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Dark Stars on Tour - what kind of traveller are you?

What’s your ideal kind of holiday? If you had to choose would it be ancient buildings and art galleries? Foodie heaven? Hot romance? Or cocktails by the pool?



footprint_in_the_sand_sm.jpgAs an expression of your personality, your zodiac holiday style is influenced by your whole horoscope – including your Sun sign, Moon sign, and your ascendant (the sign rising on the horizon at the time, and place, where you were born).  But, for most of us, certain typical Sun sign characteristics tend to shine through when we go travelling.


The astrological rulerships of cities and countries are derived from various things – ancient astrological traditions; modern historical events such as their independence day, or the time of significant events which marked out a new direction for the place in question (4th July in the USA, for example).  You may love those locations which match your sign, or feel more drawn to those which echo other areas of your natal chart. Experiment, and bon voyage!







You like to think you’re well-organised. And, yes, you probably are although when impatience overcomes you – as it must – you chuck in anything that’s lying around and slam your bags down, hard, in the hall. You are assertive with staff at the airport, sometimes making enemies, inciting riots amongst your fellow travellers, and inspiring vendettas. You ignore this. You just want to arrive. Destination is all.  Once on  holiday you are prone to overheating, cutting yourself, and getting a lot done. You veer between dreams of fire-walking and bungee jumping - and moments of total inertia. Companions pray for these moments in secret. You are a brilliant team leader. But you knew that already.


Classic holiday: Plenty of activities, sports, and excitement


Places ruled by Aries include: Florence and Verona (Italy); Marseilles (France); Poland, Syria and England.




Some of you avoid holidays for long periods, preferring the delights of domesticity to the great unknown. Once you’ve made the decision to travel (and it can take a very long time) you like to plan, prepare, and worry about it. You travel with as many home comforts as possible, and therefore are often found muttering curses in the overweight baggage queue at the airport. While you’re away you like to sample delicious food and wine, in between chilling out or having sex with your loved one. You are generally a good holiday companion, but discomfort (physical, emotional, fiscal) of any kind turns you into a sulky toddler. Avoid all but the most luxurious kind of camping trip, and all will be well.


Classic holiday: Gorgeous spas, five-star food, beautiful views, big beds


Places ruled by Taurus include: Cyprus; Dublin (Ireland); Australia, Holland, and the Greek Archipelago.




Every type of travel accessory, dinky purse, novelty suitcase-that-turns-into-a-beach-mat, or cutting edge waterproof beach gadget…you love them all. You probably have them all. They help to distract you from the hell of having to sit in a vehicle for hours. You love to travel, but you hate the process. It’s all so s-l-o-w. When you get there, you want to know about everything all at once, forgetting most of what you learn in moments. Exhaustion overwhelms you eventually, and annoying though it may be you find you have to sleep, or lie around staring vacantly into space. Refreshed, you power through a stack of books, your emails, and the life stories of complete strangers. Go somewhere where your mobile will work, or risk meltdown.


Classic holiday: It has to be either the mini-break, two-centre holiday, or road trip.


Place ruled by Gemini include: London (UK); Versailles (France); Sardinia; San Francisco (USA); and the north-east coast of Africa. Also Belgium. Yes, really.




You’re a home-loving sign, but paradoxically you often love to travel too. You yearn for the sea, for water, for moonlight and for ancient places – and eventually these feelings win. Given half a chance and a credit card you disappear for weeks. You hate travelling light, there are so many things you might need or want with you, and items of sentimental value you can’t be parted from. Trains and ferries suit you – flying gives you indigestion and incurs heavy luggage penalties. Once away, you turn every hotel room or soul-less apartment into a cosy nest and get on with communing with the eternal sea. Good food delights you, lots of history inspires your imagination, and you take a mean holiday snap. Avoid bags full of holiday souvenirs and you’ll be fine.


Classic holiday:  You do like to be beside the seaside. But art, ruins, and rivers come a close second.


