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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 10th May)

Category: Love Horoscopes

coupleheadkissresized520x300David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


If you’re questioning cupid on his lack of action, perhaps you should check out the rules you’ve given him to work with? Expand a little Aries, reach beyond your local environment, remove some restrictions on your ‘must have’ list and let your natural sense of adventure out into the world.

Venus is about to enter your sign and as she comes home, she’s going to encourage you to make some changes in the way you present yourself. You’re perfect as you are, natch, and a little re-do isn’t directly about finding love, it’s loving yourself that little bit more and the magic that can bring.

Mars and Jupiter have had you at odds with your new squeeze or a potential love interest, but their role has always been more about relationship advice and less about causing disruption. Take what you’ve learned, through harsh truths in some cases, and build on the love clarity you now have.


Something you’re good at, something that brings you joy, makes you laugh and has a sense of real fun about it. There you go Cancer, that’s your homework for this week. Once you engage in the freedom of being truly free as you express your ‘self’ it attracts someone to your light. It was ever thus. Get to it!

There’s an exercise in release this week Leo, one that suggests that if you let go of the pursuit of someone who is playing so hard it’s no fun anymore you might actually see someone who’s better for you in every way? Lift your head, lift your spirits by seeing where energy is wasted, and where love waits.

It’s really not something you want to tell everyone about, so don’t. There’s nothing wrong with a secret assignation as long as you’re happy with whatever the reason for clandestine operations are. First be sure you are happy with secrets, maybe it helps? Naughty. But nice.


Suppose you’re mixing it up big time, more offers on those dating apps than you’ve had in a long time, thank you Venus. Now suppose her magic is running out and you have to make a choice? Venus is out by the end of the week, time to swipe right, swipe left or whatever it is, just click one.

In my day you used to tap someone on the shoulder or do your best mating dance in front of them before you said hi, the courtship rituals down the local hop were very clear. Now it seems there are no rules, something you might need to hear this week Scorps. Your way, no rules, no have to, no barriers.

As your ruler Jupiter moves in reverse you could be tempted to lay low. Mistake. He’s not preventing anything as he shows Venus a good time, even if he is late for dinner a couple of times. Take your lead from the heavens, dive into the abundance on offer even if you are a bit late on occasions.


You may have heard about the intense vibes in your sign, the Saturn and Pluto union that’s all about intense change, the breakdown and rebuilding of all things Capricorn? Meh. Buy into it if you like or see it as an opportunity to re-invent yourself Capricorn. Start there and new love, true love, will follow.

You know what’s going on, you can see just what your ex is up to or what games some would be love interest is playing. You’ve been there, done that and have the T-shirt Aquarius, so sit back and laugh for about two seconds and get out of there. Mars rewards those brave enough to burn some bridges.

In Scotland we’d say, ‘glakitt, get yer jaiket’, perhaps better put as get your coat you’ve pulled. Either way, it’s not going to work for you Pisces. You want more refinement, quite right, and yet someone who is a little brusque has other charms. Ah love, always about compromises, ready to make some?





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