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Are you a secret psychic?

How to develop your intuitive powers by Jane Lyle

Psychic abilities, or what's sometimes called your 'sixth sense', are part of each and every one of us. Of course, they are much stronger or more refined and developed in some people than others, which is why these gifts of nature can seem so mysterious and out of reach.

That's why some people make great psychic readers, because they have developed their natural abilities, abilities that usually became obvious during childhood.  Yet intuition is just another way of knowing or sensing things. And you can develop and enhance your intuition in simple ways, just by paying it some quality attention, and giving it some tender, loving care.

Hearing your own inner voice is a real gift, for it can help you with knotty problems and difficult decisions. Many people refer to 'gut feelings', another way of describing our intuitive senses, senses that are always with us. We use phrases like 'I feel it in my bones' or 'it doesn't smell right'. Such feelings and stray thoughts are easy to ignore, rationalise, or even reject. And if you struggle against your intuition, it can mislead you by getting all tangled up with stress reactions, obsessive worrying, and the biggest threat of all, fear. 

There are numerous workshops and courses designed to teach you how to develop different specialist psychic abilities such as mediumship, clairvoyance, or sensing auras.  But all of these skills need a firm foundation in your everyday life. And that foundation is built, like any other, with focus, intention, and practice.

So if you'd like to give your own psychic abilities a chance to bloom, here are some things you can try:

-    Learn how to relax. Panic, worry, and stress can block your intuition completely. Just learning how to breathe slowly and deeply is a wonderful beginning. Sit quietly in a chair (if you lie down you might doze off!) and take a moment to feel your whole body, feel the ground beneath your feet, drop your shoulders and unclench your jaw. Switch off the phone as well. Then take a deep breath, pause for a couple of counts (one, two…), and exhale. This little exercise is a great way to start any kind of reading, whether you're visiting a psychic or learning how to read tarot. Just follow your breath, in and out, and allow thoughts to drift across your mind without grabbing onto them and becoming distracted. Basically, this is a form of meditation. Try to do it every day. Fifteen minutes is ideal.

-    Keep a dream diary for a month or two - longer if you wish. When you wake up, scribble down your impressions of your dreams. At first, these will probably seem puzzling, confused, or almost non-existent. But even a colour or a kind of emotional mood can be a clue. So, if you just felt sad in a dream, write that down even if you don't have any more details. Bit by bit, your dreaming mind will begin to open up and give you much more detail.  By tuning into your dreams, you are tuning in to your own subconscious mind. Since mostly we don't pay this much attention, we have little idea what it is trying to tell us. Once you connect with it, it will grow clearer and stronger.  Your dreams will grow clearer and stronger too. And your subconscious mind will have an easier time getting hold of you! Working with your dreams will also help you if you want to learn how to visualise things on the inner screen of your mind.

-    Clearing away some physical clutter or unloved, unwanted possessions really does help to free up your mind, your imagination, emotions, and your precious intuition.  Your attention and energy is all bound up with your surroundings, and your 'stuff'.  Ancient magical teachings and rituals all over the world contain ceremonies designed to clear and purify a space before attempting to do psychic work. Native American Indians, for example, burn sage and cedar to clear negative energies, followed by sweet grass which invites uplifting energies into the newly-cleansed space. In the East, they use incense in a similar way. Many sacred space ceremonies involve chanting, bells, Tibetan singing bowls or music too. You can read about these, or attend courses and workshops if you want to discover more about the different traditions. At home, try clearing out just one drawer or cupboard to begin with. Or that dank and miserable corner of the garden, if you have one. You may find you can't stop at just one small task. It becomes exhilarating. You'll be able to see and feel how your intuition flows much more freely in a clear space. When things are clearer in your surroundings, bring something beautiful into them - candles and fresh flowers for example. A single rose and some tea lights can make a space feel special, enhance positive energies, and boost your spirituality.

-    Remember to notice and acknowledge your surroundings every day. Your five physical senses support your sixth, invisible sense. But how often do you take things for granted, or rush around never looking up at the sky? Really seeing a flower, a star, a sunset or the rain falling becomes a kind of meditation. What smells good? What tastes amazing? What flavours and scents awaken memories?  How about the texture of your towels, your sheets, a dog's coat, a piece of velvet? What sounds can you hear? It is all about focus. And yet another simple way to enhance and strengthen your psychic side.

These tips and suggestions are simple, but powerful. They form the basis of a way of living that allows psychic or intuitive abilities to flourish and grow. Without them, it is much harder to develop your skills further, or learn how to use them effectively in your life.  Enjoy your journey




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