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Personalities of Astrology Signs

statue_with_upturned_face.jpgYour Star Personality Soundbites  - An at-a-glance guide to the personalities of astrology signs from Jane Lyle.  The personalities of astrology signs are deep, complex things. Buthere’s a succinct thumbnail guide to get you started on a more seriousquest.


1 Strengths: Optimisim; energy
2 Snags: Impatience; naivety
3 Hot date: Aquarius
4 Dream job: Leader of the pack
5 Best Mate: Leo
6 Would NEVER do: Whining and whinging


1 Strengths: Practicality; Affection
2 Snags: Stubborn; unimaginative
3 Hot Date: Capricorn
4 Dream job: Celebrity Chef
5 Best Mate: Virgo
6 Would NEVER do: Extreme sports


1 Strengths: Wit; multi-tasking
2 Snags: Hyperactive; forgetful
3 Hot date:  Libra
4 Dream Job: TV Presenter
5 Best Mate: Aries
6 Would NEVER: Stay the same


1 Strengths: Intuition; tenacity
2 Snags: Over-anxious; possessive
3 Hot date: Scorpio
4 Dream Job: Photographer
5 Best Mate: Taurus
6 Would NEVER: Get into debt


1 Strengths: Having fun; generosity
2 Snags: Bossy; loud
3 Hot Date: Pisces
4 Dream job: Film star
5 Best Mate: Sagittarius
6 Would NEVER: Be stingy


1 Strengths: Stylish; organised
2 Snags: Fussy; critical
3 Hot Date: Capricorn
4 Dream Job: Health professional
5 Best Mate: Cancer
6 Would NEVER: Be arrogant


1 Strengths: Charming; artistic
2 Snags: Indecisive; indecisive
3 Hot Date: Gemini
4 Dream Job: Fashion designer
5 Best Mate: Leo
6 Would NEVER: Look a mess


1 Strengths: Mysterious; focussed
2 Snags: Jealous; secretive
3 Hot Date: Pisces
4 Dream Job: Detective
5 Best Mate: Capricorn
6 Would NEVER: Tell a secret


1 Strengths: Humour; flexibility
2 Snags: Telling it like it is
3 Hot Date: Leo
4 Dream Job: Travel writer
5 Best Mate: Aquarius
6 Would NEVER: Be secretive


1 Strengths: Focussed; determined
2 Snags: Shy; obstinate
3 Hot Date: Taurus
4 Dream Job: The boss
5 Best Mate:  Scorpio
6 Would NEVER: Be thoughtless



1 Strength: Amazing ideas
2 Snag: Amazing ideas
3 Hot Date: Gemini
4 Dream Job: Inventor
5 Best Mate: Sagittarius
6 Would NEVER: Be dull


1 Strengths: Vision; imagination
2 Snags: Being chaotic
3 Hot Date: Scorpio
4 Dream Job: Musician
5 Best Mate: Taurus
6 Would NEVER: Be predictable



woman_with_coffee_cup.jpgFor Sarah Bartlett's take on the personalities of astrology signs see her Characteristics of Zodiac Sign article.



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