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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 10th August)

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David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



If someone has been in your sights, or maybe floating around giving you the come hither and you’re yet to do anything about it, someone waiting for you to make the first move is the truth of it. Are you bothered? If you are, the eclipse says pounce!

There’s interference on the wires this week T, the he said she said monsters are out in full force and it may come as a bit of a surprise, but the biggest offenders are closest to you. A bestie or even a family member has decided they know who is for you, or not. Realign their thinking.

You’re in full on Gemini mode, that flirty, flighty and twice nightly likely thing you do when you’re on one Gem. It’s all well and good until you text the wrong message to the one who’s right up there at the top of your list. Pick one, just one; flirt yourself silly with him or her.

It’s not something you’re keen on but it seems you have to bite the bullet and let someone know exactly how you feel. You’d prefer to be moody, prefer to let them guess, prefer to see if they get it or not. Not an option Cancer; speak up or be spoken to.

The eclipse, in your sign, is an opportunity to move from shadow into light. It shifts you from hiding behind what you’ve been feeling into taking direction action around what it is you want. Not that you need the eclipse to do that, but hey, any excuse. Front up with your latest obsession.

I am not one for dealing in half-truths just to make someone feel better. It’s all or nothing and it’s clear you’re in that mood to V. If they’ve crossed you, tell them how it is. If you’re besotted with his or her new hairdo, let them know. New love, come here love, it’s the truth love. Only way.

Venus in your sign isn’t affected by the eclipse, but your social life is. This combination keeps you steady within recent connections made but shakes up those surrounding your would-be main squeeze. Rise above it, don’t do battle with his or her friends. Give it a couple of days.

Jupiter is getting a blast of warm air from the eclipse gathering, a moment that offers you a platform to stand out, to be seen and that isn’t always your favourite thing Scorps. How else were you planning on catching someone’s attention? Get on with it.

You could have done things differently, maybe you have been a bit keen or not keen enough or maybe it just wasn’t for you. However. Lady luck has some surprises for you Sagittarius, so if you’ve seen one door close it’s because someone is waiting behind another. Knock-knock.

I have found that the more you give of yourself the more others give back. Oh, all right, maybe that’s not always true. So how about this; the more you give of yourself the more the right people give back? No return on your emotional investment means change where you deposit your feelings.

The partial solar eclipse is in your opposite sign, Leo in case you’re interested. That’s all about your relationships and amongst the fray is your new love planet Mercury who is currently moving backwards. So it’s caution time, only say/flirt/date with real feelings as masks will be ripped off. Just saying.

There’s magic overseas for you Pisces, if you’re on holiday that could be a romance and it may not stay a fortnight wonder by the way, it could last for a very, very long-time. No holiday booked, busy with work, wondering why you don’t have a love life? Work changes, free time increases. Good.


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