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Health Signs

What do the stars mean for your health. Read this article by Claire Petulengro to find out more.


Beneath that cool exterior, you will sometimes find that Aries people are a bag of nerves.  You are always on the go and are fervently planning your next move.  You like to be in charge and are reluctant to take breaks, which will tire you out in time.  A hectic lifestyle means that you are susceptible to stress, particularly in the head, brain and facial area.

Potential health problems for Aries include eyestrain, insomnia and frequent headaches.  This is linked to the fact that Aries often suppress their feelings - you need to learn to let off steam now and again if you are to maintain good physical and psychological health.  Headaches should be treated naturally rather than with medication.  Try getting some fresh air, or alternatively, drinking herbal infusions of lime flower or valerian can be effective.  Romanies have traditionally recommended juniper berries for many Aries afflictions: an infusion of juniper berries, boiling water and honey can be used to treat nervous strain and a dilution of juniper oil massaged into the temples can relieve migraines.

A typical Aries is often too preoccupied to remember to eat regularly, however, a good breakfast and lunch followed by a light dinner can boost energy levels.  Aries are prone to deficiency of potassium phosphate, which can contribute to nervous problems.  They should stock up on tomatoes, lemons, celery and grapefruit and resist the urge to opt for fast foods instead of a healthier alternative.  Aries should be warned that excessive boozing is out of the question - they simply cannot handle it!


A Taurean is never as happy as when they are at the dinner table, luxurious food is your first love and you have a strong tendency to overindulge.  As a result, many Taureans suffer from acid indigestion and weight problems.  Moderation should be the key word, you must learn to eat little and often and most importantly, to listen to your stomach - when it says that it's full it means that it's full! Typical Taureans are deficient in sodium sulphate, which can lead to joint stiffness, rheumatism and arthritis.  They should steer away from fat-laden foods and opt for more fruits such as strawberries and pomegranates to combat this deficiency.  Apples are a wonder fruit for Taurus, helping to ward off rheumatism, gout and even bladder problems.  The good news is that for an earth sign such as Taurus, some fat is needed in the diet so should not be cut out altogether.
You Taurus types are also prone to sore throats and do not cope well with smoky atmospheres in pubs and clubs.  Unfortunately for Taureans, products such as chocolate and cream exacerbate the problem of throat infections in that they are mucus-producing foods.  Romanies have traditionally recommended that Taureans drink an infusion of blackcurrants, blackcurrant leaves and boiling water to soothe a sore throat.  Be warned that when it comes to alcohol, a Taurean will drink you under the table every time, though they don't always know when to stop!


Geminis are renowned for having hectic and exciting lifestyles, and you often seem to thrive on stress and like juggling many things at a time.  An active lifestyle such as this can deplete energy levels drastically so energy drinks are ideal for Geminis.  Try drinking the juice of a parsnip and half a cucumber and carrot before embarking on a busy day to boost your energy levels. Geminis, you must also learn to listen to your body when it tells you it needs a rest - don't overdo the activity!
Due to a deficiency in potassium chloride, Geminis are prone to swollen glands, asthma and allergic reactions.  Herbs such as comfrey, tansy and even sweet liquorish are rich in this mineral.  Unlike Taurus, Gemini people should be guzzling more mucus-producing foods such as milk.  However, beware of fatty foods, Geminis have a tendency to put on weight in unusual areas such as the ankles, making the body look out of proportion.
Like Aries, Geminis also suffer from nervous strain and juniper berries or juniper oil are the ideal remedy for this.  Yoga is the perfect way of unwinding after a stressful day at work.  Finding a new pace of life and slowing down when the body says so is the best way for a Gemini to maintain high levels of fitness and health.


Cancerians are crabby creatures! They can be moody and emotional and this is often reflected in the state of their health, for example, when feeling stressed, they may well be affected in the stomach area. They have so much going on in their heads (always thinking about the past, present and future simultaneously) that they forget to eat. When they finally remember to do so, Cancerians are liable to stuff themselves silly and overindulge, causing indigestion. This can be easily remedied by using peppermint oil or by cleansing the liver with an infusion of fresh and dried sage with boiling water. A lack of calcium fluoride means that Cancerians suffer from nerve and muscle problems. They can ward off these problems by stocking up on plenty of milk, watercress and oily fish like sardines. Cancerians should stay away from those sushi bars - raw foods can cause them all sorts of stomach problems so they should make sure all food is thoroughly cooked before eating. Because of irregular eating patterns, Cancerians are prone to migraines. Eating at regular times, which will prevent blood-sugar levels from dropping, can prevent this, and incorporating more ginger into your diet also works a treat. As for alcohol, water signs are generally not great drinkers - they feel drunk very quickly, even if they have not consumed much. It may be dull, but moderation is the key word.


