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How The Elements Look At Love

groundfire_sm.jpgThe zodiac is made up of 12 star signs but we also have what is known as the triplicities, which may, be more familiarly known to you as the elements.  If you do not know if you are a fire, earth, air or water sign then here is your guide.






Fire Signs

Earth Signs

Air Signs

Water Signs

Here is your quick guide to finding out what each of the elements are like and how they relate to each other in sex, friendship and business.


The Fire signs of the zodiac

Fire signs are very quick to grasp a situation and so these are the people that often find a mate in a strange place for they will not be frightened to tell the sales assistant how gorgeous he or she is.  Just look at Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, she was reported as telling her husband David Beckham that he had a nice bum, when they first met, now you wouldn’t get an earth sign saying that so soon!  They act in an instinctive way and inspire the other less volatile signs in the zodiac. When these signs team up with another element you will often hear friends comment about how much the other element has changed since they’ve been going out with Mr or Miss Fire sign.  You see they will push both life, and love to the limit.  They are confident, outgoing and warm hearted and would do anything for their close ones, and I mean anything.  They are generous in spirit and kind hearted with their money, although not always in their best interests.  Bear in mind though, that when they argue, they really argue and if you can hear the neighbours through the walls, it’s likely to be a fire sign that is screeching the loudest, this is how they deal with things you see. It is only when they go quiet that you should really start to worry, for something will definitely be brewing.  

These are people that crave excitement and like nothing more than twists and turns in a relationship, although they are unlikely to ever admit this out loud. If they decide to hook up with a fellow fire sign then you can be sure that life will never be boring and both will find it incredibly hard to guess the others next move.  Be careful though that you don’t rush through your life together if you are two fire signs, remember to savour the moments you have together or you could end up making yourself sick!  Fire and earth together is a little bit of a difficult match as the earth sign may try to restrict fire too much and he or she could end up taking some drastic actions to avoid their biggest fear, which is life becoming mundane and predictable.  Join up with a water sign and you should have fun but water can put out fire and so once again the need to be naughty and experiment could well end up breaking you up. 

You will be attracted to the emotions of the water signs though and will find them truly inspiring and magical people.  Now fire and air can really turn some heads together and they are sure to find plenty to talk about and their sex life is also likely to be on the rather wild and experimental side.


The earth signs of the zodiac are more factual about life and love than the other elements and they deal in tangibles rather than concepts.  They are the most practical of all the signs too so if you go out on a first date with them don’t be surprised if they ask you your intentions and aspirations within the first five minutes, right down to the 2.5 kids bit.  They see life in straightforward and somewhat material terms.  These are the guys that will have their pension plans sorted out so get in their girls!  They also like to discuss things in a rather long and drawn out manner which can be rather difficult for the fire and air signs who prefer to hide from any problems that are occurring in their lives.  Although their argument would be that they haven’t got the time that dear old Mr or Miss Earth has got.   If you can attract them and make them fall in love with you then you should find a mate that is loyal, resilient and constant.  Tony Blair is a Taurean who even while leading the country as Prime Minister at Downing Street, insisted that his family sit down together each morning so that they can start the day together and eat their breakfast round a table. Routine was essential to a successful family life for him. If mixing with a fellow earth sign then there is a very good chance of success, but you are unlikely to find any real spontaneity between these two and they could end up becoming the boring set of friends that you know.  They will like their routine together and will probably be very upset if anyone tries to change it.  Don’t knock it though, once you are in this union you are sure to be very happy indeed, no matter what those looking in from the outside may see and you will have plenty to keep between you that I nor anyone else will ever discover, including that kinky underwear draw!


