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Weekly Love Horoscopes (9th February)

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Are you heading for a world beating Valentine's Day? Or is it just business as usual in your love chart?  Find out here!



Independent? It's simply not enough to be told you're one of the best lovers
around, deep down inside, you want to prove you're the best. And if a
colleague has their wits about them this Valentine's day, they could become
a very energetic sounding board. Attached? Watch out you don't get into a
competitive conversation with a sexy friend. If your partner's a jealous
type there could be fireworks rather than romantic hearts on the 14th.

Cosily coupled?  You're inspired, spirited and determined to make this
relationship work. Just make sure that money issues don't spoil that
wonderful rapport you’ve built up. Indulge in yourselves for once.  Single?
If someone gorgeous stopped you in the corridoor and asked, 'what are
waiting for?" you'd probably answer, ‘you." Luckily,this week you're about
to have the kind of encounter you can't afford to ignore.

Attached? Don't deny your need for light-hearted fun, and avoid trying to
pin each other down to every moment of the future. The test this week is,
can you keep up such a magical romance? Even Peter Pan and Wendy got bored.
Single? It's hard for anyone to live up to your high expectations of
romantic continuity and you start wondering if there's someone better round
the corner. The planetary line-up this week will bring you challenging
suitors in unusual guises.

Single? Never before have you been more serious about finding true, long
lasting romance. A soul-mate is out there, and they're resonating to the
same chord. Start socialising. Coupled up? Sensitive to your partner's every
word or gesture, you feel you can't get it right. But maybe they just
doesn't know the real you? Tell him/her that your moods and restless nature
are simply who you are. Time to honour your quirky ways.

Coupled up? Physically, you can't get enough of each other, but there's a
small catch. In fact there's other things you want like travel, time for
your pals, work and a sense of self-achievement. So make it clear that's
your right too. Single?  Keep your wits about you, your grace and
magnanimous charm on hold, and by the end of the week you'll be spoilt like
the regal person you truly are.

Attached? Come on it's love-a-dub-dub week! The planets are triggering off
your desire for more romance and less of the pink rubber gloves. Express
your need for wine, glamour, sex and adventure. Reinvent your mutual earlier
magic, and if your partner's really to die for, then they won’t be able to
resist you. Single? It’s kinda scarey to know someone can have such a
hypnotic effect over you. But let them into your heart and the chemistry
begin. It could change your life for the better.

Romantically settled? Decisions have to be made about your joint future
plans due to Venus’s wrangle with Mars, and as usual you smile and agree.
Confrontation is scarey, but perhaps just this once be honest about what you
really want. Single? Of course you’re a serial romantic, and why shouldn’t
you be? No smelly socks, no tea-stained sinks or couch potatos for you. Time
to think beautiful and rich.

Deeply involved? Your partner's unsure of your feelings, you of theirs. But
by the end of the week, you’re swopping stories of past heartaches, and
yearning for adventure. No more poison ivy, just poised for total
in-loveness. Looking for love? The dream of intense bonding isn’t that far
out of reach. This week's planetary activity boosts your self-confidence and
optimism about love and life. So express your true warmth and you’ll be more
popular than Valentine.

Single? You want to have fun, flirt and forget commitment and routine, you
yearn for lovers on impossible missions, adventurers and explorers. They're
out there and they won't tie you down, not just yet anyway. In a
relationship? As much as you adore each other there still seems to be
something missing. So give yourself some space and by St Valentine's you’ll
know where you stand. Whether it’s face to face in a kiss, or backs turned,
don’t deny your freedom.

Attached? You want to know your partner better, you want to feel that you
can get on with your professional ambitions, and that they'll still be there
for you. Well the good news is, all is about to change for the better. Just
make it clear how you truly feel and you'll be the ultimate romantic twosome
on the 14th. Alone? A secretive, but unusual admirer begins to edge into the
picture. Let them make contact, and you’ll realise that love really is in
the air. Wow!

Single? Friends introduce you to original and talented admirers, and you
feel trapped one minute, then ready to drop your independence for lawnmowers
and mortgages. Don't give up your freedom yet, perleeese.  A double act?
Universal love is all very well, but when you start chatting to your
partner's pals with the same look in your eye you have when you’re together
in the shower, they really will start wondering if they're special, or just
another face in your favourite crowd.

Attached? You have the power to get what you want, ask for your needs to be
met, and start to have more control over your own life. Otherwise a perfect
love affair could turn into a mis-match.  Single? At last you’ve got the
courage to say no when you mean it, or yes without feeling you’re asking for
too much. Someone out there is ready to take a step closer to your heart.

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