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Is your Jane or James destined to be the next Christina Aguilera?  Are you giving Liam football lessons when he should be getting singing lessons?  Read Claire Petulengro’s indispensable guide to your baby and find out what the stars have in store for them.



ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)
Imagine having a child such as Elton John or Diana Ross running around your home.  You’re sure to have realised the very day that you brought them back from the hospital that this little bundle of joy was different from the rest.  And you’d be right. Mars, the planet of change and unpredictability, rules all babies born under the sign of the ram and they will do what they want, when they want. So get ready for a life, which is sure to be interesting to say the least.  This is a hot and explosive sign that has great physical courage.  They want to make a difference in the world and I’m sure she will.  The best career for this sign would be anything that involves action, such as a sports commentator or presenter, like Chris Evans or an inventor where they could use their original ideas for life.

The baby Aries
Most Aries babies like to have noise around them.  So if you’ve been creeping around on tiptoe, then stop and stick on some loud music instead. You’re sure to see them tapping on the side of the cot in no time.  They don’t like being on their own and will scream the house down if you dare leave them alone in a room.  In fact they will sleep far better if you set up their cot in the front room, where they can be sure they’re not missing out on anything.  These babies look more delicate than most, but believe me, as you’ll soon discover for yourself, they’re not!

The five-year-old Aries
This child will have perfected more than a few bad habits by this age and they have a tendency to rebel more than most against cleanliness and good manners. Don’t worry though, as this is a merely a passing phase and is unlikely to last for long. In fact, it is a test to see how far they can go.  You would be best to ignore these antics. Anything that they know gets attention can become a trick that they pull out as and when they need. Tantrums come and go, but don’t usually last too long and this really is a vital time for them, so set the ground rules now and not later.

The eleven-year-old Aries
The more artistic streak is coming out at this time, as is their sensitive side.  Many Aries children join theatre groups or beg their parents to send them to stage school.  They learn much by becoming an agony aunt to friends too and are sure to know all of the latest gossip.  This is a role, which will continue with them for the rest of their lives.  They are quick to learn at this age and their brain can, if put in contact with the right teachers, see them get to the top of their class.

The sixteen-year-old Aries
At this age, they are really being pulled into artistic professions and many teen stars are born under the sign of the ram, such as Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham.  Those that pursue this path do well, but they need to make sure that they keep their feet on the ground.  Too much energy and success too soon can fire off the rocket but doesn’t make for an easy landing! If you want to support them then just remember - be persistent. This is a sign that doesn’t always listen first time round.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)
Watch out mums and dads for you could well have a William Shakespeare under your roof if you have a child born under his sign of Taurus the bull. On the downside you could also have a forty-year-old living with you in years to come too, as this is a sign that loves family and loves home. And they will probably be one of the last signs in the zodiac to want to leave your abode and set up home on their own. If they do, then they will probably still bring back their washing for you or pop round for food every week, even if they are married. They need their family and relatives to feel happy and loved and for some reason, bringing home dirty laundry is their way of showing it.

The baby Taurean
Taurean babies can be demanding and have irregular sleep patterns.  They seem to want a lot more attention than other signs but this is because they want to be sure that you love them.  They need lots of cuddles.  Amazingly enough though, by three months this is a child that turns literally overnight into a little angel.  Once they learn the art of walking, which can be slower than most, they will get their noses into anything and everything, particularly the kitchen cupboards and anywhere with food.

The five-year-old Taurean
This is a child who is impulsive, inquisitive and full of initiative.  They are also really stubborn and if they deicide that they don’t want to go somewhere or do something. Then you will have to enlist the help of at least a couple of family members to pry their fingers away from the doorframe.  You will be surprised at the way they develop and make achievements at school. They are not afraid to put their time and energy into their projects, even at this tender age.

The eleven-year-old Taurean
The biggest problem in their education will be if they don’t like their teacher.  So, if you have noticed that they excel in an area, make sure they are happy with the way that they are developing.  It could make all the difference. Their personality begins to develop around this time and their independent nature becomes much more evident.  Their worst subjects are usually sports and mathematics.  They love music and should be encouraged in their fantasies, for they stand a stronger chance of becoming reality than you think.

