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Christmas Food And Drink For The Signs Of The Zodiac


Are you a guzzler roung the Christmas dinner table or are you the picture of perfect manners?  Find out with Claire's essential guide to festive eating. It may just tell you how many turkeys you have to buy for Gemini Jane or Porky Pisces Pete...



These people really are scoffers, I’m afraid, who would prefer to eat with a shovel than a knife and fork. If you see them nipping in and out of the kitchen to get people drinks then watch out, they are more than likely sneaking a mouthful of cranberry sauce than they are to be basting the Christmas turkey.  They can drink just as quickly as well so make sure you give them little and often with both food and drink if you want to see them lasting the distance over Christmas and New Year. 


They are usually pretty good cooks, so if you get an invite round to theirs then go, they can whip up a delight in no time as they have no fear of mixing the strangest of ingredients together.  If you want to know the best dishes to serve and indeed even seduce them with then make it spicy, the hotter the better for them and if they down some mulled wine they may even enter into a chilli eating competition.  Just watch out for them mixing the cocktails too early on in the day though, or you could have a hangover to match all of this last years binges rolled into one - this is one sign that doesn’t do anything by halves but I’m sure you wouldn’t have them any other way.   They are both fun and unpredictable as I am sure you will have discovered by now if you have one in your life.


The funny thing with a Taurean is that they spend all year talking about how much they are looking forward to this very festive time of year and making sure that all of the presents are perfect for their loved ones. By the time they get around to actually giving them out they are too busy in the kitchen to see the look of joy on their close ones faces.  The best thing you can buy them is something for the home but if you can eat it or drink it then so much the better. I had a brother who was a Taurean and a typical one at that, who used to stab his fork into my potato and say, ‘do you want that’.  I say "was" as he’s mellowed over the years and has taken on many traits of his Gemini girlfriend. 


The bull will eat starters, main courses, the lot but by far their favourite has got to be the sweet which they’ll even secretly loosen their waistbands for under the table knowing full well how stuffed they will be and unable to move for hours afterwards.  They enjoy their food and like nothing better than sitting round a table drinking eating and talking with their close ones, so this as I’m sure you can imagine is heaven to them, just don’t give them second quality food or drink they’re far more clever than you can imagine and know the prices of what is served to them, so make it good quality, especially after the time and effort they are sure to have put into your gift.

This is a sign that really will drive you round the bend.  They say they are starving but by the time the food is put in front of them they are far too busy talking and will have to be told at least a dozen times that their food is going cold. They don’t mean to be rude but they can come across that way, especially those who smoke and tell you that they really don’t mind if you eat while they finish their fag over the turkey and stuffing. 


They are great socialisers though and will invite all and sundry into their home, although you can’t always guarantee who you are going to get.  Their gifts are sure to be inventive, if they remember to bring them with that is, as they are sure to have been partying each and every night away over the festive season. This is their favourite time of year as they were born to socialise.  Their weight can go up and down over the course of the year depending on what is happening in their very active life at the time.  They may annoy you with the way they eat and talk at the same time but don’t tell them off as I can assure you that you’ll really want to hear the news they have to share with you my friend, even if it has been embellished by their very vivid imagination.


Christmas and New Year are more important to to Cancerians than you can possibly imagine as they give them a chance to catch up with their nearest and dearest and to tell them for the hundredth time how much they love them. 


They have a habit of living in the past so don’t be surprised if they bake the cookies from your childhood, they will think they’re doing good even if you are sick to death of them, so just smile and pretend to enjoy them as you do each year. Please be careful what you give this sign to drink at this time of year. They really do have a problem with handling alcohol and if they end up crying into their Christmas pud over the childhood sweetheart that they have never forgotten but whose name seems to evade them with the influence of the two glasses of gin they have just consumed, then you will only have yourself to blame. 


They don’t need a lot to get drunk, in fact for many of them just the smell alcohol is enough, you have been warned. As for food, they love certain foods and hate others with a passion.  This is the character that will hate tomatoes but love tomato ketchup, if you get my drift.  The dishes they can do they will do well, so make sure you take up that invite, you’re sure to find yourself having a ball.

Now this is a sign who is far more worried about what a dish looks like than the taste of it, so don’t forget to sprinkle that parsley over the dish before you serve it up to them.  It may cost you a little extra, but look on the bright side, this very clever accessory aids digestion and stops bad breath, a great investment, not to mention getting you an ‘A’ in the books of the lion.  This fire sign goes through food fads and I don’t think I’d be too far off if I told you to look in the latest magazines to see what the celebs are eating or what diet they are following, as they are sure to be hot on the heels of the latest trend. 


They are very sociable souls who will go out of their way to make sure you are never hungry over the festive period and that your glass is never empty.  You must praise them often though, for not to mention every five minutes how fabulous the desert was (even if it was brought from a fashionable shop) would devastate them after the efforts they went to, well in their eyes anyway.  You will find the dinner table conversation enchanting as they talk about themselves and then ask you what you think of them, but you can’t help but love them and the way they make you laugh and help you to drain away the stresses of the year and prepare for the next.

Oh dear, I do love dear Virgo, but if things don’t go exactly to plan then won’t we all know about it. At Christmas and New Year this sign will go to the extremes of putting name cards down on the table, even if you have always sat in exactly the same order for the last ten years.  In their eyes this helps to avoid any confusion. 


You will find all of your firm favourites on the dinner table as long as this sign is around, which is sure to make you feel special.  I don’t know a sign who is more considerate of others needs, even if it can drive you to the point of distraction some times! You have to know deep down inside that they are doing so out of love.  They will, if they are your dinner guests, have some pretty peculiar eating habits as they dislike some very strange foods. But you’re sure to find that Christmas and New Year will be perfect, and done with the very best intentions at heart too.

