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Fashion Special

catwalk.jpg Do you have a passion for fashion? Find out what effect the stars have on your fashion sense.
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With at least as many shoes as Imelda Marcos and a wardrobe most people would die for, you are the trendsetter of the Zodiac. You aren't afraid to try new and daring outfits, safe in the knowledge that people around you will soon be following suit. When you see something that catches your eye, you aren't afraid to spend some of your hard-earned cash to look the part. You won't think twice about piercing your belly button or cutting up an expensive pair of jeans if that's what the fashion magazines deem to be cool. True to your fiery nature, you make a beeline for blacks and reds, though you aren't the sort to go for a sharply tailored look. Your wardrobe is a treasure trove, full of all shapes, sizes and colours. Male Aries tend to love clothes specially designed for sports or camping and are bound to have one phenomenally expensive pair of trainers in their collection. Accessories are another one of your weaknesses – belts, bags and especially hat shops are your personal Mecca. If you want to knock them dead, crimson is the only colour to wear – you'll make an impact that won't be forgotten.




You are the typical designer diva who would never dream of rooting through a charity shop to find a funky outfit. You value the highest quality fabrics and are willing to spend a small fortune on that perfect garment, even if it means you will be living on bread and butter for the rest of the month. Having said that, no one can deny that you have a great eye for style and colour which means that you rarely appear in a fashion disaster! People born under your sign never have the problem of knowing what to wear to a formal occasion. Dinner with the French ambassador? You will have at least five outfits that would be suitable. Your logic is that fashion fads come and go, whereas well-made clothes will last you a lifetime. Although you rarely have the confidence to wear something offbeat, when you do pluck up the courage, the effect is fantastic. Taurean men love to wear blue whereas Taurean women dress to impress in feminine colours such as pale pink and baby blue.




When you open your wardrobe, the clothes probably all fall out into a crumpled mass on the floor! You can be incredibly fussy and indecisive about your clothes – in fact, you probably only wear about 10 per cent of your wardrobe. This is because you tend to get bored easily with the latest fashions and embrace any new trends at the drop of a hat. Unlike Taureans, the label of a garment is the last thing you look at – how it looks and feels is more important than whether the label says Gucci or Pucci. Gemini colours are generally citrus tones like yellow and orange, which can be worn to brighten up a dark suit. You are one of the more experimental signs in the Zodiac and are willing to try out all manner of new trends though you do shy away from constricting clothes – Tom Jones with his leather trousers could never be your fashion icon. Clingy clothes are simply one of your worst fashion nightmares. Provided you get up early enough in the morning to decide on the day's outfit, you are generally pretty well-dressed. Try being a bit more spontaneous when it comes to clothes and you will be surprised at the results.




It could be said that you are attached to certain items of clothing as much as you are to your loved ones and your pets. This is because you attach clothes with specific landmark events in your life. There is no doubt that you will have kept the jumper you got engaged in and the dress you wore to your graduation party because of their sentimental value. Women born under Cancer are some of the most feminine in the Zodiac. They manage to look womanly even wearing the most masculine of clothes – wellies and combat trousers make no difference to them. However, Cancerian women should really try and look as feminine as possible – choose lace over denim and invest in some silky lingerie to look your best. Cancerian men don't tend to make much of an effort with their clothes unless there is a special occasion. When they do bother to dress up, they are bound to outshine those around them. Silver, blue and green are the colours best suited to you. You are also the sort of people who find a style you like, then stick to it throughout your life. Some experimentation is what's needed – wearing something a little more daring than you are used to could really pay off.




No bargain basement shopping for you Leos. If it doesn't cost a small fortune, then you probably won't buy it. Fashion magazines are your bible and you tend to follow whatever they say. As for comfortable clothes, forget them. If the trend requires painting yourself blue and wearing sheepskin shoes, that's exactly what you'll be doing. You aren't afraid of wearing daring outfits and often customize a plain garment with funky accessories. If you weren't so attached to labels and designers, you could save a fortune by using your creativity to make fantastic outfits from garments picked up in thrift shops. Male Leos tend to be a tad more conservative than the women, preferring expensive clothes that will stand the test of time. Your best colours are ones guaranteed to make you stand out – glitzy golds, oranges and bronzes teamed with black is the order of the day for either sex. Leos have a weakness for expensive, not to mention flashy, jewellery and love to show some skin. Your sign rules the back, so for women, going strapless or even backless is a great way to attract attention. So long as you keep your outfits dramatic, you won't fail to make a great impression.




Known as the perfectionist of the zodiac woe betide you if you try talk a Virgo into buying an outfit that does not match. They will know exactly what shoes go with the outfit they have chosen right down to the correct scent to set it off.  Usually seen going for greens and dark browns true to their element of earth they like to feel comfortable, practical and yet stylish all at the same time, and somehow as if by magic, they really do manage to do just this.  You will note that their homes are an organised mess, so their hanging space will consist of their wardrobe, the dressing table and the bed, but they will take great insult if you try to tell them this is not the norm.  Known more for telling friends how to dress, they believe they are trend setters but always manage to retain a certain amount of class as they don't go for fashions which are too OTT, so they manage to look as if they have the secret style the rest of us are longing for. They won't spend more than they think is fair on an item of clothing but if they do splash out then they will go out of their way to let you know just how much they paid for it. The men more so than the women of this sign like get good use out of their suits, but at least they're in style when it comes back into fashion ten years later!