The sixteen-year-old Taurean
They now have magnetic sex appeal and are teenagers who are sure to be caught passing love notes in class.  They won’t have a high opinion of the opposite sex right now though and can be callous in the extreme, but they will attract admirers like moths to a flame. By now you will have realised that this is a teenager who knows they command respect, even if they do have somewhat strange ways about life.  You can be sure that leaders in life such as Taurean Tony Blair knew that it wasn’t a run-of-the-mill life that was in the stars for them.  Taureans make the best singers in the zodiac, so don’t mock them when they start telling you they are going to be the next ‘Pop Idol’. Just look at famous Taurean singers such as Barbara Streisand, Engelbert Humpedinck, Bono and Janet Jackson.  Get your cash out and buy them the train ticket as it’s sure to be an investment which will see you in clover for many years to come, especially as the bull will always take care of their own.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)
Geminis are unpredictable and need a profession in life that links travel and excitement together.  You’ll always need to be ready for anything with a baby like this in the house, but you can also be sure that life will be entertaining.  Don’t be surprised if this child is an early talker.  They have plenty to say and won’t mind joining in with adult conversations.  Not that they always talk sense though. In fact some would say the older they get, the more rubbish they talk, but it still keeps partners and loved ones coming back for more, time after time. Gemini

The Gemini baby
This is a most individual baby indeed.  Some mothers of these children do tend to worry that Gemini Georgie prefers playing with cars than she does dolls, or that Gemini George just wants to trash his train set for his sister’s Barbie, but don’t worry.  They are just covering all areas as they need to make sure that the grass is not greener on the other side a trait that they will carry for the rest of their life.

The five-year-old Gemini
They enjoy ripping up papers and books, so don’t leave your favourite novels around, or you’ll never get to find out the ending.  These kids are daydreamers and their eyes are usually a really distinctive feature.  Even without talking, they will be able to relay their feelings with a glint of those eyes.  They tend to be well behaved, so don’t worry if you have to take them to adult functions and they tend to get on better with older children. Don’t expect their educational reports to be fantastic.  There is some way to go before teachers realise just what an individual they are dealing with.

The eleven-year-old Gemini
This is a child who should start to show a love of the arts – this is probably the time when Gemini Kylie Minogue started to really take aim with her ambitions.  They are starting to learn more and more from people.  They love new experiences and will pick up on things quicker than most. They are not liars at this age, but they certainly know how to expand the truth.  You can hear them coming a mile off.

The sixteen-year-old Gemini
You will probably think that this child is on something with the energy that they have at this age.  For they can work two jobs, do their schoolwork and still try and find time to sneak into the local club.  They are more independent than ever by now and won’t like being told what time to come home.  They will not necessarily show great interest in the opposite sex, but they are more attracted to characters and personalities. They are likely to be friends with a wide variety of people as they try and take various bits from each person to help them along their learning path in life.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)
You have a really caring child here, but do bear in mind that you also have an emotional one too. Their ruling planet is the moon and when the moon is full, you may want to run for cover, because quite honestly, anything can happen.  Most children of this sign have rounded faces and can turn on the waterworks that will make you look and feel like the worst parent in the world. However this is a child that learns the fine art of emotional blackmail surprisingly quickly and sooner than most. They are good at it too.  This sign has an affiliation with water and will probably even end up living near it. If they don’t, they should. It will help keep them sane in times of trouble.  They would be great in any caring or teaching profession, but don’t be fooled. Cancerians could also end up being a full-time parent and an entrepreneur at the same time. If their heart is in it, they can do it!

The Cancerian baby
This is a beautiful but rather fussy child, although they are well behaved.  This is until the age of three when they gain a bit more confidence and adopt a somewhat cheeky and pushy attitude.  Do not turn your back on this child for long. This is a baby that could escape the clutches of a guard.  Don’t waste your money on expensive toys either as they will have more fun playing with a tin of soup than they will a baby’s toy.

The five-year-old Cancerian
This child cannot be conned. You will think that they must have been on this planet previously as they are so wise and clever. In fact at the age of five, it may be a little too much for their own good.  From time to time they will go off into a world of their own, but they have a lot to think about so give them space as and when they need it.  Their shrewd business sense has already kicked in by now and they will want to know the pros and cons of everything. The ‘why’ phase was probably invented with this child in mind.

The eleven-year-old Cancerian
They are sure to shock, surprise and please you at this age for they are surprisingly self-sufficient.  Even if they get stuck with their schoolwork they will endeavour first of all to find a solution on their own, before they start seeking out your advice.  Their deep and thoughtful nature makes them so worthy of their wise label and this is why they can often appear much older than their age.

