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Claire's Daily Horoscopes (Tuesday 10th April)

Claire Petulengro's daily horoscopes for Tuesday 10th April.

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If you want to achieve greatness Aries, then stop asking everyone else for permission. You should know by now that you are an explorer of life. Daring to be different today can put you on a greater path for happiness than ever before. Ring now to hear more.
All of the best things in life take time to achieve. I see that you are in a hurry Taurus and I also see that you risk losing someone you’ve only just got back into your life if you don’t consider their needs too. Ring now to hear how Mars blesses work progress.
Someone you fell out with is on your mind and you can’t seem to get them off of it. Talking to someone close to them today can help you see where they were coming from when they did what they now regret. Ring now for your love scope in full detail.
All great achievements take time Cancer. Don’t be afraid of the hard work which lies ahead. I know you can achieve all that is before you and more. A no turns into yes with a second proposal. Ring now to hear how overseas links are a definite this month.
Don’t worry about things you can do nothing about or you are only going to get yourself stressed out and tired. Aries and Pisces link to a better career which is presenting itself to you. New faces link to your destiny in more ways than you can imagine. Ring for a preview.
The visions you have must be followed by the venture. I see from your chart that you’re finding it hard to know where to start. Begin by putting one foot in front of the other. Life is waiting! Ring now to hear why love and work are worth mixing together in 2018.


The very thing that scares you is the very thing you will be good at. Take a deep breath and look at your future Libra. It is waiting to be lived and you are so much more capable of making a success of it now than you were last year. Ring now for a confidence boost.
As Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Begin by admitting to yourself what and who you really want to make you happy. Check your passport is in date, you’re going to need it. Ring now to make sense of recent mixed messages.
Try to be kind to those you deal with today as many of the signs are feeling more sensitive than you may realise. Doing so can earn you the loyalty of someone who you’ve previously been in competition with. Ring now for an unusual prediction on love.
Try to put more time into the written word and doing your sums today. It’s the key to you making a success of this month. Investments you make over the coming days will pay back tenfold within the year. Ring now to be the best version of you.
Education is well starred and if you were thinking of taking up something which you have not done before then I can assure you that it would be a success. Money issues cause arguments. Don’t borrow what you can’t pay back. Ring now to talk family issues.

Try not to run through life, instead walk through it and take in the view as you go. All of life is an experiment and the more experiments you attempt the better. Remember your sign is one of courage. Ring now so I can help you to find yours.

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