Leos love to party any time of the night or day, and live life to the full. They often experience extremes - when happy they are ecstatic and when they're low, they feel very low indeed. This can obviously take its toll on their health. When working (or socializing) hard, Leos are liable to suffer from overexertion and back pain. The theory is that back pain stems from the fact that they should be walking on all fours, like the lions they truly are. Massages can help with back pain and they should have a good firm bed for their posture. Leos also suffer from weak circulation and need to be cajoled into taking exercise, walking is the best method and drinking a tea made from valerian roots can stimulate circulation. Take note, Leos feel full of vitality and energy when it is sunny (their ruling planet is the sun) but lethargic when it is raining and miserable. The lion loves beautiful and luxurious food so must beware of overindulgence. They are prone to a deficiency of magnesium phosphate which is needed for healthy lungs, muscles and nerves, not to mention the brain. This mineral can be found in plums, bran and even cocoa. Leos are also lucky creatures - they rarely have alcohol problems and have mastered the trick of appearing sober, no matter how much they have had. In fact, they are more likely to get hooked on caffeine than alcohol, as Leos tend to be quite partial to coca-cola and coffee.


Virgos are born worriers and hypochondriacs. Look in their bathroom cabinet and it is guaranteed to be packed with medicines, potions and lotions. Needless to say, they take their health very seriously and are a mine of information about health issues. Virgo rules the intestines and it is normally work that affects their health, causing stomach and bowel problems. This is because they worry and get stressed a lot and even if they do not work, there is always some drama in their personal life causing them anxiety. Having said that, Virgos are usually very healthy - though they need to keep the digestive and nervous system in good order. Juicing an apple with some strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and some lemon, can make a great stress buster for Virgos. Taken regularly, this will soothe the most frayed of nerves. Virgos are more likely to be vegetarians than any other sign in the Zodiac and they are fussy about what they eat. They normally lack potassium sulphate, which causes colds and coughs - in fact Virgos catch colds more easily than other signs. They need to eat more tomatoes, lemons, apples and grapefruits to ward off these ailments. In addition, they need to get more fresh air and for an earth sign, walking or running are ideal exercises. Health conscious Virgos find that alcohol gives them kidney problems and are far more sensible than the rest of us. They usually alternate drinks with water when they go out and suffer far less the next day!


An unhappy Libran is one without balance and harmony in their lives. They need to work, rest and play if they are to function well. Librans are great socialisers and are often the last to leave a party. They love beautiful and rich foods and have a wickedly sweet tooth. Libra governs the kidneys, skin and lumbar regions. In particular, Librans should take care of their kidneys by going easy on the booze at those late night parties they love to frequent. They handle beer better than spirits, though should beware of the effect this can have on their waistline. Poor Librans get worse hangovers than other signs (though the morning after the night before, they like to pretend they feel fine) and should try juicing a bunch of grapes with a nectarine after overindulging. They should also get into the habit of drinking plenty of water throughout the day to flush out any toxins from their system. A deficiency of phosphate of soda means Librans should eat more spinach, lettuce, apples and strawberries to maintain the balance of fluids in the body. They seem to thrive on vegetables grown above the ground, like mushrooms and bamboo shoots, which make for delicious stir-fries. Fresh air and exercise are vital for this air sign. They should join a gym so they can exercise and socialize to their heart's content.


Food, sex and money are what the Scorpio loves best in life. They are full of energy and do not do anything by halves, like Pisceans they are the extremists of the zodiac. For example, Scorpios who do smoke and drink will usually do so to excess. Their addictive personality can cause lots of problems. Eating disorders are not uncommon amongst Scorpios and usually surface during the teenage years when they decide they either love or hate food. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and the womb, meaning people born under this sign are subject to menstrual pains, urinary infections and water retention. To combat water retention, Scorpios must eat foods rich in potassium such as potatoes, bananas and tuna fish. Scorpios lack calcium sulphate, which is needed to keep the lungs healthy and ulcers at bay. Many foods are full of calcium sulphate, including cabbage, kale, milk and onions. Scorpios do not thrive on stress, in fact it affects them badly as they are an overemotional sign. Wherever possible, they should try to avoid stressful situations and when they do feel anxious, should try relaxation techniques. A bath with aromatherapy oils is great for both body and soul and will set you up for a good night's sleep. Scorpios are renowned for being unpredictable drinkers - a drop of alcohol can leave them legless one night whereas after drinking a bottle of whisky the next, they are still sober as a judge. Be warned, Scorpios suffer from the most violent of hangovers!