The sixteen-year-old Cancerian
I think I can safely say that you have the kind of teenager now that any parent would love to have.  More often than not they have experienced a broken heart by now as they take to everything and everyone seriously.   They exude a kind of sexiness, which will probably cause quite a bit of stress for the parents. Just imagine how Cancerian Pamela Anderson’s parents must have felt letting their sixteen-year-old Baywatch babe out with her mates! All in all you have a character that is sure to be an asset to any parent’s life.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)
Dylan Michael Douglas, son of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas won’t have any problems growing up with famous parents. Leos are born show offs and leaders, although they are unlikely to want to follow their parent’s professions. They are pioneers just like Leo Louise Brown, the world’s first test tube baby. If she’s not a born leader then I don’t know who is.  What you will find with this fire sign is that they are a little erratic with their behaviour and energy levels.  One minute they can be talking ten to the dozen and the next they can be as quiet as a mouse. This is because they put their all into everything, and so often have to take time out to refuel again, as friends and family are sure to discover.

The Leo baby
This is a baby that any mother would be proud of.  They quickly show off all the skills and qualities that close ones could hope for.  Alertness, quick wit and intelligence often reveal themselves within weeks of birth.  They can play on their own for hours at a time and are willing to amuse themselves for longer than most babies would. They love attention too though and once they start talking they find it hard to stop.

The five-year-old Leo.
They should have shaken off any idleness by now and will be full of energy and raring to go. Don’t be surprised if they creep into your bed at 1am with an array of books waiting for you to read to them. Don’t even think about force-feeding them at meal times. They will let you know what they want and as long as you can wait out this somewhat difficult phase, then you will have a loving babe who will while away their time singing songs they have made up.

The sixteen-year-old Leo
It’s hard to stop this child from talking, and they won’t always say the right things either.  They are not afraid of hard work or of working for a low wage if they know it will lead to the job of their dreams.  Anything of a revolutionary nature appeals to them, as do legal professions such as being judge or police officer. The girls of this sign make great models, with their striking and somewhat alternative looks.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)
This is the perfectionist of the zodiac who wants things their way or not at all. Just imagine poor old Liam Gallagher’s mum trying to force feed him with brown instead of white bread and think of the hand signals he would have given her in response. Many children of this sign end up working in the health profession and they can also have a tendency to be hypochondriacs.  They will decide what you do and when you do it and no matter how much you swear that you are the boss, I’m afraid you’re fighting a losing battle.  Furthermore, they will want their home run as they like it from the age of nine, if not younger. However, this child will enhance your life and make it better, for if they don’t like that new face you have introduced them to, there is usually a valid reason behind it, so back them up. They deserve it. They are also really good at listening to friends’ problems.

The Virgo baby
This baby usually starts out looking more like their father but having their mother’s temperament and personality.  This is not the most patient of babies, and even a minor job such as heating up their milk will be seconds too long for their liking.  After the first four months, any tantrums and crying should stop and you will be left with a baby that is weighing up your every move.  Keep them occupied or they will catnap during the day and keep you up most of the night.

The five-year-old Virgo
You should now start to see the determination that is associated with this sign emerge.  If you don’t start to get their number soon, they will have you over a barrel for the next twenty years, so make sure you put plenty of time and energy into this phase.  Virgo Prince Harry is sure to have kicked up a right royal stink if a close eye was not on him!

The eleven-year-old Virgo
This child will make it clear that they don’t mind not being a leader, but they are more than happy to take on the role of second in command.  They can also be a bit of a teacher’s pet around this time, though are more mature than most children of their age.  They won’t like going to school in dirty clothes or with buttons hanging off, so make sure you play the role of parent well or they may end up reporting you.

The sixteen-year-old Virgo
They are still the golden child and give off a sensible air, but what mum and dad don’t know can’t hurt them as far as they’re concerned and with their grounded approach to life, they won’t mind doing things that they would be quick to reproach others for.  Vanity and self-indulgence are there main downfall, but are also easily avoided.  This is also one teenager who’s not afraid to take their education further.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)
Libran babies really do look as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. Or not!  Libran babies love to play devil’s advocate and if you say black, they will say white.  The Libran baby is sure to know just what to say and do to get what she wants. She should look towards careers such as law - she’s sure to win any case that comes her way.  Dress designing could be an option though, as could a romantic novelist like fellow Libran T.S. Eliot.  Politics would be worth considering, although I think a Libran would be too honest for that.  If you have a Libran child, then just make sure you say no and mean no when embroiled in a heated discussion with them. If not, you’ll have them reasoning with you until dawn, and you’ll probably end up losing, if they are typical of their sign.

The baby Libran
These are alert babies with quick wit. They are musical by nature; so don’t be surprised if they join the choir at school, although they’re definitely not all innocence and light.  In fact you’re sure to catch them behind the bike sheds sooner than the rest of the zodiac.  This kid is a natural flirt, as I’m afraid you will discover soon enough for yourself.  They don’t mind playing on their own, and their downfall is their lack of confidence, which only their parents will be able to stop.  It is important that you encourage them as much as possible.

