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Office Romance

love-hearts.jpgWant to know which signs say they’re doing overtime but are really indulging in antics of a much more personal nature? Read on to find out which signs work their way to the top and which signs sleep their way there.  Who knows, you could have been going to your colleague for work advice when they’ve been your soul mate all along!

The very person the ram tells you they do not get on with at work is the one who will get under their skin so much that they end up fantasising about them to the opposite extreme.  Office parties bring out the animal in Aries and allow them to tease the competition.  Not so good if the competition is invited though, as before you know it Aries will be giving all the firms secrets away over the unavoidable pillow talk. Word of warning - if you get involved with an Aries at work, don’t expect them to work as hard once they’ve impressed you. This is a sign that can become lazy and complacent once the challenge has been met. Remember to keep things alive if you want to ensure long term success.

Look for the person who makes the business successful and Taurus won’t be far behind in their shadow.  They may wear a sleek business suit but the females of this sign are also likely to have the hottest underwear on under it too. If you want a lady or gentlemen in public and the opposite in the bedroom then you’ve come to the right sign!  Many famous Taureans in business find it helpful to work with their partners. Just look at Taureans Richard and Judy. So this is actually an office romance that could have the making of a financial success story too.

Now Gemini would make a great spy, just like Aries. The only difference is that Gemini will be a double agent.  They’re not frightened of having fun in the workplace either so if you can’t get into the stock cupboard for you new ink cartridge then check for noises before you call for help, as there’s likely to be a Gemini and a high ranking official behind the door!  Travel often brings opportunity in romance for Gemini as anything with a different feel to it turns them on and turns up the chances of a late night meeting turning into a midnight sex feast.  Not surprising why most attached Geminis have to check in every hour when away from home!

Drinks lead to disaster for dear old Cancer, which is why many of them abstain from lunchtime drinks at business meetings when the rest of us are knocking back the free vino as if it’s going out of fashion. Quiet on first impression but powerful with the words they do eventually speak this is one sign who, when they do unleash their wild side, will let their imagination run wild.  If the photo copier’s not working check the last sheet fed through, it could well have an imprint of a Cancerians behind on it if this sign has been allowed to indulge in a bit of personal overtime!

Born to lead in business the Leo will want to be dominated in the bedroom, or the office or the bathrooms or anywhere else they can get their chosen pray on their own. Bear in mind, if you do indulge in an affair with someone you work with of this sign they will think very little of going back to pure business soon afterwards.  Sex can be just an act for this sign if there is no real mental attraction.  Could make for some awkward future meetings at the coffee machine if you’re not careful!

Whoever seals the deal can steal a Virgo’s heart. They don’t like time wasters or people who aren’t willing to pull their weight.  They are such practical and hard working characters that you need to be aware that they are a different creature entirely when sex comes into question.  They like to document their life though so careful their new screen saver doesn’t have a picture of your clinch upon it or you could end up red faced and looking in the job section within the week!

Peacemakers in work, this is always a sign that has plenty of admirers and is not afraid of flirting with anyone, anywhere. It’s in a Librans nature to want everyone to like them. The downfall of having a relationship with this sign at work is that everyone else around will think they’re the Libran’s favourite and so it is you not they who ends up out in the cold.  Definitely one to keep quiet about if you want it to last and if you’re looking for marriage with this partner then one of you had better apply for a job elsewhere if you’re to see it past the honeymoon period!

It’s really hard to guess who Scorpio likes and if they are having an affair in the office then it’s likely you’ll guess every other name and face before you pick the right one. Known for their secretive nature and ability to play games they’ll find the idea of a relationship that has to be kept under wraps great fun, unless that is you choose to be the leading force in not acknowledging your liaison. In which case you can expect to find huge clues in the most embarrassing of places, which could prove embarrassing next time you reach for a pen from your bag and pull out their underwear!

This is a loyal but flirtatious sign who doesn’t usually want to follow up the wry smiles and approving glances they offer. Business to the archer is far too important for them to allow such a thing as romance to get in the way.  They don’t mess about where money is concerned either so keep both separate or fasten your seatbelt on what is certain to be, a bumpy ride!  If they do mix business and pleasure then it won’t be with who you think either. Forget the hot young thing, its brains they want, so look to the old wise bird with the sparkle in their eye if you want to find out who’s turned their head!

This sign is a great teacher and so anyone who looks up to them will seem like the perfect candidate to steal their heart. Think new face on the block, think someone who needs to learn and Capricorn thinks “I can, I will show this person how wonderful I am”.  This is the Capricorn boss who takes his secretaries job description to a whole new level and this is the employee who thinks that sleeping their way to the top is the easy way to make sure you can work and play at the same time!

Whoever can challenge an Aquarian’s mind in the workplace can work their way into their bed.  Stand up to Aquarius if you want them to start hanging around after hours for you.  It takes a while to get into their affections as this sign is a great game player.  Leave little clues for them and show them how you can do your job better than your predecessor.  Just beware of criticising them at theirs or you’ll be out in the cold quicker than you would think.  One word of warning, this sign is hard work and you’ll have to keep up the game playing long after normality in the relationship kicks in, even if this means donning your work gear and taking down some personals long after the office has shut!

Pisces loves the competition as they want to beat everyone and show how they are the best.  The funny thing is, they don’t want you to be a pushover. They want to be given a run for their money.  Lure a Pisces with talk of big plans but be prepared to have to give up your dreams or merge them with theirs once things get serious.  A deeply committed sign once they fall in love but if things turn sour then you may as well quit immediately for that strange tasting coffee and missing paperwork is sure to have their finger-prints all over it if you don’t!

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