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David's Daring Dating (Week Beginning 14th December)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.




Uranus is offering you some spontaneous moments this week Aries and as tricky as that might sound, it could do you a whole heap of favours. Go with the change of venue, the change of mind over a new squeeze, the unfriend button on social media. Quick change, change for the better. 



Would you have anyone in mind to use the great things the solstice offers new relationships? The meeting of two sunny souls looking for good times and a decent donut supplier? Seriously Taurus, Friday’s solstice highlights a new relationship and its potential. Go towards the light. 



Once you get it, you get it; once you see what someone is about it will click. Someone is hiding behind bravado or a bad hair day; it’s not intentional Gemini, it’s a fog, a mist that’s making it hard to see him or her. Or is it you who isn’t declaring for team love just yet? The fog lifts.



With the solstice happening in your dating sky, you have the backing of the planets; just in case you’re thinking of asking someone out? If not, maybe you should? Push your luck Cancer, using your charm and your sense of humour ups the stakes with someone who likes wit and old-fashioned flirting. 



Mercury and Jupiter in your new love sky are about to get it on, cue that cheesy music, cue the knock at the door; ‘I’ve come to fix the fridge’. Enough Leo! Fantasy time is one thing, actually getting yourself out the door is another. The latter wins friends and influences people. Just saying. 



It’s not your fault if someone can’t see how fabulous are, it’s nobody’s fault Virgo, it’s just a sign that you’re not compatible. Give it up. A new line is forming and as soon as you trust in that, you can make space for the first ticket holder to step forward and Mars has a queue forming. 



I can tell you’re having second thoughts, what if he or she doesn’t like sushi, what if it rains and you arrive like a wet weekend? If you’re not that into someone say so, better than filling your head with all the things that could go wrong? Or is it just nerves? Go on, one coffee, see how it goes? 



Venus is still in your sign, making up for lost time, she’s sure to help you find new love and with Neptune in on the act there’s more than a touch of magic in the air. Go full sparkle at the office party, go suited and booted to Aunty Jean’s buffet and mingle and let Venus do the rest. Amazing. 



I’d like to say love is waiting for you around the corner, but I expect there’s been plenty of that and it’s driving you round the bend. You’ve got a bit of a wait Sagittarius, there are some distractions and maybe an on-off thing going on, but the wait will be worth it. And it’s not long now.  



Your new-love ruler Venus is high in your social chart, making a new love interest obvious but it may just as easily be a love for the football team you’re in, or the macramé for beginners’ course you adore, but that still works! Shared interests, plus the solstice vibe makes you shine. He or she will spot you. 



Nobody could be any less interested in your ex than you, couldn’t care less about what he or she is doing, so it’s not that? Maybe you can’t be bothered with a relationship generally? Other things to do, way more exciting to be honest. Good. It’s not a legal requirement. 




As your resident and ruler Neptune moves into alignment with Venus, they work a kind of love magic of their own, the kind that puts opportunity your way. All you have to do Pisces is take advantage of it, social boosts for the season help, but it’s your newfound confidence and sparkle that seal the deal. 


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