Places ruled by Cancer include: Venice (Italy); Amsterdam (Holland); Scotland; New York (USA); Istanbul (Turkey); New Zealand




Your ruling luminary is the Sun, and you need to see it. You want sunshine, and spectacular sunsets in unnatural shades of peach, magenta, and violet. It’s not so much about heat, although that helps, it’s about light – and plenty of it. You’re also a sucker for luxury, glamour, and stylish little boutiques, bars, and cafes. Many of you have a passion for the natural world, and will put up with some discomfort in order to see wild animals, or hike through ancient forests. Eventually, however, you want a five-star lair, you want a cocktail, you want a four handed massage – and you want someone to make your hair look all glossy and smooth again. Sometimes you embark on unwise holiday romances, have sex on the beach with strangers, or move continents. Mostly, though, you have fun. It is one of your best talents.sunset_over_rome_sm.jpg


Classic holiday: A sophisticated resort within easy reach of deserted beaches. An elegant city. A luxury safari.


Places ruled by Leo include: Bath (UK); Rome (Italy); Italy itself; Madagascar; Zanzibar; France; Sicily.




Yours is the sign of the travelling pharmacy. Your luggage includes innumerable remedies, medicines, a sleeping mask and some ear plugs. Plus clothing for every possible weather condition, and a small library of books, maps, and guides. You either pack with forensic neatness, or jumble everything up so that you can’t find anything until the last day of your trip. Curious and strangely restless, you quite like travel but react badly to strange foods, disturbed routines, and insect bites. You also need almost as much mental stimulation as Gemini, so getting away from it all in some ultra-secluded location is not always for you. Poor hygiene induces waves of panic, but you’re resourceful and have probably packed plenty of disinfectant. Access to your emails and intelligent conversation is also essential. Happy holidays!


Classic holiday: Somewhere civilized, interesting, and spotlessly clean. Or your own apartment with daily maid service (but she’ll never get it quite right will she?)


Places ruled by Virgo include:  Basel, Switzerland; Los Angeles (California); Paris (France); New England (USA); Turkey; Greece




Mainly, you just want everybody to get on well. So, frequently, holidays with larger groups, or your family, can be a bit of trial. You also find it hard to relax if the décor is ugly, if the sheets contain polyester, if the room is too small, or your companion is argumentative. While you’ll fall in with others’ plans just to keep the peace, you are happiest when they fall in with your plans - without realising you are directing events. At you best you can take over the entire holiday, and bend others to your steely (yet well camouflaged) will. That said, extensive menus and multiple choice options can be a bit of a nightmare for you – what if you make the wrong decision? Aaargh! Generally, on holiday, you require beauty, serenity, and some safe, yet piquant, flirtatious interludes.


Classic holiday: An architect-designed hotel or villa set in ravishing scenery, close to exclusive little candle-lit restaurants and, perhaps, jewellery shops.


Places ruled by Libra include: Austria; Japan; Vienna (Austria); Lisbon (Portugal); Argentina; Copenhagen (Denmark)




You are nothing if not discriminating. You like quality friendships, and quality accommodation – even if it’s a tent. Great big groups of jolly people necking back Sex-on-the-Beach cocktails make you wince and shudder. japanese_tourist_in_rome_sm.jpgThen you hate them. You hate them very, very much. Like Cancer and Pisces you love the sea; mountains, untamed landscapes and haunted castles also speak to your soul. And, although you keep this quiet, you do actually adore luxurious surroundings and fine linen sheets.  Nothing ostentatious, you are not a Leo for goodness sake – but the luscious, velvet-deep quiet than hovers around a hidden gem of place makes you smile (secretly, of course).  Your organisational skills are quirky and intuitive, but your determination means you will do everything you want to do. If others want to come, then they can. If not, you don’t care. That’s why, with rare exceptions, you are too cool for school.


Classic holiday: Dramatic settings, ancient mystery, off-the-beaten-track


Places ruled by Scorpio include:  Fez, Morocco; New Orleans (USA) – mmmn, voodoo vibes; Russia; Korea; Paraguay - and weirdly, Worthing, England.




