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How To Nurture Your Soul


Are your days spent serving the great god Mammon? Spend some time nourishing your spiritual side instead. Find out how with Sarah Bartlett's sign by sign guide to the nurturing of the soul.



With pioneering visions for your own and other's futures, you're up for
spiritual progress and want to be first to be on the wave of anything new.
Check out the latest trends like 'cosmic ordering', or be your own guru and
spout your current favourite spiritual belief to a group. Prove you're not
just a born leader but a soulful one too.

Whether you talk to trees, tend your cacti, stroke a cat or go hang-gliding,
it's the divine in nature that brings you spiritual joy. Also check out
goddess religions, natural magic and druidism. Your soul thrives in wild
woods, bleak landscapes, stone circles and near ley lines.

Your innate curiosity attracts you to many different alternative
philosophies. But check out Krishnamurti or Alan Watts for real
enlightenment. Read widely about eastern philosophy and esoteric wisdom. You
need to know a bit about everything rather than concentrate on only one
belief system.

Your spiritual sense of security is tied up with the past. You hoard things,
keepsakes, memories, people. So history, mythology, and the ancient arts
like the Tarot or wicca will nurture your soul. If what worked then, works
now, then why change it for something ? Create a sacred space in your home
and perform ritual magic and spells for personal inner develoment.

Not for you ashrams or retreat spas, you like to be independent and do your
own thing. But you need to reconnect to something divine within yourself.
Your soul is best nurtured through visualisation exercises, and working with
your own aura colours. Not forgetting tantric sex.

On one level you fear the unexplainable, on another you're desperate to find
the 'truth'.  How can you categorise and label 'mediums' and angels?
(Secretly you're drawn to them). Studying astrology or divining patterns in
nature will confirm that the cosmos is orderly and that maybe God (if there
is one) is pretty tidy too.

You thrive on the complete harmony of body, mind and soul, so do some chakra
work. These energy centres will keep you in touch with your sense of
equilibrium.  Also, like the other air signs, you need to absorb information
from other spiritual backgrounds, so delve into sacred texts like the
Bhagavad Gita, Talmud or Tao.

The dark of the soul is as fascinating to you as the light, so take care you
don't get led astray by the 'black' arts. Read the Egyptian 'Book of the
Dead', 'Paradise Lost' or the Kama Sutra to feed your spiritual thirst for
difficult human issues. Nurture your soul by accepting you have the power to
both heal and destroy, and develop your spiritual healing powers.

Your soul is nurtured by finding connections behind life's experiences.
You're fascinated by meaningful coincidences, so check out books and ideas
on synchronisity and serendipity. Develop your love of esoteric wisdom, read
up on budhhist teachings. Zen 'haikus' are serious soul fodder for
Saggitarius enlightenment.

Either you avoid all forms of 'spirituality' in your life because it's not
'proven', or you're obsessed with it. But to feed that serious soul of
yours, educate yourself with a knowledgable range of traditional beliefs and
religions. Check out Greek mythology, the Kabbalah, the Neo-platonists.
Lastly, believe in yourself - the greatest Capricorn spiritual connnection
of all.

You're well informed about spiritual ideologies and ahead of your time. But
how in touch are you with your own soul? You need to find that sense of the
divine through real experience of yourself. Go swimming with the dolphins,
visit the wilds of Patagonia or chill out in a spa. Read 'The Soul's Code'
by James Hillman, and any self-help book to get to know yourself better.

You have a longing for something unworldly, mystical or transcendent.  And
if you're not already involved in soul work, or have some kind of spiritual
belief then create a sacred space or altar at home and do ritual magic work.
Read up about the great mystics like Hildegarde of Bingen and Kahlil
Gibran.( You might be the next mystic in town). Learn to develop your
psychic skills to release anxiety.





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