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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 12th October)

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David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


There are options, doing nothing is an option too just to be clear, but it’s really not about which one you choose Aries; it’s committing to it and seeing it through. Want that date, go for it. Not in the mood, do nothing. Just don’t dither about and leave a would be love interest confused; not interested.

You’re in the last month of training with Uranus in your sign, before his more permanent shift into your sign in March of next year. He’s showing you what a little courage can do, pushing you into saying yes, saying hi or saying bye-bye. All you have to do is go with that spontaneous vibe he’s got going on. Give in.

The heartbeat of any relationship has to be truth, honesty is key or are you wrong? What defines honesty Gem? Is it an apology for a mistake or is it not making the mistake in the first place? A heartfelt sorry from a new love, is it enough or is it too little way too late?

What time do you usually have your dinner, tea, supper; whatever. It’s not what you call it that’s important it’s not even the meal itself, it’s just another thing a new squeeze is looking to change, change to his or her timescale. That okay with you? It’s not okay with Saturn; just saying.

Freaking you out is a good thing, someone who can rock you out of complacency gets my vote and even if they are a bit full on it’s only because they want to impress you and you always seem so, so upbeat let’s say. The showman in you meets the showman in them; nama-fabulous-ste.

Who is going to come to your aid when you’ve got spinach in your teeth? Your bestie is busy, family are not paying attention and your cat won’t bother; typical cat. Love can strike in the oddest of ways, like a total stranger pointing out and awkward oversight. Take what you can, when you can.

The Sun has got his hat on, sing hip-hip-hip-hooray! You’d attract some attention that way Libra; maybe it’s easier just to remember it’s your birthday week and put a smile on your face. Nothing is more attractive than a smile, add a party or two and your odds just got better.

Beneficial things are coming your way and you’ve got friends in high places to thank for that. As other areas of your life ease you’re likely to find you have more time for the notion of romance, I say romance but we both know you’re more interested in hot passionate connections. Potato, potatto; get some.

Some things are best left unsaid, not easy when you’re just dying to let everyone know what happened, who said what and how you ended up in Norway tied to a tree. Someone appreciates your discretion, finds it attractive. Spruce yourself up and make something of it.

As social invitation that comes out of the blue could see you in the pink. Okay, I will stop with that nonsense straight away. You want it straight and to the point, one out of two isn’t bad. The point is this; a change of plans may be an inconvenience, but it puts you right where Cupid wants you to be. Say yes.

Are you ever transported back into another space and time, I don’t mean literally, I mean in your head but then again you are the sign of science? If you do go back could you get me an Aztec bar. Anyway, you and your love life; seems there’s a retro feel. Love a retro feel. An ex, old stomping ground?

You could cultivate relationship between you and someone you kind of like the look of, or maybe go out with that person you had a good-ish time with last week? Bit meh isn’t it Pisces? Hold out for amazing, he or she is on their way so keep the path clear.


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