Balance and harmony are vitally important to this air sign. They like to be able to follow their plans and also do what they want, so expect them to be there for most of the time that they say over the Christmas and New Year period and to do their famous disappearing acts when they see fit too.  Librans are like children at Christmas and will still expect you to listen out for Santa’s sleigh bells with them. 


They love the music of Christmas and pray for snow while the rest of us wish for it to stay away and save us from having to defrost the car each morning before we can get the kids to school. You would be far better off to give them lots of fun foods rather than just one big meal, they want to be able to pick and to talk and to pick and then to talk some more. They like to drink but start them off too early and they’ll be the ones snoring in the corner while the rest of us are watching the Queens speech. They will also like to play after dinner games, but don’t be put off by the child like image they portray, this is one sign that knows how to enjoy life and you can be sure that if they’re cooking this Christmas it will be a meal to remember with a setting right out of a storybook to boot.


Christmas to a Scorpio is looked upon with excitement and dread all at the same time.  They love to gather around all of the old familiar faces but they dread to think what past issues may be dragged up in the process. This is a sign that has a lot of secrets and so they like to keep certain areas of their life private but you always find that one or two things come to light during their Christmas and New Year that makes for a bit of drama and intrigue. 


They are an extreme sign who will either be a great or dreadful cook, there really is no in-between, for anything in life they choose to do they give their heart and soul to. If they have decided to look into the world of cooking they will have learnt properly and can probably do a meal from every country in the world if asked, but if the world of nosh has not appealed to them then even beans on toast will be too much to ask of them.  They like alcohol and they will also throw it into all of their cooking too, so watch out that turkey gravy could well be gin if the mood takes them. Dinner at their house this year is sure to prove unmissable, so get round there!

The archer will spend the beginning of December telling you with great excitement what they are going to cook for Christmas dinner or where they are going to go for their special day but when December 25th rolls round they will have had a complete change of heart and you won't know what to expect. They may even get a Chinese in with the unpredictable way they have as part of their nature.


Fire signs make up their mind about something, the idea sinks in but they don’t have much patience and so a week later everything can change, although I’m sure they won’t have time to tell you.  Don’t believe them if they tell you its fancy dress on New Years eve, it could well be black tie they decide upon the day before, so double check if you want to avoid embarrassment.


They like new and exciting foods, but can suffer from indigestion so try to avoid cooking overly rich foods for them, they will say they enjoy it but you may miss out on their very stimulating company when they spend the next hour in the bathroom.  They like champagne and cocktails and love to talk, or should I say gossip.  You’ll have great fun with this sign during the festive season, but be prepared my friends - with a Sagittarian, you must expect the unexpected!

The earthy Capricorn loves to have their close ones around them and although they are very kind souls you may want to double check with them if you were thinking of bringing friends with you to share in the turkey and cranberry sauce. You see there are times in their life when they only want to be with their nearest and dearest and without sounding rude, they don’t take too kindly to having their parade rained upon without good notice or without their written consent. They can party with the best of them and don’t mind donning the party hats, in fact, they probably brought them.  They are children at heart and will love to enjoy good food prepared with loving hands; they will even help you clean up if you get them on a good day. 


No Christmas or New Year is complete without a Capricorn on the scene for they provide the family and party atmosphere that brings those smiles we love to see from the very faces that are usually so staid the rest of the year.  Give them good traditional food though, they prefer their meat and two veg to the foreign attempts you may have read about and if you go without the Christmas pud on the table this year then you may as well phone a cab. Some things are essential to them and this, my friend, is one of them.


Aquarians just love the socialising that this very special month brings into our lives and you can be sure that they’ve got at least a dozen homes to visit and that’s just on Christmas Day let alone Boxing Day and New Year. They may promise to cook the turkey but you may want to check that they’ve remembered to turn the oven on as they are usually so busy running around getting the drinks and dishing the dirt that they forget to do the essentials.  They can talk their way out of any problem though so don’t even think about scolding them, they’ll just laugh at you.


The Aquarian around your dinner table will make your Christmas complete; they’ll have you in stitches with laughter and will have all of the latest jokes.  They are not always on time though and don’t always remember the promises they make. They are too busy thinking about tomorrow most of the time to remember today. I am sure you will enjoy this very hectic time with them though, they make a party and can also make a great meal when they calm down and concentrate on the job at hand. They’re sure to know all the latest dishes to please too, their favourite being light bites so that they can keep going back for more in between the mulled wine and fun, but naughty stories.

This is a sign that will go to great extremes to make sure that your Christmas and New Year is all you dreamed of.  If they say that they will cook then make sure you are hungry, as they are more likely to do ten courses than your normal three or four.  They want to create a dramatic impression and this they do. 


If you go round on Christmas Eve then you may not find yourself leaving until New Year's Day with the very colourful events that tend to unfold in their lives.  If they like you, they love you and will have a dinner table laden with exotic and hard to find goods.  They can drink you under the table although that doesn’t mean that they won’t be completely and utterly hammered, it just means that they refuse to give in and drinking games are not an unusual suggestion from them at this time of year. Be careful - as they don’t always know the meaning of the word mixer and those ice cubes could well be swimming in gin or vodka if they get their way. 


Those who don’t drink really don’t drink and those that do, well they drink like a fish of course.  Treat them well and the conversation around the dinner table is sure to tantalise and surprise. This is one sign that knows how to enjoy Christmas and New Year to the full, even if there are a few casualties that will need to be attended to on the way!


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