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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 28th June)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Your ruler Mars shifts signs on Tuesday, into the part of your solar chart that deals with having a good time and that puts him alongside Mercury, chatty Mercury. Thanks for the astrology lesson but do I stand a chance of getting some action? Yep, just had to pad it out a bit. Waffle. Do some of your own.

A last-minute flurry of activity with someone you’ve been corresponding with could bring you two ditherers closer together. Correspondence, how very last century. Something lovely about exchanging words, a bit of text is acceptable nowadays I suppose; Wednesday sees a breakthrough. At last.

I know you live in your head Gem, you can’t help it and it’s a pain with a brain that won’t give you any peace; but you do have more say than you think, and think and think. Deep breath, tell yourself he or she needs space to come to the right conclusion and turn your attention elsewhere. For now.

Venus is in your sign from Wednesday, that’s good news for your love life, there’s a total solar eclipse in your sign on Tuesday which is more about revealing something hidden. Maybe it’s time to reveal your true feeling for someone you like the look of. Just saying; because you’re not.

When the fate of your love life lies in the hands of others, their actions, their contacts perhaps? Is it really in their hands Leo? Truly it’s not, so mates who think they have it all sorted are only providing and introduction and you may have to let some friends down as this time, it’s not working. This week.

A little bit of magic from Venus is being sprinkled in your chart as she puts her energy into your social sky but there is a caveat Virgo. You will find a lot of mix and mingle, tons of comments and chatting and amongst it you could find Venus has an introduction to make.

Not going to lie to you Libra, it’s quiet, not dust-bunny quite but recent shifts in your chart are highlighting a busy time for your working life so maybe that’s where your attention is going? If you have got time, focus your attention on a recent conversation with a witty if a little cool individual.

Love doesn’t always come with roses and pink hearts, thank goodness, sometimes it comes from a meeting of minds before hearts connect and sometimes those minds do not agree with each other. A stronger union some might say. A new romance is a grower, not a shower.

Say ta-ta to Venus as she leaves your relationship sky, but don’t feel bad about that Sagittarius as your new love planet Mars is on his way to the good luck area and he’s going to work it big time. Overseas, over here, over a glass of imported wine; travellers and exotic sorts particularly appeal.

The total solar eclipse in your relationship sky brings a choice, the truth revealed if you like. Who is it you want, don’t want, what is it you want or don’t want? On Tuesday take a little time for you Capricorn, get your bearing and figure out what direction you want to take next?

The workplace becomes a hotbed of lust, oh all right there might be a new starter on Monday that catches your eye. No matter where things are on that spectrum, it’s better than nothing at all. Isn’t it? It seems there might be some complications to new romance, accept or decline as you wish.

It’s as if you’ve seen the future Pisces. You can magically figure out exactly how things are going to go with someone before you’ve even said hello; it’s a gift. The problem with that is not being able to prove it? Let things run their course Pisces, maybe you’re not as psychic as you think? Give someone a chance.



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