The air signs of the zodiac love to talk, about everything, anything and nothing, but don’t even think about trying to raise any sensitive points with them, for he or she will skip over any real emotional issues as if it is last weeks milk that you are trying to make them drink.  They can even manage to make that very same face that sour milk would see you pull! They can however spend absolutely hours talking about the menial things in life and will be a mine of useless information..  It may well take these dear old souls a while to realise you fancy them for they are so busy living in tomorrow that they don’t always get to enjoy today.  They are great flirters, particularly the Librans and they can spend too much time chasing and not enough time enjoying what they have.  There is an element of interchange about them, circulation and connection about how they operate.  Cerebral, detached and impersonal are more key words for them and they subject everything to reason and are logical, cool and rational when it matters.  They work hard and don’t always get to enjoy the benefits of it as before they can start to spend their money they are out earning more; very often they have two jobs instead of one.  They have been known to have more than one relationship on the go at the same time, especially the Gemini’s of this element.  They don’t mean to, it is just second nature to them and it is far better to let them have their fun at a young age if you are parent to one, you will be saving their spouses a lot of pain in time to come if you allow them to get ‘it’ out of their system. T hey will argue their side of a problem very well, even if they are in the wrong and make excellent agony aunts to friends and will scream abuse at the name of the person that has done you any harm, even though they may have done the very same thing only last week!  These signs are great fun to be with and you can be absolutely sure that life will never become mundane or boring, you just have to make sure that you have the energy to keep up with them.  Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are both Librans who by marrying in November 2000 proved that an air sign doesn’t need to be of a similar age to find each other interesting. 



The water signs of the zodiac are both powerful and deep and these are the signs that are most in tune with their subconscious.  They respond on both a feeling and compassionate level and are imaginative and sensitive lovers.  When two get together though they can lead each other down a very sticky path indeed and it is not unusual to see them experiment with the darker side of life such as drink or drugs.  If they decide as a unit to become healthy and kick any bad habits though then you can be sure that they will be the top sportspersons in their community for anything they do, they give it 100%.  Millionaire Bill Gates proved he gives things his all and his interest in computers made him a multi millionaire.  Definitely not signs to do anything by halves Pisces Bruce Willis, married Scorpio Demi Moore in 1987 and the press wrote about what a turbulent relationship these two Hollywood heartthrobs had, Demi even admitted herself on chatshows that when things were good they were very very good and when they were bad they were horrid, so good were the best years that they produced three children, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, but so bad were the other years that it ended in divorce in October 2000. This is not always the case and I have many clients of water sign couplings that are still holding hands in their nineties.  I certainly intend to, as Rob, my husband and I are both Scorpios, in fact we’re approaching the ten year mark and he still says thank you when I cook him dinner, (good job too or it would be on his head with my moon in Pisces!)  On a more serious note, it is about not keeping too much from each other which water signs all too often decide to do. Stick Water and Earth together and you get a lovely secure unit, one in fact, which is likely to produce more than the average number of offspring.  Water and Fire can bore each other unless they make a constant effort and are sometimes better as friends unless they are willing to live by the motto give and take and water and air is just a mess, but a fun one which is sure to have crowds gathering for many years to come.

The Quadruplicities or Modes (Style of operating)

Each of the signs are either Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable.

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn
The cardinal signs are initiators of action.  Eager and impatient of delay these are the people that like to forge ahead and to be in charge. They are forceful, feeling, bright, full of ideas, ambition and drive.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius
Fixed signs have strong staying power, they take the cardinal signs discarded bright ideas about life and make them work, so as you can imagine this works brilliantly for the two in business. 

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
These guys and gals have a flexible, adapting influence and are happy to negotiate with others to achieve the desired end result. In fact they are very easy going people as a rule their motto is very often, ‘anything for a quiet life!’


The signs in the zodiac are further subdivided into polarities.
Positive (Masculine) Yang
And Negative (Feminine) Yin

These do not imply any sexual nature or predisposition by their terms; yang (positive) and yin (negative) describe yet another layer of our personalities. I want to make it completely clear that being a negative sign does not mean in any way that you are of a negative disposition. 
The fire and air signs are positive and the water and earth signs are negative.  Each sign is therefore unique and unreplicated in nature or character or style by any other sign.  You will often find too that opposites attract and when some people say they have found their other half it is often a yang that has found his yin.

Aries Yang
Taurus Yin
Gemini Yang
Cancer Yin
Leo Yang
Virgo Yin
Libra Yang
Scorpio Yin
Sagittarius Yang
Capricorn Yin
Aquarius Yang
Pisces Yin

So as you can begin to see no sign is the same, each sign is unique in its element and mode and that is what makes this world and the people in it, so interesting.



To find out more about your stars pick up a copy of Love Stars by Claire Petulengro published by Pan/Macmillan. 

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