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How To ‘Mercury Retrograde’ Proof Your Relationships

Zodiacsigns520x300By Rhianne- PIN 1038

Mercury retrograde season can be a tricky time of year full stop.

But when you add into the mix relationships, love, emotions, plus a huge dollop of mis-understandings (that’s the mercury retrograde bit) then life really can get a tad tricky.

But no fear, I’m going to guide you through this so that you come out of the other side pretty much unscathed.

The general advice for Mercury Retrograde is, don’t buy anything electrical, mechanical, basically anything that needs electric to function and anything with moving parts.
The reason for this? Well Mercury Retrograde is known to cause many a foo foo with items like this but if you do forget and buy something during mercury retrograde season. The trick is to hang on tightly to your receipts.

Travel also comes under this heading too, so if you’re travelling anywhere, be prepared, because delays can and do (yep, I’ve experienced the mercury retrograde delay on occasion) happen.

Ok, so that’s the basics, let’s now turn to relationships…

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Grab a coffee and a packet of digestives, this could take some time … just joking … but the rule of thumb here is try to avoid huge, deep and meaningful conversationswith your loved one, ultimatums, minor niggles being aired, and saying what’s on your mind without thinking first.

The reason for this is that mercury the planet of communication is going backwards, not the ideal situation for positive conversations, as it tends to bring up and uncover old wounds, hurts, disagreements and things that may have been swept under the carpet years ago to the surface.

It also could be that something a past partner did to cause you hurt and pain is triggered by your current partner. This does sometimes happen and it’s because Mercury Retrograde gets us to re-visit and ultimately release any old negative emotions that we may be carrying around still.

So what to do…

Breathe… I’ve got you..

The first thing, as with all things is to acknowledge what’s going on… ie Mercury Retrograde could mess with your mojo.

The second thing is to try to avoid knee jerk reactions to anything that may trigger you.. So yes, I know this can be difficult, but when you have knowledge of what is going on in the heavens, it does make it a little easy when your partner tells you that the pink outfit you want to wear to clubbing just doesn’t look right on you, (How dare he!) to be able to just breathe and smile at him all the while making a mental note to perhaps have a chat with him about that ‘after’mercury retrograde.

You see, you’re not avoiding issues, what you are doing is shelving them until a better time. YOU are choosing when it’s the right to to visit old emotions that still get triggered rather than good ole mercury retrograde throwing you into a tailspin.

So breathing is key.

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Understand that past emotions may come up, and that’s ok.

If they do, just notice them, and ask yourself, is this old emotion needed now? Is it a remnant of the past I can do without? and then go about doing a little de-cluttering of old emotions.

Journalling really helps with this, if you haven’t already tried it, give it a whirl, seriously, it helps to release old emotional blockages like a dream.

If you take these steps then the mercury retrograde season can really serve you, it’s only when you’re not expecting it, and are having knee jerk reactions to everything that it can become a problem.

Enter into the season with an open mind, and be ready to let go of old emotions, cleansing them, and releasing what isn’t needed. That way your partner won’t end up in the dog house for the duration!


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