Yours is the sign of the traveller, the gypsy, the lone horseman cantering along the ridge…..Most of you love to travel, even on a bus to the next town. You want to explore, and see the distant horizons which are embedded, cosmically, in your psyche. Many Sagittarians have a passion for the great outdoors and will go camping at the drop of a sun hat. You pack with enthusiasm, you are just so excited – and many of you load up with awe-inspiring amounts of sports equipment, books and beach games. Once there you want to see, do, taste and experience everything. But this must be fitted in with serious slabs of time in which you rest, staring at the sky or embracing the siesta like an old friend. Many Sagittarians read voraciously - you are a brainy bunch and like your opposite sign, Gemini, restless. This inclines you to playing tricks on people and making truly awful jokes. At your worst you are a holiday rep. At best, adorable.


Classic holiday: Freedom to wander about is what you need most. Safaris, camping, a dash of culture, and a playful companion


Places ruled by Sagittarius include:  Chile; Hungary; Spain; Singapore




In every day life you are usually busy pursuing your ambitions, goals, and then there are your goals and ambitions. So when you take a vacation you need to relax, clear your mind, and grab some small, quiet corner where you can think. Often, however, you do not do this. You carry on climbing up the mountain, whether in your imagination or in real time, with boots on. But roughing it? No, no and thrice no!  You want comfort and you want very good food and wine – and perhaps an indefinable air of classy exclusivity. Although not as flamboyant as Leo, you enjoy a spot of luxury, or even the possibility of spotting a celebrity wandering past. Your packing style falls into the highly organized camp, with plenty of items for every eventuality – or the sling it all in school. And as long as the dark forest of Capricorn gloom doesn’t descend, you’re a civilized companion with a well-hidden wild streak.


Classic holiday: Graceful architecture, mountains, ancient ruins, elegant bars and hotels, undiscovered beaches.


Places ruled by Capricorn include:  Mexico; Orkney Islands (Scotland); Macedonia; Bulgaria; India; Pakistan




You have two ruling planets, Saturn (stable, structured) and Uranus (eccentric, inventive, completely barking).  Thus, depending upon which of them you resonate with, your holiday style falls into two camps, as it were. Saturnian hols are often taken in exactly the same place or country, every single year. It’s relaxing to know what to expect. Uranian holidays will eventually be taken in outer space, but until then they are taken in random exotic places, odd locations with quirky sights, or anywhere your mates are going. Sometimes you set off to walk alone for days along a cliff top path, or go on esoteric courses where you learn arcane magical skills or how to weave a house from grass. You are friendly to everybody, which can lead to bizarre holiday romances featuring huge age gaps or cultural differences. Some of you risk adventurous sports, but mainly you prefer talking to people and adding to your stock of ideas, opinions, and names in your phone.


Classic holiday:  Anything really. You are an eclectic soul.


Places ruled by Aquarius include:  Brighton (England); Hamburg (Germany); Sweden; Iran




Ah, holidays. You were born to go on holiday and float in the sea, a pool, a lake, a river…..Failing water (oh no) you will settle for ancient woodlands, ruins, or romantic old properties with verandas. Luxury, for you, means acres of time drifting past as you snooze or read your book. From time to time you enjoy drinks, especially in the evening and when the Moon is full. You can sometimes be an intrepid traveller in distant lands, disappearing for months to live with tribes in the Amazon basin, or trek across deserts in search of hidden treasure. You are nothing if not romantic – in the larger, artistic sense, and in the more intimate, erotic sense. Your holiday romances can be life-changing affairs, or leave you sobbing broken heartedly on the plane going home. Your holiday wardrobe is utterly impractical, and usually contains a large number of shoes for all occasions. But, in a l968 kind of way you look amazing.You do.sand_dunes_sm.jpg


Classic holiday: within the sound of the ocean; at a music festival; exotic, sensual locations


Places ruled by Pisces include:  Southern Asia; Samoa; Bournemouth (England); Alexandria (Egypt); Sahara Desert





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