The five-year-old Libran
At five years of age, this child becomes self-willed and moody and they have an opinion on everything. Don’t even think about forcing them to eat things they don’t like, as you’ll be wasting your time.  It is easy for them to single out a member of the family to make their special friend. They do this with the intention of having force on their side should any issues over the latest must have item arise.

The eleven-year-old Libran
This child is sure to excel in one special subject at this age and it is usually art.  They don’t like to be told what to do though, so their school report is sure to tell you that they may go off on a tangent. They are the class clown and have plenty of friends, but they also tend to notice the opposite sex a little sooner than most.

The sixteen-year-old Libran
The teenage Libran usually adores their mum and with their gift of the gab you are sure to feel as if you are talking to a friend and not a child.  They don’t mind hard work and are attracted to figures, both on and off paper.  Music is a passion and this is probably where famous Librans such as Liam Gallagher, Bob Geldof and Danni Minogue started singing into their hairbrush.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)
This child will have a sixth sense.  You won’t feel as if you are looking at the future, but the past, present and future all rolled into one.  The penetrating gaze of this child can speak volumes and can also lead you to believe that they can read you like a book.  Don’t be fooled, they probably can. This is the second most psychic sign in the zodiac (with Pisces being the first.)  They tend to have other water signs as friends and love the dramas that life offers. Good job too with acting stars such as Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Winona Ryder and Leonardo Di Caprio among the famous line up of Scorpio stars.

The Scorpio baby
This is an endearing yet restless child who will not really be able to understand the word ‘no’. They love to feel in charge and show dominance from an early age.  This bossy attitude can shock new parents, especially if this is their first child.  Whether they have older or younger siblings, they will have them eating out of their hand and you’ll just know there’s something really special about this bundle of joy.

The five-year-old Scorpio
By now they will have moved on to driving both their teachers and parents crazy and their mysterious behaviour really keeps people on their toes.  They enjoy a bit of mischief and know just how to create a drama.  Tales they tell about what happened at school are unlikely to be as glamorous as they sound, so check your facts before you go complaining to the head.

The eleven-year-old Scorpio
This child will be showing a real skill for writing and story telling and they can have the whole class under a spell. They usually take a dislike to one teacher in particular and if they do, they can make their life hell.  They do nothing by halves and excel at some subjects while under performing at others.  They usually hate the opposite sex at this stage, because they despise all that they do not understand.

The sixteen-year-old Scorpio
They have a flair for acting by now. If they decide not to use this skill in their professional life, they are sure to use it in their personal one.  If they have a problem, they are prone to feel devastated and their strong sexual drive can turn out to be a parent’s worst nightmare. They live life at extremes - when they are good, they are sublime; when they are bad, you can only imagine what they may be getting up to. It has to be said that this sign is tempted by experimenting with drugs and the like, so keep them well informed and maintain the strong bond they will have established with you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)
The Sagittarius child should excel at sports if he is typical of his sign. Sagittarians are formidable when they focus their boundless energy on a clear goal, but if the objectives are vague they are apt to be lazy. So it's imperative that they are helped to find their niche in life as soon as possible.

The five-year-old Sagittarius
Sagittarian toddlers are like clockwork toys – they rush about like mad things, then collapse in a heap.  You might want to supervise playtimes carefully to avoid tears before bed-time. Watch out for a ferociously sweet tooth, too, and ration the chocolate.

The 11-year-old Sagittarius
By this age all that energy will ensure that Sagittarians reign supreme on the sports field. They'll be captain of this and champion of that, and the first in the class to have boyfriends and girlfriends. Flirting is second nature to Sagittarians – just look at Brad Pitt and Lucy Liu.

The 16-year-old Sagittarius
Here's a surprise: many teenage Sagittarians will spurn the romantic opportunities that come their way for the sake of study and brilliant exam results. The dedication that made them childhood sports champs will bring them a flying start in their careers, too.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)
Vinnie Jones and Mel Gibson may well be Hollywood heartthrobs, but I bet they are still their mum’s boys.  You see earth signs such as these love their home and their roots and no matter how famous they get, they will always want to keep that family bond going.  But just how easy was life bringing up Capricorn stars such as Mel C and David Bowie?  These children don’t take well to being moved about a lot when they are young. In fact they find it hard to move out of home and if the stars of this sign have to stay in a hotel then they are sure to have the urge to take a favourite pillow with them, to ensure they have sweet dreams.

The Capricorn baby
This baby is little trouble and is extremely perceptive.  They even seem to know when their parents need a little peace and quite. When they are in a happy frame of mind they generally fit into family life well and they are a delight to have around. They do suffer from teething problems more than most. Sleep is not usually a problem for them. In fact you may find yourself having to wake them up rather than the other way round.

