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Your Career in 2010

A sign-by- sign guide to what the planets have in store for you and your work or profession during the year ahead.  By Peter Watson        


ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20

Imaginary fears and frailties must not be allowed to impinge on the way you operate and relate to those with whom you collaborate or do business.  You see, as Jupiter enters Pisces at the beginning of the year it might shake things up as regards some age-old worries.   They’re not to come between you and what you’re trying to do.  No matter how complicated your life might be, some influential people will quite rightly keep pushing you to concentrate on your career or some unusual opportunities cropping up.   A Solar Eclipse in mid-January will force you to grasp the nettle and stop letting your lack of confidence hold you back.   By late April you’ll be forming a special bond with a colleague or associate with whom you can collaborate on something with the potential to enhance your reputation enormously.   However, the summer months will require you to be extremely disciplined when it comes to admin, re-training or some heavy-duty paperwork.  Expect glittering prizes by the end of 2010, especially as a Lunar Eclipse in December is going to reveal some facts and figures of which you’ll be extremely proud.


TAURUS  Apr 21 - May 21

Communications might be difficult in January.  A Solar Eclipse in the hard-working sign of Capricorn means it could be that you’ll feel unsure as to whether you should be pushing yourself hard or taking a break.  Big talk about ambitious ideas might leave you cold. And you’ll be wary of ideas being proposed early in 2010 because you’ll feel strongly that the building blocks aren’t in place.   Saturn reversing out of the most conscientious section of your chart in April to return to it in July will prove your point that if you are to attempt to climb the ladder of success you want to be well-trained.   The second half of the year will find you making steady progress without being afraid that you might be caught out.   Mercury’s move into Libra in early October marks the point at which you could make a big move too. And the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini in December also points to a change in fortunes, especially when it comes to hard cash.  Just don’t feel you always have to be the one making the major investment when you’re meant to be operating on a fifty-fifty basis with others.  Insist on fairness and equality.


GEMINI  May 22 - Jun 21

There’s a lot going on in your chart in January which might make you think that you are being singled out for something pretty amazing.   You probably are.  But you must try not to let Jupiter’s move to a powerful point in your chart make you think you’re indestructible.  People will call in favours and assume you’ll work tirelessly to save them the bother.  But why should you?  Perhaps you should focus on your own commitments and possibly a long summer break while deciding whether to take a different direction work-wise.   Uranus will shake things up in mid-August when it changes signs and a month or so later you’ll be bursting with creativity and inventive ideas.   Just don’t let retrograde Mercury disrupt crucial business negotiations in the second half of December.  You’ll want to be surrounded by allies, not enemies. You’ll also want to be sure that feedback you’re getting with regard to plans and projects you’ve worked on during the autumn are accurate and that you’re not being short-changed.  It would be nice to think you could trust everybody with whom you do business but sadly that’s not always the case.  Watch points without appearing suspicious or totally untrusting.


CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23

By the time you get used to having Jupiter make its way through Pisces from mid-January onwards, you’ll decide that certain people and the way they communicate might sound helpful but it’s unrealistic.  And you need to be in contact with others who will insist that you think commercially and use your resources more profitably.   With Mars in Leo for the first half of the year you can give the impression that you’ll inspire people to have confidence in you and your way of  managing even the most tricky set-up. In early Summer with Uranus at a high point in your chart you might surprise everyone by initiating something new and daring as you walk away from a set-up that promises slow and steady growth.  You know when you can afford to take a chance.  You’ll await information due in October with baited breath. You’ll also be keen to see what the outcome of certain negotiations might be towards the end of the year.  The fact that there’s a Lunar Eclipse in December suggests your sixth sense will tell you what does and does not really matter and it will be far more reliable than somebody else’s opinion.


LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23  

As Jupiter changes signs early in the year it is going to shake things up in terms of some kind of working relationship or joint business matter that has needed a boost for a while.   Look forward to that.  Also be glad that certain other aspects of your career or day-to-day duties will seem easy to manage when  Mercury resumes its normal direction in mid-January.  Try not to be irritated when people ask questions and insist on knowing your career plan.  Straight-laced Saturn reverses into Virgo in early April and you’ll decide to keep a low profile and get on with what you consider to be some important work.   Success comes at a price and you may have to sacrifice your privacy and go public with one particular venture.   Don’t be surprised if you’re given genuine support which will enable you to expand one area of commitment faster and wider than you ever thought possible.   Late November will find you keen to tell all.   And by the end of the year a Lunar Eclipse will be helping you to decide how to restructure some facet of your life that should by then be giving you the rewards you really deserve.


VIRGO  Aug 24 - Sep 23

Don’t be thrown by the way in which Jupiter’s change of signs in mid-January makes it feel, momentarily, that you’re going to be working non-stop, even though you may be keen to carve a niche for yourself in an interesting area.  You won’t want it to be all hard slog.  Nor need it be.  By dipping your toe into the water very gradually and experimenting with new work or responsibilities you can change the pace of your working life in early 2010.  Be prepared to stand up to those who think they can foist mundane, boring duties on you around the time the Sun clashes with Neptune in May.  Mercury’s speedy journey through a crucial section of your chart in June will encourage you to promote yourself and your considerable talents.   Don’t expect instant success or instant responses.   Instead think of late December as the point at which VIPs will at last realise they do need you in their team. Also remember that by pointing out that you’re someone who deserves the appropriate rewards and  acknowledgement for all that you do, you actually gain the respect of those who might otherwise take you for granted.  That’s not to happen. 


