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Claire's Daily Horoscopes (Tuesday 17th April)

Claire Petulengro's daily horoscopes for Tuesday 17th April.

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There are many new faces who have entered your life this year who can and will make your day to day life a happier place to be. The problem is you’ve been burned in the past and I see that you are not sure you can afford to take such a risk. You can and you should my friend. Ring for a strategy.
The new Moon in Aries in conjunction with Uranus promises a memorable couple of days. What couldn’t be fixed now can, thanks to the understanding and help of the stars. Ring now to hear which sign it’s worth giving a second chance to. Ring now to make your future an incredible one.
Lies are revealed and truths are uncovered. You begin to get a better idea of what needs to be done to be the happiest you can be. Fellow Geminis can keep the secrets you want to share and they also help you to better understand why things did not go to plan. Ring now to hear more.
Positivity you both give and receive today can work miracles. I know you are angry at someone, but by asking them a few more questions, you are about to discover that they were not in fact the ones to blame., Ring now to hear how the New moon will benefit you.
This is a really good day to start a fresh chapter of your life and to put any old worries behind you. For too long now you have been believing what others tell you. Doing your own research now makes the impossible possible. Ring now to reveal your true calling.
Try not to check up on close ones, but give them the chance to prove themselves. It’s only by having faith in them this week that they will begin to open up to you. The New moon brings a confession to your doorstep. Ring me right now for your week in full.


Why are you trying to rush things when you and I both know that the best base is built by doing things step by step. Offers of nights out should prove to be just what the doctor ordered so make sure you say yes. Ring now to hear why gambles are worth taking.
Did you know that you are the second most psychic sign in the zodiac and that you are a sign who can and should trust their intuition? Couple this with the fact that this is the last time an offer will be made, do you really have a choice? Ring now we need to talk.
Whatever you do today, don’t give up, don’t lose hope and don’t sell out. The unlucky phase you went through is over and if you look around you’ll see those you love are willing to catch you if you fall so jump. Ring now to find out what the stars can offer.
Family are not making it easy for you to tell the truth. In fact, the pressure which others are placing on you to share information which is not even theirs to ask about, makes me realise how much you’re being controlled. Ring now so I can help you break free.
Mountains are there to be climbed. You thought you could not face the challenges ahead, but the new moon today makes you realise that you can and you will. Ring now to hear why it’s worth spending more time with new foreign linked influences.
If you don’t want others to tell you what to do with your life, then don’t try and do the same to them. Instead, set standards you are all willing to live by. Wear blue for luck in important meetings this week. Ring now for a glimpse into your future.

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