The five-year-old Capricorn
Brothers and sisters easily take advantage of the placid Capricorn child.  They are obedient and like to do what they are told.  They wouldn’t dare risk being told off for anything trivial; it would have to be something worthwhile.  They are observers and wait patiently while they watch what everyone else is doing, learning by others’ mistakes first, and they will make their move when they are good and ready.

The eleven-year-old Capricorn
They finally come into their own around this time and develop a flair for things.  They can surprise their close ones who have witnessed this slow start with their agility.  They do their homework slower than most, as they want to make sure it’s just right. This can come across as laziness, but they are just making sure, so don’t be too hard on them.  Conflict with fathers can occur at this age but you’ll be pleased to hear it’s only a passing phase.

The sixteen-year-old Capricorn
They are now keen students of life, but will listen and learn still rather than push themselves forward. The boys like football and the girls analyse the opposite sex as a full time occupation.  A shy streak can stand in their way of having a relationship but if they do find a partner at this age, they may well stick with them for life.  They like to build on things and people and this is the attitude that sets them up for the rest of their successful lives.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)
You’re going to find it hard to get this child to shut up as they have much to say about life, love and anything that may be being talked about.  Don’t knock them, for it’s the very trait that can set them and you up for life. Aquarians Robbie Williams, Emma Bunton, Justin Timberlake - just imagine what the world would be missing out on had their mums told them to pipe down.  People may think that Elvis’s daughter Lisa Marie is a quiet one, but believe me, behind closed doors she’s certain to have displayed a most colourful and vocal side indeed, which is probably the reason Capricorn Nicolas Cage is feeling so ‘shook up’ after their break up.

The Aquarian baby
This is a baby that displays a destructive streak and is sure to reject cuddly toys in favour of an old slipper or a blanket.  However, they are forward and happy and are sure to bring joy into the life of any parent.  Don’t leave them on their own for long though. They like company and would far rather you have a party around them than go out and leave them on their own with a babysitter.

The five-year-old Aquarian
These are the kids who put on shows in the front room, but the difference is that the forward thinking Aquarian will have the brains to charge the audience and to put the guest wages on a scale of skill and age, with a large percentage for themselves of course.  Some people say that they have an old head on young shoulders and I have to say I agree with them.

The eleven-year-old Aquarian
This child is popular with friends of all ages and although they probably have a best friend, they will also participate in numerous clubs and after-school activities. They are a natural on computers and can probably work out your devices in the home far better than you or your family can.  They are only bad at subjects that they find dull and don’t like routine. Instead they want to be able to act on their instincts and ideas.

The sixteen-year-old Aquarian
They have a keen business sense and a capacity for hard work.  They can work really long hours without feeling tired or fatigued. They are not good at attending to detail though so if you tell them to take the tea cups out of their room for the tenth time, they will probably tell you off for interrupting the new computer programme they are designing to aid travel and communication in the world, and they’re probably not lying either!

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)
Pisceans come alive at night and so if it’s not his crying as a baby that kept them awake, then it will certainly be the key in the door at 3am when he’s a teenager. You just know that there’s something special about this baby, and Pisceans know you know.  They can guess things about you that will astound. They are naturally gifted and psychic as you’re sure to know if you have one in the family.

The Piscean baby
This baby will show their true self as soon as they are born. This is the only time that you will see Pisceans without the dramatics they soon start to display.  Day by day this is a baby who will prove how impatient it can be and I would be surprised to hear of any parents who got a whole night’s sleep during the first entertaining, endearing year.

The five-year-old Piscean
A selfish streak can develop here if you are not careful and it’s important to nip it in the bud.  They tend not to share their toys and they are sure to have an array of imaginary friends whose names and likes in life you are supposed to remember.  This is also where you will start to see their vivid imagination emerge.

The eleven-year-old Piscean
You’ll have a book worm in your home now, who wants to read every bit of information that they can about life, so that they can decide which path they are going to follow. Don’t deny them or they will set out just to prove you wrong. They also have a habit of changing their room about at this time, so if you can’t find them in their bedroom at bedtime, then look in the kitchen cupboard where they’re sure to be camped out for the latest adventure!

The sixteen-year-old Piscean
When this sign does something, they go all the way. Barings dealer Nick Leeson obviously went too far, but Albert Einstein on the other hand goes to prove what a dramatic and life-changing effect his sign can have on the world. So whether you’ve got an inventor or an actor in your Piscean child, back them to the hilt.  Just don’t let them handle your bank account!

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