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Weekly Love Horoscopes (16th February)

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Sarah's love horoscopes for the week commencing Saturday 16th February

Attached? You realise that for all last week's Valantine's slush, you're actually more interested in a new challenge. Mutual adventure, a new lifestyle, anything is better than dull and monotonous. Time to speak out.
Single? The lunar eclipse on the 21st simply reminds you that if work must come first, love is about to come a very welcome second.

Independent? You wonder if you said something and it got taken the wrong way. In fact, a silent admirer is really niggling you this week. Don't fall into the trap of calling, not yet anyway. Settled? The eclipse on the 21st will finally close one chapter and you can put the past behind you.

Double-act? Thanks to Mercury's change of direction, love begins to be more of a fun experience and less hassle. Show you care, however much it makes you wince. it's time to rebuild your future together. Lonesome? A change is in the wind, romantic, fun-loving and simply gorgeous. Don't ignore the chance to play.

Loved up? You know it can only get better, but you have to make an effort and not hide in your shell. Who wants to be stuck with crustacea? Come clean about your needs and be rewarded. Single? The sun's move into sensitive Pisces brings out the romantic in you. So don't stay at home when you could be stepping into love's deeper waters.

Single? Divine though you are, someone who fancied you seems to have done a runner. Commitment phobes are the least of your worries, indulge in someone who truly adore you. Yourself.  Coupled? A yen for reliving past moments of happiness overcomes you. Wisely involve your current hearthrob. That way you'll realise the present is just as delectable as the past.

Attached?Thanks to the lunar eclipse on your own sign on the 21st, gently reach out whereyou haven't dared to reach before. You're feeling rampant, and there's no harm in raising adrenalin levels. Single? You've hardly downed the cafe latte, when in walks an old flame. Blushes aside, it's obvious that you're still fascinated. So keep your cool.

Alone?  Bite the bullet and let go of something that's niggling you. Moving on isn't easy, but neither is living a lie. The moon is making you dream of better things, just get on and make them real. Attached?  Say what you mean, rather than what you think your partner wants to hear. Your presence is stunning, so you might as well make the most of it.

Single?  You're fascinated by someone' spresence. And that always gives you twinges of longing. And then some smart-arse reminds you not to fall into a trap. Er. Wasn't me.  Attached? Divulge a few special secrets, and you'll feel so much better for doing so. It's time to admit that you can reveal things to your partner and they won't hold it against you, nor you, them.

Coupled up? An unusual outing together could make for some hilarious antics.
So get stuck in and forget domestic necessities. It's time to liberate yourself from responsibility for once. Single?  It's not that you're shockable, but there does seem to be electricity surging back and forth between you and a friend. Resistance is pointless, let yourself be stunned.

All alone?  Barely have you tossed out a few discarded romantic dreams, when in fly a few more. Whether you like it or not, you're incorrigible right now. So enjoy the attention you're about to get. Settled?  Keep financial matters out of the bedroom. Rather than facing the music, make it. You've got some lusting to do.

Single?  Sink into someone's arms, or at least embrace a friend. You have romantic panache when you least expect it, and there's certainly someone hoping you have enough for them too. Attached? Take pride in your skills, and your partner will soon realise that if they appreciate them too, they'll earn your warmth and respect.

Lonesome? Steal someone's thunder. The lunar eclipse is giving you the chance to be in the limelight and meander among the crowd. Brave it, and you'll be enchanted. Settled?  Give your partner a lot of attention. The more you flatter them, the less you'll be panicking about your bad hair day.





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