involved.  This could well mean that certain others sit back and let you deliver the results that are needed.  But do you really want to be seen as either a show-off or a mug?  No, of course not.  So pace yourself and remain in line with whoever else is meant to be involved.

CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23
By now you probably have been wondering why you’ve had so little feedback from those controlling an area in which you have played a significant role. Even if you’ve produced excellent results recently you may have had little acknowledgement of that fact.  We do have to remember here that the mischievous little planet Mercury has been retrograde, or appearing to travel backwards, since 23 March.  This helps to explain why people have gone silent on you or been non-committal or possibly messages have been delayed or found to be unintelligible.  Take heart from the fact that at the weekend Mercury finally comes to the end of this retrograde phase and begins to move forwards again.  From that point on you should start to be on the receiving end of whatever you’ve been waiting for.

LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23 
Perhaps you couldn’t be accused of not having pulled your weight with regard to territory in which you and colleagues or companions are meant to be functioning productively.  You are normally perceived as being energetic and whole-hearted.  And with Mars currently in the most conscientious section of your chart you like to prove you can achieve what’s expected of you.  However, over the next few days you’ll feel the impact of Mars liaising with Neptune and tempting you to throw in several creative and possibly wacky-sounding suggestions.  This of course is the kind of impact that Neptune can sometimes have on you.  No matter how keen you are to push back the boundaries it’s important to show that you are aware of the need to remain sufficiently realistic to get the job done efficiently.

VIRGO   Aug 24 - Sep 23
Recent experiences might have caused you to doubt the wisdom of colluding with certain other people on work or projects that mean a lot to you.  But at the moment it seems quite important that you are able to collaborate with one particular individual. And we’re talking here about someone who hasn’t come up to scratch in the past but who probably is the best person to help and support you in whatever you’re trying to achieve in the near future.   Take heart from the fact that there is a New Moon occurring over the next few days and urging you to take a new and enlightened approach to this person and whatever it is the two of you might be able to produce together.  Sometimes we have to give others a second chance.

LIBRA   Sep 24 - Oct 23
Money or other resources could be a sticking point with regard to a shared enterprise to which you’re drawn. But before you write off the possibility of becoming involved, take a closer look at the practicalities of the situation.  It’s quite possible that you and others have assumed you’ll need all sorts of extravagant, complicated and sophisticated apparatus or materials to proceed.  But this might be because you’re being misled by the way in which Venus is connected with Neptune and providing you with a rather skewed idea of what is really essential in order to go ahead.  Refuse to let Neptune lead you astray and convince you that you would have to be a lot richer or more influential and better-connected to take the first step.  That certainly is not the case.

SCORPIO   Oct 24 - Nov 22
For some reason you’ve found it difficult to disclose to workmates, loved ones or friends that you’ve been somewhat indisposed recently.  Perhaps you felt unwilling to appear to make a fuss.  Or maybe you didn’t want others to worry.  Over the next few days you should feel your attitude change as you decide that in certain circumstances you do want to be more transparent and open with regard to what’s been going on for you.  This is linked to Mercury nearing the end of its latest retrograde phase, having appeared to travel backwards through your chart since 23 March.  That’s why it has been hard for you to decide how much to say – and to whom.  Look forward to all of that becoming a great deal clearer and easier to handle. 

SAGITTARIUS   Nov 23 - Dec 21
Pluto is still travelling through one of the financial sections of your chart as it slowly proceeds through Capricorn.  And this week you’ll feel certain financial or practical matters being given a shove as Pluto clashes with the Sun.  Suddenly you’ll feel inclined to challenge those who insist on doing everything in a very orthodox way.  You’ll reflect on situations where you haven’t wanted to appear to be wielding your power so you’ve allowed others to have their own way. But that’s all about to change because the Sun squaring up to Pluto will force you to step in and insist that people open their minds to more creative, dynamic and unconventional ways of thinking.  Perhaps not everyone involved will agree.  It will be your job to persuade them to give it their best shot. 

CAPRICORN   Dec 22 - Jan 20
Without feeling guilty about it you may have to admit, to yourself at least, that you’ve rejected or ignored some sound advice from others.  You seem to have got it into your head that you must appear to know all there is to know about the area of your work or responsibilities capable of causing you considerable stress.  Very close by one or two individuals have wanted to offer their views on the matter.  But you seem to have shut them down.  This week, as you feel the build-up to the Aries New Moon, you should promise yourself that you’ll take a new and very different approach to people who really do know what they’re talking about.  They want to help you, they’re quite capable of doing it – so you must start letting them in.

AQUARIUS   Jan 21 - Feb 19
At some point you seem to have hoped that a certain individual would be able to boost your career, your reputation or your earnings in some way.  But, as so often happens in life, circumstances never allowed that to happen.  It’s therefore very interesting that you’re now quite likely to go through something similar again – possibly even a repeat of the first encounter which gave you hope some while ago.  But do let Jupiter’s liaison with Pluto encourage you to be sufficiently optimistic about something being suggested to you this week so as to give it a chance.  Do not on the other hand become so insistent about achieving the right outcomes that you’re perceived as aggressive or bullying and unreasonable.  Just allow things to unfold in the way in which they’re meant to.

PISCES   Feb 20 - Mar 20
If you’re picked out of the crowd and made to feel special you might feel awkward and embarrassed. And the Sun at right angles to Pluto could cause envy or resentment as far as a small group of workmates or associates are concerned.  Remember, Pluto can sometimes give you a power that some of those around you don’t possess.  Also remember that when influential people choose you to play an important part they generally know what they are doing.  So take the matter seriously and try not to be put off if one or two individuals aren’t too happy about seeing you being steered into the spotlight.  They’ll soon get over it and you certainly mustn’t miss out on a golden opportunity simply because certain others are feeling left behind. 



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