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Rhianne's Romantic Revelations - Happy Solar Return Scorpio


Romantic Revelations by Rhianne 

Happy Birthday Scorpio, or Many Happy Solar returns as we could say. A Solar return being the time of year when the sun comes back into your sign of Scorpio in the heavens. 

Once the Sun comes back around into your chart it gives you a burst of energy.

So listen up everyone because even though we’re focusing on Scorpio this week (and those of you with Scorpio Moon & Rising Signs) because after all it is their Birthday season, the energy of the Sun coming back into your chart applies to everyone when your Birthday comes around no matter what Astrological sign you are!


This is a really great time for you Scorpio and if you’ve been feeling a little lacklustre or have been feeling as though you’ve lost your sparkle and bounce recently then fear not it will soon be coming back as we head into Scorpio season.

A month before your Birthday is when the energy of the sun is at it’s lowest for you and you may feel a little run down or under the weather. As soon as we come back into your Birthday season all of that changes.

So how does this effect your relationship area?

In quite a big way actually Scorpio, it’s as though a light has suddenly been turned on over your head. Your aura will shimmer like sparkles of gold and your presence in social settings and gatherings will really stand out.

So if you are free and single then Scorpio your Birthday season is most definitely the time to mingle. People will be drawn to you and your natural magnetism that positively sizzles in general will be heightened at this time.


Your confidence is high this month and you will make a great impression.

Other things that would be great for you single Scorpio’s this month could be a speed dating evening, or perhaps signing up to that dating site you’d always promised yourself, or maybe even letting a trusted friend set you up on a blind date!


For those of you Scorpio’s who are in a relationship already watch for surprises from your spouse as your every wish and whim is granted.
Also if you’re wanting to take your relationship to the next level but just wasn’t feeling it was the right time earlier in the year then this month could really see you turning up the heat and planning for the future.
It’s definitely all systems go this month for you!

Your energy will be shining like stardust this month so the thing to watch for is double dating. Yes that’s right, it’s likely you could have more than one admirer, so go steady Scorpio. It would be so easy to get carried away with the emotion of it all and then come back down to earth with a bump in November!

Let’s see what other advice the Tarot has for you Scorpio in this your Birthday season
Knight of Cups, Six of Cups, High Priestess

This is interesting, the Knight of Cups suggests that the energy of love is indeed around you this month and it could be in the form of a fellow water sign, (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. They are headed in your direction and have you in their sights, so it would seem they have already noticed you and are now moving in to ask you out on a date or to just test the water about how you feel about them.

The Six of Cups says that this could be someone from the past, or if it is someone new they will feel very familiar to you as though you have known them before.

The High Priestess is showing that they are keeping much of their emotions below the surface right now, so this is someone who is attracted to you but who is keeping their deepest feelings under wraps!


Happy Birthday Scorpio, This sounds an incredibly exciting month for you!

For more Astrological Insights, Wisdom from the Tarot and Practical Solutions tune back next week.

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