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Aquarius in Love 2010

Category: Love Horoscopes


We all have to learn 'to face the fear but not feel scared." I'm talking about the fear of making choices, the fear of commitment, the fear of relinquishing something or the fear of intimacy.  However, this thing about not feeling scared is not as easy to attain as we like. For how would we still have fear if it did not make us feel terrified?  But the paradox is, that when you at last face the fear and can see it as just that, a fear, you no longer feel scared of the fear. And why this is relevent to you this year, is because that loathsome word 'commitment' and another equally fearsome word 'emotion' are back with a vengence in the form of a partner or admirer who wants commitment or has feelings. With Neptune's ongoing influence in your sign, the romantic in you resists anything more than romance. But there's on one hand a side of you which still wants to do 'it' better than anyone else. Normal people want exclusivity, normal people hurt or are passionate or stamp their feet. But you don't. You control those things called feelings (hideous as they are) and even though you can feel the odd twinge of jealousy or envy, you contain it all in your mind.  So what I want you to say to your man this year is, yes you might commit yourself, but you don't want conditions and rules. And say to him, "to love me is to let me be. To love me is to protect me but let me spread my wings. To love me is to make no demands, to be intellectual, flexible, tolerant. To love me is to face forward and forget those fears about freedom. To love me is to free yourself from conditions."  There. But what about you? What do you truly need, want and seek? With the summer, the answers come viivdly like flashes of intuition in your mind. You seek romance, you want to fall head over heels in love, and you need, well you need to relax that control box in your head and learn to accept you're not a computer, you're a human being. And with a powerful energy this September, it's time to create the kind of love affair that has all those things. And then you will no longer fear love, you can face it and see it for what it truly is. Trust and expand your emotional side and become the avatar of unconditional love.





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