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How Libra season can help you to find love


How Libra season can help  you to find love - by Rhianne 

As we move into our last week of Libra season it occurred to me how the energy of Libra can help you make room for love in your life and also help you find new love.The energy of Libra is one of balance, it likes to play fair.

Libra energy talks about Karma. You may have heard the sayings ‘As you sow, So shall you reap’ or perhaps ‘What goes up, must comes down’. These are sayings that have the energy of Libra at the heart of them, the fairness and the balance.



So if we translate this into your relationship area and you’ve been single for a while then the Libra energy can redress that balance for you and help you attract someone new into your life. 

If you’re already in a relationship but feel as though you’re the one doing all the compromising then the energy of Libra can really shake things up and balance things out.


What I really want to focus on this week though is those of you who are single, and show you how you can harness the last remnants of that beautiful Libra energy to help you make room for and find love.
When I talk about balance and harmony in your life, I speak of the inner you, your thoughts and feelings and also the outer you, your environment, the space you live in and the things you have around you which are all symbols of the inner you.

Everything around you and in your life is just a reflection of who you are

So let’s take this a step further. Is your world cluttered? Do you have drawers and wardrobes bursting at the seams so much so that you don’t know where anything is? Is everything scattered and you have trouble finding things? If so the Libra energy is a really great time to have a de-clutter.

“But how does de-cluttering help me find love?” I hear you ask
The Spiritual Laws of the Universe state that you have to create space for that which you want in life otherwise it can’t come in. So by tidying up your living area and de-cluttering, what you are doing is sending a clear signal to the universe that you are ready for something/someone new to fill that space.
If your life is already cluttered with ex boyfriends, and relationships that are on again off again then there is no room for anyone new.
So this week is a great time to use the energy of Libra, to let go of anything/anyone in your life that gives out the message that you’re unavailable.


Beingalonedoesntmeanlonely 326899001



Let’s see what wisdom the Tarot can add for us:

 The World, Six of Pentacles, King of Cups

The World card talks about an ending of a chapter, something coming to completion or closure. It shows you moving into a new phase of life, Brilliant! This card is so apt and really captures the energy of what we’ve been looking at this week.
The Six of Pentacles speaks of balance and in terms of relationships it’s about balancing the dynamics in a relationship with both parties committing to putting in equal time, effort and resources.
The King of Cups, is typically a water sign man (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) and you may find that this is the person that comes into your life once you have straightened things out and done a little de-cluttering!

What fabulous cards. Have a great week everyone!
Tune back next week when I’ll have more Astrological Insights, Wisdom from the Tarot and Practical Guidance for you.

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