LIBRA  Sep 24 - Oct 23

The realisation that you want to upgrade certain aspects of your life will make you hungry for greater success and more rewards.  And around the time of the Solar Eclipse in mid-January you’ll decide you must get to grips with challenges which could eventually lead to the kind of lifestyle you crave.     Jupiter’s move into Pisces suggests that throughout 2010 you’ll be more productive than ever.  True, some of your most successful work probably won’t receive much praise until you complain around the time Saturn clashes with Uranus in late April.  As a result, for much of the Summer there will be an increase in pay, praise and perks.   The Solar Eclipse in early July will steer you in a different direction career-wise so there could be some re-training involved.  By late Autumn, you’ll see the benefits of all you’ve invested in ventures which seem to have no immediate pay-off.   The New Year’s is about strengthening bonds between yourself and one or two of your peers, colleagues or employers with whom relationships are sometimes strained.  Make sure that deep down everyone knows that it’s all part of the territory and it’s not a real problem.


SCORPIO  Oct 24 - Nov 22

Try to think of the Solar Eclipse which occurs in January as an incentive to talk more openly and honestly with people you work with or you work for.  It could be that they expect too much of you.  in fact, certain others will see you as inexhaustible as Mars is at a peak point in your chart for the first half of the year.   However, you may tire of some of the thankless tasks you’re expected to perform from early March onwards when you embark on a phase of hard slog that will last, on and off, until late Summer.    Cashing in on what you’ve earned and what you richly deserve will happen quite naturally around the time of the Full Moon in late September.   The first few days of December will find you making a very clear statement about which terms and conditions will suit you in the future.   You’ll be taken more seriously than ever before. You’ll also find that the Lunar Eclipse in December urges you to consider ways in which you and somebody else might collaborate on some kind of joint venture capable of taking you off in a different direction altogether.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23 - Dec 21

Never doubt the need for accurate research and a good set of figures before you make a firm commitment to something that’s out of your usual territory.  Deciding how to capitalise on some extraordinary talents is a serious challenge during the first part of the year and cosmic rumblings in late January will stress the point that you cannot afford to be cavalier about any of your undertakings or commitments.    Then, as retrograde Saturn clashes with Uranus in April, you’ll decide you’ve almost missed an opportunity to be part of a dynamic and potentially profitable venture.  You’ll have to sell yourself hard to those involved, especially as Mercury’s two retrograde phases, in Spring and late Summer, might make you somewhat backwards in coming forwards.   From October onwards expect developments to put you to the test while, at the same time, strengthening your resolve to be rewarded and applauded for what you do best. However, with Mercury moving forwards again as the year comes to an end, you will feel confident that you can compensate for any errors of judgement or slight miscalculation.


CAPRICORN  Dec 22 - Jan 20

Refuse to let Pluto’s set-to with Saturn in late January cause a permanent rift with colleagues or associates.   Handle your commitments and possibly a promotion with a light touch.  And don’t panic if the spotlight’s taken off you between Easter and late July.    This could be a time of reassessment, reorganisation and catching up with a backlog of unfinished tasks.   However, when on 16 August Jupiter challenges Saturn you’ll set your sights on a place or position you want to reach and will allow nothing to hold you back.  Someone criticising you for being too staid and security-minded under the influence of a Jupiter-Uranus tie up in September will turn out to be mistaken.   However, any attempts to become rich and famous overnight must be carefully scrutinised.  During Autumn and Winter you’ll acknowledge the need to push yourself into the spotlight rather than constantly help somebody else to fulfil aims and ambitions.  But it has to be done wisely and well.  You’re sometimes tempted to get caught up in the slipstream of those who feel motivated to move as fast as is humanly possible but that really is not your style, is it?  Nor should it be.


AQUARIUS  Jan 21 - Feb 19

Information you’ve been dreading won’t be nearly as serious as you imagine when you hear it at the end of January as Saturn squares up to Pluto.   You’ll quickly see ways to capitalise on your resources so that Spring 2010 becomes a time of re-inventing yourself.   Promises made in late April may not boost your career in the way you first expect.  By knuckling down to more hard work and taking a pragmatic approach you will gain the admiration and respect of your peers, employers or workmates.  Yes, the rewards will come your way.  In fact, 24 August could be a red letter day.  Even so, Mercury’s change of direction in late August means three weeks of  confusion and upheaval in terms of certain deals or agreements.  Stay calm and don’t be surprised if at a certain points you decide to go solo for a while instead of collaborating with others.   But do still be responsive to one particular person’s intervention which should make the Autumn months a far more productive time than it would otherwise be.   When, in November, you’re suddenly in the spotlight, it will be a case of better late than never. 


PISCES  Feb 20 - Mar 20

If it feels that others are determined to achieve goals and targets in record time during 2010, you are not duty-bound to follow suit.  It will make sense, to you, to go in for slow, steady growth even though VIPs may expect you to take the world by storm.  And in late January you certainly won’t want to compete with a rival who is more interested in the trappings of success than you are.   By acknowledging who you really are and how you need to operate you should acquire calm and composure.  However, sudden cosmic activity in late May will provide a sense of urgency with regard to a work situation in which you really will want to play a major role.   The extra effort will be worth it.  And don’t worry about criticism levelled at you around mid-August.    By late Autumn no-one will be able to doubt that you really have arrived. You’ll have the confidence and the wherewithal to capitalise on one carefully-plotted arrangement that will really set you up in the first week of November.  See how it good it feels when friends and loved ones acknowledge your skills as the year comes to a close.






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