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Claire's Daily Horoscopes Thursday 24th January


Claire Petulengro's daily horoscopes for Thursday 24th January.

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ARIES (March 21st-April 20th) 

Changes did not go as you expected, but what has taken place instead is actually far more suited to your new needs and desires. You see my friend, you may not realise it but the last few months have changed you. You are no longer living in the past and nor should you be. Life is for living again. Ring now so I can help you live it to the full. 


TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st) 

The home is highlighted and those of you who have been thinking about changing where they live should find that they come across the perfect places and prices. Don't be afraid to negotiate, as Venus the planet of love hands you the gift of charm on a silver platter. Ring now to hear why I think it's worth going over written work again. 


GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st) 

I really do think that you are putting unfair pressures on yourself Gemini. Let's face it, you would not ask others to make the sacrifices you have made, so why do it to yourself? Try to raise your standards as you know deep down inside that you want and deserve a good life. Ring now to hear how music provides one of the most interesting introductions yet. 


CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd) 

Get ready for your world to be rocked Cancer, as I see from your stars that you're about to hear news which most definitely moves the goalposts. Knowing what you want long term can go a long way to seeing you achieve immediate success too, as you're about to make one of your best decisions yet. Ring now to hear how overseas will soon be calling for you. 


LEO (July 24th-August 23rd) 

Your close ones are only trying to make you do what they think is best for you. How can they though, if you are only telling them half the story about how you are feeling? The cliquey group you feel you have been shut out of are not what you think. Break the ice and speak first today and you will soon see what I mean. Ring now for inspiration and fresh visions. 


VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd) 

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. You now know what you don't want which, although disappointing leaves you with time to spend on finding out what you do. Cancelled travel plans turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Ring now to hear how Mercury hands you the power to heal old rifts this month. 




LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd) 

Some mixed messages have led to you putting up a stone wall. You start to feel as if a certain close one has shut you out and you decide that you too can play that game. Is this really what you want though? Don't send texts you and I know you will regret. You're better than that. Ring now to hear why it's worth giving others the benefit of the doubt for once. 


SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd) 

Things you try your hand at this week are sure to be the source of much enjoyment. You start to think outside the box as far as your career is concerned and some of you may even be thinking about changing the career you want to be in. Seeds planted now hold the key to you making your finances a more stable part of your life. Ring now. Let's talk about the guilt you don't need to have. 


SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st) 

Work you thought was certain comes into question with the phone calls and emails you receive today. Don't take no for an answer. If others are not listening to what you say then go to a higher source. Your stars show me that you are more in the right than you know. Wear red for luck in family confrontations. Ring me to find out what your future holds. 


CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th) 

Work on focusing on the positive today and you will get more done in one day then you usually do in a week. Not the best day to deal with financial issues, as you are unlikely to be able to do your sums in a straightforward way. Enlist those you trust if you have to get calculations done. Ring now to hear how you're more psychic this month. 


AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th) 

Others will return favours you did for them if you give them the space and time to realise the error of their ways. Sometimes you need to step back and give others the time to process all that's occurred. Happy times link to you finding the courage to admit what you're not happy with. Ring now so I can tell you why you deserve to find total happiness. 


PISCES (February 20th-March 20th) 

Information you discover over the course of the next three days can turn what was a red light into a green light. Even if you don't feel great as you start out your day, try at least to look those you meet in the eye. It is sure to give you the confidence you need to take yet another step forward. Those who hurt you, can't anymore. Acknowledge this. Ring now so we can talk. 


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