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Dream Analysis Readings

An introduction to Dreams and Dream Analysis Readings
by Sarah Bartlett
Sarah is our resident dream analysis reader.
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Dreams are the symbolic language of the unconscious, giving us information about our own personal world, and sometimes information about the rest of the universe too.

What are dreams?
Open to much debate by scientists and psychologists, dreams were originally considered to be some kind of mystical state or contact with the supernatural world.

Dreams have always been mysterious, fascinating and sometimes horrifying, and have been open to all kinds of different interpetations exactly because of their bizarre effect on us. Freud’s ground-breaking theory in the early 20th century, proposed that dreams are a kind of wish fulfillment, manifesting in our sleep in response to our hidden desires. Jung followed this up with the belief that our dream world is as relevant to us as our waking one, its symbolic content having personal and/or collective meaning. The characters, and even the objects or animals we encounter in the dream, are usually aspects of ourselves as well as welling forth from the great sea of universal archetypes.   Some cultures such as the Ancient Egyptians, believed that dreams allow us supernatural communication and are also means of divine intervention, whose messages can be unravelled by those with specific powers. Lucid dreaming is where the dreamer is aware he or she is dreaming, and usually has some control over the dream. It is often linked to out of body experiences, particularly ‘flying’ dreams and their association with astral projection.

Dream Analysis Readings
Knowing what your dreams really mean allows you to understand your needs, desires and vulnerabilities better, and in doing so become more self-aware, confident, successful and happy. Nowadays, Jung's theory is still considered to be the basis for most common interpretations and psychological analysis.

Here are some common dreams and their contemporary meanings.

Being chased
A tendency to run away and avoid the issue. The person chasing you in your dream may also represent an aspect of yourself. Next time you have a dream of being chased, turn around and confront your pursuer. Ask them why they are chasing you. Or what are you trying to run from?

Usually represents instability and anxiety. There is a desperate sense of being out of control. You may also be ashamed of something and have a reduced sense of self-esteem.

If you are really enjoying the scenery and flying with ease, this is a liberating dream. It also suggests that you are on top of a situation.  Many dreamers describe the ability to fly as a freeing, mind-boggling almost out of body experience.

Falling out or crumbling. One theory is that dreams about your teeth reflect your anxieties about your appearance. Teeth also symbolize power.  Are you lacking power in some current situation?

Dreams relating to a house often refer to various aspects of the Self. The rooms in the house relate to facets of your personality.

The Sea
Your unconscious and the transition between your unconscious and conscious. As with other water symbols, it represents your emotions.







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