Librans are probably the most stylish dressers of the zodiac. They adore quality and beautiful looking clothes. They wouldn't even be averse to planning a holiday around clothes shopping. Yes, this is the Gucci Pucci sign that will long for their coat to slip down so that the label shows. The secret they have that many of us do not know though, is that they are also a dab hand at tracking down the designer goods in the second hand stores and as they wear it so well they make it look double the price it was to start with. The women of this sign are suckers for nice handbags and if it is a known label then so much the better. Generous to the bitter end, clothing will be top of their list for friends and family too, so if you don't feel too honoured at the tie they've brought you check again, it's likely to be from the top of the range and if they have anything to do with it, made in Italy, one of their favourite countries in the world.  Blues, pale greens and pinks usually adorn their very attractive bodies and the men of this sign are likely to have a tie collection to die for.  




Scorpio's love to look sexy and if a suit or outfit costs more than your car, but doesn't look sexy then you may as well move on for they have to look and feel a million dollars.  Fabrics and the feel of a material are important to them and if it comes in red or maroon then even better. The women of this sign usually have enough nail varnishes to fill ten beauty salons and they are not the cheap makes either, but they are I'm afraid all of quite similar dramatic colours. They love nice shoes and the higher the heel for the women, the better as far as they are concerned.  Leather holds a great attraction and they also like to wear chokers, probably a bit misleading this though as they will not be dominated, in fact they have to be in control but will want you to guess differently at first meeting.  Rather tongue in cheek when you think about it. When wearing make up they concentrate mainly on the eyes as they know they are their greatest feature and they are not averse to large amounts of black eyeliner, even the men don't mind a smudge or two to give them definition They like to give out a message, so read it and decide, but don't take too long, they don't like people who can't make up their minds!




The archer has great legs and both he and she will go to great lengths to show this off. One of the main problems they have with their dress sense is that they buy clothes in such a hurry they don't always have time to get a whole outfit so they can end up going out as if they are in a competition to represent every season of the year. Fire signs are always in a hurry but they do have this knack of being in vogue and turning more than a few heads with their clothes, whatever their age.  Tina Turner is a typical Sagittarian dresser, her clothes are made to show off her fine muscles and yet give her the ability to run, dance, jump whatever this very energetic sign requires. Just beware of catching them at home when they are not expecting you though, this is a sign that so hates restrictions you may well find them wearing their birthday suit, (which for you viewers who don't know the expression, means stark naked!)  They prefer rich purples, dark blues, rich of course being the operative word for this very ambitious sign who always manages to dress like the boss even if it's their first day as an employee!




Capricorn is an earth sign that gives people the impression that they have either been someone, are someone or will end up being someone. They have an air about them that makes it hard for you to be rude or cheeky them and this has as much to do with their dress sense as it does anything else.  They can usually be seen in dark greens, Grey browns and black or conservative colours. They are not avid followers of fashion but rather will have worked out their own styles that suit them best over the years. Even the young Capricorn at school or college will not feel the need to fit in with the rest of the crowd and will have their own, if sometimes a little strange, sense of fashion.  They worry about getting cold in the winter so even the young good looking eighteen year old goat will be found with thermals in their draws ready for the winter. They are practical and will want labels that are trusted. High street stores are fine by them, but they will know the beauty of a designer piece too, usually jewellery, look at their watch and you'll get my point.  Slow to make their mind up though, you may want to take a chair with you when going out shopping; you could have quite a wait if they haven't made a list!




Aquarians spend more of their time chatting about what they are going to buy then they do actually getting out there and acquiring the goods. They have such a busy social life that they don't mind buying quantity instead of quality and for the women of this sign the smaller the item of clothing the better.  They have been known to suffer with circulation problems and this is no surprise considering the short skirts and the high heels they like.  This is usually only a phase as when the first blister kicks in they start to get the point of alternative clothing and seek to wear things that scream comfort, with of course a very sexy edge to it as well. They can usually be found going for electric blue colours and turquoise.  Floaty skirts that you can see through or linen shirts for the men are a firm favourite and if a T-shirt has writing on then so much the better. After all they don't have time to talk as much as they'd like so why not get their point across on their clothing. They don't have to have designer clothing but they do like to have trendy gear. They are forward thinking and like to be at the front of any fashion revolution, even if it means going overdrawn to do so. Bangles, peace beads and lots of necklaces appeal and the child in them is fascinated by way out hair do's which often turn more heads than any item of clothing that can be seen adorning their very beautiful bodies.




Pisces is the most dramatic and daring sign of the zodiac and they are not unaccustomed to going for flowing fabrics. Think Piscean and you must think of the sea and floaty materials, which for the men is often represented by linen trousers or even flares.  They like to wear very dramatic over the top shoes or no shoes at all - they actually feel that shoes are for looks, not comfort, so it's no surprise they want to kick them off after ten minutes!  Soft shades of green can often be seen adorning their very attractive bodies and they like to wear things that give them a slim-line shape or allow the light to catch them and show the contours of their bodies. Pisceans get obsessive about clothes and if they choose a new fashion they will throw out everything they ever had that represents their old style, they are like chameleons taking on a new personality.  Gypsy styles suit them and that's probably because they spend most of their time counselling and giving reading to friends, they are after all the most psychic sign of the zodiac.


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