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What Does The Colour Of Your Car Say About You?


You may have thought that the car you drove was statement enough but have you ever stopped to ask yourself what the colour of your car may mean, or what your preference for a particular colour may really say about your true personality.  Read on to find out what Claire Petulengro found out, but be prepared, you may just have to get your spray gun ready as we go straight to the point and find out whether you are riding around in style or are a driving disaster just waiting to happen!


God you just think you are the king of the road and woe betide anyone that even thinks about overtaking you.  Usually, the majority of people with red cars can never get their vehicles to go quite as fast as they would like and they always have one fault with their cars that they choose to ignore but have been meaning to get fixed for weeks or even months. Sign most likely to own a red car: Aries or Scorpio 



These people are never quite in the job that they envisaged themselves in years ago and can usually be seen talking to themselves at traffic lights. Check that glove compartment, they usually have something sad in it that relates to an old love and that they still can’t bear to get rid of! Sign most likely to own an orange car: Taurus 



Still children at heart this is a person who is always planning to take their vehicle somewhere really exciting and in fact can usually be heard talking about the next car they are intending on buying rather than the one they actually have. Easy to get money out of, they think they have an eye for a bargain but as the state of their wheels will confirm, this is unlikely to true. This is also a person who is likely to have taken their bedroom activities into their vehicle, so do watch where you sit! Sign most likely to own a yellow car: Gemini 



Selfish drivers who always run out of petrol at silly times, so make sure you take a can with you if you are grabbing a lift or you may have a long way left to walk.  They believe that one day they will win that lottery, but I honesty don’t think they would buy a different colour car if they did. Not usually good drinkers so don’t accept a ride if they’ve just come out the pub; public transport is most definitely more reliable. Sign most likely to own a green car: Sagittarius     



They want you to notice them but will pretend to be shy just to try and throw you. A change of clothes can usually be found on the backseat somewhere as they live out of their car and are always on the run to the next important gathering or party.   They believe in true love, even though many of them are have gone right through the phonebook with relationships. Fun and flirty. Sign most likely to own a pink car: Libra 



Check out the person in the blue car and you will notice that they are not really on this planet but in another world planning their future and what they are going to do next. These people are never happy with what they have got and expect everyone else to do things for them.  Erratic drivers whose mood swings can be told from the way they are steering, if that is they can bear to look up from the stereo in their car or get off their mobile phone to look at the road for a second. Sign most likely to own a blue car: Aquarius and Pisces 



No money, no prospects and probably only a part time job.  They think the world owes them a break and if you can get a look at what they are wearing when they step out of the car then you will see they have very little taste too.  Don’t argue with them; let them in though, they love nothing more than a confrontation, to them this is flirting, but you may want to edge your way in, they are usually irresistible too. Sign most likely to own a purple car: Virgo and Pisces 



Old before their time they think they know all the rules of driving but are actually too thoughtful for their own good.  You will usually see a litter of kids and sweet wrappers on the back seat, but don’t stare, after the week they are likely to have had they may just hit you.  Smile though and you never know where it may lead. Sign most likely to own a grey car: Virgo 



This person thinks they have got life sussed but little do they know that what they are doing and indeed thinking is actually written all over their face. Look out for the car sticker in the back window, from the sublime to the ridiculous they are nine times out of ten to be found there.  A dark horse this one though who is thinking more than you may realise as they cruise by with that big wide grin on their face through amber lights. Sign most likely to own a black car: Sagittarius and Capricorn       



This person is likely to have the highest score for insurance claims, but of course they will swear that it was never their fault.  They are also the most likely to make you pay for a lift or to chip in towards the petrol.  They keep the inside of their cars nice and clean usually but watch out for the outside which, like the lines on the hands for a palmist, should be able to tell you more than their mothers can about their exploits and adventures. Sign most likely to own a white car: Cancer and Aries 



 I’m not saying this person is boring but the last time they brought a new album cannot have been since CD’s came out and if they have brought one then it is likely to be a copy of one they used to own on vinyl. You can actually cut in on this kind of person without too much trouble but it may not be worth the trouble as they are known to be bumper to bumper drivers, while they mull over the problems and answers to the world. Sign most likely to own a brown car: Capricorn and Taurus. 



God, move over Tom Cruise it really is mission impossible to get past this person. They not only own the road; they know everything there is to know about it.  Don’t believe too much of what they say though, it would probably prove impossible to have done all they claim, but definitely one of the more entertaining cars to hop into for a ride. Sign most likely to own a silver car: Cancer and Scorpio.  

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