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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 11th May)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



Big week as Uranus moves out of your sign taking his unpredictable vibes with him, saying one thing and meaning another that’s sometimes open to misinterpretation if never not funny! I know, double negative, don’t care. And that my dearest Aries sums up your new love approach. Acceptance as you are.

A new Moon on Monday brings fresh energy and the once every eighty years or so visit from Uranus makes it a big week. There are challenges for your love life, making a choice that may seem a bit rock and hard place? The truth is this, whatever you decide it’s making a decision that makes new magic happen.

Venus is in your sign, but not for much longer. Use the power of Venus to bring a dating opportunity to the fore, use your ruler Mercury’s move on Sunday to make it romantic and look at Uranus as he ties all of that to someone from your past. A new Moon adds sensual vibes too. Win-win.

Pluto has had his conversation with Mars, so now the latter is off and wants to make sure any ties that bind you to your past are removed with some very honest talks of his own. Before something new begins it seems the old must go, truly go.

With your work skies being all about the busy-busy vibe do you have any time for love in your life Leo? Perhaps you’ll prefer to keep it strictly social media, strictly text and the occasional phone call rather than sealing any big dating time this week? Not such a bad idea, rushing in isn’t an option.

What you’re seeing in the romance department doesn’t match up to what you’d hoped for, what your vision board or creative visualisation led you to believe would happen. Could that be because you’ve left it all in the world of dreams with any practical steps? Ground it, ground it good.

As Uranus takes a break from your relationship sky you also lose Mercury, a combination that may have had to chatting someone up even though you know there’s complications. Maybe the complications are what makes it interesting? Secrets will not work out well. Just saying.

You can expect some choppy energy in relationships, relationships of all-sorts Bertie, as Uranus and a new Moon add some unpredictable vibes to proceedings. With Neptune suggesting new contenders it makes for interesting times. That’s interesting good. Get a good diary system, you might need it.

For the first time in seven years Uranus will be out of your new love sky taking his eclectic mix of fabulous with just plain not your sort with him. That may not sound like much fun, but what his departure offers you is a chance to go steady. Venus concurs.

Strap yourself in Capricorn, it might be a bumpy ride! Uranus, a new Moon, Mercury in your new love sky mixed with the Plutonian, Saturnian vibes in your own chart suggest falling in love in a heartbeat, out of love just as quickly and back again. That’s today taken care of. Hang on tightly.

You’re sure you’ve got it right? You’re absolutely sure that he or she said it was eight o’clock outside the chip shop? You’re nothing if not glamorous Aquarius. Check and double check, keep in text-touch and avoid confusion as the confusion fairies are on double time this week.

Whatever you’re thinking is just fine, but before you let it out of your mouth could you please check that it won’t cause anyone to get the wrong end of the stick, the talking stick. A new romance may be a little sensitive in the early days, choose your words carefully.


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