Lust for life and optimism characterize Sagittarians. They are extremely versatile and move quickly from one idea to the next, constantly needing to grow and expand. Adventurous Sagittarians relish a challenge, love exercise and sometimes, the poor body suffers. They are constantly on the move and often do not warm up before doing strenuous sports, meaning the body is prone to sprains, thigh fractures and even hip dislocation. Swimming is the ideal exercise for helping pulled muscles and ligaments get back into shape. When it comes to colds, Sagittarians have a particularly weak resistance and only need to spend a short while in smoky, crowded rooms before catching a nasty bug. More fresh air is the best preventative measure and they must not forget to do as their mum says and wrap up warm come wintertime. They could also try to incorporate more onions, barley and cherries into their diet. Because they always have somewhere to go and people to see, Sagittarians are impatient cooks. They often eat on the run and this almost always means they eat too much fast food. It is very important that they take time out to ensure that they have a balanced diet. It is likely that they will suffer from a silica deficiency, which will show itself in their appearance - brittle nails, poor condition of skin and hair. Stocking up on parsnips, asparagus and the humble cucumber will give health and appearance the boost it needs.


With Saturn as their ruling planet, Capricorns are self-controlled and self-disciplined and this is reflected in their health. They are careful eaters and know a lot about food, will rarely overindulge and can stop eating when they want to. This is partly because they are so proud of their bodies and will be the first to notice when they have put on some weight. Capricorns need to watch their calcium levels as their joints and bones are particularly weak. Desk jobs add to the problem of stiff joints, Capricorns need to keep moving! This does not mean to say they should go out and get a personal trainer to whip them into shape. Gentle exercise like walking or swimming is the best way to maintain fitness without putting too much strain on the joints. Knees are particularly weak and can be strengthened by adding more parsley into your food - sprinkle it over meat and vegetables for a quick and easy vitamin boost. Like Sagittarians, Capricorns are vulnerable to chills. They too should wrap up warm and get more fresh air. Their lungs are generally not as strong as those of people born under other signs, though a tea made of half a teaspoon of lungwort , half a teaspoon of ribwort (available from a good herbalist) and boiling water can work wonders on the respiratory system.


Aquarius governs the circulation and the ankles, meaning that people born under this sign are prone to ankle sprain and other leg problems. Aquarians often feel cold even when the weather is warm because of their poor circulation and the fact that they love wearing skimpy clothing, even in the thick of winter. A tea made from angelica leaves will not only stimulate circulation, but also blitz a stinking cold. Exercises like swimming and water aerobics are best for building up leg muscles and improving the circulation. Comfortable, rather than impractical shoes are a must if they want to banish those painful ankle strains. Like all air signs, Aquarians should have a light and nourishing diet. Heavy foods like a baked potato laden with cheese can leave them feeling bloated and lethargic. Substituting the cheese for say, soured cream with some chives can make all the difference. Aquarians are sensitive creatures and can suffer from periods of nervous tension, which will affect the digestion. Women are also prone to severe period pains. In this case, they should drink lots of water and avoid alcohol. Although they are social animals, Aquarians should not sacrifice their sleep. They need to make time for relaxation and pampering themselves. Valerian tea before bedtime is preferable to a stiff nightcap if they want a deep, satisfying sleep.


Pisceans believe in suffering for their beauty and strangely, it is usually the feet that suffer. Their most common bad habit is buying shoes that look spectacular, but are extremely bad for their feet. They must watch out for swollen ankles and water retention. Regular visits to the chiropodist are recommended as is investing in a foot spa. If you can find a willing participant, a foot massage with essential oils will perk up the most tired and swollen of feet. Generally speaking, Pisceans create many of their own ailments by living life to the extreme and they love intense experiences, whether they are good for them or not. Moderation is not in your vocabulary! Pisceans are dreadful dieters; they are prone to snacking and have varied eating patterns which result in digestive problems. They also tend to turn to food to make their problems go away, instead of when they are actually hungry. Pisceans are lacking in phosphate of iron, which is needed for red blood and good circulation. This can be found in most leafy green vegetables, raisins, dates, figs and nuts. When it comes to alcohol, Pisceans are extremely weak. They are not very good at judging when they have had enough and those who overindulge suffer from liver ailments. Restraint should be the key word for Pisceans everywhere!

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